Not The Week I Expected Wrap Up

Last week started off really great with some new energy for running but unfortunately took a bit of a halt.

With a busy weekend of skiing and a little indoor cycling, I took Monday as a little rest day with intentions of running throughout the week a little more. Tuesday’s run was another last minute decision that turned out to be just what I needed and wanted.

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: 5k run outside – you can read more about it here. It was so epic, it got it’s own blog post.


Wednesday: Rest Day – just couldn’t fit in a workout. Made dinner after work, got the girls to bed, did the dishes, packed for 2 days away and then visited with my Mom who arrived around 8:30 pm.

Thursday: This is where the week went down hill…or should I say down in the ditch off the highway. I got in a car accident. Short story – I’m fine but have minor whiplash and my parents truck is not fine. You see, I borrowed their truck as my Mom was taking care of our girls since my husband was working his shift. We had a snow storm that wasn’t really predicted and had snow/ice on the roads. I hit some ice and well, when you hit ice you are pretty much shit out of luck. I’m lucky as it could have been worse and thankful my co-worker was only 10 minutes behind me. Needless to say, I went home truck-less and missed my 2 day meeting….but I went home 🙂

Friday: Get through the day. It’s amazing how much pain you can have from your seat belt folks! PSA – always wear your seat belt!

Saturday: Rest  – nap mid day for 40 minutes. Spent the afternoon with Saï and our youngest while our oldest saw Beauty & The Beast at a birthday party.

Sunday: Rest – two hour nap around lunch time again and probably could have slept longer.

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Though my week went down hill fast, it’s given me some time to rest and think about other things. Like finally deciding on a late spring race but I’m going to hold off on telling you about that one just yet. I’m excited for it!

Each day my back is feeling better so I am optimistic about getting back into some training once I see my new PT on Wednesday. For now, it’s take it easy and be kind to myself.

How was your week / weekend?

Ever been in a car accident before?

Share some running news with me please 🙂 

Today, I’m joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

Kid in a Candy Shop

That’s how I felt yesterday! I got a call around lunch time that the Physiotherapist I’m scheduled to see on May 11th had two openings next week! When she gave me the date (May 4th), I jumped at it and was so excited……I was like a kid in a candy shop 🙂

Honestly, I’m excited because that’s one more week I don’t have to wait to start this new path of treatment on my hamstring.

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!

I was hoping to run last night and managed 5k. I took it nice and slow and watched “The Mindy Project”. I stretched, foam rolled and then iced my hamstring just in case. After 20 minutes, I realised I had the ice pack on backwards (is that even possible – yes!). My bed was colder than my leg…whoops! So far my leg is good today, no pain but not feeling 100%. My calf muscle has been giving me some problems too…not to mention my glutes. My whole right side is pretty wonky right now!

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

My current workout plan is to run one day/ a few PT exercises and then the next day do more PT and strength training exercises. I’d love to try to fit in a trip to GoodLife Fitness in the city when my schedule permits, one of these days. I’d really love to tackle a body pump class but am going to wait for the a-o-kay from my new Physiotherapist before I can attempt that…..might be a few weeks or months away but that’s okay.

PS – It snowed yesterday….I’m not kidding! I was sitting in a meeting and the snow was just coming down. Luckily, it melted as soon as it hit the ground, thank goodness. It’s expected to snow again today, WTF!!!!

Ever get excited about an appointments that get’s bumped up?

What’s your favourite go-to work out right now? 

Anyone else getting random snow ?

Hamstring Update

Well, the news is that I still have a pulled hamstring 😦 I thought I was getting better.

Back on December 10th – yeah that long ago, I pulled my hamstring playing soccer. We had a 10pm soccer game and when I got home it was sore but I didn’t really notice it until the next day when it was hurting.

I took a few days off, ran twice (6 k and 7 k outside) on the weekend and then could barely walk the following day. I then took a week off, played another soccer game and WHAM-O, pulled it within the first 15 minutes of the game. I was done and pretty bummed/upset.

I took a few weeks off over Christmas and slowly got back into running, starting with my first kilometer of the year with my oldest daughter Lilly (4 yrs). Then I worked up to 3k, 4k and a few 5k’s on the treadmill. The last 5k I ran was outside in the snow, it was a perfect yet cold winter day. I did too much that day with the girls in the snow, running errands and running 5k. Lo and behold my leg started bothering me again.

Monday morning I called the Physio office and my Doctor’s office and had a plan. Worst case scenario was no running, no soccer for a while. Best case…physio, rest and keep running/playing soccer (ha!).

After meeting with both my Doctor and Physiotherapist the verdict is in;

  • I officially pulled my hamstring and nothing else.
  • I cannot play soccer for 6 – 8 weeks (@W#%@#$^@$^%)
  • I am in physio until it’s better
  • I can run but only 1 km every other day for a week. Then I can either increase the speed or distance by 1 more kilometer over the next month.
  • Full Marathon training is out…for now.

just run

I felt really good physically after I left the physiotherapy’s office because of the treatment and tape job she did on my hamstring. Later that night, Lilly laughed at the tape on my hamstring/butt area and thought it looked like a hand (it’s spread out in pieces of three).

I’m super bummed about not playing soccer and honestly okay with the running part. I’m thankful they didn’t say no running because that would be really hard to not move at all. The good news is that I can still practice yoga and run a little. No skiing, snowshoeing, skating or soccer for 4-8 weeks 😦

Lessons learned:

  • Go see a Doctor/Physiotherapist ASAP – don’t wait a month like I did
  • Setbacks happen and that’s life.
  • It could be worse!

Though I’m not thrilled about only running 1k every other day, I can do a good warm up, run 1k at a slow pace, stretch and practice yoga all in one night! I’ve also been given exercises to do: bridge, lunges and calf raises to go with my bridges and clam exercises for my SI joint – wow, I sound healthy!

Walk Run Walk

Walk Run Walk

Last night I managed to do my first “walk-run-walk” after the girls went to bed. My Dad was visiting (hence the back-end shot of me on the treadmill), he took Lilly skiing all day! She played her first day of hookie from day care 😉 I walked for 1 km, then ran slowly for 1 km and walked another kilometer – better than nothing at all! I stretched and foam rolled and feel really good today.

set back come back

The spring Marathon I wanted to run isn’t going to happy and I’m okay with that. I now have a good plan for my 3rd Half Marathon this spring and plans for my first Full Marathon in the fall. Right now it’s time to focus on getting better and all my other running goals for the year are put on hold until then.

 Anyone else injured? (I sure hope not)

What’s your favourite form of treatment when injured?

Anyone racing/running this weekend? (Good luck if you are!)

My Week Off Running

Yup, it’s true….I took the last week off from running. Actually, I took the last week off from a lot of things. Since running the half marathon last Sunday all I wanted to do was run! Go figure!

My body was sore and exhausted from not only the half marathon but the last 12 weeks of constant training. My mind just wanted to run every day but each day I did my best to rest.

I started reading this book:


Johnny Miles: Nova Scotia’s Marathon King !

I cleaned the house, did lots of laundry – oh wait, that’s normal stuff I would do anyway.

I haven’t been sleeping well as little miss H is getting her 2nd year molars #AWESOME! And by didn’t sleep well, I didn’t sleep for more than 3 hours in a row per night, for the last week.

I painted my nails – oooooohhhhh … aaaaahhhhh! And ate ice cream with our girls 🙂


And, I may have eaten things I haven’t had in months (chips/m n m’s) and in a year+ (pop) a little too much:


I’m kinda okay with not running for 6 days in a row as I have a few minor injuries…at least I think they are minor:

  • sprained big toe
  • left shin pain (Posterior Shin Splints)
  • left SI joint is pretty pissed off – but this is going on a month now.

About two weeks before the half my SI joint started bothering me again. Physio, massage, x-ray’s etc. have been booked and waiting to see the outcome. My massage therapist basically said that my whole left side of my body is out of whack and all these little injuries are triggered by the others. She couldn’t believe how tense all the muscles on my left side were compared to my right.

So, I rested. I thought a lot about running. I even took out my running gear Saturday in hopes of running once the girls went to bed. It just didn’t happen.

It’s a new week and I’ve got the BLT 5k on Saturday that I’m really looking forward to running. It’s with the TTPer’s (Timberlea Tundra Pounders) running group that I occasionally run with. It should be a good time and a fun run.

Beyond that 5k, I have nothing else on the schedule but would like to do a Santa Shuffle and New Year’s Resolution Run if they pop up in the local area. And…..I kinda want to find my next half to train for 😉

That’s it…..I’m hooked on the half now!

Good luck to all those running the PEI Marathon today!

Wish I was there to run, oh I mean…cheer you on 🙂

How many days do you take off after a half marathon?

Ever have to hold yourself back on rest days/rest periods?

Are you done racing or still have more to come this year?

PS – I have a contest / giveaway coming up for CANADIANS!