Weekly Workouts; Run, Soccer, Cycle.

Happy Monday!

I’m feeling like November is just too close for comfort! With basically a full week away, it’s going to be here before we know it. Which means, wrapping up October with some runfessions later this week and Halloween fun for all this week I’m sure!

Weekly Workouts:

  • Sunday: Iron Strength Workout / Bike Ride / Walking Carmacks *ankle roll*
  • Monday: Restorative Yoga
  • Tuesday: Rest Day (was on the road for work all day)
  • Wednesday: Short 3k run with Carmacks before the kids were up.
  • Thursday: Soccer Game (we lost 3-1 but it was a great game).
  • Friday: Rest Day.
  • Saturday: Rest Day / Girls had their first basketball session and then I had to work. But it was fun work hosting a gender equity workshop for women interested in becoming board members (in sport & recreation). Though it was a super long day with my girls + working (they came too), it was a good day.


  • Sunday: AM: Cleaning/washing and more cleaning. PM: Leisurely bike ride. I had the best bike ride with my girls. It was about 45 minutes in length but we stopped to say hi to a friend, then to play at a playground and in the woods, then back on the bike for some more fun before heading home.

Also, this is what biking with your kids looks like, granted this was an empty parking lot:



I feel like running has totally taken a back seat lately. I have very little interest in running before work but will do a short run with our dog. I enjoy going for a runch but really have to plan those ones out. I’m exhausted once I finally get the girls to bed at night and just not feeling like doing anything but dishes, making lunches, folding laundry – just kidding. I have a treadmill so it’s not like I have an excuse when my husband is working.

I’m sure running will creep back into my life more but it is what it is! I want to run a “Jingle Bell Run” early December and maybe even thinking about a winter half. A winter half in Nova Scotia can mean running on ice, snow or clear roads, it’s really hit or miss.

Though I might not be running, I am really loving getting out on my bike with my girls. Usually, they just bike up and down on our quiet road but last weekend I decided to bike with them. Yesterday we decided to bike to a friends house and the adventure just continued from there. No, I wasn’t going at my normal pace but it was so much more enjoyable to go at a slower pace WITH my kids.

My ankle is healing but not 100%. I wore a brace at my soccer game (and running) last week which helped. I was actually planning on weaning myself off the brace from last year’s ankle injury (inside of ankle not outside like now). Anyway, looks like I’ll be wearing it for a few more games until my recent ankle roll is 100%.

Have you ever run a winter half marathon?

Are you even thinking about Christmas themed races yet? (too soon). 

How was your week?

I’m joining back into the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 4

Since I am a few days into week #5, I figured I should hit publish on this post! I’ve been neglecting my little blog only because life happens. Life happens and I just didn’t have anything to blog about I guess.

Last week sure wasn’t the week I had planned. I was (and still) having SI joint issues and decided to go to my Osteopath and then was ill for a few days. Life happens, you keep moving forward and enjoy the rest days while you can, right.

Though I’m into week 5 as I write this, this is how last week’s training went down….

What was Planned VS What Really Happened:

Monday 18th: Stretch & Strengthen | Yoga. Love me some yoga! Monday yoga class is always more challenging than Tuesday’s (different class, different instructor). This was the last day with Christina 😦 which is a bummer as she challenged me in ways I didn’t think I could accomplish. Thank you for that!

Tuesday: 6k run| 6k run Outside. It was a last minute decision to run outside but such a good one. I was running a much faster pace then I have in the past so that was really encouraging.

april 20th run

Wednesday: 35 minute tempo run | 6k + Osteopath Appointment. I ran a slow and hard 6k during my lunch break as I had an Osteopath appointment at 3:15 PM. If I didn’t run it then, I wouldn’t be able to that evening. After an Osteopath appointment it’s recommended that you take a few days off to allow your body to recover from the treatment. Let’s just say, my SI joint and left side of my body was a mess. She released my SI joint but I was extremely sore that night and spent a lot of time icing it.

Thursday: 5k + Strength Training | Rest DayKinda had to rest as my SI joint/back was still sore.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest DayNailed it…again enforced rest day. Started to feel ill and went home in the afternoon for a nap! Seriously, who takes the afternoon off work to nap? I did. Don’t worry, my boss knew I was going home.

Saturday: Rest Day | Rest DaySI joint was feeling okay but I was the worst stomach cramps ever – very comparable to childbirth contractions. My whole abdominal wall would tighten in server pain throughout the day. I had planned on running that night but my symptoms just got worse. Early to bed for me.

Sunday: 5k Race | 4kI skipped the local 5k race as I still wasn’t feeling great. That evening I was feeling a lot better so I did a slow 4k on the treadmill. My body felt great but my SI joint area/lower back still aren’t happy.

We watched this lady run past our house Sunday – the girls cheering her on and me just wishing that was me 🙂


So not a great week but I’m hopeful my SI joint/lower back will sort itself out soon. Sitting is the worst for me. I did have a great IronStrength workout last night and really looking forward to yoga at lunch today!

KM this week: 16k 

KM this training cycle: 86km

If you missed last week 3, you can find it here.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race/training?

What’s the longest number of days you’ve taken off during a training cycle?


Friday 5 Favourites: Half Marathon Training

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say I’m really happy to see Friday. It hasn’t been a terrible week or a long week but I’m just looking forward to the weekend.

To sleep in…ha ha, just kidding. I have kids that won’t let me sleep in. I’m also trying to figure out if I should keep to my training plan this weekend of a “5k race” which would be done on my own OR switch to a long run of 11k and then race 5k next weekend. There is a local 5k race next weekend on a course that I got a PB on in 2014! What would you do?

I’m joining Mar on the Run, Cynthia and Courtney on the {Friday Five Link Up}. It’s all about “Favourites”!!! Not Favorites…Favourites, I’m Canadian 🙂 So, I’m talking about all my favourites related to training for my current half marathon.


Foam Rollers

My oh my, I’m loving my foam rollers (one is missing from the photo). These are key to keeping my glutes happy while training for races. My legs are tired by the time I hit Friday and I’m hoping that will change over time but it’s foam rollers that keep my muscles happy.


Strength Training

I’ve been digging the IronStrength workouts the last few weeks even though I skipped it last night. I ended up talking to a girlfriend of mine for almost an hour after my run. The chat was worth it though.

These workouts are hard! Sweat dripping off your body hard. Muscles aching for days hard. The workout where you grunt to get those last few reps in. The workout that is just what you needed.


After spending the last 6-7 months going to yoga once a week, it’s still one of my favourite workouts. It’s something my body needs as well as my mind. It’s not always easy but sure is rewarding. It’s a chance to work on my strength, push my limits sometimes and have my body feel good. My body also knows when I miss a class.



It’s fair to say that I’ve become addicted to making smoothies throughout the week for me and Lilly. She’s still not a fan of the protein powder so I don’t put it in hers. This past week I forgot to make them and Lilly got after me. Atta-girl! During dinner the other night, I quickly prepped four zip-lock bags with cut up bananas, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I put them in the freezer and then each morning I add in oj/water, Greek yogurt, protein powder for me and sometimes other fruits as we have them. Quick and easy!

Rest Days

Oh glory rest days! Friday’s are my official rest days. As in, I do no workouts. I try to get outside daily when I’m at work for a short walk but that would be the most activity I would get on a Friday. I usually go to bed early (9 PM), I know, I know…don’t be jealous! I’m such a wild cat, ha ha. I’m really looking forward to today’s rest day as I might get up early do to my long run tomorrow. That also is determined by switching up my training plan this weekend and next!

This weekend Lilly has swimming lessons and I’m taking the girls to an ice show “Frozen on Ice”! They don’t know about it yet so it should be fun. I’m also looking forward to playing outside and getting the girls on their bikes..maybe some hopscotch! Happy Friday!

Would you switch your training weeks around? 

What’s your favourite thing right now? 

Weekend Plans?


Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 2

Hello Tuesday!

I’m a day late getting this post together but here it is. Last week’s training for the Johnny Miles Half Marathon was pretty great!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday April 4th: Stretch & Strength | IronStrength Workout (45 minutes) This was a good and HARD workout again. Instead of doing it all out for 5 minutes each, I did 2 rounds of each exercise. It’s what I could manage without compromising my form. I officially HATE burpees.



Tuesday: 5 k | 5 k Treadmill Run. Oh dear, this run happened after a 12 hour work day. I got home at 8 PM and decided I needed to get my run done. My husband jumped on his bike (trainer) and I on the treadmill and we both got our workouts done. BIG win for the day!


Wednesday: 5 k Tempo Run | 7 k Tempo Run {46:37}. On my treadmill (yes, again!), I ran 2 k to warm up, 4 k tempo run (increasing my speed each km), followed by 1 km cool down. It was nice to push my pace each kilometer and maintain that pace (not cheat and back off). I kept thinking “learn to run push your limits, it’s going to make you stronger”. I needed this run.

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 1.44 km Treadmill and WeightsI really should have done this run or workout. My body was seriously exhausted and I was in a bit of a foul mood. After 1.44 km, I hit stop jumped off my treadmill and did one around of weights. (10 lbs weights: bicep curls, push press, step/lunge and something else but I can’t remember). I did some PT exercises and called it a day.

Friday: Rest Day | Rest DayNailed it. I literally did nothing all day. I had taken the day off work for some medical appointments and rested. I tried to take a nap but that failed when my husband called me. I spent the afternoon sorting the girls clothing, watching TV and then my evening was early to bed. I’m pretty sure I nailed this rest day.

Saturday: 5 k pace | 5 k Treadmill RunI love having a treadmill in my house because the MAJORITY of my running would not happen right now if I didn’t have one. Nothing amazing about this run other then I survived a full day: trip to the city and back, trip to the zoo, dinner/bed time with the girls and then I ran.

Costco $10.99 Running Skirt Win!!!!


Sunday: 10 k Long Run | 10 k Treadmill RunGood lord, I’m seriously thinking I’m going to forget how to run OUTDOORS! A FULL week of treadmill running!!!!!!! I’m really not sure the last time this happened but whatever, I got it done!


KM this week: 28.44 km

KM in this training cycle: 46

KM missed this week: 4 ish

Week #1 can be found here.

Training Plan: Hal Higdon in kilometers

I was still having some SI joint pain last week and started foam rolling more, which helped. It pain didn’t go away but it’s starting to get better each day. I got a massage yesterday which made it 95% better. My hip flexors were SUPER tight, not to mention my glutes.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this week. It was really busy with work and my husband working lots 🙂 but I managed to get it done! Another week down another week ahead of me!

Anyone training for a race, how’s it going? 

How about BOSTON? Running, watching it live or on TV? 

Do you get massages while training?

Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week #1

Just like that, week 1 of half marathon training is done 🙂 It started off pretty good and then I just needed a little more sleep than running.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened.

Monday March 28th: Stretch & Strength | IronStrength Workout (50 minutes). Let me tell you that this workout is NO JOKE! I printed it from the IronStrength book I have and kept that in front of me to stay on track.WHAT a workout! Yes, I did it near the fire for some silly reason. Hoping it gets easier as the weeks pass by.


Tuesday: 5k | Yoga. Went to yoga class at lunch time and it was great! Though my body was sore from Monday’s workout, it was just what I needed. I planned to run 5k that night but my body was just to exhausted so I went to bed early.

Wednesday: 5 x 400 @ 5 k pace | 4 x 400’s Treadmill (5k). Well, I may have missed the last 400 but I managed to figure out how to do  400’s on the treadmill. I had a little help from some running friends (figuring out my pace in km for the treadmill and what level to be at). It looked like this:

  1. Warm up 10 minute easy running
  2. 400 in 2:xx at level 9.5 (I forgot to write it down)
  3. 400 in 2:34 (level 10)
  4. 400 in 2:24 (level 11)
  5. 400 in 2:04 (level 12.5)
  6. Cool down for 10 minutes.

I had a book with me on the treadmill to keep track of my times and quickly realised that I needed one piece of paper while I did my 400’s. I made the mistake of only writing down numbers 1 through 4, therefore I totally missed the 5th round. When I finished the fourth one, I even though…I could do another one but didn’t…and did a cool down run to finish off 5k. After stretching I saw what I did wrong…man, was I mad at myself!

Thursday: 5 k + Strength| 5k + Modified IronStrength (35 minutes). My running buddy Krystol messaged me to see if I was able to run with her Thursday evening…and I WAS! Another benefit of Sai being home 🙂 We went out for an easy 5k and then spent 35 minutes doing a modified IronStrength workout. It was great to do both the run and workout with her….lots of chatting, laughs and maybe a few swear words (from me).


Friday: Rest Day! | Rest Day! Nailed it 🙂

Saturday: 5 k | Nothing. Rough day so I went to bed before 9 PM! I really needed the sleep so I was okay with missing my run.

Sunday: 8k Long Run | 8k Treadmill Run. After a rough day with the girls, meal prepping, grocery shopping, baking/cooking, I somehow manged to get in an 8k run on the treadmill. It was super slow and steady for the first 4k and then I was able to increase/decrease my speed until 7km. The last km I just kept increasing my speed until I was flat out sprinting. 58:52.


KM this week: 18

KM in this training cycle: 18

KM missed: 10 (yikes!)

Training Plan: Hal Higdon Intermediate.

I’ve been struggling with some SI joint pain over the last two weeks which is slowly getting better. I’m hoping it doesn’t get as bad as it was a few years back. Other then that, I’m moving on to week two!

How was your weekend?

Anyone training, how’s it going?

How often do your old injuries occur?


Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Running Strong Book {Review}

I recently had the opportunity to read ingest Dr. Jordan’ Metzl’s new book called “Running Strong”. The Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide To Staying Healthy & Injury-Free For Life”! When this book first arrived on my doorstep, I was alone with the girls as my husband was away that day working. Once we got in the house I quickly opened the package, saw the book and opened it up to this page:

Dr. J M hamstring PR

Hamstring foam rolling exercises.

It couldn’t be more appropriate! As you know, I’ve been battling a hamstring injury that occurred in December while playing soccer. Then it got worse with running and I started my medical treatment in January. It’s been a LONG…L-O-N-G road. I’ve read this book from beginning to end and back again. It’s not only what my body (hamstring) needed but my mind as well.

Dr. Jordan Metzl is a sports medicine physician, an 12 x Ironman (finisher) a 32 x Marathon runner AND a fitness instructor of IronStrength!

THE BOOK: It’s broken up into 5 sections:  {I made notes as I was that invested in the book}

Dr. Jordan Metzl's book PR

PART 1: Nuts & Bolts

The key take away from this section for me was 1) Foam roll every day and 2) Sleep and 3) Pay attention to your pain. There was more to this section but I can’t give it all away.

PART 2: Uh-oh: What’s That Pain?

This is the largest section of the book and focuses on the body from your feet to your upper body. Dr. Metzl explains why we get hurt and how we can correct what we are doing. There are pictures with bones, ligaments etc. to show where the pain is coming from; describes symptoms and stretches and workouts to do. He then goes on to tell you what to do to recovery and then prevent it in the future. I’m currently turning the pages in the “hips, groin and glutes” over and over again as that’s my problem area. This will be my running bible!

PART 3: Getting The Most from Your Machine

In this section Dr. Metzl shares his “IronStrength Workout for Runners”.  You bet I’ll be doing this workout once a week starting very soon, I just hope I survive it 🙂 Again, this is filled with images of the workout and foam rolling/stretching techniques. He even goes into the Science of Running Physiology, which I’m 100% interested in. This is at a level that I feel I can comprehend and learn from to improve my running.

PART 4: Tools of the Trade 

What’s important for runners? Food, and equipment! I know this is a section that I can learn a lot from. My food intake is about 70% good and the rest not so good. He talks about super foods, eating to run, for races and leaves you with tips for healthy eating. Good Shoes and Cool Clothing are another topic he goes into. Good shoes are key as is appropriate clothing and SUNSCREEN should never be forgotten!

PART 5: His & Hers

Dr. Metzl talks about a little about running and pregnancy and provides 9 tips. Stinky feet and bloody nipples starts off the men’s section…I’m going to leave it at that 😉


He provides multiple training plans (5k, 10k, 1/2 and Full Marathon) for the beginner, intermediate and advanced runner. Going to give these training plans a test out for some future races.


Throughout the book there is various stories of athletes that had an injury and what they did to recovery from that injury. It makes it feel more real. Why? Well for me, they are true stories that I could related to from years of soccer, running and other sports I grew up playing. On top of the great information there is a Blipp APP throughout the book. Once downloaded to your mobile device, you can link from the page in the book to video’s on-line! Kinda sweet, eh!

Changes I’ve made since receiving this book:

  • I do squats every day (even when I don’t have time for my PT exercises).
  • I’m not so investing in running 100% running all the time like I was last year.
  • I am introducing consistent cross training (IronStrength, Yoga, DVD workouts that I used to do)
  • I foam roll EVERY DAY now (not just when I run).

A few other key points I learned (and yes wrote down):

  1. “It’s pure hell – physically & emotionally – when you’re injured and can’t run”. I figure this one out months ago, it sure hit home. 
  2. “Daily exercise – even when you’re injured – IS the best medicine”. Must remember.
  3. “If running is your only activity; you have strength imbalance”.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to all runners. For more information on Dr. Jordan Metzl’s you can find it on his website drjordanmetzl.com ; along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can purchase the book here. Trust me, you’ll want to add this to your collection.

Please note, I was provided this book to do a review from Runner’s World; all opinions are my own. Thank you Runner’s World 🙂 

Ever have a book change your life?

Ever want to highlight the entire book?

Have you checked out Dr. Jordan Metzl’s book yet? (It will change your running/life.)