Operation “Get Fit” Week 3 Workouts 5/12/13 – 5/18/13

Week 3 of Operation Get Fit is all done…only 5 weeks until my friend’s wedding!

Sunday: Ripped in 30 Level 2 – still felt like I had two left feet. Sweaty, sweaty workout.



  • Rest Day. Hilary wasn’t sleeping well and I wanted to just do nothing.


  • Ripped in 30 Level 2. It was an okay workout, wasn’t feeling awesome after it. You win some you lose some.

No Matter How Slow You Go - You Are Still Lapping Everybody On The Couch


  • 18 minute Run. I shaved off 1 minute from Monday’s run – same route! This was an awesome run, I felt great afterwards.

Friday: Rest day

  • a.k.a. I just couldn’t bring myself to workout and wanted to just relax in front of the TV with my husband.
  • Hilary had a terrible night’s sleep – up every hour….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Ripped in 30 Level 2. I did the workout but barely had a sweat going and didn’t really enjoy it. Not sure what is going on but I wasn’t into it tonight. At least I worked out, right ?
  • I was about 8 minutes away from finishing my workout when Hilary woke up and my husband went to quiet her down. This then turned into 2 hours of both of us trying to calm her down and get her back to sleep. At 10:15 pm I finally got ready for bed and took her with me. She slept until 2:30 am and I put her back in her bed. At 3:30 am she woke up and came back in our bed until 6:30 am and wanted to nurse then. She’s been having such a hard time sleeping this last week and I’m beyond exhausted. Maybe that’s why my workouts were just okay and not awesome. T’is the life, eh!

If you missed the first two weeks, you can find them here:

Why Operation Get Fit

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Operation Get Fit Week 2 Workouts 5/1/13 – 5/11/13

Another week of Operation “Get Fit” workouts are done! I felt much stronger this week and feeling good about my workouts. This is what my week of workouts looked like…….and the challenges that came with them:

I am working for it!

Sunday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • pretty easy, getting kinda bored
  • I still hate “running jacks” but completely nailed them

Monday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • most of the workout I kept thinking that it was getting too boring for me and really questioned if I should move on to Level 2
  • felt great afterwards

Tuesday – 5k run with baby H 

  • I was super exhausted and really didn’t want to go (but went anyway…I got a blog to write)
  • It was extremely hot out that day and I dressed for winter apparently (not really but that’s what I felt like)
  • Awesome run out 2.5 k and terrible 2.5 back running against the wind with a stroller – what was I thinking???

Wednesday – rest day.

Thursday – Ripped in 30 Level 1

  • First question: WHY, why did I take yesterday as a rest day? Bad idea. I was so unmotivated to workout Thursday night. I wanted to poke myself in the eye for taking Wednesday off. Note to self:  if taking a rest day Mon-Fri, always, always go for a walk with baby H.
  • Second question: Why am I still on level 1….seriously I gotta move on.

Friday – Ripped in 30 Level 2

  • Holy shit, why did I move on to Level 2?
  • I felt like I was learning a new dance and I had two left feet. I was all over the place. I’d watch the new to me move and figure out how to do it with no grace at all. Thank goodness no one was watching me or they would have died from laughter. Seriously, they would have!

Saturday – I took the day off and spent it with my girls and husband. We went to the Farmer’s Market, Pete’s, and my husband and I went on a date! My parents looked after the girls (who did awesome) and we went off to the Waterville Fire Department Awards night where my husband is a member. It was a nice night out but I was happy to get home and hear how the girls did, visit with my parents and go to bed.


It’s been two full weeks that I managed to work out 5-6 days of the week! I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have to admit, I am a little impressed with myself. All of my workouts (DVD’s) are done at night, usually after 8:30 pm and I run or walk in the morning.

I am seeing a few results from the last two weeks. I usually lose weight from the head down and that’s how I know I am losing weight. My face is a little more slim, my arms a little smaller and my pants are a little looser. I haven’t been on the scale or did measurements yet but will do that soon. More importantly, I feel strong. When I ran this week (and pushed Hilary in her stroller) it was easier than before. I felt stronger, confident I could run the 5k with her and still walk afterwards 🙂 I am feeling better about myself. I’ll be honest here….when I have extra weight on me I feel crappy and don’t like what I look like, I feel gross. But hopefully that’s all behind me now.

If you missed week 1 of Operation Get Fit – go here.

And, Operation Get Fit – the plan – go here.

What workouts did you do this week?

Did you run outside? Workout indoors? Hit the gym?

When do you know it’s time to move on from a workout or up to the next level of a workout?

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I really didn’t want to workout tonight #sweatpink #happymama

Tonight I really didn’t want to workout. So much so, that I did everything else I could around the house to *almost* avoid working out since it was getting so late.

I tried to put Hilary down for the night…. 50 minutes later she was singing in her bed and that lead to crying in her bed. My husband went in and managed to get her asleep – after another 40 minutes of crying in his arms. (Hilary – you can get over this not-wanna-be-in-anyone-else’s-arms-but-mom’s phase any day now). During that time I thought about working out while I did the following:

  • dishes from dinner
  • dishes from baking earlier today
  • cleaned up Lilly’s toys
  • Facebook – three times
  • Email – two different email accounts
  • Drank some Soy chocolate milk (not a good idea before you workout)

When my husband emerged from Hilary’s bedroom I said I might go workout. I actually said might twice to him. So I went to our bedroom, got my workout gear on and dreaded the walk downstairs to workout.

I really didn’t want to work out.

I sat in front of the TV and decided not to do the 30 Day Shred but start the “Ripped in 30” DVD by Jillian Michael’s which I’ve only ever done the first level.

Again, I was dreading this workout.

It started and I got warmed up.

I somehow found myself loving this workout …. that I was dreading only a few minutes prior.

It was hard, it was a challenge….it was JUST what I needed.

A good kick in the ass.

And now I feel great.

Operation “Get Fit … Lose Pounds” is now in effect. Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes with Hilary and then raked our front lawn for 40 minutes.  I was a little sore today.

Running with Hilary

Running with Hilary

I’ll be blogging more about “Get Fit…Lose Pounds” soon.

It’s 10:10 PM …. I must go shower and hopefully have a good night’s sleep *fingers crossed*.

Does working out get you motivated to keep going?

What’s your favourite at-home workout?

Getting in a Workout (when you can)

After last weekend’s run I was feeling great and felt ready to focus a little more on working out again. So, Tuesday night I decided to start the 30 Day Shred (again), one of my favourite at-home workouts. My husband was home so it worked out well if either of the kiddies woke up – they didn’t!

Piper's Run - collection of DVD workouts!!!

Piper’s Run – collection of DVD workouts!!!

Now, the first time I ever did this workout was about one and a 1/2 years ago. I did the first level and felt it was a good challenge. Well! I woke up the next day and couldn’t move! I couldn’t go from standing to sitting very easy (think toilet, any chairs), squatting to play with my then 16 month old was painful and then trying to pick her up at the same time. I thought my body was breaking down. I hurt for a FULL week, no lie. I got back into it a week later and loved it….as you can see by my collecting of workout DVD’s, I like her workouts.

My late night workout

My late night workout

This time around I thought I may be in for the same experience but I did the work out anyway. I was surprised to feel so good immediately after the workout. I had lots of energy. I felt like I could conquer all the cores around the house in minutes I was so hyped up.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I started the workout at 9:16 PM. Yeah, you read that right. It was almost 9:45 PM when I finished and was feeling great. At least I got my workout in!!!!

I’m also writing this at 9:47 PM as it’s the only time I have all day to get a few things done: laundry, dishes, workouts, blogging. Having a 3 month old and toddler keeps me super busy these days. I look forward to 9 PM so I can decide if I’m going to do a few chores, workout and shower, call someone, blog or go to bed.

What’s the latest you’ve worked out?

Anyone doing the 30 Day Shred? (again)

What’s your favourite DVD workout?

Upcoming post: (and by upcoming, I mean they are drafted and almost ready to go but it might take me a week to get them all just right):

  • Quinoa bites
  • PRO Compression Socks Review (I’ve been talking about them for a few weeks now)
  • Monkey Update: Hilary’s 3 months tomorrow! Yikes!
  • A mommy post about your kids and love

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Workouts for the week #flow

Today is WORLD PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DAY (April 6th 2012)!!!! 

Since today is World Physical Activity Day, that’s the field I work in and I am personally passionate about being active – it’s fitting that I post my #FLOW Fitness Loves of The Week.

This is what my weekly workout looked liked: (I set my workout goals every week and track them)


  • Ran 16 minutes Distance: 1.61 miles (had my husband’s Garmin on – might have fallen in love with it).
  • Plank Challenge: 35 seconds
  • SELF Magazine – DROP 10 Challenge (page 89/90 in April 2012) – Started off good and then got a little challenging.


  • Plank Challenge: 35 seconds
  • 20 minute walk with our dog
  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (It was a terrible workout that included a 30 second plank) At least I did something.
  • Rest Day; as I worked all day and in the evening too 😦
  • Ran 18 minutes outside (cold and windy)
  • Plank Challenge: 60 seconds (goal was 45 seconds but the decided to keep going!)
  • Walked around the Zoo with a toddler for 1.5 hours.
  • DVD Yoga Workout: 30 minutes
  • Plank Challenge: 60 seconds
  • Rest Day (I’ll be driving to Halifax to spend Easter with my family).
Plank Challenge found on Pinterest (of course). Original source is from JustKeep Running. I have modified the numbers as I was already doing 30 second planks from the Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD. Last Sunday I started at 35 seconds and going from there – I’ll post about it next week in detail.
Work Out Jar:
Back in February, I wrote about my Work Out Jar and how I put money ($2) in it each time I work out. It was a way to motivate myself, stay focused on my work out goals each week and then reward myself a little later on. Well, after about 2 months of working out 3-5 days a week, I now have $61 in the jar. (Well, out of the jar in the below picture).
I’ve decided since I am “beefing” up my workouts that I will now start (beefing up) putting in $1 per 10 minute work out. So, if I walk during my lunch break for 20 minutes, then do a 20 minute DVD workout at home that night, plus the Drop 10 & Plank challenge (roughly 15-20 minutes) – I can put between $4 – $6 in the jar for one day’s workout!
Looks like those new runners are going to be here before we know it!!!!
Want to read more about Blogger’s Fitness Loves of the Week ? Click on the logo below!

In Sweetness and In Health

What are you doing today to be active?

Getting active with your family ?

Going for that long run?

Go Get Active!

Motivation Monday #9

Motivation Monday


March 12th 2012

Would have been my grandmother’s birthday.

Hummm, I wonder what she would think of this blog?


I went to a Yoga Flow class last Friday …. and it was GREAT.

I hurt so much the next day in my arms – that felt great too!

My sister pinned this on Pinterest and I thought, humm…that’s me.

Yoga challenged me last Friday.

And I  am hooked on Yoga again, broke down and bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.

I should just buy some shares in JM’s DVDs 🙂


To workout or NOT workout, that is the Question

Lately at work there has been a lot of talk about the fact that people don’t have the “time” to be active (exercise, workout etc).  And I’ll be honest some days I agree with that statement; I don’t have time. But I like to look at the other side of things too. We do have time – we have 24 hours in a day. Most people sleep for 6-8 hours, some a lot less; especially if you have a little one in the house. Then we work for 7-8 hours a day, sometimes more; fit in a few meals; chores at home and you can’t forget Facebook, TV ….. SCREEN TIME.

Canadians are supposed to get (adults) 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each week – that’s ONLY 30 minutes 5 days a week. Source – Canadian Society of Exercise PhysiologyCanadian Physical Activity Guidelines. Some examples of moderate activities are brisk walking and bike riding.

Now this can be done in 10 minute increments, it does not have to be done all at once. An example of vigorous activities include running and cross-country skiing.

Children/youth are supposed to get 60 minutes each day of moderate to vigorous activity! Does your child/children REALLY get 60 minutes each day ??? Does your child’s school have daily MANDATORY physical education classes ?

If you haven’t seen the ParticipACTION ad’s please do so at this link here. “Think Again” and “There is a Crisis in Canada” and “Living Room” are my favourites. They are important messages, and yes I believe we do have a inactivity crisis in Canada and the US – that’s why I work in the field that I do.

We all make a choices.

Every. Day.

I make a choice to be vigorously active 4 – 5 days a week; mainly running or a Jillian Micheal’s DVD because it’s what fit’s my schedule (at the moment).

A normal day looks like this for me (again, at the moment as I have been a single parent since Sept 2011 but that ends soon 🙂

  • Up at 6:20am: a toddler to feed, dress and get out the door, and myself, of course – I sure can’t go to work in my pj’s.
  • work full-time 8:30 – 4:30 Mon – Fri: this could be in the office or on the road to meetings within a 250 km area.
  • Make dinner, skype with my hubby/Lilly’s Dad because that’s important to us, house chores: dishes, laundry, cloth diapers to wash and stuff, sweep/mop floor, cleaning in general.
  • Workout / Shower.
  • Email/Blog etc.
  • 10pm Bed.


  • A dog to walk and love (when she’s not being looked after by my parents).
  • Snow to shovel.
  • Weekends – play dates to attend *a must to survive*, chores, playing, reading with Lilly and hopefully a little down time for me.
  • Telephone calls to make (or at least create a list of people I need to call).
  • Running or some form of a workout (DVD).

Somehow I find the time to work out four to five days a week. Maybe because I make it a priority over other things. It may only be for 25-30 minutes but I find the time. Working out is a priority because keeps me healthy and that’s important for my little family. Sitting down every night to watch television is not a priority for me….just a choice I make. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do watch TV, it’s just limited to a few favourites and after I work out.

Sometimes I wonder if people really don’t have the time to be active OR are they just choosing to do other things and being active is just not at the top of their list.

You don’t have to run a marathon to be active – really YOU DON’T.

A few simple things you can do each day:

  1. Go for a walk during your morning coffee break.
  2. Go outside for a “walking meeting” instead of sitting in a board room.
  3. Park your car at the end of the Walmart parking lot. Trust me, it’s okay to walk the distance of the parking lot with a shopping cart of your goods. You’ll just have to walk back to return your cart to the outside storage area and look at you now….you’ve just spent an extra 5-10 minutes walking.
  4. If you take the bus, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the distance.
  5. Every hour, leave your desk and stretch for 5 minutes.
  6. If you stand a lot for your job (retail), walk around the store at a slightly increase speed then normal, once an hour.
  7. If you sit at a desk all day, check out Eyes-Relax. “Eyes Relax is a basic program that forces users to take periodic breaks to rest their eyes”. Then walk outside for 5 minutes of fresh air.
  8. Make a decision to only watch T.V. on 3 or 4 days of the week. Seriously, dropping one day of TV will not hurt you.
  9. Make a goal each week to be active one, two, three, four or more days a week – and stick to it.
  10. Take the stairs not the elevator.

I make a choice to be active. I don’t use “time” as an excuse to not be active. Yes, I have days, LOTS OF DAYS when I don’t want to work out. During most of those days, I push myself to work out because I know it’s going to make me feel great and my health is better for it. I also really enjoy my “rest days” like tonight, when I got to call a friend that I haven’t spoken to in a long time – just what I needed.

Should we really be using “time” as an excuse for not being active?

What’s your biggest barrier to being active daily?

What choice do you make at the end of your day? Watch TV, house chores, classes, hit the gym, DVD workout ?