Day 3 & 4 Fall into Fitness Challenge

Since I took a rest day on Day 2, I knew I couldn’t have a repeat on Day 3. This is what yesterday (Day 3) and today (Day 4) looked like for the challenge:

Day 3 (Tues):

  • 30 minute walk with Hilary in her stroller and Maclean
  • Day 5 Thigh Challenge: 15 lateral lunges (both legs), 30 scissors, 12 fire hydrants (both legs), 12 pile squat pluses.
  • Tony Horton’s Yoga Flex – 10 minutes (felt SO good)

Day 4 (Wed):

  • Walk Maclean – 10 minute walk with H in stroller and then,
  • Running – 3k (21 minutes) with H in stroller and…..then,
  • Day 6 Thigh Challenge: 20 lateral lunges (both legs), 40 scissors, 15 fire hydrants (both legs), 15 pile squat pluses.

I’m POOPED now!

Day 5 (Thurs): Proposed workout for tomorrow…we’ll see if it happens!

  • Day 7 Thigh Challenge: 25 lateral lunges (both legs), 50 scissors, 18 fire hydrants (both legs), 20 pile squat pluses.
  • Zumba 1 hour *pending approval after my Osteopath appointment*
  • Walk Maclean – 15 Minutes

You feel after workout

I’ve managed to stick to my Meal Planning so far this week. It sure takes the stress of what to have for dinner and I’m able to prep the food earlier in the day when Hilary naps. This is all going to change when I get back to work. I’m thinking I’ll have to meal plan the week before and prep as much as I can on Sunday nights.

That’s it…short and sweet post for today 🙂

Did you work out today?

Inside or Outdoor workout? 

Happy Hump Day!


Taking my Running to a New Level

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now…months even. My running is about to change.

I’ve been running since I was a kid; mainly on the soccer field, then on the roads to train for competitive soccer (distance, fartlek etc) and then I moved into just running for fun. I started to actually like running so much that I decided to train for a 10k race – my first ever race in 2005.

Since then I’ve done numerous 5k’s, a few 10k’s and one 1/2 Marathon which I loved! I ran during both pregnancies but more during number 2. While pregnant with baby #2, I craved running even though I spent 95% of my pregnancy feeling beyond ill. I even managed to run two races; you can read about them here and here. Shortly after those races I had some major pain in my pelvis and got taped for a few days by my Physiotherapist and then had to wear this awesome brace most days.

Don't be jealous

Don’t be jealous

Even with the brace I had to call it quits and only walk, do yoga or a prenatal DVD that I loved … and no longer need. Over the course of the summer months all I wanted and needed was to go for a good run. I just needed that rush, that feeling of sweat running down my face and accomplishment of having a great workout.  It just wasn’t going to happen while pregnant and it took me 8 weeks to come to terms with that.

Fast forward to today, I have a 3-year-old and a 9 month old and am able to get out for occasional runs by myself and with baby H in her jogging stroller. But, I am ready to take my running to a new level – no not competitive running or racing in Marathons – that’s just not for me and I’m cool with that.

I want to start focusing on my runs; good runs, bad runs, in the rain, sun and yes the cold snowy weather we will see in about 4 months; coincidently when I start back to work full-time. I want to track my runs, push my distance, train again. I want to get a personal best of:

  • 5k – under 29:18 minutes
  • 10k – under 60 minutes (or under 62 minutes)
  • 1/2 Marathon – under 2:33:56 (I am very proud of this time)

So I bought this while on our mini-vacation last weekend in PEI:

My Green Garmin

My Green Garmin

It’s been on my wish list for over a year and I figured it was time to just buy it and get going. I’m going to track my running and see where it’s going to take me. Hopefully to a new level…a new level of accomplishment, sweat dripping off my face and my two girls (and my husband) cheering me on.

Happy Running!

When did you decided to start tracking your running or work outs?

Did you buy any fun/fancy gadgets ?

What’s are your running goals?