I try to take advantage of being active over my lunch hour as it frees up my evening to relax, do chores or hang out with my husband when he is home. Yesterday I packed my snowshoes and winter gear and figured I’d go out at lunch for a little trek.

I headed over to this little trail as the sun was beating down on me. The wind was whipping around and the light snow that recently fell was dancing all over the place!


Sun shining bright……….


Leaving the trail behind….


It was about 3km’s and took around a half hour to snowshoe around the loop. I returned to my office and started back at work feeling energized. All of a sudden I crashed HARD! I could barely keep my eyes open let alone, be functional. It wasn’t pretty.

You see, I was up at 2:45 with Hilary; she had to pee. Then I couldn’t fall back to sleep even though I tried. At 3:45 (I was still awake), Lilly woke up crying….she missed Daddy. She cried until close to 5 am – no joke! Poor girl. She eventually fell asleep beside me but I was WIDE awake! I eventually fell asleep only to have my alarm go off 45 minutes later.

snowshoe jan 20th

I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep and the fresh air I got snowshoeing. Sunshine, snow and cold wind blowing around……..perfect way to spend your lunch break.

Do you get out on your lunch break?

Are you loving the winter temp and getting outside or staying inside and hibernating ?

Favourite winter activity? 

The Day I Thought My Garmin Died!

Gulp! Oh man I thought my Green Garmin died today!

Last night I went to bed super early, before 9:30 as I just wasn’t feeling 100%. I missed the opportunity to run and honestly, didn’t even care – what’s up with that? I even started second guessing myself with my running.

Anyway, as I was going to bed I thought I’d pack my running gear in the morning so I could run OUTSIDE at lunch. My, how I’ve missed my “runch” time this winter! I grabbed my gear; clothing, runners, foam roller (yes I’m going to foam roll at work) and then my Garmin. And it looked like this……..

green garmin

No time. Nothing 😦

Well what do you expect when you don’t use it for more than a month and not charge it? I dies.

So, I charged it up while I worked and went out for my RUNCH! This wasn’t an awesome run as the sidewalks were still ICY!

Nice sideways, eh!

Nice sideways, eh!

Up hill, down hill, ice everywhere, some clear spots, slush and ended my 5 k run with only 5 soakers. Good thing I brought extra socks with me!



I was a little unsure about running on the sidewalks so I brought my old yak traxs with me and put them on when I saw a women slip with cowboy boots on (Umm, who wears cowboy boots in the WINTER in Nova Scotia?). I took it easy (7:00 minute km pace) and then foam rolled when I got back to the office.

Happy to have that run behind me as I was feeling super low about my running yesterday/this morning. My energy level has picked up which is already great and I managed to hit my 10,000 steps with my Fitbit Flex already (we still have a love-hate relationship going on).

Good news – my hamstring felt great.

Bad news – my ankles aren’t too happy after that run.

You win some you lose some!

Anyone “runching” lately?

Sidewalks clear, snow-covered (I hope not) or icy like ours?

PS we are expecting a snow storm on the weekend!

Would you have run on those sidewalks or call it a day?


I Face Planted in Yoga Class!

I fell flat on my face! (it’s okay to laugh)

Let me start at the beginning.

Tuesday I decided to go to yoga class during my lunch break. One of my goals this year is to do yoga 3 times a week; at home or in a class. Basically, I want to stretch more to avoid pulling my hamstring again (or any other muscles) and it complements my running.

So I quickly packed my yoga clothing and forgot that I hadn’t shaved my legs in a few days so my capris were out of the question. I grabbed my running pants – completely acceptable for yoga class. These pants are just lovely! #winterrunningproblems


Anyway….this was a new-to-me instructor. There were eight of us in a fairly small room and enough space for maybe two more people. Kate, our instructor asked us to think of our focus for the next hour. Mine was stretch and strengthen my body; her’s was remain calm.

I’m not awesome at yoga but I do what I can. More recently, I’ve seen lost of photo’s of people holding specific poses and it made me think….can I do that? Where would I start? 

We did a warm up and then moved into Chaturanga *note…I’m just at the point of remembering all the words to the sequences – I don’t even know if I am explaining that right! Down dog never felt so good and I was keeping up with the others in the class – bonus. My right calf muscle, then my left…ahh that stretch felt so good.

Then came time for some ab work. Boat pose with the can-can,  you know, one leg out then the other and repeat a million times but in the boat pose. Boy, did this one challenge me. After a while we moved into some other poses with the first one being tree pose. I’m not great at this one and can only do it with my foot on my calf muscle not my thigh. *new goal* Tree pose from thigh.

Then came the crow pose. I watched. I watched some more and then gave it a go. Steady…..woah…you got this…holy shit you are totally doing this……FACE PLANT! And then I laughed! I did not remain calm when I face planted in crow pose but broke out laughing! Apparently, people don’t laugh in yoga classes! Who knew ???

I tried it again and again until I got it. *new goal* Master crow pose.

crow pose

Then we moved into savasana – possibly one of my favourite moments in the class. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Kate didn’t play what I would call traditional yoga music, she played music that was easy to listen to, comforting and had soft tones to it. However, it was everyday music you would hear on the radio and I loved it. She played Wheat Kings by The Tragically Hip (Canadian) and some David Gray. It brought me back a few years and reminded me of music that I used to really enjoy listening to.

I may have face planted but it was so worth it.

Yup, I’m totally going back next week 🙂

Can you do crow pose?

Ever face plant in yoga?

Is it bad to laugh at yourself in a yoga class?

Walk to Yoga Class, Yes Please!

I desperately want to start attending yoga classes regularly but it’s just not going to happen. If sign up for a night or weekend class then I need to find child care if Sai isn’t home…and I already do this once a week for soccer (my first love). If I sign up for something in the day (lunch hour), I could miss multiple weeks because I travel with work often. There just isn’t a win-win here for me.

Well, there kinda is. I’m going to be that “drop in” girl. Yes, the one that randomly attends your class and may miss a full week or two because I just can’t fit it in (that’s why I run on the treadmill when the girls go to bed). Thank you in advance for having drop-in as an option 🙂

The other day, I sat down and looked at a local yoga studio’s schedule. I wrote down the class info for each lunch time class I could potentially attend and put it in my agenda book. Yes, I still use an agenda book to manage my meetings/life. Then I also wrote down the free lunch time skates at the local arena too! I figure if I don’t have a meeting that requires me to travel over or around the lunch hour then I’m going to do yoga or skate this winter. If I can’t make it, I just throw out the sticky and frown 😦

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to run and play soccer but I kinda want to do some other things, ya know! I’m pumped about taking Lilly downhill skiing again this winter and can’t wait to cross-country ski and snowshoe when I can. I’m just ready to do more; have a variety of activities since I am not training specifically for a race. I’m just training to be healthy 😉

Anyway, I went to yoga, a two-minute walk from my office.


It was great. And hard at one point. And I may have dozed off at the end and so did my co-worker Melissa 🙂


And my arms hurt for a few hours…well, they didn’t hurt but they felt wobbly for a while! I’m totally going back next week when time permits 🙂

Running related:

I committed to my first 2015 race in September!!! I registered for the 5k and 1/2 Marathon at the Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 11th & 12th Tartan Twosome).  I’ve been slowly writing my “wish list” for 2015 and thinking about my goals for next year.

What other activities/sports are you wanting to do this winter? (or next 4-5 months)

Do you workout at lunch time?

Are you signed up for any 2015 races/events?