March Mileage & April Goals

I kinda wanted to call this post “Lack of March Mileage & April Goals” but I changed it last minute to stay in tune with other months. In February, I set a few goals for March that I seriously thought I could handle but you can’t always control what’s going to happen in your life, no matter how hard you try.

March Goals:

  • Increase days per week of running – Nope.
  • Continue with soccer, yoga and barre – Yes, yes and no.
  • Ski as many times as we can (hello melting snow) – Yes.
  • Register for Spring/Summer Race – Picked a race (Johnny Miles Half – June 18th).

For some reason I didn’t write that last goal on my blog but I did in my running/workout log book so it still counts…you just didn’t know about it 🙂  I don’t feel like I failed at my goals last month but just as my running mojo was starting to come back I got into that dang car accident.

We did enjoy St. Paddy’s Day 🙂


The first half of March was great; lots of soccer, skiing, cycling and yoga. I even had a random night (work related) where I played basketball (not my strength), hula hooping, lacrosse and floor hockey. We had a blast that night.

My horrible penmanship: 


Insert the car accident late into the month which put a stop to everything. I took a solid week off everything to recover from the accident. I was able to do a little more cycling towards the end of the month. I’m in physio yet again but for the minor whiplash, along with the occasional massage which has helped a lot! Okay… I’m sharing this one picture of the accident …


Okay, now that’s all done with, I’m moving on. Though I didn’t get back into running as much as I had planned, I feel that I didn’t fail on my goals. You win some, you lose some but as long as you enjoy the ride, you are winning, right!

April Goals:

  • Normal life (no accidents, no injuries).
  • Start training for Johnny Miles Half – (slow and steady folks).
  • Daily yoga and foam rolling.
  • Run with my daughters (and husband once his knee is better).
  • Dust off my journal….

One thing I’m really looking forward to is Spring weather. I love winter and snow but I’m done with it, time for spring! I’m also loving that it’s still light out at 7:30 pm and really only getting dark around 8 pm. It makes such a difference.

If you missed the other months, check them out here: January, February.

Are you loving the later evenings? 

Did you achieve your March goals?

Any April goals you want to share?



March Runfessions

March was the month that mother nature couldn’t deciding between winter or spring in Nova Scotia. The last 10 days or snow we have had 3 snow storms plus freezing rain.

March Runfessions

I runfess that I had no intentions of basically dropping running this month but it just sort of happened. The first part of the month I was just happy playing soccer, skiing with my girls, going to yoga and a little cycling. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to run, I did…but it just didn’t happen. I started to get a little running mojo during the second last week but then a car accident kinda sidelined me from everything. I’m fine but dealing with whiplash and it will take another 4-5 weeks to recover fully.

Worth missing running for this:


I runfess: It’s taken me three months to decide on a spring race. I’m thinking I just needed a break from running all the time to enjoy many other sports with my kids. Back to the race. I’m planning to go back and run the Johnny Miles Half marathon June 18th. This was my goal race last year and it was horrible. It wasn’t because I wasn’t ready, injured or didn’t like the event. It was more about the loss of our dog two days prior. Mentally I just wasn’t in it and after 5k I wanted to quit.  It’s okay, I finished it, cried then took a few weeks to sulk about it. Needless to say, I’m ready to run it again. Oh, that feels good to say!

Throw back to last year at Johnny:

johnny miles half marahon done

I runfess that I am proud of my daughters.  I’ve LOVED skiing with my girls this winter but wished my husband could have joined us as well. I was blown away when our youngest, Hilary just started skiing by herself and also went to the top of the big hill. Lilly improved so much and is skiing more on the big hill (vs bunny hill). I’m proud of their confidence, their love for the sport and their ability to ski all day! I’m still trying to figure out how they can’t be tired after a full day of skiing but I can! I love that they are trusting themselves to do hard things.



I runfess that I often can’t find all my running gear….because I tend to leave it all over the house. (My husband is nodding as he’s reading this I bet!). My sneakers are always in our mud room but my jacket, hat and gloves can be anywhere. I often misplace my Night Runner 270 lights , Garmin and Road ID. My only runs this month were outside as the sun was setting and I missed not wearing the Night Runner 270 lights.

Good news – I’ve found them but just have to wait to be able to run outside again to use them. As a working mom, sometimes my only opportunity to run is at night and I prefer to be seen by drivers. Speaking of Night Runner lights – they have been hard at work designing the new Night Runner Pro lights that cover more surface area, are brighter, last longer and connect to your phone via Bluetooth to provide visual performance feedback!

Night Runner Pro Image 1

I runfess – I want a pair of these! The are hosting a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce the new lights. Check it out, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

runfess that I’m ever so excited to see how the Barkley Marathon goes, particularly Gary Robbins. I watched the movie last year and want to watch it again. I find watching movies like that and Finding Tracking (Nikki Kimball) are rather inspiring and motivating! If you haven’t see them yet – put them on your list to watch ASAP!

I’ve also watched Patriots Day recently and held it together until the end when they started interviewing those whom where injured. Other running movies I’ve enjoyed: 4 Minute Mile, McFarland USA and Saint Ralph.

That’s it…those are my runfessions for March. I’ll be sharing my monthly mileage soon.

Any runfessions to share for March?

Who’s into the Barkley Marathon? 

Do you have a favourite running related movie?

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Rookie Moment & March.

Last week I had a rookie moment…you know that moment when you just shake your head at yourself because you feel like you should know better (and you do).

I started training for my 4th half marathon with a strength training workout last week. It was super hard but extremely effective. The second day had me running 5k but I was off work that day and wanted to go to yoga. I decided I’d go to yoga and run that night…no problem, I can handle a double workout day (so I thought).

I struggled slightly through my yoga class as the night before’s workout left me sore all over…but I did it and felt great. As the afternoon when on my energy level decreased and my desire to run wasn’t there. Honestly, I could barely function I was so exhausted!  So, I decided not to run and go to bed early – best decision ever!

As I hit DAY 3 of training I was still super sore from Monday’s workout and hadn’t even ran yet, I felt like such a rookie. My run was great (5 x 400’s) on the treadmill though I messed up and only did 4 x 400’s. Ahh well…one day at a time.




I really can’t believe it’s April already. I’m 100% ready for spring weather, green grass growing and flowers blooming. March was a pretty good month, though busy with work at the beginning. We enjoyed Lilly’s first March break and Saï has been really busy with work…HERE 🙂 We’ve sure been loving having him home at the end of his shift; tucking in the girls for bedtime and for me just being able to spend more time together. I kept up my “building my base” and starting using a training plan for Johnny Miles Half.

March Mileage


As for this month, I’m just wanting to enjoy half marathon training and get better sleep. I need more sleep. Last night I was in bed before 9 PM and didn’t get up until 8 AM when my girls were begging for breakfast (fair enough).

When was your last rookie moment?

How was your March?

Any April goals?