May/June Goals & Running

Chirp….chirp!  Hello……..!

I’m still here just haven’t been blogging much. I’m always posting my runs on Instagram if you want to follow me over there. I never wrote a post about my May or June goals so I’m catching up today!

My May Goals:

May Goals (2)

  1. Run half marathon – completed 🙂
  2. Take bike off indoor trainer – check. Well, my husband did it as I needed it off for work one day and he had the time to do it, I didn’t. (Thanks Saï).
  3. Nope – natta.

June Goals:

I’m keeping it real simple this month. Our oldest turns 8, soccer season starts for both daughters and I and school will wrap up at the end of the month. I haven’t signed up for any other races this year (which is not normal for me) and I’m still on the fence of what I’ll sign up for. I’m eyeing a summer race to help keep me running weekly so I don’t just stop running all together. Having said that…these are my June goals:

June GOAls! (2).jpg

So far this month, I’ve had some good runs. I’ve gone for a few runches (yeah for nice weather), a trail run near my house and getting back into summer soccer tonight! I’ll likely be blogging less this month but you can still find me on Facebook or Instagram, I really don’t use Twitter and that’s it for social sites for me!

How’s your month of June shaping up?

Running any races or have any monthly goals?

Can you believe it’s June already!



April & May Goals

Each month, I set goals and try hard to accomplish them but sometimes life just happens and you can’t accomplish them.

My whole family got hit hard with the flu and we were all out for a 7-10 day period. That meant lots of sleeping and doing zero activity other then walking our dog.  Life happens and you move on, you dust off the dirt and keep moving forward. I did not meet my April goals but didn’t give up on trying, that’s for sure!

April Goals Pipers Run

  1. Run 80 km. Nope – 77 km of running, so close! I wasn’t keeping track each week so had no idea I was 3 km off until May 1st.
  2. Cycle 100 km – nope. I managed 53 km.
  3. Play outside with my kids – Yes and No. While we were sick we did nothing outdoors except one 25 minute bike ride in the freezing cold. I though fresh air would be good and they were pumped to get on their bikes. None of us lasted long.
  4. Start/Finish book – Nope. I started a book and thought I’d finish it when I was home sick for a week but I couldn’t even read!
  5. Strength Training 2 x week – Not really. I do an upper body workout with some weights when I’m on my bike but that was only 3 times in the whole month.
  6.  Continued PT exercises – Yes, I did this! They are a stable in my workouts now, except after long runs. No PT after running for hours, okay 2 hours. My body just doesn’t like the timing.

Not a great month reaching my goals but I’m not disappointed. Okay, I’m disappointed that I missed the 80 km of running by 3 km…but if I was paying attention to my accumulative distance I would have run 3k on the last day of the month to get it in.

May Goals!

May Goals (2)

I’m keeping it real simple this month. Run my half marathon on May 20th, take my bike off my indoor trainer so I can ride outside with my family and get in more strength training.

Have you set goals for May?

Did you meet all your April goals?

Are you a go big or go home goals or small and simple?

May Mileage & June Goals

Happy Global/National Running Day!

Are you getting out for a run today? On your own, with a friend or group? I’m looking forward to running tonight with my running buddy. I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m behind on sharing my May mileage/June Goals. I figured today would be a good day to share them.

global run day

May Mileage:

No doubt, May was a great month of increased mileage. It helps when you have long runs to do!


May Goals:

Okay, I’ll be honest – I wrote my May goals and never looked back at them until drafting this post! I have such great intentions but don’t always use my own resources to keep me on track. Having said that, I do try to make my goals realistic and things that I want to work on anyway – nothing new or outrageous. There were:

  • Run more outside + Runches – Did this.
  • Add in more strength training to my half marathon training plan – a little bit but not really.
  • Continue with my PT exercises for my back, ankle and hamstring – Yes.
  • Go outside more with the girls (running, biking, hiking etc.) – I think so but wish I had more time to do this.
  • Start Bullet Journaling since I’ve put it off for months – Nope. Thought about it.
  • Bonus: Clean up my house (so many piles of “stuff” lying around everywhere!)  – I started this, so yes.

Having gone through my list I didn’t really miss anything. I’ve thought about starting my bullet journal many times in May but just never sat down to actually do it. I clean randomly when I have time…ha ha, what mother has time to deep clean!!!! This is going slow. Moving on….

June Goals:

  • Relax about my running pace.
  • Decrease social media time (gasp!!!).
  • Figure out our summer holidays (book hotels/cottage etc.)
  • Set up 1 page in my bullet journal to track “x” daily.
  • Enjoy my upcoming half marathon.
  • Check in at least once a week on these goals. *Yeah, this should be a good one.

That’s it. Now, let’s if I can stick to all of this. June is a busy month for our family. Lilly turns 7, I run my half marathon on Father’s Day – yeah planned that one well. Both girls and I start back up in soccer (5 days/week), work is busy, school ends on June 30th. Let’s hope we survive!

Have you set goals for June?

How was your month of May?

Are you running as part of Global/National Running Day?


April Mileage and May Goals

Well, we sure are rocking along the months this year! It’s already May which makes me happy to think of warmer weather coming, lots of sunshine and trees/flowers blooming again and more outdoor running! I’m loving all the vibrant colours that are peaking out in the last week!

April Goals

Normal life (no accidents, no injuries): Success! I’m still dealing with my back injury from the accident but it IS getting better as I get stronger. However, it’s going to take a while…and by a while I’m thinking months to really get over this whiplash (maybe longer).

Start training for Johnny Miles Half: I finally registered and have been following a vague training plan and increasing my weekly mileage!

Daily yoga and foam rolling: I want to say I totally failed at this one. I really need to foam roll my glutes more as the pain in my back goes right down to my glutes and pulls on my back muscles. I’ve been stretching my back out daily but definitely not yoga every day.

Run with my daughters (and husband once his knee is better): Nope! However, we have been out biking together and cleaned up a garbage on our local trail on earth day.

Dust off my journal: Nope. Just didn’t do it.

Mileage for April: 


Though my mileage might seem low to some people, this is the most I’ve run this year! With other sports taking over January to March and then a car accident that stopped all activity for a bit…April was a great mileage month for me.

55 km Running, 43 km cycling on my indoor trainer and attended 3 yoga classes. No complaints here. I didn’t bother counting my PT appointments but to be honest there were 8….EIGHT in April!

May Goals

What do I want to do in May? I’ve thought about a daily challenge but we’re already a few days in so it would have to be a “most of the month challenge”. I still want to keep my goals simple like last month so I figure 5 would be enough.

  • Run more outside + Runches.
  • Add in more strength training to my half marathon training plan.
  • Continue with my PT exercises for my back, ankle and hamstring.
  • Go outside more with the girls (running, biking, hiking etc.)
  • Start Bullet Journaling since I’ve put it off for months.
  • Bonus: Clean up my house (so many piles of “stuff” lying around everywhere!)

There you have it! Happy Friday folks…enjoy the weekend! We are in for a WET weekend which might mean I take my long run of 14 km to the treadmill…yikes! This might be the most I’ve done on a treadmill or close to it!

Ever run 14 km (8 miles) on a treadmill?

Did you achieve your April goals?

Have you set any May goals or not bother?

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