Bell Let’s Talk Today #bellletstalk

Wednesday January 27th 2016 is “Bell Let’s Talk” Day. It’s main focus is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health.

All YOU need to do is use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk and Bell (a large company in Canada) will donate 5 cents towards mental health programs in Canada.

An example would be a few years back I attended a “Mental Health First Aid Course – Adults working working with Children”. Part of the funding to run the course came from Bell which allowed participants to pay a lower registration fee. And to be completely honest, after taking that course I truly believe everyone should take it.

You don’t have to be Canadian for them to raise money. You just have to care about others and use the #bellletstalk hashtag. Those who use Bell can also raise money by making mobile and long distance calls, texting or tweeting out #BellLetsTalk, even sharing one of their photos on Facebook.

I mean really, what’s stopping you from using the 12 letters when you tweet today? 

I don’t know about you but I know more than a handful of people living with depression, anxiety, stress and those people are close to me–> Family AND Friends. There’s lots of people I come across each day {online too) that I don’t know are dealing with their mental health. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s bipolar, or mood disorder. You sometimes never know!

If anything, just use the #BellLetsTalk hashtag today because you care – even just once!

Do you know anyone with a mental health illness?

Did you know in Canada, 1 in 5 children who need mental health services need them? ~CMHA

27% of Canadians are fearful of being around people who suffer with a mental health illness. ~Canadian Medical Association

What are the numbers in your Country?

Will you use the #BellLetsTalk hashtag today?

I was not asked to write this post or link back to Bell – this was written simple because I want to be apart of #BellLetsTalk day and support my family and friends.

Thunder Thighs v.s. Runder Thighs

Yesterday, I wasn’t having the best day. It was my first day back to work after being off for a week’s stay-cation. Those first days back are usually flooded with emails, phone messages and trying to keep up at meetings. By 4 pm yesterday, I was mentally done – checked out. So my plan was to run last night……

It’s been a few days since my last confession….oh I mean, since my last run. I ran Saturday and it was a terrible 4k on the treadmill. My hamstring just wasn’t digging it until I foam rolled afterwards. Sunday, I did my PT exercises and that was it as my hamstring was sore . By Monday, my thunder thighs just wanted to run as did my head.


My lovely lady leg (Before)

YOU know, that GOOD, long distance run I’ve been craving for months now. I didn’t get that one in but I got another 5 k in the books. My legs felt fantastic. Tired. Exhausted. Perfect.

Mission accomplished!

Okay, let’s get down to it. Thunder Thighs vs. Runder Thighs.

I always hated my thighs. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever like them.

I’ve taken them for granted. All those soccer games, skiing, hiking, the weight of two pregnancies and all those kilometers run. And I still didn’t like them. No, wait….I didn’t like the look of them.

They have been small, BIG and slimmer over the years, yet I’ve really taken them for granted all because of the way I think they look: not good.


Straight up – RUNder thighs (After)

Well, today, after 6-7 weeks in physiotherapy I had a fantastic run. I needed that run and I ran in my short – shorts.  I took a before photo {1st photo above} and then a second one after – happy, strong thighs. Well really, these are my RUNDER thighs. They get me through my kilometers, through my day and I am stronger because of them.

I no longer hate my thighs….

PS – Sometimes I can’t believe I share this stuff on my blog only because some friends, family and coworkers read it. This isn’t a conversation I would have with just anyone face to face…….so consider yourself lucky 😉

Did you ever dislike a part of your body that has been so good to you?

Short shorts or long shorts?

What do you do after a mentally draining day?

Life Balance and Mental Health – #BellLetsTalk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk day in Canada. What’s that you say? Well it’s Bell (company) raising awareness about Mental Health in Canada. You can text, tweet, call long distance or share their image on Facebook and they will donate $0.05 cents towards mental health initiatives throughout Canada. I wrote about it last year here and in 2013 here. Last June, I took a Mental Health First Aid Course for work and I 100% recommend it for EVERYONE. Look it up people!

Mental health first aid course

A few weeks ago (January 19th) I participated in a weekly Twitter Chat with @RunATCan. That stands for “Running in Atlantic Canada”- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. It’s a great group of people who are beyond encouraging, knowledgeable, friendly and a lot of fun!

This specific chat was about “Life Balance” and was huge! So many people or tweeters were on this chat, it was awesome. So, since today is #BellLetsTalk day, I thought I would share the questions and MY responses below…because I believe “Life Balance” and “Mental Health” go hand-in-hand…and so did many of the other tweeters.

Question #1: Give your personal definition of life balance.

My response: A1 Making sure I can fit in my priorities first: family, health (activity), friends. Being okay with NOT doing it ALL. 

Question #2: Do you sometimes struggle w/ life balance as a runner? (running taking over, annoying others/not running as much as you want).

ResponseMy mental health is a priority over many other things and if that means running then yes, running takes priority

Question #3:  Have you ever made a physical list of what your priorities actually are? Whether yes or no, what are the top 3?

ResponseFamily, Health (mental, physical) and then everything else as needed. I also know what is not my priority.

Question #4: Have you ever taken a few days & tracked your time & see how you actually use it? Work, sleep, TV, phone, family, running, etc

Response: Ha ha, yeah but only for a blog post not for me. 😉

Question #5: If you feel like things are unbalanced, how do you hit reset? For some, it’s easy – for others, quite hard. Share your tips! 

Response: Usually it’s after a breakdown (ha) & a good conversation with my husband to get my priorities focused Spouse support

Question #6: Is improving our life balance as runners all about increasing positive things, decreasing negative things or both?

Response:  I think a little of both. You need the good with the bad as life isn’t always perfect. 

So, now you know a little bit more about me, how I attempt to balance my life, running and my mental health. I feel lucky to have this awesome running group on Twitter that meets up at local events as well. I feel lucky to know what supports are out there if I, yes me…or anyone else needs them to help balance their life.


My little family in yesterday’s storm 🙂


Mental health is important to me and talking about it is even more important. So, please if you can text or tweet #BellLetsTalk today – THAT would be awesome.

Now it’s your turn……leave a comment or heck, write a blog post about these 6 questions and leave me your link.

Question #1: Give your personal definition of life balance.

Question #2: Do you sometimes struggle w/ life balance as a runner? (running taking over, annoying others/not running as much as you want).

Question #3:  Have you ever made a physical list of what your priorities actually are? Whether yes or no, what are the top 3?

Question #4: Have you ever taken a few days & tracked your time & see how you actually use it? Work, sleep, TV, phone, family, running, etc 

Question #5: If you feel like things are unbalanced, how do you hit reset? For some, it’s easy – for others, quite hard. Share your tips! 

Question #6: Is improving our life balance as runners all about increasing positive things, decreasing negative things or both? 

Mental Health and Being Active #BellLetsTalk

I’m a firm believer that being active; exercising, working out, physical activity – whatever you want to call it…. can help keep you focused, deal with stress and keep you sane. I’m not saying that it’s the end all be all for everyone but being active for me keeps me grounded, helps me deal with life stresses, lets me escape for a little while and keeps me sane.

I run. I play soccer. I do DVD workouts. I ski. I snowshoe. I walk. I try to bike but not a strong skill for me. I swim. I play with my daughters outside.

I enjoy team sports and individual challenges.

I value the benefits of being active. I value how it makes me feel physically and mentally.

It’s part of who I am and hopefully will always be.

I’ve never been depressed, sad at the appropriate times but not depressed. I’ve never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder though I have experience times of great stress and anxiety. I do however, have a family member who does suffer from depression and at times that has been hard to understand.

But you support. You be there for them. You talk about it. You engage them in life.

I am writing this post as awareness and to support the #BellLetsTalk day that is happening in Canada. You don’t have to be a subscriber of Bell to add the hashtag of #BellLetsTalk. You simple just have to type it in any message you tweet today.

Those Bell customers you can text, tweet, call long distance and share an image on Bell Let’s Talk Facebook, in return Bell will donate 5¢ every time you do text, tweet, call etc. Bell Let’s Talk Website

They have already had 20,134,357 tweets, text, calls and shares…keep it up! Let’s help raise awareness of mental health issues and help raise money for some much-needed initiatives. Photo: We've surpassed 20 million tweets, calls and Facebook shares! That's an additional $1,000,000 for mental health initiatives. Keep it up, everyone! #BellLetsTalk

Last night I managed to run 7k – something I haven’t been able to do in a long time (for many reasons). I felt like I accomplished a little goal of increasing my miles, pushed my body and improved my state of mind. Physical activity is important to me that’s why I make it a priority in my life over other things.

Help end the stigma around mental health and hashtag your tweets peeps! (Or call, text, share).

What has “being active” (exercising, working out, physical activities) done for your mental health?

How do you support someone who might suffer from a mental health disorder?

Finally Increased my Mileage

I missed an opportunity to run Monday at lunch and was a little bummed about it. For some reason I thought running in the rain with potential freezing rain might be a bad idea. Then I drove to work Monday and saw a number of people running and the freezing rain didn’t happen. Dang! Missed the boat!

Yesterday I had driven to a meeting that was 1.5 hours away (one way) and found out after driving for 1h and 15 minutes that it had been cancelled earlier in the morning because of the snow we were getting. They forgot to add my email to the cancellation email that was sent out, so I didn’t know it was cancelled 😦 I turned around and drove back to the office and finished my day early since I had spent my lunch hour driving.


Awesome driving

The whole drive back I kept thinking that a run would be just what I needed. A little, mental health run to rid myself of the day’s stress. So I called my husband and asked him to pick up the girls so I could run when I got home.

This is what the weather was calling for: Winds at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 and a temperature of -9C (plus windchill).

I bundled up and went anyway.

The plan was to run from my house to the highway and back. My silly Green Garmin wouldn’t catch at satellite so I had to go on MapMyRun to see how far I actually ran. I finally managed to run over 5k!!!!

The run out was great…cold but I had the wind at my back and it was awesome. No walking breaks at all, that made me happy. I ran to just before the highway as the sidewalks stop and I wasn’t going to run against traffic on the main road in town just for a few extra feet. I turned around into the crazy wind and made my way back.

Since my buddy (Garmin) wasn’t working I had not idea of my pace 😦 but ran for around 40 minutes and managed to clock 6.17 km! Yeah, me! It felt great to run that distance.

I got home and met my husband and girls in the driveway and went inside.

I think my face was frozen because it felt numb.

My thighs were SO red from the cold.

However, my head was in a better space. Oh running, how I love what you do for me.

Have you been stuck at the same mileage?

What did you do to get out of it?

Motivation Monday #40 (last one!)

Motivation Monday #40

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what my last “Motivation Monday” will be.

What quote would I pick for my last one? What picture did I want to represent “motivation”?

It has to be big, I thought….

It has to be meaningful…..

It has to be …. motivational and get people moving.

What to pick? Where to start?

I took a step back and thought….WHY do I even do these Motivation Monday posts?

To try and motivate others so they can be active, that it’s important for their health, that it’s important for their well-being.

Then I thought about what motivates me….sure these quotes and pictures motivate me and REMIND me that I can reach another goal and push myself.

BUT, The real reason I am motivated to be active is because of these following people:

My daughter Lillian (Lilly) and Baby (bump) #2

And my husband, Sai. We’ll be married 5 years in November!!!

I’m motivated by them.

I want to be healthy for them.

I want to be a role model for my children.

I want to live an active lifestyle with my family.

That’s what motivates me every day, every week.

What motivates you to be active, healthy and happy?

Thanks for reading my Motivational Monday posts.

Motivation Monday #25

Motivation Monday #25

This is how I am feeling lately – hard to get going some days.

Get moving!