January Mileage

With February ticking away quickly, I finally got together my January mileage. Though it has few kilometres of running, it sure has a lot of other winter activities that I love!

January Mileage


January was a month of simple goals. My main focus is to get my hip/obliques stronger so I can get running A LOT more! You know, train for an upcoming half that I have yet to register for. Also, I want to get back to soccer (I’m crazy, yeah I know) but that will happen when it happens.

January saw a lot of cycling, a little running and lots of winter fun. I haven’t cross-country skied in a few years so it was great to get out and do that; fingers crossed I can get out again this month! The girls are loving skating and wanting to go more and more.

Though there was little running, I got in a lot of cross training and no one every said cross training is a bad thing!

How was your January mileage?

Are you all about running or changing it up in the “off season”?

The Olympics start Friday!!! What are you looking forward to the most?

October Mileage & November Goals

Another month bites the dust! Can you believe that it’s November already? I seriously can’t believe how fast this year has gone by!

October wasn’t a high mileage month but it was busy. We managed to get out for three Sunday bike rides which just seems so weird as we’re normally done with outdoor bike riding by then.

Running Mileage: 47 km; 2 Yoga classes, 3 Soccer Games, 13km Cycling and lots of walking!


October Goals:

  • Pace Valley Harvest 10k – 1:10 finish time. Finished in 1:09:37.
  • Enjoy time with family; especially on Thanksgiving – Oct 8th – YUP!
  • Visit Pumpkin People and do a Corn Maze with our girls. Nope! But they both went with others!
  • Complete October’s “Journal the Run Project”. Completed! Loving capturing my running and other workouts this way. 
  • Continue to get my back/chest better (related to car accident from back in March). Working on it. I started to see a Chiropractor in September and this has made the world of a difference! So thankful for our healthy care practitioners.


Not a bad month. I tried to keep it simple and planning to do the same in November. The best part of October (running wise) was pacing the Valley Harvest Marathon 10k. I had a blast and can’t wait to pace a race next year.

November Goals:

  • Run 2-3 times a week.
  • Design a half marathon training plan for Hypo Half (Jan 14th 2018).
  • Strength Training (Core workouts, IronStrength and old PT exercises).
  • Run outside as much as possible.
  • Dust off treadmill.
  • Start thinking about races for 2018.
  • Renew Blog (yeah, i’m going to give it a go for another year).

First treadmill run of the winter last night.


Though it’s already Nov 9th and I’m just sharing these goals now, they have been on my mind for the last two weeks. I love running and hoping to keep that up in order to potentially run the Hypo Half in January. I desperately need to do more strength training and core work to keep my back and SI joint happy. I’m starting to get excited about races next year which is really early for me!

How was your month of October?

Have you thought about races in 2018 yet?

Any November Goals you want to share?



May Mileage & June Goals

Happy Global/National Running Day!

Are you getting out for a run today? On your own, with a friend or group? I’m looking forward to running tonight with my running buddy. I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’m behind on sharing my May mileage/June Goals. I figured today would be a good day to share them.

global run day

May Mileage:

No doubt, May was a great month of increased mileage. It helps when you have long runs to do!


May Goals:

Okay, I’ll be honest – I wrote my May goals and never looked back at them until drafting this post! I have such great intentions but don’t always use my own resources to keep me on track. Having said that, I do try to make my goals realistic and things that I want to work on anyway – nothing new or outrageous. There were:

  • Run more outside + Runches – Did this.
  • Add in more strength training to my half marathon training plan – a little bit but not really.
  • Continue with my PT exercises for my back, ankle and hamstring – Yes.
  • Go outside more with the girls (running, biking, hiking etc.) – I think so but wish I had more time to do this.
  • Start Bullet Journaling since I’ve put it off for months – Nope. Thought about it.
  • Bonus: Clean up my house (so many piles of “stuff” lying around everywhere!)  – I started this, so yes.

Having gone through my list I didn’t really miss anything. I’ve thought about starting my bullet journal many times in May but just never sat down to actually do it. I clean randomly when I have time…ha ha, what mother has time to deep clean!!!! This is going slow. Moving on….

June Goals:

  • Relax about my running pace.
  • Decrease social media time (gasp!!!).
  • Figure out our summer holidays (book hotels/cottage etc.)
  • Set up 1 page in my bullet journal to track “x” daily.
  • Enjoy my upcoming half marathon.
  • Check in at least once a week on these goals. *Yeah, this should be a good one.

That’s it. Now, let’s if I can stick to all of this. June is a busy month for our family. Lilly turns 7, I run my half marathon on Father’s Day – yeah planned that one well. Both girls and I start back up in soccer (5 days/week), work is busy, school ends on June 30th. Let’s hope we survive!

Have you set goals for June?

How was your month of May?

Are you running as part of Global/National Running Day?


February Mileage & March Goals

Oh February, you were a month of little running, massive snow storms (3 in 7 days) and some adventures with our girls. My focus in February was to keep things simple which I feel I accomplish. I did have some smaller goals:

Run 50 km

Ba ha ha ha!!!! I was no where near 50 km and this is how I feel about it:

LOL image.jpg

I’m 100% fine with not running 50k and just laughing at myself. I was so desperate to get back to consistent running that I set a simple goal of 50k. I’m not sure when it happened but I just didn’t feel the need to meet my goal. The 23 km that I did run were great and I know I have many more months to get in my running miles.

Weekly Yoga or Barre class

I didn’t make it to any Barre classes but managed two yoga classes. One day when I got home from work I was taking my yoga mat out of my car and my oldest daughter said “yoga or barre class, Mom?” I laughed and said that I went to yoga class. I love that she interesting in what I’ve been up to.

Take advantage of the snow:

The plan was to  cross country ski, downhill skiing, snowshoe, skate and just play outside with my kids. We did manage to play outside a lot: downhill skiing with the girls one day, snowshoeing during our big dump of snow and skating at the Oval with the girls. No cross country skiing and time is limited with all the snow melting.

I also had 4 soccer games (speed work), cycling twice (for 40 minutes each) on my new trainer and went bowling with the family. My arm hurt for a few days after.


In a completely other area of my life – after having a lose tooth for two months, Lilly pulled out her tooth on National Tooth Fairy Day (Feb 28th)!!!!  She was SO determined to pull her tooth out the other night. There were a few tears, some laughter, a few “take my photo Mom” and pure happiness once it was out!


March Goals:

Okay March….we’re going to get a long just fine. I’m a little disappointed that mother nature has allowed for all the snow we got in February to melt away so I’m still hoping for a little more snow to come.

The plan this month is to:

  • Increase days per week of running.
  • Continue with soccer, yoga and barre.
  • Ski as many times as we can (hello melting snow).

My goals are pretty basic but something to work towards and maybe accomplish or not. I think once I get signed up for a race I’ll be more focused on running and following a training plan again.

How was your month of February? 

Do you have any goals for March?

Any fun weekend plans?


November Mileage Wrap Up

November seemed like the longest month this year for me. Maybe it was the fact that it was darker earlier, the time change or it was just so busy I’ve yet to catch my breath.

As I said in my last post, I’m really looking forward to December; birthdays, work stuff, swimming/gymnastics ending for the girls and of course the holidays. Now, when I say I’m looking forward to the girls lessons ending it’s not because I don’t enjoy taking them or watching them, in fact I love that. I’m just ready after 10 weeks of getting up at early o’clock EVERY SINGLE DAY….to “sleep in”.

Though November seemed long, I managed to get back into working out more which I was starting to struggle with. I feel like I’m getting back to how many days per week I want to be working out.


I could still get in a few kilometres tonight but wanted a break as I have soccer tomorrow night and would like a rest night. I’m hoping to run a little more then 47km in December as I want to run more kilometres then last year.

I want to get back to my long runs as I’ve been encouraged to do so my my Physiotherapist. My ankle is getting better but we’ve added some more strengthening exercises. Over Christmas last year I ran the distance of a marathon between Dec 24th and 31st and planning to do that again this year. Fingers crossed I can reach my goal!

How was your November?

Any December goals? 

Runners: Do you try to run more kilometres/miles each year?



August Mileage (& June/July)

HELLO SEPTEMBER…please be kind to me.

I’ve been slacking a lot on adding up and sharing my mileage the last few months. I felt like I was finally starting to move on from my hamstring injury from last year. I was dealing with SI joint problems since March, then we lost our dog and now my ankle. Therefore my mileage has been all over the place.

Training for Johnny Miles this past spring was great. I feel like I did 95% of what my training plan called for yet I had a horrible run/experience. The race event itself was great but after losing my dog two days before my half marathon…running was a distraction not a passion.

I took two weeks off running and started playing soccer again. When I finally got my head wrapped around a training plan for Maritime Race Weekend (Sept), I eased into training. Now, I’m just trying to be patient and waiting for a last minute appointment with my PT any day now…tic..toc..tic..toc.

I’m super tempted to just tape my ankle like I did last week and go for a 5k run. And because I didn’t share June or July totals, I figured I’d cover it all in one post.

June Totals:

*seconds away from finishing my 4th half marathon at Johnny Miles.

June Mileage

July Totals:

*family vacation in PEI – Brackley Beach (my fav).

Julys Mileage.jpg

August Totals:

*heart shaped rock at the beach yesterday

August Mileage.jpg

September Goals:

  1. Get my ankle better.
  2. Avoid new injuries.
  3. RUN.

Can you believe it’s SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure can’t. I’m enjoying this last week of vacation with my family and trying to be patient 🙂

How was your August? 

Any September goals to share?

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Started September Off with a BANG!

Since August was such a fun month between vacationing in PEI, swimming in the ocean, running in the heat and humidity, I thought I’d start September off with a BANG!

Tuesday night, I went to the hospital right after work. It wasn’t kid related {thank goodness} but it was for me. You are probably asking “what’s wrong now?” Well, I was having some serious pain in my right foot and it wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t walk without being in pain. Then I got a little panicky. I had run 18k on Sunday and could barely walk Monday and Tuesday without being in a lot of pain.

I went prepared with some food, books and I had my phone. I ate all my snacks and got bored reading so I started reading running related articles from a few Facebook groups. In the end, I ended up having an x-ray it was confirmed that I DIDN’T have a stress fracture! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! However, the Doctor couldn’t explain the pain I was having, said I could keep running and hopefully it would get better on it’s own! Okie, dokie!

Lilly made this for me while I was at Emerg.

Lilly made this for me while I was at Emerg.

It’s better today but I’m taking it easy tonight and not running {again}. One more long run on the weekend and then *fingers crossed* my foot doesn’t hurt again. I’m feeling good about Maritime Race Weekend 5k & Half Marathon.

I did managed to get a large amount of kilometres in this month, the most this year! I think I loved the month of August because we had a lot of family time outside. The weather was a little unmanageable at times but still awesome summer weather.

Taken in Charlottetown, PEI.

Taken in Charlottetown, PEI.

September brings some new adventures for our family as Lilly will start school tomorrow! She’s very excited and can’t wait to go! Hilary’s a little upset she’s not going but will be the big kid at day care now.

I’m exciting to finally run my 1st race of the year which technically will be the 5k at Maritime Race Weekend. I’m nervous about my 3rd half marathon but so looking forward to the people, the route and just enjoying running 21.1km after being injured for so long.

So, here’s to September! {Pretend I’m holding a glass up to you!}.

How was your August? Did you get any vacation? Run any races?

Any big plans for September?

What are you looking forward to the most this month?