Wintry Morning Runs

Never thought I’d say this but wintry morning runs seem to be my thing lately!

I like to walk my dog before my husband leaves for work so that I don’t have to walk him with my girls before they go to school, and I to work. They aren’t overly enthused in the mornings to begin with. So telling them they have to walk Carmacks with me in freezing cold temps doesn’t always go over well.

This morning I was awake around 5am for no reason. I tried desperately to fall back to sleep but when my husband’s alarm went off at 5:30am, I figured I’d just get up then too.

It took me 30 minutes to pull myself together but Carmacks and I started our run at 6am. So close to the #5at5am club but I’ll take the 6am start time. He was pumped as he always is. Running in the snow is his thing! I swear he’d live outside again if we lived outside but that’s not happening.

Off we went, only running into one other dog and it’s owner. Carmacks cried to say hello but we kept going. Up and down the slippery snowy streets in the dark of the morning. Some people still had their Christmas lights on so that was fun to see.

We finished off our run with a morning chat with my neighbour before heading inside. Carmacks is all business when he gets back….feed me, feed me and then rest. I’m more like a sloth….slowly stretching, taking off my gear, saying hi to the girls and then off to the shower before the real day starts.

Right now I’m enjoying these early morning runs even with the cold temps and snow under-footing. It also means I don’t have to run tonight after the 2nd Christmas Concert this week!

Also it’s my 7th blog-anniversary! Wow….seven years with this blog!!!

Are you all ready for the holidays?

Are you into early morning runs this winter?

Anyone else have Christmas Concerts this week?

Sunday Runday: I Woke Up To Rain

This past weekend was a busy one and I was really hoping to get in at least a 7k run to see how my body (ankle) would handle the distance before Valley Harvest Marathon 10k next weekend.

Saturday was busy as I facilitated a workshop, drove home and gathered the girls from my neighbour. She had spoiled them with the farmer’s market, a trip to her work (a vinyard) to pick a few grapes and lunch at her house (thank you Grr-ma). My husband was sleeping as he worked the night shift but got up when we arrived home so we could all go do a birthday party for my running buddy’s daughter,  Braegha. She was 4!

Sunday morning was the only opportunity I’d have to run outside since my husband was working 1 PM – 1 AM (a new term…aka consistency in our lives!!!). He knew I wanted to run but I wasn’t getting up early to do it. It was a sleep-in kind of morning with cuddles from the littles and then the mega struggle bus to actually get up and out of bed.

My first thought was to look outside so I’d know how to dress and to my surprise it was RAINING! Well shit crossed my mind first. Then… “am I really going to run in this”. We made breakfast and all of a sudden I found myself getting my running clothing on and searching for my green Garmin that was losing battery power fast.

Out I went into the rain…frig! What am I doing, I think I’m nuts! Hat on, long sleeved jacket on, gloves on, long running pants on, DRY sneakers and socks. Pound, pound, pound, my body just felt uncomfortable. My ankle wasn’t sure about running but didn’t give up on me.

With my green Garmin tucked under my jacket I just ran. I knew where the 1k mark would hit but didn’t even bother to lift up the sleeve of my jacket to peak at my pace. Just keep running, just keep running…oh wait now, you need to walk…so I walked. I actually HATED running at this point and seriously thought…”WHY AM I DOING THIS”…over and over for the first three kilometres. I even thought about quitting and turning to go home but for some reason I thought dodging massive puddles on the ground would be fun.

oct 2nd run.jpg

I glided across the main road when it was car free and then along the sidewalk making sure the rain wasn’t hitting my face under my hat. I was hoping for 7k and figured out where I would turn around only to come to that point and keep running past it. Under the overpass and along this horrible footpath that has been created out of desperation since there are no sidewalks to utilize. I kept going until I hit the local Paramedic base where my husband works out of. My green Garmin hit 4.25 km and I crossed the street again in between cars passing by to run on the other side of the road back towards my house.

By now I was feeling wonderful and running with a smile on my face. The number of massive puddles on the pathway were increasing. Puddle…soaked my left shoe just like that, then my right. Puddle after puddle and spray from cars passing me by on the road, I was wet. My socks were soaked and I don’t love running in wet socks.

As I approached our subdivision after some run/walk segments, I knew that I could probably get in 8k if I ran up and down my street a few times. Yes, I was one of those runners who ran back and forth until my green Garmin hit 8k…ahhhhhhhh, what a great run! Inside I stretched as my girls played some games and then joined me later when I did my PT exercises for my ankle.

What a great run…in the RAIN! I guess sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go run in the rain. So glad I went.

How was your weekend?

Anyone run in the rain this past weekend?

Do you like to run in the rain?



You Know Your A Runner When…

Ever have one of those moments when you realise running is taking over?

You know you are a runner when you pack your bags for the weekend and forget to pack a change of clothing. As in t-shirt and pants for the day. Don’t worry, you’ve remembered to pack your winter running gear, two outfits for the gym in case you decide to stay inside. As you are running you make good decisions like the running sneakers you are wearing are going to remain “outdoor” runners since you now have salt caked on them from the roads.

Yup, I packed all my running gear as we left for the city yesterday morning after Lilly’s swim lessons. However, I forgot to pack clothing for today. The girls spent the afternoon with their Auntie Laura and I shopped! I shopped for more hours then I care to admit but feel like I’m ready for birthday celebrations later this week.


Birthday celebrations? We have two special birthdays this week; a 3rd and 40th to celebrate. So I had to find presents for these two special people.

This morning I managed to sneak out for a run while the girls spent some time with Grammy and Grandad. After I returned, I saw these branches on the ground and thought it was a sign. A for Anna (my real name) or “A” for Adventure which we will be attending a book launch called “A for Adventure” later today.

pipers run a for adventure

Though I sit here in my clothing from yesterday, I feel good knowing I at least packed extra clean underwear and got my morning run in. Who cares that I forgot to pack my every day clothing, right???

How’s your weekend ?

Ever pack your running gear and forget your real clothing?

Anyone celebrating December birthdays?

Thoughts On My Morning Run

5:45 am Alarm goes off and my first thought is “crap” {that’s putting it nicely}. I hit snooze for 10 minutes and roll over. Then all of a sudden, I have to pee. Seriously, urgh! A few minutes later the “snooze” alarm goes off, not cool. That’s it, I’m up and I might as well go for a run.

I put my running clothing on, {let my parents know I’m leaving as they are visiting} walk outside, let my Garmin find the satellite to connect and I lace up my runners. Pretty sure I’m still half asleep.  0:00 {START} appears on my Garmin…guess it’s time to run.

Off I go…..up a long incline. I hate running. Really, why am I doing this? How am I going to run a half marathon? Seriously, what was I thinking? Okay, first hill done…I’m good. I now just have to run up English Mountain Road. Why am I doing this again? Oh right, because the Maritime Race Weekend route is hilly – gotta train on hills if I want to run/race on hills.

Crows….friggin’s crows on the road. Great, I get to run past road kill. No, wait……it’s just a McDonald’s bag and wrappers. Seriously people, did you have to throw that OUT your car?

Shit…look at that hill. What was I thinking this morning when I thought it would be a good idea to run up this hill? I mean, I did ride my bike up this hill on Sunday. That may have been a struggle but I did it so I should be able to run up it too. {NOTE: this is a massive MASSIVE hill…I only went up the first little bit}.

You got this! Run to the post box, that’s it. Head down….don’t look up. Shit, I looked up. Oh my god, I’m barely there. Manure. Gross…run faster and maybe you won’t smell it. That didn’t work but I reached that dam post box and now I get to glide down that hill I just climbed up.

Oh look….Spittle Road…another hill…..let’s do it! Not so bad, might as well keep running a bit more down this road. Morning Cow’s! Apparently, cows aren’t too friendly in the morning. Back up the little hill and onto the main road.

This is great, I haven’t even seen a car yet! First car backs out of driveway ahead of me…oh, guess I saw my first car. In the background I hear a car coming down the hill and see an 18 wheeler coming in my direction. Great, I’m just going to move off the road. Yes, I was running in the middle of the road – why wouldn’t you when there is no traffic around? Just my luck both vehicles pass each other beside me and I feel like I could have been blown over by the sheer force of wind from the 18 wheeler. Not cool buddy, not cool.

As I run down the last hill I start to turn left but realise it wasn’t the street I wanted, so I had to make a quick maneuver to keep running straight which I’m pretty sure made me look like a drunk person dancing on the street. Oh well.

I got closer to my house and just start pushing my speed, it felt great. I quickly glanced left and then right to make sure no cars are coming before I cross over another road to speed down my street. 5k done! Even managed a 5:31 pace for my last kilometre – wow, I still got it.


As I sat down to catch my breath, sweat dripping off my body {it happens}, I felt great and really happy I didn’t hit snooze a second time. I wanted to avoid running in today’s heat and that I can check off my list. Tonight, I will relax, drink a beer to two, watch some Netflix and probably fold some laundry….ha ha. Life of a mother runner/husband away.

Early morning runs to avoid the heat – yes or no?

How often do you hit the snooze button on an early morning run day?