Mother Runner Problems #642

You know you are a mother runner when this conversation happens:

Me to Lilly: {while snuggled up to Daddy in bed} – Mommy went for a run this morning while you slept.

Lilly to Me: “Shocker”!

Sai to me: {Said while laughing out loud} “shocker, Mommy went for a run!” – Is that what she just said?

However, really…she was saying that she had “soccer”….absolutely nothing to do with me running. SHE has soccer day camp today 🙂 We had a good laugh.


This morning I got up at 6am to go for a run and was out the door by 6:17….slightly sluggish moving. I had 5k on tap for the day and with the temps getting up to +28C (82F) I thought a morning run would be best. AND, Sai was home 🙂

I changed up the route and when in a completely different direction as I thought a little change might be good. I also decided to throw in a little speed work and start some fartlek’s….that didn’t last too long 😉

My legs felt like lead but my body kept moving and I managed to pick up speed during my last kilometre which was a great feeling.

july 14 run

Once I got home and was stretching is when we had the above conversation with Lilly (our 5-year-old). After a good laugh, we got ready for the rest of our day. And…take Lilly to soccer!

Ever have a family member surprised that you ran before they woke up?

How’s the heat/temps where you live?

Happy Tuesday!

Don’t Tell My Treadmill BUT…….

I’m kinda digging these early morning runs lately 🙂

I’ve been doing as many runs as I can outside these last few weeks. Why? Well, its gorgeous outside for one and really, REALLY, who wants to run on a treadmill if they have the option to run outside?!?! Don’t get me wrong, you know I LOVE MY TREADMILL but right now I’m loving running outside.

Also, I’m testing my leg. If I can run outside for my long runs or multiple runs in a row then training for a half marathon has to be adapted…..but so far it’s going really well with my hamstring. Might even have my last physio appointment this morning!

I’ve run on paved trails, dirt trails, side walks and gravel roads. I’ve run in direct sunlight and shady spots. My poor treadmill is probably wondering where I’ve been!

Early morning sweat

Early morning sweat

The fresh air, the cool temperatures, the sun on your face, the breeze against your skin and yes the sweat DRIPPING off your body in places you didn’t think you’d sweat.

Yesterday morning’s run started off with me rolling out of bed – literally! Sai had just brought Hilary into our bed after she’d been crying for a bit and I didn’t want to get her going. I quickly reached in my sock drawer, then for my shorts and shirt and then found a sports bra. I tip-toed out the bedroom, down the hallway and went to our basement bathroom to wake up.

I was so tired, I didn’t even bother putting my contacts on, something I ALWAYS do! Once I was changed, I laced up my pink Asics (love these) and went out the door to start my Garmin.

Foggy glasses

Foggy glasses

When I got back my glasses started to fog up and I was only able to take a foggy selfie and the sun rise before heading in the house. It was a great start to my day which had me sitting in my car traveling to a meeting all day.

Oh, and you can’t forget getting home after your morning run before everyone in your house wakes up – oh that’s awesome too! They were all sound asleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Don’t worry treadmill, our date later on tonight is still on. You’ll get your 7k with me….unless I decide last-minute to go for a runch as a runner is always prepared with their running gear at all times!

Are you running outside or inside right now?

How’s the heat treating you on your runs?

Do you try to beat the heat and for an early morning or a late night runs?