Half Marathon Training Week #11 / #12 ~ Bluenose

It’s race week! But first, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. I had an amazing day with my family 🙂

Week #11 didn’t go as well as I wanted to but sometimes that’s just what happens. Late nights in the city, falling asleep with your kids, on the road for work most of the week and juggling family priority is real life for me. I honestly feel lucky to have even ran last week. Having said that, it wasn’t a bad week just not full potential week if you know what I mean.

What was Planned vs What Really Happened

Monday: 60 min cross train | 61 minutes on the bike (23 km). Good ride, did some upper body strength training too.

Tuesday: 8 k | Rest Day. We didn’t get home from the city until 8 pm and I fell asleep putting my youngest to bed. I knew this run wouldn’t happen but was hopeful I’d get it in some time this week.

Wednesday: 10 x 400’s | Nope – not happening. Late night with my kids and just couldn’t get in a workout.

Thursday: 5 k | 4 k run with Carmacks. He makes me run faster – so basically a short tempo run. I was on the road all day so this was a nice way to get moving.


Friday: Rest Day | 15 k long run. This was the ONLY time I could fit in my last long run. I got up stupid early; 5 am and was out running by 5:55 am. This was a nice long run – pretty simple, enjoyable and easy.


Since I ran 4 k the night before, I figured the two runs roughly 12 hours apart would be good enough for my 19 km long run that was supposed to happen on Sunday. When I got home from my 15 k long run, I walked my daughter’s to school and quickly got ready for work. Yeah, I still had to go to work but I had the first hour of my work day off so that helped a lot.

Saturday: Rest Day | Rest Day. Nailed it! I was busy with my girls and their friend – lots of walking and bike riding.

Sunday: 19 k Long run| 5 k run with my daughters. With it being Mother’s Day, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get in my long run. My husband worked the night shift and we had plans as a family. We had a great day with brunch at Brigadoon (camp for chronically ill children) where we did archery, arts/crafts and paddled in the big war canoe. Once we got home, we went out for a 1 k run together and then the girls got on their bikes while I ran 4 k.

Post run/ride selfie (missing hubby who was walking the dog)


Total km of running this week:  24 km running, 23 km cycling, a little paddling too!

Total km this training cycle: 192 km

Week #12 looks like this:

  • Monday: Rest Day! | I had planned to run or bike tonight. We’ll see.
  • Tuesday: 6 k
  • Wednesday: 30 minute tempo
  • Thursday: 5 k
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: Rest Day | 2 km kids run with my daughters.
  • Sunday: Bluenose Half Marathon!

Follow me on Instagram for this week’s training and my half marathon this weekend. I’ll likely not blog about this week so…catch me on IG if you want to know how it’s going.

How’s your spring shaping up?

Anyone running Bluenose (or another race) this coming weekend?

What’s your favourite way to enjoy a long weekend (locals – running Bluenose maybe?)

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Johnny Miles Half Marathon Training Week 6

Half way done training!! I’m not sure what was going on last week but I just felt like I had no oomph in my runs. I did them, I was happy I did them, they were challenging which was great but I was just lacking oomph/excitement in them.

This week (#7) has started off rough as I’ve come down with some kind of stomach bug. I missed last night’s workout but I’m okay (so far) with that.

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday May 2nd: Stretch & Strengthen | IronStrength Workout. Good workout. I’m not sure if this is getting easier but some of the exercises aren’t as hard. I’ve tried to add more reps per exercise but feeling like I need to change it up so I don’t get bored with it.

Got some new kicks (a while back) and starting to break them in!


Tuesday: 6k | 6k  Treadmill runNothing magical happened on this run. It was boring but I was happy that I got it done. (40:01 on the treadmill)

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run | 40:29 minute tempo run + CORE workOddly enough, I was a tad bit slower on this “tempo” run then Tuesday night’s run. I have no idea why as I felt I worked harder on this run then Tuesdays!


Thursday: 5k + Strengthen | Rest Day. I just wasn’t feeling it after a long day so I decided not to run and take a rest day.

Friday: Rest Day | 5k .  I wanted to make up for it Thursday night’s missed run and strength training so I did 5k but skipped on the strength training.

Saturday: 7k | Rest Day. I’m not running 7k the day before a long run as I wanted fresh legs). After chaning the last few days up, I was going to do some yoga today but I was so busy with the girls (my husband was working) that I figured all the walking and activity we did was enough of an active rest day for me.

Sunday: 14k | 14k.  I was really looking forward to this run. I got up early and was out the door at 7:15 on Mother’s Day. I ran out on the main highway but decided to add in as many extra hills as I could. That ended up being 4 hills of various lengths and inclines.

It was a good run. I took a GU at 35 minutes and then at 1:02, ran 97% of the time, drank my Nuun and water just as I was finishing my run. The worst part of it was during the last 1/2 km as I pushed up the 5th hill (planned) and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my body. I physically had to stop and walk to calm down. I was just feeling miserable all of a sudden.

I got home to my little family, stretched and showered. My second breakfast was being made for me…bacon, eggs and toast. Yes, my VEGAN husband made me BACON and EGGS with a little help from the girls.

May 14th run

About 2 hours post run I felt miserable. I made the girls lunch, plunked them in front of the TV (not something we’d normally do) and I took a power nap beside them. Later that afternoon I took the girls out for ice cream (Saï was sleeping as he had a night shift) and then to a school playground for a while. We got to spend a little time with Saï before he left for work and then had dinner with my parents. Lobster = yum!

I’m still feeling ill, like I’ve come down with a stomach bug. Super tired as I was up most of the night with Hilary (she’s got a head cold). So…as mentioned above, week 7 isn’t starting off great.

How’s Training Going? I’m pretty happy with my training so far. I’m feeling stronger even though last week wasn’t every motivating for me. I’m noticing a difference in my body, as in I’m toning up/shedding a pound or two. My pace is all over the place from 6:30 to 6:10 or 5:55/km depending on the day.

More importantly, I’m hamstring is feeling strong and my SI Joint is finally 98% happy due to foam rolling daily. I’m on the right track!

KM ran this week: 31 km

KM during training cycle: 227 km

If you missed week #5, check it out here.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race? Mother’s Day run?



Happy Mother’s Day Mother Runners!


I love being a Mom! Don’t get me wrong, there are days when it’s HARD…so HARD but I love being a mom. Lately, I’m finding that I’m holding on a little longer, sitting a little longer, watching a little longer as my girls are growing out of the toddler stage and into little girls.

I call myself a “mother runner” with pride. It was not an easy road going from being super active to pregnant, delivering two babies and trying to get back into shape. I worked hard at it and I’m not perfect to this day but I’m happy and healthy and that’s what matters.

Signs You Are A “Mother Runner”:

It’s never a dull moment – sometimes you plan a run and it doesn’t happen as your kids have other plans for you. Your kids know you are a mother runner but their views on “your running” can sometimes be hilarious!

Your kids understand that when Mommy says she is going for a long run, she’s going to be a while. 


Sometimes they want to run with you. 

1st run of 2015 with girls

Sometimes they want to stretch with you post long run (2014).


Yoga/Stretching post long run 🙂

Most times, they don’t want to hug you post run!!! Ewww, sweaty mommy! 

They cheer you on at your runs or make signs for you when you get home! (2014)


Love My Girls 🙂

You make friends with other Mother Runners! (2015)


Last but not least….I’ve been called a “KAMR” by my husband one day, to which I looked at him and said “WHAT?”. Your a “Kick Ass Mother Runner”! At first I thought it was funny but then took a moment to really think about that. It actually made me tear up because I would have NEVER called myself that.

What I’m most proud of as a Mother Runner? That my girls want to run just like me!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom! xo

mothers day 2014

Wishing all the mom’s out there a great day; whether that is with your family or a day to yourself. Enjoy!

What are some funny mother runners stories you’ve had or heard?

What are you doing today? 

Have you had any mother runner moments?

Zoo, Mother’s Day & Running

We are finally having some beautiful spring like weather in Nova Scotia! Actually, on the weekend we had summer like temperatures…shorts and t-shirt weather – it was fantastic! (we still had snow on our lawn until May 6th!)

We had a busy weekend with swimming lessons, the zoo, mother’s day shenanigans and I finished it off with a little treadmill run.

With hit up the Zoo with some friends.


Running wild…


Four trouble makers 😉

Mother’s Day started off with a little sleep in {actually, I listened to Lilly and Sai make breakfast and hang out – it was cute}. Once Hilary and I got up, we had the most amazing vegan Tiramisu Protein pancakes – all at my husband’s doing. I don’t want to brag but these really were awesome! We gobbled them up!

IMG_20150510_084215 IMG_20150510_084144 IMG_20150510_084212

After our bellies recovered from such a big breakfast (okay, later that afternoon) we did a little biking on our street.

IMG_20150510_141820 IMG_20150510_141555 IMG_20150510_141617

Then this mother runner got her run on…

Mother's Day Run on the treadmill

Mother’s Day Run on the treadmill

Oh, and I gave up my Fitbit Flex for the week!!!!! More to come on that!

How was your weekend?

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there. 

Did you get up to any adventures?