Not The Week I Expected Wrap Up

Last week started off really great with some new energy for running but unfortunately took a bit of a halt.

With a busy weekend of skiing and a little indoor cycling, I took Monday as a little rest day with intentions of running throughout the week a little more. Tuesday’s run was another last minute decision that turned out to be just what I needed and wanted.

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: 5k run outside – you can read more about it here. It was so epic, it got it’s own blog post.


Wednesday: Rest Day – just couldn’t fit in a workout. Made dinner after work, got the girls to bed, did the dishes, packed for 2 days away and then visited with my Mom who arrived around 8:30 pm.

Thursday: This is where the week went down hill…or should I say down in the ditch off the highway. I got in a car accident. Short story – I’m fine but have minor whiplash and my parents truck is not fine. You see, I borrowed their truck as my Mom was taking care of our girls since my husband was working his shift. We had a snow storm that wasn’t really predicted and had snow/ice on the roads. I hit some ice and well, when you hit ice you are pretty much shit out of luck. I’m lucky as it could have been worse and thankful my co-worker was only 10 minutes behind me. Needless to say, I went home truck-less and missed my 2 day meeting….but I went home 🙂

Friday: Get through the day. It’s amazing how much pain you can have from your seat belt folks! PSA – always wear your seat belt!

Saturday: Rest  – nap mid day for 40 minutes. Spent the afternoon with Saï and our youngest while our oldest saw Beauty & The Beast at a birthday party.

Sunday: Rest – two hour nap around lunch time again and probably could have slept longer.

If you didn’t know, Nuun has a 20% off coupon “hydratewithus17” and works on both and until March 31st. 


Though my week went down hill fast, it’s given me some time to rest and think about other things. Like finally deciding on a late spring race but I’m going to hold off on telling you about that one just yet. I’m excited for it!

Each day my back is feeling better so I am optimistic about getting back into some training once I see my new PT on Wednesday. For now, it’s take it easy and be kind to myself.

How was your week / weekend?

Ever been in a car accident before?

Share some running news with me please 🙂 

Today, I’m joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

Nuunin’ It Up Again

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll already know what I’m talking about. For another year, I going to be apart of Team Nuun again!



Wannabe Cyclist

In other news, I bought a insider trainer tire for my bike!!!!!! Yup, that means I’ll be spinning on my husband’s bike trainer when he’s not this winter 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get one since last winter but finally did this week.


Now, I just have to learn (ask my husband to do it) how to put this tire on my wheel and bike and I’m good to go. I’m your typical newby cyclist…wannabe cyclist. You know that person that wants to ride more but just doesn’t push the envelope!

I need to get more confident on the road with cars and eventually buy a proper road bike as mine is more for trails. I’m okay starting off where I am but some day I’d love to to a ride/event with my husband. I even have one in mind!

Eventually, you’ll start seeing some more pictures of my pushing the peddles which will be nice since I’m limited to 2 days of running per week at the moment.

What’s your favourite Nuun flavour? 

Are you a brand ambassador for a product? If so, which one?

Best tips for an indoor trainer newby???

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Five Signs You Need To Go Run

One: You are CRANKY!

Two: You’ve been sitting to much at your desk and realise how much your hips / hip flexors hurt.

Three: On your drive home from work you see multiple people running. They are all bundled up because it’s freezing outside, they are even wearing bright coloured clothing and reflective lights. Your first though is “good for them” and smile as you drive by.

This thought turn into “I wish that was me”. Which then turns into “I’m jealous they are running”, followed by “planning out when you can run next”. Feeling satisfied, the next runner you see…“Good for them”.

Four: You have zero energy or patience when your three year old has the biggest meltdown when you pick her up from day care. Since you have no energy or patience you let her have her tantrum and sit and wait. Seriously, you do nothing!

Tantrum over and you think…that’s kinda how I feel about running right now!

Five: After arriving at home you are asked “What’s wrong?” Your first thought is “good question” but you respond with “I don’t know!” with your hands in the air as if you are questioning yourself. After a good conversation with your husband you finally say….“I think I’m cranky AND I NEED TO RUN”. He agrees.

So, after you and your husband get your kids to bed, you jump on the treadmill and knock out 6 km. The best 6k you’ve run in oh….over a week because you’ve had a nasty head cold. The kinda of run that leaves your clothing soaked in sweat and a BIG smile on your face. You pour yourself a cold glass of water, pop your favourite Nuun table in the tall glass and a few ice cubs, then sit by the fire to stretch.

The “crankies” are gone, thankfully.

jan 6th run

True story!