Not The Week I Expected Wrap Up

Last week started off really great with some new energy for running but unfortunately took a bit of a halt.

With a busy weekend of skiing and a little indoor cycling, I took Monday as a little rest day with intentions of running throughout the week a little more. Tuesday’s run was another last minute decision that turned out to be just what I needed and wanted.

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: 5k run outside – you can read more about it here. It was so epic, it got it’s own blog post.


Wednesday: Rest Day – just couldn’t fit in a workout. Made dinner after work, got the girls to bed, did the dishes, packed for 2 days away and then visited with my Mom who arrived around 8:30 pm.

Thursday: This is where the week went down hill…or should I say down in the ditch off the highway. I got in a car accident. Short story – I’m fine but have minor whiplash and my parents truck is not fine. You see, I borrowed their truck as my Mom was taking care of our girls since my husband was working his shift. We had a snow storm that wasn’t really predicted and had snow/ice on the roads. I hit some ice and well, when you hit ice you are pretty much shit out of luck. I’m lucky as it could have been worse and thankful my co-worker was only 10 minutes behind me. Needless to say, I went home truck-less and missed my 2 day meeting….but I went home 🙂

Friday: Get through the day. It’s amazing how much pain you can have from your seat belt folks! PSA – always wear your seat belt!

Saturday: Rest  – nap mid day for 40 minutes. Spent the afternoon with Saï and our youngest while our oldest saw Beauty & The Beast at a birthday party.

Sunday: Rest – two hour nap around lunch time again and probably could have slept longer.

If you didn’t know, Nuun has a 20% off coupon “hydratewithus17” and works on both and until March 31st. 


Though my week went down hill fast, it’s given me some time to rest and think about other things. Like finally deciding on a late spring race but I’m going to hold off on telling you about that one just yet. I’m excited for it!

Each day my back is feeling better so I am optimistic about getting back into some training once I see my new PT on Wednesday. For now, it’s take it easy and be kind to myself.

How was your week / weekend?

Ever been in a car accident before?

Share some running news with me please 🙂 

Today, I’m joining the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

Nuunin’ It Up Again

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll already know what I’m talking about. For another year, I going to be apart of Team Nuun again!



Wannabe Cyclist

In other news, I bought a insider trainer tire for my bike!!!!!! Yup, that means I’ll be spinning on my husband’s bike trainer when he’s not this winter 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get one since last winter but finally did this week.


Now, I just have to learn (ask my husband to do it) how to put this tire on my wheel and bike and I’m good to go. I’m your typical newby cyclist…wannabe cyclist. You know that person that wants to ride more but just doesn’t push the envelope!

I need to get more confident on the road with cars and eventually buy a proper road bike as mine is more for trails. I’m okay starting off where I am but some day I’d love to to a ride/event with my husband. I even have one in mind!

Eventually, you’ll start seeing some more pictures of my pushing the peddles which will be nice since I’m limited to 2 days of running per week at the moment.

What’s your favourite Nuun flavour? 

Are you a brand ambassador for a product? If so, which one?

Best tips for an indoor trainer newby???

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My Favourite Running Gifts for the Holidays

Now that the birthday weekend is done (two birthdays and LOTS of cake for our family), I can finally get focused on the holidays. I’ve done a little shopping here an there for our girls but have yet to buy anything for my husband for Christmas…though it was just his birthday yesterday.

A Few of My Favourite Running Things!

Over the last year I’ve tried a few more “things” that have become regular items for me when I run, play soccer, go to yoga or barre and workout at home. I’ll share them with you!  I have not been asked to promote these items by the companies, these are strictly my own opinion.

5 Running Must Haves This Holiday Season

Qalo Rings

At the beginning of the year I came across Qalo Rings online. They are a silicone ring. I was first drawn to their Blue Line which represents Paramedics/First Responders and thought it would be something that my husband would like. Funny enough, it was exactly what he wanted as his wedding ring would get caught on things at work. We each ordered a ring (dark blue below) and realised the sizes were too big. We contacted their customer service and it was extremely easy to exchange them for a smaller size.

My husband then order a second turquoise ring for me that I originally wanted but it was sold out when we went to make our purchase online. You can also have a special note engraved on the inside, which he did. And the best part about the turquoise ring, it glows in the dark! Our girls think it’s really funny. He also got a second one too that glows in the dark.

Qalo Ring

Why I like these rings: First off, they are super comfortable and easy to put on. I wear it when I run or workout at home with weights as my hands sometimes swell up. It moves with your finger and whatever you are holding or grabbing and doesn’t get caught on anything. They come with a little pouch that I use when I’m travelling. I’m confident my husband and I will have these rings for a long time.

I even wear it when I’m a wannabe-cyclist 😉

Anna S Polar Biking


Nuun are little tablets you add to water to make them an electrolyte enhanced drink. There are various flavours and as you can see below; I have a nice stash. My husband introduced me to Nuun a few years ago. They are gluten free, vegan, dairy (yeah) and soy free, safe for clean sport and made from plant based ingredients.


Why I like Nuun: When I first tried this product years ago, I actually didn’t like it.. WHAT?!?! Crazy, eh! It was about two years ago that I received a sample when I ordered a “bad ass mother running shirt” and I was pleasantly surprised. So I bought a tube and then bought a few more different flavours after a while. I am currently an ambassador for Nuun and no they didn’t ask me to write about their products. I like how convenient it is to travel with these tubes and the tablets don’t break. Plus, we then reuse the empty tubs for snacks for our girls or hair elastics in my bag.


I genuinely like this product and use it often. My favourite flavours are Tropical Fruit, Lemon/Lime and Fruit Punch. I’m hoping my Christmas stocking might have a tube in it this year 🙂

Night Runners 270 Lights

These things are great! I did a review last year you can read here. They are lights that you attach to your sneakers so you can see and been seen when running/walking in the dark. They have different levels of brightness and flashing red lights. They are light weight and I don’t feel them when I’m running.PicMonkey Collage

Why I like these lights: First off, they are easy to use. Second, I’m all about being visible when running in the dark. I also like that I can use them for more then running and that they have different levels of brightness. I’ve worn them running, cycling, raking leaves in my yard (true story) and even in the winter months.

Runners, you’ve got to be seen!

Lululemon Yoga Mat

I don’t know about you but when I stretch after I run, I need to have something under me. I usually do my stretches right away and it can involve my daughters from time to time. I’ve gone through a few yoga matts in the last 10+ years but only recently came across this one from Lululemon, which I won at a Yoga Festival this summer. Oh my, this one is the best!

Valley Yoga Fest 2

Why I love this mat: It’s a little thicker then my other mats and very cushioning. It feels good and comfortable under my feet, unlike my other mats that are pretty flat and basic. Basic is good but honestly, until I stepped on this mat I didn’t know what I was missing. When this one bites the dust (hopefully not for a while), I will invest in another one.

Race Entries

You can’t go wrong with this one! Everyone wants a free race entry, so if your significant other, friend or family member loves to run races – buy their race fees for them! Some events have “gift cards” for this type of thing. Or get creative and make them a running card with money in it for the race they want to register for. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? 

What’s on your list for Christmas?

Ever receive a race entry as a gift? I have 🙂

Building My Base Week #7

Your probably thinking “why is she STILL building her base”? Well, my answer to you would be that I’m just waiting to start half marathon training at the end of this month.

It wasn’t an exciting week. It wasn’t a good week running. It was however a busy week for work and home and minor injuries.

Week #7

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday Feb 29th: Yoga | YogaYoga class is always one of my favourite things of the week. I love that it’s at the beginning of the week and usually the day after a good or hard run.


Tuesday March 1st: Run | 5k Treadmill Run + 50 squats +skipping. The run wasn’t anything special but I was felt good afterwards. I skip for 5-10 minutes before I run on the treadmill…get’s my heart rate up and muscles ready to go!


Wednesday: Run | Nothing. I spent most of the day limping and couldn’t quiet figure out why. The back of my right leg hurt from my hip to my knee, even walking bothered it but not all the time. It wasn’t my hamstring injury but I wasn’t convinced. I figured I needed a day to rest it as it just didn’t feel right.

Thursday: Run | Nothing. My leg was feeling 95% better but I still wasn’t convinced I should run.

Friday: Run | 100% Ditched running to hang out with my husband. I literally had been planning to run even though I had a long day at work (travel involved). I sat down on the couch with my husband for a moment and it only took a second for me to decide not to run. and then sat down on the couch with my husband and decided not to run. I figured I’d run in the morning.

Saturday: Early morning run | No running. Made pancakes for the family and stayed in our PJ’s for most of the morning. Getting lazy. Feeling lazy at this point 😦

Sunday: Run | 8k afternoon run outside! After lunch I slowly got my running gear together and realised my Garmin had a LOW battery. That’s what happens when you don’t use it for a month!!!!


Anyway, I charged it up for a few minutes and then went out for my run. The first 5.5 km was great and then my Garmin died. Not that I was relying on my Garming, because I wasn’t but my run just started to struggle then. I was having a little pain in my right leg but in the front and only when I had to run on snow.

I got home to my girls and husband having a snack. We spent a little time stretching and foam rolling together. Seriously, these two LOVE stretching and foam rolling with me. I also opened my new watermelon nuun….so good!

March 6th foam rolling

Overall: Not a great week in activity. Meh…it’s okay. My right calf muscle is really sore which I’m thinking is why my right leg is off. Foam rolling, stretching and my compression socks seem to be helping.

This coming week’s a busy one. I have back to back meetings all day Monday (8 am – 5 pm). Then I need to squeeze in a trip to the city for a friends parents’ funeral. I also have a big workshop Wednesday that we’ve been planning since September!!!! It’s about Gender Equity for women and girls…I’m really looking forward to that. Though it’s going to be a busy week, it’s going to be good minus attending the funeral.

Life Lately

Some other fun news that I meant to share last week but got out of the blog writing mode. Saï officially got hired on in Nova Scotia. This happened back in early Feburary but he’s been completing his orientation, ride-a-longs, driving and finishing up his shifts in PEI. He is now home for good…we’ll until I kick him out or he picks up extra shifts in PEI. We shall see which comes first, ha ha ha. It’s been an extremely busy few weeks for him so I’m happy he is able to slow down a bit and not be away from us ALL the time. The girls are so happy…as am I. Mama get’s to run whenever she wants now. Ha ha, kidding, we’ll not really.

We did nothing all weekend and it was lovely. Well, Lilly had a birthday party and the girls and Sai played outside in some fresh snow while I ran. Other then that we took it easy as a family. Some much needed time together.

How was your weekend?

Is the weather turning spring-like where you live? 

How long do you stay in your PJ’s on the weekend?