Learning about the Olympics

Every four years we get to experience some amazing sports through the Olympics. Growing up, whether it was the summer or winter Olympics, we’ve always watched them. It became something we did as a family and now that tradition is starting with our daughters.

Our girls are 3.5 and 6 years old, so their understanding of sport is limited to soccer, running and skiing mainly. Watching the Olympics through their eyes is well, eye opening. They know nothing about the sports being played: Rugby 7’s, synchronized diving, rowing, fencing etc. Basically we have to teach them about the sport as they are watching from the knowledge we have.


It’s also been an opportunity for them to understand more about other countries. Sa├» is British and I’m Canadian, so technically the girls have two countries they can cheer on! While watching the Canadian women’s soccer team in their opening game (while playing in the sprinkler cause that’s how we roll), I asked if they wanted to play for Canada some day…they both said yes. Then came the question, do you want to play for Canada Mommy? I laughed and said yes, of course but it just not something I’m able to do.

What I’m Loving About The Olympics So Far

Its day six and I have to admit, I love that all the medals Canada has won have been by women! Strong, powerful and confident women! For my daughters, I love that they have these amazing role models swimming in the pools, running on the fields and riding on the roads. They are striving for their best and really what more can you ask for.

Watching the games online at work (yes, because we are doing that in our office) has been a fun way to see all the advances and set backs Canada (and other countries) are having. If you missed some Canadian highlights, check out this #whatittakes video as I’m sure you will be inspired and see their motivation to do what it takes to succeed.


I don’t know about you but watching this video makes me want to go for a run (my passion) and just get more active in general. During my bike ride Monday (18k) all I could think about is how the cyclist do it since I was going to slow and on a trail at that. Olympic and Paralympic athletes amaze me!

What’s been your favourite “What It Takes” moment for your country?

What sport are you learning more about this Olympics?

Are you more active during the Olympics?


I’ve been MIA

Wow, I’ve been a little MIA on the blog this past week. Life has been crazy – busy. I even have a few posts drafted but have had no time to go back and finish them. This is my best highlight to share with you all :

Lilly’s first time skating ever… on her own… ever!!!

Lilly's first skate!

Lilly’s first skate!

Pretty awesome!

Daddy's girls :)

Lake skating!

I feel like I’ve been running my little butt off this last week, with actually no running at all ­čśŽ Soccer, Swimming (party), Skating, Physio, Soccer, WORK and an upcoming snow storm to hit over the next few days! Fun times had by all!

I’ve barely had time to even watch the Olympics …crazy, I know….obvoiusly my priorities are messed up right now ­čśë I do love waking up to see how well everyone is doing!┬áPS – GO CANADA GO!

I’m off to get a little run in on THE BEAST!

Are you watching the Olympics? 

Favourite moment so far?


Motivation Monday – Olympics

Motivation Monday #29

A little motivation from the Canadian Women’s┬áSynchronized Diving Team

Jennifer Abel & Emilie Heymans

Bronze Medal, London Olympics 2012

Side note: I am on vacation this week – heading to Prince Edward Island, which I’ve blogged about before – here.

I have a few guest post lined up for later in the week!

Hope you enjoy!

Olympics, TV and Working Out

Oh man the Olympics are here!┬á It’s July 27th and we’ve been counting down the days at work until the Olympics. (And it just so happens to be our last day of work before vacation starts!!!!)

With the Olympics starting today, I guarantee┬áTV/Computer consumption will be on the rise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be glued to the TV/Computer watching as many events as I can. BUT, we all need to remember during this amazing event, that WE still need to be active.

During the Olympics, don’t forget to set your own goals:

  • weekly workouts
  • maybe working out during your lunch break so you can watch a certain event at night
  • Use light weights (3 lbs, 5 lbs etc.) and get in an arm workout while watching swimming
  • challenge yourself to a plank – a – day while watching an event
  • do a workout for each event (squats for the 100m race, run on your treadmill during the marathon)
  • pretend to be a boxer
  • eat healthy snacks and hydrate well
  • during a break (half time etc) get up and go for a quick walk, do jumping jacks – get your heart pumping
  • have an olympic party to watch an event – but also add in a little fitness challenge for your guests!
  • don’t become a couch potatoe – it’s just going to be that much harder to start working out again after the Olympics

And don’t forget about the Paralympics August 29th – Sept 9th. Have you seen these athletes in action? They simply amaze me.

For those pregnant mama’s to be – don’t forget about my For Two Fitness Coupon – 20% off until July 31st. To find out more – go to my post on Athletic clothing: what to wear when pregnant

Enjoy the Olympics – but don’t forget to be active.

Do you watch the Olympics?

Who are you cheering for?

How are you going to maintion your fitness level during the Olympics?