The thought of Running again

It’s hard reading running blogs when you’re not running, eh!

Yeah, that’s how I feel.

I haven’t run since last July, when I was 18 weeks pregnant! I had to stop due to pelvic pain. It took me 10 weeks to finally feel okay with not running….I struggled a bit with that.

Now, at 5 weeks postpartum I can’t wait to run BUT, I want to get the A-OKAY from my Doctor first……whom I see next week.

So, I sit and wait. No…don’t sit….sitting isn’t good for you (long period’s of it anyway).

So, I sit and nurse A LOT, carry around a 9 pound 11 oz baby in a car seat, climb up and down the stairs, did I mention I nurse my baby and bounce around with Hilary in my arms. Okay, I don’t bounce but I do little squats. Did you know that carrying a 5 week old almost 10 pound baby can make your squats more challenging? Well, they do.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be plus 3. I’m hoping to get out for a quick walk with Hilary in the stroller. A little fresh air can’t hurt a girl (or baby).

Running sneakers will just have to wait a little longer….but not too much longer. I’m lacing you up the minute I get the A-OKAY. I did warn my sneakers recently in this post here, that their turn would be coming soon.

Tomorrow, it will be my winter hikers….but next week … YOU watch out sneakers…you’re on my New Year’s Resolution list (which I’ll post as soon I as I take one dam picture and download it….I swear my resolutions/goals have been written for a while now).

For now I’ll just dream about running.



Fall Bucket List: Apple Picking

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada (for me) has always been about spending time with family. With my husband’s family in England, it’s a little hard to have a “whole” family dinner/time together. We are lucky to skype with Sai’s Mom almost every Sunday afternoon – it’s become a tradition for us.

This year, besides spending time with my family in Halifax, we took on a few family fun adventures from our Fall Bucket List.

Things we have done so far:

  1. Baked Vegan Pies (Apple and Pumpkin Pies)
  2. Apple Picking
  3. Went to a Pumpkin Patch –¬†Hunting for a BIG ONE.
  4. Drink Fancy/Warm Coffee Drinks


We live in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia – this means apple orchard after apple orchard. It’s awesome!

Last year’s adventures: Lilly and I went to Dempsey’s Corner Farm with our friends. She was about 15-16 months old – what a difference a year makes!

This year’s adventures: Sai, Lilly and I (and of course baby #2) went to Gates Family Farm to pick apples and pears!

Looks like I’ll be baking with apples and pears soon!

Got a great apple muffin recipe in my back pocket.

Have you gone Apple Picking this fall?

What’s on your Fall Bucket List?