Forget That Your Body Aches

You know you’ve had a great workout the day before, when:

  1. Squatting to use the bathroom kills your thighs and you worry you’ll have to go pee again.
  2. Bending over to pick up your kids toys feels SO good on your hamstrings and you stay in the “pose” a little longer. Maybe because you like the stretch or because you can’t move.
  3. When you walk up stairs, any stairs, your calf muscles are shocked that you are using them again.
  4. You go to reach for something up high and feel your back moan.

Then you put your shorts, shirt and sneakers on and workout just as hard!

Feel that burn…ALL…DAY….LONG!


PS – Thank you T25 for an awesome workout yesterday at the office with my co-worker. Always nice to have a partner-in-crime when doing a fun crazy workout, dripping in sweat and laughing it off together. Can’t wait for next week’s workouts.

Pregnancy: 30 Week Update

What’s been happening since I entered my Third Trimester?


 A little less blogging (whoops!) and a little more of sleeping and getting through the days.

Age of toddler: 2 years (2 years and 3 months)


~Ligament pain, pelvic pain – sporting a new maternity back brace – I’m sexy and I know it (see picture below)

~Exhaustion is setting in again. By the end of the work day I am pretty tired and usually in bed by 9pm.

~Hip pain on my left (not sciatic pain like with Lilly) knock-on-wood.

~ Braxton Hicks Contractions.


~ Having a toddler who wants to run, jump and play all the time – I can’t move as fast as I want to.

~ Picking things up off the floor or trying to put sneakers/boots on 😦

~ The feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of the day – my body has literally just shut down a few times.

Baby’s Movement: This baby loves life! Arms, legs, fingers and toes are just bee-boping around. My husband can actually feel a limb when the baby is moving. If I place something on my belly, it will wiggle or be bumped off by the baby. It’s such an amazing feeling – probably the best feeling during pregnancy. I will miss this for sure!

Exercise: I have been slowing down more and more on the exercise. Not because I don’t enjoy it but because I am just exhausted. I can manage my ball exercises from my physiotherapist and one or two 30 minute walks in the evening. I was planning on taking a prenatal yoga class but they have cancelled it. (BUMMER!).

Since I am off work one day a week, my plan is to hit our local pool and swim/water aerobics with the older ladies 🙂 It’s only $2 and a 5 minute drive from my house. Gotta take advantage of that AND my maternity bathing suit I bought!

Side note: I bought my maternity bathing suit the day I went into labour with Lilly, without knowing I was in labour later that day! Spent $45 on it, washed it as soon as I got home so I could swim the next day. Needless to say, I never used it with Lilly.

My Mood: Starting to get more emotional! Yikes!  When I was pregnant with Lilly I cried all the time at the stupidest things! Seriously!!! Also, my brother was in Afghanistan so I was a little more on edge than normal. This pregnancy I was a little worried at how I wasn’t so emotional and thought something wasn’t right….but once I hit the third trimester it started to come back. I’m a sucker for tv show’s with sick kids or dying people. Tissue please.

I’m really happy to be in the third trimester and see the end in sight.

Preparation for Baby #2:

 ~Buying winter items second-hand – which I will blog about one of these days.

~ 0-3 month old sleepers – didn’t really need many for Lilly in June-August but they are a must this winter for baby.

~ Buying “newborn” cloth diapers this time around. Lilly didn’t fit into her cloth diapers until 2 months!

~Cleaning / organizing baby’s room.

~ Spending time with Lilly talking about the baby and the changes that will happen.

Difference in Pregnancy #2:

~Less emotional up until third trimester

~ No sciatica pain (so far)

~ Not so worried about eating certain foods (caffeinated pop occasionally, deli meats from Subway occasionally and feta cheese – only if it’s pasteurized). And chocolate too! I’m not perfect.

~ Have a busy 2-year-old who wants to run, jump and play all the time

Similarities in Pregnancy #2:

~Pelvic /ligament pain

~ Sever pain rolling over in bed (ligament pain)

Photo Update:

30 weeks with Lilly

30 weeks with baby #2

My cool maternity back brace – pretty spiffy!

Next update: 32 weeks.

Adventures for this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend – apple picking, pumpking picking, making pies (Fall Bucket List) and dinner with our family! Can’t wait!

Canada – Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

{OH – AND, I’m now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Woot woot!

You’ll hear more about it soon!}