My Last Long Run

Sunday October 5th was my last long run in my training plan for my upcoming half marathon. After a rough night with the girls – both up a few times – I was up at 6:15 and out the door just before 7 AM. Pretty good so far. The run went from bad to good to hard to awesome.

Wore a piece of my girls with me on my run:


Ladybug hair clip

I was on my own for 19 kilometers, that’s a LONG time to be on your own with no friend to talk to or music to bob up and down to (yeah, I don’t run with music). It was a long time to “think” …. and so I did, it went a little something like this:


  • I’m wearing too many layers…keep going don’t turn back.
  • Seriously, WHY am I running again?
  • I don’t like running (today).
  • How am I going to run a HALF marathon next week?

3k: Stop to take a picture

  • While taking this photo I thought, yeah, I’ll just stop and take pictures of my run.
  • That will make a great blog post.

Check out the trail I’m running on:

Nice trail under the road sign!

Nice trail under the road sign!

  • Okay, I can do this.
  • Oh, look pumpkin people – photo time.
Just a few of the Pumpkin People I saw.

Just a few of the Pumpkin People I saw.

  • Dang, I just kicked my left ankle. Good thing I have on my ProCompression socks on….my ankle won’t have dirt on it when I get home.
  • And, “RESUME” Garmin – shit…I forgot to turn it back on. Awww, man! Beep beep – on again.
  • Time to cross the street.
  • It’s getting lighter outside; rain please stay away.
  • Kicked myself AGAIN!
  • Cop car! S’up!
  • Honk honk…helly buddy I don’t know.
  • Another cop car…really ?
  • Oh look, that’s how fast I am running in the school zone!
How fast am I running?

How fast am I running?


  • Okay, I love running again, this is GREAT!
  • I’ll take my GU near when I get close to the garbage bin.
  • Pumpkin people again!
  • Let’s play with the Vanilla GU as I run down THIS hill (stress reliever ???)
  • Yes, the garbage bin. GU time!
  • Man, I’m a messy water drinker when I run. Good thing there is no one around.
  • Okay, new plan is to U-turn at 8k.
Vanilla Bean GU!

Vanilla Bean GU!

7.84km: (this time stuck in my head)

  • Oh those leaves are pretty {mental note, take phone out for picture on return}
  • When will my Garmin hit 8km?
  • Finally, 8k, U Turn!
  • Pretty red leaves
Couldn't pass this up!

Couldn’t pass this up!

  • Hello lady I’ve seen for the last 4 Sunday mornings…won’t see you next week!
  • Another HILL…good lord!
  • Finally, that hill is over only a few more to go.


  • I’m pooped! No, I didn’t poop my pants but I’m just pooped from running.
  • Side walk construction: should I run on the road or on the shoulder (sand/gravel).
  • Road wins.
  • Car coming. Game over (moves off-road).
  • Car passes by: game on!
  • Transport Truck coming – GAME OFF…jumps off road.
  • Thank you truck driver for giving me lots of space – air high-five to you!


  • Second GU (Chocolate Outrage)
  • Decision made: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate GU for the half. Must go purchase before Friday.
  • I’m running fast again, sweet!
  • Oh my, this hill is going to be a killer. Keep your head down and just run to the sign.
  • Where is that sign again?
  • Really, it’s that far away from me?
  • A few more steps, I feel like a turtle.
  • Oh thank god I made it to the hill, only 4k to go.


  • First I need to catch my breath…I think this is another hill/incline. Maybe that’s why I usually run it in the opposite direction.
  • Yup, it’s a hill…and walk.
  • Walk faster.
  • Okay, it’s time to run again.


  • 3 more to go.
  • I’m running fast AGAIN…this is wonderful!
  • Just make it to the top of the hill, you can rest then.
  • Almost there.
  • Done, made it. No resting. Keep going only 2k now.


  • Running fast again.
  • Umm, am I crying?
  • Why am I crying?
  • Seriously, I’m crying. Weird.
  • Take the next left.
  • Okay, u-turn back home, almost done!
  • And……DONE. 19k… STOP the GARMIN.
19k done!

19k done!

And that my friends was my last long run before my half!

A little yoga and stretching with my two best girls:

Yoga/Stretching post long run :)

Yoga/Stretching post long run 🙂

After yoga, I got all cleaned up, put a new pair of PRO Compression sleeves on (seriously, I love these) and went for a walk with Sai and the girls.

What do you think of when you run?

What’s your lucky thing to wear?

What random things have you thought of on your long/solo runs?



Sorry September but I’m fallen for October

Sept 30th 2014 (9:50pm)

Me: I said to my husband “Gawd, I can’t wait for this month to be over”.

He replies with “we’ll you only have a few hours to go”.

Me: Smart ass.

Him: Well, it’s true.

Me: Frig, it’s still September, right!

Him: Yeah, for a few more hours.

Me: I’m ready for October to be done, already!

It’s such a busy time of year with work and I am on the road more than I am in the office which can make for long days of driving. Oh, and I’ve got a little run coming up soon……make that two runs coming up.

Lilly old

Fall 2011

I do love the fall; beautiful trees, stunning weather, fresh crisp air, pumpkins, apple pickingfall races and Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. Gobble Gobble 🙂


Total mileage: 142 km (88 miles)

My mileage this year is 847 km. I’m only 163 km to my 1000 km goal…then I will just stop running. Just kidding 😉

Sept mileage 2014

September Goals:

  • Train for Half Marathon – Yes 
  • Run Tartan Twosome @ Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 12th –  5k Recap and Sept 13th – 10k Recap)
  • Sign Lilly up for a class – Nope, but I have a soccer registration form printed.
  • Vacation in PEI – Done.  Accomplished in the first week 🙂
  • Add in some strengthening workouts to my running. Kinda
  • Apple picking. Lilly went with her day care but we haven’t gone as a family yet.
  • Cook some food from my Oh She Glow’s Cookbook. Not yet.

October Goals:

  • Run my 2nd Half Marathon – Valley Harvest Marathon Oct 12th
  • Watch Lilly run her 3rd race (400 meters) @ Valley Harvest Marathon Kids Run
  • Play outside with our girls.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving (Canada) October 12th/13th
  • Run BLT 5k Race – Oct 25th
  • Change up my running and workouts (variety)
  • Bake an apple pie
  • Go see the Pumpkin People
  • Halloween!

How was your September?

Any October goals?

Do you go apple, pear, pumpkin picking?

Half Marathon Training Week #1 Done!

My first week of half marathon training in the all done!!! I have to admit it was a pretty awesome week of running. I usually like to start my training on Sundays but this training plan starts on Mondays which kinda threw me off later in the week. It’s all good.

What was planned VS. What happened!

Sunday – 7k {not part of training} It was a super hot day and my husband was home. We both wanted to run that day so I decided to run on the treadmill in the afternoon {in our cool basement} and he ran that night around 8pm. He made the better choice as it was still super hot in our basement when I ran. I wish I would have just waited until the evening but glad I got it done.

Monday Stretch & Strength: 5k- fast outside {28:41} Was so close to getting a new PB but failed and then slowed down for the remainder of the run. Ahh well, another time. What I loved about this run? That when I got home my husband got his running gear on and ran 8 km. #tagteam 🙂

Tuesday 5k  – 5k outside {29:04} a.k.a The day we took Hilary’s dummy away! This run almost didn’t happen but I managed a late night run (8:30 – 9 pm). I was really happy I got it done. 

Mother Runner Soother

Wednesday5 x 400 @ 5k PaceYoga for Runners Workshop I went to a 1.5 hour workshop on yoga for runners…it was great. Just what my body needed. I basically switched Monday and Wednesday’s workouts minus the speed training. 

Thursday 5k – Rest Day I took today as a rest day as I had Friday off work and wanted to run outside then inside. 

Friday – Rest Day5k outside. Had the day off work and kept the girls in day care! I had the whole day to myself and took advantage with a slow run outside in the humidity heat.

PR Day 5 Training VHM

Saturday 5k8k treadmill 100% read the plan wrong and thought my long run was on Saturdays not Sundays. It was a good run…nothing spectacular but I was happy to run that distance again. 

Sunday8k5k outside. We took a trip to visit my family in Halifax and I went for a run in my old stopping ground. It. Was. Awesome! I got a new 5k Personal Best of 27:43 🙂

New 5k Personal Best

New 5k Personal Best

And just like that my first week of training is done, only 11 weeks more to go!

Total Mileage for the Week: 28km

Total Mileage for Training: 28km {Can’t wait to see what it is after 12 weeks}

How was your weekend?

Ever mess up your training schedule by mistake?

How’s the heat ?

Running and No Kids!

Horay, it’s Friday! 

So………I took today off work  and even kept the girls in day care!!! Woah! That means that I had a FULL DAY TO MYSELF! Sometimes when I have a day to myself I want to cram in everything which means I don’t really get to enjoy my day. Not today…I didn’t even make a list….for those of you that know my mad-list making skills…you can pick your jaw up off the floor.

I dropped the girls off at 8:10 and picked up a few groceries {something I feel like I am ALWAYS doing}, slowly got ready for a run and then ran mid morning – it was hot. I watched a little tv, ate a non-kid friendly lunch s-l-o-w-l-y and even got a little laundry and mopping done!

Today was supposed to be a “rest day” but since I knew I would be home today I switched yesterday’s 5k with today’s “rest day”. I’d much rather run outside then be on my treadmill and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be outside today. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thankful I have a treadmill 🙂

PR Day 5 Training VHM

Rocking my Bluenose Marathon shirt, Swirl Gear shorts and New Balance shoes!

I changed up my normal 5k route and went in a complete opposite direction which took me down a nice trail and then back into my subdivision. My legs were heavy but my heart was telling me I could do it or maybe it was my new PRO Compression socks that arrived in the mail this morning. I dunno!

PR Run on trail stingers socks

New socks, Lemon Stingers and THE Trail

Side note: I learned that I don’t like Lemon stingers – just can’t deal with the texture….great…now what does one do with the reset of the lemon stingers.

I wasn’t trying to run for a certain time but was running to get in the kilometers. This month’s km’s are going to be a little lower than expected but I’m 100% fine with that because I managed 3 soccer games, some yoga and swimming too.

Oh….and I signed up for another race! About a month ago a friend of mine asked if there were any races going on when she was home visiting and I gave her a list. She then asked if I would join her…..of course I said yes even though I didn’t want to do any races in July/August. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run with her 🙂 So 10k it is next weekend which I’m really not ready for but it kinda works with my 1/2 marathon training plan.

This weekend we’ll be hanging out at home and then visiting my family 🙂 Lots of outdoor play, swimming, running and I’m sure good food 🙂

What are your weekend plans?

Anyone running / racing ?

Do you often get a day to yourself? What do you do?