August Adventures

Oh, I think August is my favourite month of the year. It’s hot, vacation time, soccer season, stupid HOT, perfect beach weather, watermelon heaven and hot. I’m not a fan of the muggy heat we’ve been having (who has) but I love the heat when I’m in the water – beach, lake, pool….sprinkler too!

I started two weeks of vacation late July and into August and have done so for the last number of years. It’s kinda the perfect timing of almost being burnt out from work but we can still enjoy the summer days with our kids.

We hit up PEI for a short trip due to some car troubles (BIG SAD FACE). We got to visit with family, spend time at our favourite beach and had a lot of car time together (not always fun with young kids).

We spent a lot of time at my parents place swimming in their pool, took an unexpected trip to Peggy’s Cove (again, due to the same car troubles) and had tones of ice cream. I’m pretty sure we ate ice cream twice a day for 3-4 days….I’m not complaining.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I bought a new bike!!!! I’ve been wanting a new bike for a few years now and finally broke down and bought the Liv (Giant) Avail 1. It’s awesome and I love it.

I’ve still yet to name her so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. I’m feeling Besty or Blue, I dunno. Hit me up some some suggestions. Though I seem to be getting in some nice rides (44km long ride with my husband), I’ve only managed a few runs.

As I mentioned on IG, I’ve been struggling with my interest with running mainly since I got injured in April but even before that as I barely ran any km this year. I’m trying hard to get in 2-3 runs a week and that’s beyond any soccer games (which yes, is running), riding (once, maybe twice a week) and yoga randomly.

Summer has been busy for our girls with soccer practices twice a week for L and games EVERY SATURDAY! Actually, make that TWO GAMES EVERY SATURDAY. We are exhausted from all the soccer but she’s loving it. H is has been doing some private swim lessons which have been amazing for her. My girls and I went on a trail ride last week (8.61 km), lots of visits to the library, the beach, a friends cottage and even the dentist! Who plans dental appointments during vacation? That was clearly a VERY BAD idea.

Any…way. Summer vacation was good to us and it’s back to work now (BIG SAD FACE AGAIN). Only three more weeks from today and SCHOOL STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!! And one more week of vacation for me 🙂

How’s your summer going?

Anyone exhausted from their kids summer sporting commitments?

Loving running lately or not?

Bike name suggestions?

2018 Running Wrap Up (Late, I know)

I’m not very on top of wrapping up 2018, am I? It’s almost the end of January and I’m just getting around to it now.

2018 was a year of trying to avoid injury and get back to enjoying running again. I signed up for two half marathons, one 5 miler, a 10k and paced a 10k race as well.

The Bluenose Half Marathon was my first race of the year (May) and mainly signed up because a friend of mine convinced me to (well in advance). We both started our training plans in February and both managed to get through it all. The course was in reverse direction from previous years so that intrigued me for some reason.

I’m not going to lie, it was rough! Well, the first 11-13km was great – really great and then it all went downhill for me. Actually, it was literally all uphill from 13k on…hill after hill, after hill but I sure wasn’t ready for some of those climbs. The rain wasn’t a problem – even the downpour of rain didn’t bother me during the last few kilometers but those hills were a killer. In the end, we both had a great run. I finished in 2:25 – not awesome but I was happy to finish.

Then came summer with no races planned but lots of soccer, swimming and cycling. I started training for my next half marathon which I’d run later in October.

September brought two races my way. I ran the Berwick 5 miler which I feel this could be one of my favourite routes to run in a race. It’s super flat with an incline that lasts forever but not bad. I hope to run this again in 2019. I look like I’m dying in the photo below, that’s because I was. I pushed the pace in this race, something I haven’t done in a long time. I was literally trying to catch my breath when this was taken. Note my kids on the right hand side of the photo are clearly NOT concerned about me!

In September I also ran the Maritime Race Weekend 10k and felt great during that run – another great event! It was an extremely hot morning once the fog lifted but a great course on run on by the ocean! Finish line photo from my running buddy Krystol, (the only race we ran together.

During the month of September I managed to run 123 km training for my October half marathon. I’ve never run this much before in a month and most of these runs were done at 5:30 am or 6 am. I was finally doing some speed work and seeing the result during my runs.

October arrived and I was lucky enough to be a pace bunny for the 10k (1:10 finish time) at the Valley Harvest Marathon with True North Pacing. This was my third time pacing this distance and time and finished in 1:10:06!! I’m pretty sure I love pacing races more then I do running them for myself. It’s a lot of fun, motivating and inspiring.

A week later, my husband and I drove over to PEI (4.5 hour drive) to run the PEI Half Marathon together. Well, not really together since he runs so much faster than me but you know what I mean.

We both had awesome races. Saï finished in 1:46 and I in 2:16. I managed to knock off 9 minutes from my May half marathon. We had a great weekend away with our kids – yes, we run races while on vacation without our kids. I’ve already said to Saï that we have to pick our race for this year to run together.

So, 2018 was a great year for running some great races in Nova Scotia and PEI. Though some were rough, challenging, some were amazing experiences and an chance to continue being active in the sports I love.

How was your 2018?

Have you planning out your 2019 races? (I have not)

Anyone repeating a race from last year? (I will be – likely many).

Oh Hey! I’m still running!

Hey there!

I’ve been running but not blogging lately. We’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks and I thought about writing some blog posts but in the end, I took a bit of a social media break. I even logged out of my apps on my phone *gasp*!!!!!!!! It was WONDERFUL!

I’ve been running a lot, playing soccer, swimming a bit in the OCEAN and lakes, doing a little yoga and cycling while on vacation with my family. We went to the beautiful Prince Edward Island and swam in the ocean during our intense heat and humidity.

Brackely Beach Pipers Run

We also hit up the Butterfly house, visited with family, had an amazing even with friends and their kids. I ran super early in the mornings … ha ha okay, not super early. However, 7 am or 8 am runs while on vacation is early while the rest of the family was still asleep.

Piper PEI Run.jpg

We hate so much ice cream! SO. MUCH. ICE CREAM!!! I might have hit my quota for ice cream this summer…. *might*. We have a list….oh yes, a list of ice cream places we wanted to go to and we’ve hit all 7 of them. Looks like we’re going to have to add on to that list because summer isn’t over.

What else? I’ve been reading more then I ever have. The girls are doing a summer reading program with our library so I figured I’d sign up. I’m not a big novel reader but I’ve found some good ones to read. Ones that I can’t put down which is nice!

summer reading

This past weekend the four of us went to Valley Yoga Festival. The girls went to the kids class and my husband and I went to the other class – his first time! It was great! Also, coaching soccer is wrapping up this week so life is going to be a lot less chaotic in our house!!

What else….oh I signed up for two fall races! I’ll share those with you soon but I’m in week 4 of half marathon training with my husband. Yup, we’re running a race together this fall 🙂


I’ll start blogging about my half marathon training soon!

How’s your summer going?

Beach or Lake?

Training for a fall race?



Week 5 Half Training MRW in Photos

Last week we spent the week in Prince Edward Island near Brackley Beach. It’s one of my favourite places to be. Beach, sunshine, ice cream overload, dinner with family, dinner with friends, dodging jelly fish, cottage life for a week!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:


Monday: Stretch & Strenghten |Nothing. We drove to Halifax to spend the night there and get Carmacks settled in.

Tuesday: 6k | Nothing. Spent the day traveling over to PEI. Though I missed my run, we walked along the beach that evening and I got 11,100 steps in that day. There were SO many jelly fish that we couldn’t really swim but managed to get into our waste a few times (dodging jelly fish).


Wednesday: 7 x 400 @ 5k pace | 5k morning run in PEI. It sure was hard getting up but was nice to be running.


Thursdsay: 5k + strength | 5k morning run in PEI. Enjoyed this run a lot. Post long run selfie with my backwards inside out pj’s girl.


Friday: Rest Day | 13k Long Run along Brackley Beach. This was probably my most favourite long run to date. Running near the beach on almost 100% flat ground. I even stopped to climb a set of stairs and take in the view of the beach above.


Saturday: 5k Race | Rest Day. We traveled back from PEI to Halifax, swam, had dinner with my family and then drove back to the Valley.


Sunday: 13k | Soccer Game. I had a soccer game and since my long run was complete I didn’t really do much of anything else. That is besides, laundry, cleaning and getting groceries. The dreaded first day back from being away!

Weekly mileage: 23k. Though I missed 7k and two strength training sessions, I’m still happy with my week of training while on vacation. Let’s hope this week, while home on vacation I can get in my runs in between beach days and adventures with my girls (while my husband works).

Oh, and we ate tones of ice cream while in PEI….three times in 24 hours to be exact!

How was your week?

Do you train while on vacation?

Lover of ice cream?


Half Marathon Training Week 5 Maritime Race Weekend

Summer sure is ticking right along…it’s now August…half the year is done! The good news is I’m on vacation and have been last week too…so time isn’t on my radar.

Though I was on vacation, it was my best running week since starting this training plan. I managed three good runs (challenging in the heat), a little competitive swimming (not my strength) and lots of relaxing too!

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Maritime Race Weekend: Sept 16 & 17th (double race – Tartan Twosome).

Note: I started vacation Friday afternoon. We left for Prince Edward Island (PEI) on Tuesday and came home Saturday. So this week was all about running on vacation!

Monday July 24th: Coaching Soccer | Mowed the lawn. I really wanted to get this done along with packing for vacation and cleaning the house. So mid-day, I mowed the lawn in what was a cooler part of the day (by magic I believe) and spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, packing etc. The girls were at my parents place…so I was kid less and my husband was working!

Tuesday: Yoga | Morning Run with Saï – Light swim. Since we were on our own, we thought it would be fun to go for a morning run before hitting the road to get the girls then travelling to PEI. We woke up to a massive downpour and figured running in rain like that wouldn’t be fun for anyone. So we skipped the run and had a dip in the pool later that evening at the cottage we stayed at.

Wednesday: Coaching Soccer/Run | 7k Morning Run. I got up to run at 7am and was out the door pretty quickly to run on roads I’ve knew nothing about. I decided to run on the road that the cottage property was located by and came across a gate. I went under the gate to find a highway with an amazing paved trail on the side of the road. This is one of the things I love about PEI – the amazing biking/running trails they have near their Provincial Parks.


I decided to follow the trail as long as I could then returned back the same way. It was a slow run with a number of stops as it was so beautiful to look around. My husband ran the same route later that evening.

Then we spent the day at Brackley Beach – my absolute favourite beach!

Saï and the girls.


Thursday: Hills | 6k Morning Run. It was super warm at 7:15 am so I took it easy and went in the other direction that had a few more hills to it. So technically, I ran a few hills 😉

Fact: PEI has red sand/mud. You can’t really see it / it looks like my freckles and birth mark but my ankles are covered in red sand. Lilly took this shot for me and at first I hated it. Then it took a few minutes and figured…screw that…THESE are my legs that get me through my runs…I’m sharing it.


Friday: Rest Day | Swimming Competition. We decided to go swimming at the cottage pool and ended up having the place to ourselves. We swam with the girls and then decided to see who could swim the furthest under water (my husband and I). Our youngest Hilary decided it was a competition and then we started (or at least I did) swimming a little harder. Saï can swim faster then me no problem but I was just trying to go as fast as I could so I didn’t lose. We did more laps back and forth then one would want to do 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I was exhausted by the end. We also went to see “The Secret Life of Pets” and had a great dinner with some of our PEI friends.

Saturday: 15k Long Run | Nothing. I was going to get up early and run but we slept on a horrible pull out coach and I didn’t sleep well each night. I was so tired and just stayed in the horrible bed instead of running. It was also a travel day for us…PEI/cottage time was over so it was a day in the car and back home.

We also had the amazing Cows Ice Cream before we left PEI.


Sunday: Cross Train/Soccer Game | 17k Long Run. I feel like this is a story I could save for another day. I’ll give you the basics….it was 17C when I started my run, which felt amazing! I got out the door at 6:25 AM (YES, win for me) and was home before my youngest woke up at 8:40. Actually, they were all in bed when I arrived back home. I’m going to leave it at that and write more details tomorrow.


KM This Week: 30 km

KM This Training Cycle: 92 km

Overall: This was a really good week of running for me. Three days is the most running I’ve done since June! I just needed a break after my last half marathon and then decided to ease into increasing my days of running vs yoga/soccer etc.

I loved my long run and just felt great during the whole run…okay, maybe not around kilometre 15 or so…but I am really enjoyed the longer distance. If you missed week #4, you can catch up here.

Anyone else have a good training run on the weekend? 

Do you run while away on vacation?

Favourite way to stay active while on vacation?


Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon Training Week #7

Alright, we are getting closer to race weekend…only 5 more weeks to go….actually 32 days! Last week’s training had me running in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) and it couldn’t have been any better.

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 3rd (Holiday) Rest DayRest Day at the Cleveland beach with our girls {traveled to Halfax}.

Tuesday 5k5k. I got up early to get this run in my old neighbourhood. The girls were still sleeping as I ran but were up before I got back to my parents house. Later that day, we spent 5 hours in our car driving to PEI. One hour was spent having a picnic, looking at motorcycles and trucks and a little bubble blowing.


Wednesday8kNothing. Spent the day with my family; we played in a playground in the morning and then hit up Brackley Beach {PEI} in the afternoon. We all swam in the ocean, built sand castles and just hung out….it was a perfect!


Brackley Beach, PEI.

Thursday5k14k long run. I decided to do my long run on Thursday vs trying to do it Saturday before heading back to Halifax with the girls (4-5 hour drive on my own again).

I wanted to run some of the PEI Half Marathon route since I’ll be doing that on October 16-18th weekend, so I ran first half of the loop and then got a little lost. I knew the area I was in and how to get out but I couldn’t find one street (Brittany Ave) the bottom half of the route. I did a loop and ran up towards North River Road to Capitol Drive then found myself at the end of a road. I did however, find the Confederation trail at the end of the road and proceeded along that for a while.

I saw a few runners and walkers – that was fun. Still, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get back to the house. I zigged and zagged a bit but eventually found where I was going. Little did I know if I stayed on the trail, I would have ended up finishing right beside the house! Go figure!!!!

It was the best long run I’ve had in a while. My legs felt great, my lungs felt good, it wasn’t muggy and the sun was shining. I had a nice blister forming on my baby toe but didn’t let that stop me…the only thing that did was the stop lights.


Charlottetown Boardwalk @ 7am.

Friday – Rest Day8k.  I was hoping to run between 5- 8 km but wasn’t sure how my blister would hold up. I hit a lot of stop lights again 😦 Ahhh well, I ran on the boardwalk again and after completing 5 km, I took a little break to stretch. I was still far away from the house so I decided to keep running. I ran by the house just over 7 km so I kept running on the Confederation Trail until I hit 8k.

Enter blister #2 😦


Assessing my pace and blisters 😦

Saturday14k Unplanned Rest Day. We drove back from PEI (about a 4.5 hour trip) and I was planning on going to the gym that evening once the girls went to bed. I also wanted to do some shopping for new running shorts (which I did but wasn’t successful unless I wanted to buy runder-wear shorts). When I looked online to see what time the gym closed, it said 8pm. It was already 7pm and shopping had to be done before cause nobody wants to shop after a sweaty gym workout.

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get my workout in, so I went shopping anyway. After feeling frustrated that I could only purchase tight & SUPER short runder-wear shorts *like running in your underwear SHORT*, I purchased a pair of cycling shorts! Not running shorts but a nice win!

Sunday – Cross Train5k + PT exercises.  I needed this run, not just to get all my mileage in this week but I had a rough day with the girls. I put on my “badass mother runner” tank but felt like more of a bad mother then anything. Rough day = rough run but I got it done {survived the day and survived 5k}.


Overall: This was a great week with my family and I managed all my runs while on vacation – no complaints here.


  • Swimming at Brackley Beach with my family. I could have spent all day here with them.
  • Long run in Charlottetown – temperature was perfect and my body (minus my toes) was loving every step I took.

Low point: Not getting to the gym Saturday and blisters 😦

Week 7 # of km:  32

Total KM of training to date: 188

Looking forward to this week: Figuring out how to get back to work and balance running, being a mom and life things! Also, I’m really needing to do a better job of getting in ALL my PT exercises done in one day.I’m also nervous to see my Physiotherapist tomorrow! Eeek!

Week 6 if you missed it.

How was your weekend?

Anyone run or beach it up?

What’s your favourite pair of running shorts (looking for recommendations)?

Summer Fun List 2015

This past winter, I never would have thought we’d see the hot summer days ever again! Man, we got blasted with snow storm after snow storm from the end of January to the end of March. IT.WAS.NUTS!

That being said, I’ve been writing down things I wanted to do this summer with our girls. It’s now turned into a summer fun list. These are very specific to Nova Scotia (where I live) and hopefully lead to a lot of great adventures:

Bridgetown Playground

  • Strawberry pickingdone.
  • Go to the Bridgetown Natural Playground (pic above) and have a picnic
  • Swim at Lumsden’s Beach
  • Hike the trails near our house/play in the stream
  • Trip to Prince Edward Island
  • Hit up a beach on the South Shore of Nova Scotia (1.5 hours or so away)
  • Girls – weekend with Grandparents & Me – weekend with my girlfriend who’s expecting in Sept.
  • Camp in the backyard with my family (or camp site if time permits)
  • Go paddling with my family
  • Swim in a lakedone once already.
  • Go to the drive-in theatre – probably sans kiddo’s
  • Complete all my long runs
  • And of course…snuggle with a new niece or nephew later in the summer 🙂

There are more things I want to do this summer with the fam, but I’m keeping it to this list for now.

What’s on your summer fun list?

Traveling far or staying local this summer?

Hope you enjoy your summer!

Cheers, Piper 🙂