Tartan Twosome: 10k Race Recap (Race #2 at Maritime Race Weekend)

And just like that it was race number 2! Saturday morning sunrise 10k was on tap…so was another 6km run after my race. This is what happens when you are training for a half marathon and have other races on your long run day.

If you missed my Maritime Race Weekends’  Tartan Twosome 5k recap, you can check it out here.

First off, I had the worst sleep ever after a run and the night before a race (my second race). And it had nothing to do with my girls not sleeping. I just couldn’t relax enough to sleep, tossed and turned all night until my alarm went off at 5:25 am.

After I jumped up got out of bed at 5:35, told my husband what time it was, we quickly got ready to go and were out the door by 6:10. With the girls still asleep, my Dad came in the room to stay with Hilary as she was sound asleep. We picked up my long-time (high school) friend, Tracey and I ate my breakfast in the car. Tracey and I played soccer together for years and she was running her 2nd half marathon (and did great!).

pre 10k tartan twosome with tracey

It was cold and I was dressed in my capri running pants with sweatpants over top and a long-sleeved sweater on. Brrr! We decided to park a little further way from the start/finish area so we could leave after our race. When we arrived at 6:45 we decided to hang out in the car until 7am.

It was less than 10 minutes from our car to the start area which was perfect. We walked by one porta-potty and turned the corner to see a massive line up for 10 porta-pottys. I went back to that short-line single porta-potty so I could pee one last time and changed from my capri running pants to my running shorts – Best.Decision.Ever! I also drank my Vega Pre-Workout Energizer Drink love this!

I wanted to line up early in the shoot but time got away from us and at 7:43 I rushed to the start shoot and squeezed my way in. I lost Krystol and Tracey but found @epileptrick and Bagtown Blogtrotter so we chatted some more. It was getting super crowded, even more so then the night before. OH and, the 5k, 10k, 1/2 and FULL all lined up together. It was kinda crazy having all distances together but I guess it worked out okay in the end.

As the gun went off we all shuffled forward and as I crossed the start line I hit start on my Garmin. What a lovely sound that is at the start line….multiple Garmin’s beeping at the same time.

Krystol and I ran together chatting for a while and then just before the 3km marker we saw THE HILL. I seriously knew nothing about this course and almost freaked out when I saw this hill. It started off as an incline that was manageable then quickly turned into a massive hill. I tried my best not to look all the way to the top and focused on my little steps. Twice, I wanted to give up and walk but I didn’t. We both pushed up the hill and high-fived each other at the top!

Hill accomplished!

The remainder of the run took us back down that hill and onto flat ground from about 4 – 10km. Around the 5km mark, Krystol started to pull ahead of me by a few steps. She was ready to push the last 5k of the race, I was not. As she made the turn around point we smiled and waved to each other.

I took a GU (tri-berry) around 7k and some water the volunteers were handing out and kept on running. The scenery was amazing at this point; I could see a golf course up on my right and the ocean on my left with the sun at my back. The moon was still out and I decided to take it all in.

I have to admit, I loved running on my own. I’d pass a few people then have a bunch of space to run by myself. I got passed a few times and repeated this until just before the finish. I had to remind myself that this 10k was just the beginning of my day and I had another 6k to go later in the morning…so I paced myself comfortably.

Around 43 minutes I figured I was going to get a Personal Best, so I started to push it. I slowly increased my speed just like the 5k run but was completely comfortable and confident with my pace. I passed my husband again and gave him a thumbs up as he tried to take a picture of me running past.

As I entered the finish shoot I sped up even more and once I turned the corner I said a quick “hello” to a TTP runner/spectator and sprinted to the finish. I stopped my Garmin once I hit the finish line and quickly bent over in exhaustion! I couldn’t believe that I got another PB when it wasn’t my focus and was super excited as Krystol finished before me with a Personal Best too! It was simply awesome.

PR Post 10k Tartan Twosome

We got our medals (two: one for the 10k and one for completing the tartan twosome) and I quickly headed for some food. Chocolate milk, bagels, banana’s and watermelon again…yes please…I have another 6k later this morning 🙂 We all met up afterwards and watched the men’s half marathoner speed past us!

I still can’t believe the races I had this weekend. The weather was amazing, Cow Bay/Fisherman’s Cove was BEE-UUUUU-TA-FULLLLL and the pirates once again did not disappoint.

We walked the 10 minutes back to our car, I stretched and then we went to quickly buy Lilly a pair of ski’s/boots and bindings for Christmas! Early yes, amazing price – oh yeah!


On the way back to my parents place I ate some Welch’s fruit snacks and some water. Sai dropped me off about 6km away from home and off I went. I took it the next 6k at a slower pace but completely enjoyable. There were over 30 people biking, walking and running on the rails-to-trails in Timberlea – so awesome. I had some time to reflect about my runs and comments from friends during this 6k and got a little emotional about it all.

Once off the trail and into my parents sub-division, my father drove by as I was climbing up my last hill and he pulled over to wait. With concern written all over his face, he asked “Wanna drive home”? I responded with “Nope, I have 1 more kilometer to go”. He asked how my race went and I said “awesome”.

PR Personal Best at Maritime Race Weekend

I did exactly what I wanted to do; finish 5k under 30 minutes, finish 10k under 60 minutes and have enough juice in my legs to run 6k after both races. It was a complete bonus that I PB’d at both races.

Would I do this race again? Hands down, YES. When can I sign up again?

Best part of my this event: Having my husband at both runs 🙂

The Maritime Race Weekend was an awesome event in a beautiful location. As I said before, the race director put her heart and soul into this weekend. Thank you to all the volunteers, police officers, the community of Cow Bay/Fisherman’s Cove, race committee and race director, Michelle. What a fantastic event.

Sign me up for 2015!

Ever go blind into a course/event and come out with an amazing experience?

What’s the most bling you’ve received for a race/event?

What’s the most important “thing” for a successful race?

Check back this week, I have two giveaway’s coming up 🙂

How to Survive a Winter Storm (in the Spring!)

We’re about to be hit with another snow storm in Nova Scotia. Yes, it’s still March but technically it is spring. We’ve been watching the warnings on the weather network, local tv news stations, reading it in newspapers and it’s plastered all over Facebook – “Another Wednesday snow storm to hit Nova Scotia”. Urgh!

This time around, we have had multiple days to prepare for the “White-Juan” that hit the Maritimes back in 2004. Cancellations, road advisories, rescheduling events are consuming people, along with preparing for the storm.


Winter Storm Survival in NS Pipers Run

How to Survive a (late) Snow Storm in the Spring:

Be prepared:

  1. Stock up on food. Snack food and food you can make if the power goes out. The storm may only last a few hours to a few days – be prepared for the unknown.
  2. Stock your wood pile if you have a wood stove or fire-place. If you don’t bring the wood inside before the storm, there is a good chance you won’t be able to get outside during the storm.
  3. Get extra water for toilets (power outages), and drinking water.
  4. Double check your batteries and flashlights are ready to go. Also, find any extra candles and matches.
  5. Charge your cell phone, lap top, IPad, IPod etc – might be a while until you can do so again!
  6. Do all your dishes – a load of dirty dishes in your dishwasher isn’t fun if the power goes out for days. You’ll probably need them during the storm anyway. Get ’em done!
  7. Make sure the laundry is up-to-date before the storm, or as close as it can be. You don’t’ want to run out of clean underwear do you?
  8. Buy some special treats for you and your family. Popcorn, chips, M&M’s, Jr. Mints. And yes, I bought my favourite Jr. Mints today…I can’t believe I did that…ha ha!
  9. Never to early to have propane in your BBQ!!! Winter bbq can be quite fun!
  10. If you have a generator, make sure it’s working.
  11. Take out the shovels you just put away. I know, you may get emotional doing this but trust me, it’s better to have them out and ready then struggle last-minute to find them.
  12. Partner up with your neighbour to watch each other’s kids while you clear the snow from your driveway, invite them over for a meal….reach out and support one another.

snow on wednesday

What to do during the storm?

  • Have fun. Enjoy the day home with your family or by yourself.
  • Play inside and build a fort with cushion’s from your couch and blankets from your bed.
  • Run on your treadmill, workout with those weights, roll out that yoga mat that is collecting dust.
  • Get outside and jump in the snow…then shovel. Always play first, work hard second.
  • Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie….remember that special treat you bought? Perfecting timing!
  • Get crafty….thank you Pinterest.

Winter snow storms can be a stressful time; blowing snow, wind gusts, power outages, damages occur. Be patient….it will pass over eventually. Just try having fun in the meantime and know that the weather is going to warm up in a few days 😉

Good luck Nova Scotian’s, Maritimer’s (PEI, NB etc).

What’s your best tip to survive a winter storm?

Do you prepare for a storm (snow, rain, hurricane, etc) ?

Do you buy storm chips? Apparently, this is a big thing to do!!!

Also….I’m just going to say….keep an eye on the number of babies that are born in December! 😉 Just saying…9 months is a long time. 🙂 



Happy Birthday Sweet Hilary

A full year gone by…just…like….that!

Hilary Elise

Hilary Elise – 7 hours old 🙂

Tears, laughter, joy, little sleep, lots of nursing, first smiles, coo’s, cuddling and moments of frustration.

Kisses on your head, your toes, your hands and poking your face, Lillian couldn’t get enough of you.

hilary first months

Then sitting up, crab crawling and following your BIG sister around with such love it was oozing out of you.

You are such a sweet little girl who loves to dance, play with her big sister, talk, discover how to play with toys and be outside.

I wouldn’t change anything this past year…okay, maybe just a little more sleep and Daddy home all the time. I will miss our days together, lunches with no one else around, taking you running to see if you’ll sleep …. when really, I know you just want to look at the world around you.


Most of all, I’ll just miss spending all my time with you.

I love you sweet Hilary Elise.

Happy 1st Birthday. 

Hilary’s 11 month update here

*12 month update to come next week*

Mud Hero 6K Race Recap!

Well, I am excited to say I completed the MUD HERO 6 km Run at Ski Martock last weekend! Back in May I talked about pushing my limits and I sure did that this past weekend; maybe a little too much!

Mud Hero 2013

Mud Hero 2013

I was keeping an eye on MUD HERO’s Facebook page for a few weeks now, scoping out what it might look like but really… really, I was freaking out inside! I was scared shit less. I would think “What am I getting myself into”, “Why did you sign up for this again?”.

Saturday July 6th came and I was up at 5 AM …no not to head to the run (mine group started at 1 PM). I was up with Hilary! Then I couldn’t get back to sleep and spent the morning between getting ready/feeding the girls/nap for H/and running to the bathroom multiple times.


I got the girls ready for the day, nursed Hilary one last time and handed them off to my Mom as I went out the door. (My husband was away). I met my friend to carpool to the hill and we got there just in time – we were one of the last 20 cars of runners to be allowed in; the rest had to park and take a shuttle in! Lucky us!

Me before the run and the "hill" we climb!

Me before the run and the “hill” we climb!

It was a group of 10 women and we were schedule to start at 1 PM on the hottest day of the summer. It was 34 C but felt like 40. Enough said there.

Mud Hero Team (all Mom's)

Mud Hero Team (all Mom’s)

My team was made up of a group of Mom’s who (mostly) have young children with the oldest being 4 and youngest being 7 months old (Hilary and another baby), plus one Mom has children their twenties. They all rocked it!

Mud Hero's After 6km and 17 obstacles

Mud Hero’s After 6km and 17 obstacles

My experience:

I started the race with three other runners; they are fast and I am not. I lost them before the first kilometer marker but could see them ahead of me for a while. So, I ran the entire race by myself….which was fine….I got to reflect and not hold anyone back. The other group of women were behind me but never I didn’t manage to catch up to them until they finished.

There were 17 obstacles, just to name a few:

  • Wall Climbing
  • Light at the Tunnel’s End (hated this one)
  • Net Crossing
  • Log Under (in muddy water)
  • Slide into water
  • Mud pits (water/mud/rocks/tree stumps – ouch!)
  • Car Park (walking on top of cars)
  • Over/Under
  • Firewall Slide/Pole
  • Not to mention the 6 km over Ski Martock’s cross-country trails and their mountain to run walk up and down!

I took my time, ran in the shade and always downhill and walked a lot. It was beyond hot and I wasn’t feeling awesome but I pushed through it. I was really close to finishing and I heard three of my team mates cheering me on. I have to admit that was awesome and it pushed me a little more to run down a steep hill and up another towards the finish line. There was a bouncy castle slide to climb up and slide down and then the LAST log under/muddy water crawl before the finish line!

Me "sitting" minutes after  I finished my first ever Mud Hero (7 months post pardum!)

Me “sitting” minutes after I finished my first ever Mud Hero (7 months post pardum!)

I did it!

Afterwards I had to sit down as the rest of our team came in and started to feel terrible. I could barely stand and often had to sit just to feel better. Lucky for me I had an awesome team that kept an eye out for me; got me some Gatorade and sugar candies from the aid station – I guess my sugars were a little low. I’m not diabetic but this race took a toll on my body. After 30 minutes of sitting I started to feel better and could talk in sentences and carry a conversation! Yeah, I was THAT bad!

The drove back with my friend and the AC in her car made me feel almost 100% better. I got home and showered all the mud off me I could and nursed Hilary right away. Both girls did awesome with my Mom and the only tears they had was when Hilary realized I was home!

I used the rest of the night (and Sunday) to get my body back to feeling better. Water, food and rest in between nursing Hilary.

Shoes Mud Hero

My shoes before and after

Where did I go wrong?

  • First by not eating a very good breakfast OR lunch that morning. I was more focused on my girls and making sure Hilary nursed well before I left her for 5 hours.
  • Lack of sleep the night before: I was up multiple times with Hilary AND Lilly – so I was my normal exhausted self.
  • I under estimated the amount of energy it takes your body to be a breastfeeding mama plus run in such a hot and challenge event.
  • 1 PM start time – it worked for everyone in the group but who knew it would be THE hottest day of the summer yet.

Any injuries:

  • Well, the fact that I almost passed out/puked was up there.
  • I tweaked my left ankle jumping off the car at the end.
  • Did something to my left hamstring climbing over one of the obstacles, and
  • Got a major blister on my left ankle

It was all minor stuff (minus the almost passing out) and I’m feeling like myself again after a few day’s rest.

Will I do it again?

I’ve struggled over the last few days with how I finished – feeling terrible and that I could have passed out after the race. I’ve never felt that way after a race not even my 1/2 Marathon. It was almost as if I wasn’t proud of myself – weird eh! I think I’m getting over that feeling now that I’ve had a chance to write this post and see what I accomplished.

I’m 7 months postpartum, worked my ass off over the last 8-10 weeks to lose some weight, get fit and managed to take care of both of my girls multiple days in a row with my husband away. I should pat myself on the back and hold my head up for completing the race and not feel shameful for how I felt after the race.

“Would you do it again? I was asked this by a friend this morning and I thought my response would be “no” or “maybe” but in fact I think I would do it again. However, if you asked me after the event I would have said 100% no.

I couldn’t have done this without my Mom’s help with the girls and my husband’s encouragement – so Thank you both for supporting me.

And a big Thank you to the organizers of Mud Hero and Ski Martock – what an awesome event! Congrats to you all.

Would I recommend it? Completely.

Have you ever done a Mud Hero (similar) event ?

What was your experience?

What would you do differently?

My next race: Run or Dye in September at Ski Martock again!