Speed Skating 101

Let’s just say I have a great respect for the sport and the athletes that compete in Speed Skating! WOAH!

Speed Skating 101

  • Listen to your instructor the whole time (he/she will give you lots of pointers)
  • It’s not like normal skating
  • Wear a helmet…any helmet will do
  • Speed skates are SHARP, long and uncomfortable
  • Don’t try it for the first time when little kids are around on a free skate
  • Don’t try cross-overs……bad idea
  • You better be ready to squat
  • Physical literacy skills are a must
  • There is a lot to think about and remember when speed skating; your feet sweep almost like the breast stroke in swimming, your right arm only rocks back and forth to propel you, don’t dig your toes in like normal skates etc.
Speed skating 101

Speed skating 101

I had the opportunity to try speed skating today during my lunch hour with people who I work with. One guy runs a newly formed speed skating club for kids and adults. I went with two of my co-workers who are open to trying anything and being active (daily).

We had a lot of fun, weaved in and out of the children skating, had sore feet, tried to keep our form and our legs were sore from squatting. It was a great workout!

Have you ever tried speed skating?

Would you try it?

Have you ever tried a new sport and have gained appreciation for those athletes who compete?


I’m still exhausted from skiing

I’m so exhausted from yesterday’s adventure with Lilly that I can hardly lift my arms, my  legs are like dead weights and my head hurts like I am hung over. How does that happen?

Last month I had a goal of taking Lilly skiing…and that didn’t happen but I did book off March 3rd weeks ago so I could follow through on this. Our day looked a little something like this:

Dropped little H off at day care and drove to our local ski hill…Ski Martock. Got our gear on and ready to go. Met Grammy for a quick hug and then on to the bunny hill.

march 3 ski lilly

Three runs later it was snack time according to Lilly. Grammy and Lilly hung out while I got two whole runs in by myself….something I haven’t done in at least 4 years!

My solo runs

My solo runs

Lilly and I went out for another two runs on the bunny hill…then it was time for lunch….according to Lilly. I guess we know who’s the boss. I ran into a friend of mine and her 8-year-old daughters – yes, twins! We hung out, had lunch and then Lilly wanted to go out again! I couldn’t say no to her 🙂 Grammy left us after a few photo ops and we did another 5 runs on the bunny hill.

march 3 ski 2014

I wish I could sleep like that!

To quote Lilly as we are about to go down the hill: “Go faster Mommy, FASTER!”.

Me: Ahhh…no, we’re going fast enough (with an entire school surrounding us).

The day started off a little rough for me, it’s hard teaching your own kid how to ski and then feeling like I failed as a parent. Yeah, I know…silly…but that’s the kind of head space I was in before my solo runs. The day got a lot better and Lilly was way more into it and happier.

We then drove home (Lilly slept) and baked some muffins before picking Hilary up from the sitters. Successful adventure for us!

Do you teach your kids how to ski, play hockey, baseball, run…insert activity here ?

Can you sleep anywhere like kids can?

Mental Health and Being Active #BellLetsTalk

I’m a firm believer that being active; exercising, working out, physical activity – whatever you want to call it…. can help keep you focused, deal with stress and keep you sane. I’m not saying that it’s the end all be all for everyone but being active for me keeps me grounded, helps me deal with life stresses, lets me escape for a little while and keeps me sane.

I run. I play soccer. I do DVD workouts. I ski. I snowshoe. I walk. I try to bike but not a strong skill for me. I swim. I play with my daughters outside.

I enjoy team sports and individual challenges.

I value the benefits of being active. I value how it makes me feel physically and mentally.

It’s part of who I am and hopefully will always be.

I’ve never been depressed, sad at the appropriate times but not depressed. I’ve never been diagnosed with a mental health disorder though I have experience times of great stress and anxiety. I do however, have a family member who does suffer from depression and at times that has been hard to understand.

But you support. You be there for them. You talk about it. You engage them in life.

I am writing this post as awareness and to support the #BellLetsTalk day that is happening in Canada. You don’t have to be a subscriber of Bell to add the hashtag of #BellLetsTalk. You simple just have to type it in any message you tweet today.

Those Bell customers you can text, tweet, call long distance and share an image on Bell Let’s Talk Facebook, in return Bell will donate 5¢ every time you do text, tweet, call etc. Bell Let’s Talk Website

They have already had 20,134,357 tweets, text, calls and shares…keep it up! Let’s help raise awareness of mental health issues and help raise money for some much-needed initiatives. Photo: We've surpassed 20 million tweets, calls and Facebook shares! That's an additional $1,000,000 for mental health initiatives. Keep it up, everyone! http://ow.ly/t2eE6 #BellLetsTalk

Last night I managed to run 7k – something I haven’t been able to do in a long time (for many reasons). I felt like I accomplished a little goal of increasing my miles, pushed my body and improved my state of mind. Physical activity is important to me that’s why I make it a priority in my life over other things.

Help end the stigma around mental health and hashtag your tweets peeps! (Or call, text, share).

What has “being active” (exercising, working out, physical activities) done for your mental health?

How do you support someone who might suffer from a mental health disorder?

Tis the Season to Shovel Snow

I’m just like a kid when it comes to snow, as soon as it hits the ground I get excited. Excited for the fun the lies ahead but also for the physical activities that can take place. Now I’m not just talking about skiing or building snow men but more about shoveling snow. {don’t stop reading now….I’m not that crazy}.

A few years ago I worked at an Outdoor Centre in Ontario, where my husband and I met. For over 5 years, I worked outdoors in the cold, in the rain, in the heat of summer but most of all I LOVED working during the winter season. After a few major storms I grew really tried of shoveling the snow on our three rinks. However, I feel like our staff mastered how to quickly clear off our rinks in time for the programs to start in such an effective and almost scientific way.

I had a love-hate relationship with shoveling snow.

Fast forward a few years and owning our own house and longest of long driveways ever…I now really enjoy shoveling my driveway. Now, we do have a snow blower but it’s so unpredictable and I’ve had many nights that it just wouldn’t work for me no matter what tricks I tried. But that good old faithful shovel never quit on me.

To work in the outdoor field you NEED TO have good gear or your toes, fingers and body, or you will freeze to death. A snow storm means dressing up in my outdoor gear, facing the elements of snow in my face and a sore upper body the next day but that’s okay. It’s almost that same feeling after an amazing run or fantastic workout at the gym – you feel great. I enjoy shoveling snow.

Snow fall last Sunday (Dec 15/13)

serious about snow

Why? I guess mainly because I like being active. I like finding creative ways to get a workout in and shoveling snow is definitely a workout. I like the satisfaction of seeing the driveway full of snow and then the end result of it being clear. I like fresh air, cold and rosy cheeks and being outside. I like the challenge of shoveling lots of snow, even if I curse it and shed a few tears from exhaustion.

Snow storm yesterday (Dec 18/13)

snow 1

Do you like shoveling snow?

What would be your dream job? {Mine was working outdoors}

What’s one thing most people don’t like to do, that you do like?