Work, Play and Fun!

Work, play and fun – do those words really go together? Oh yeah! As a Regional Physical Activity Coordinator, I sometimes get to “play” for my job. This week I attended a workshop with some awesome people from around Nova Scotia. Some I work with and some I’ve never met before BUT, we all have the same mandate – getting people more active.

So what happens when you put us in a room to listen to someone speak ? Well…a little fun happens! The workshop had two topics: Programming to Attract AND Retain Inactive People and Active Play Through Ages and Stages. As you can see by the photo, our “Happy Face” developed some other features throughout the day and we may have blown some bubbles, had sword fights and played with stickers while listening to presenters. Hey – they put the stuff on our tables!

PR Birthday 2014

Mr. Happy Face got a face-lift; Oh She Glows Cookbook and my Doddling the information we were learning.

Now, I could write a long, very detailed post about these topics – maybe I will some day – but for now I’ll leave you with a few things I learned…random facts if you must:

  1. Rats prefer the sugar in Oreo’s more than Cocaine.
  2. Unstructured play is critical to children’s development.
  3. We need to normalize “Silly Play” and just go with it. When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler with your clothing on? Me, last weekend with  my girls and neighbour 🙂 Don’t be afraid to be silly AND play!
  4. If you are competent and confident with an activity then you are more likely to continue participating in the activity. Example: if you have never been taught the skills in lacrosse…how to hold your stick, throw and catch a ball then you are not competent or confident to join in a game.
  5. The Helicopter Parent vs. the Hummingbird Parent – LOVE THIS!

It was also my birthday yesterday…the big 3-4 🙂 I got to spend the day with 50 ish people, played tag {silly play} during our lunch break for 30 minutes, had numerous Facebook messages AND Twitter (Thanks Salt!) and message on my phone.

I came home to the three people I love the most with lots of hugs and kisses. We had a great dinner (home-made Indian Dahl – yum) and some cake too! And yes, I got the “Oh She Glow’s” Cookbook for my birthday – I’ve wanted this for a while and couldn’t put it down last night. Oh my, I see some GOOD eats ahead of us!

So I worked a little, learned more about play and had a fun birthday! See: Work, Play, Fun CAN go together 🙂 I plan on having a little more FUN this weekend in a soccer tournament … yeah, I’m #pumped

Have you heard about the Helicopter Parent or Hummingbird Parent?

Which one are you more like?

When was the last time you just played and didn’t care about the risk ?

Weekend plans?


New Year’s Resolutions 2013 & My 2012 Goal Board #sweatpink

My 2012 resolutions: that I wanted to make a habit…(a little late….but I’m busy with a baby these days)

  • At work: Call people instead of emailing for a simple questions/answers.
  • Do something active with my daughter every weekend; besides walking the do.
  • Learn to say NO and be okay with it (this is a rather hard one for me).

Those were my 2012 resolutions. I feel I did rather well at these but still struggle with “learning to say No” so maybe that didn’t work so well.

2013 Resolutions / Goals: 

I say “goals” because they are something that I want to achieve and accomplish over the next year.

1. Running

  • Run a 5K personal best (under 29 minutes)
  • Run a 1oK under 60 minutes
  • Clock all miles I run in 2013
  • Invest in a Garmin
  • Run 33km the week of my birthday July 7 – 13th  (as I turn 33 on July 10th)

2. Family 

  • Play more outside with my girls and husband
  • Family movie night every few weeks
  • Try new foods/recipes
  • Have more patience/let the small stuff go

3. Personally 

  • Loose baby weight and reach ultimate weight this year
  • De-clutter the house/purge and maybe have a yard sale
  • Focus on DVD workouts when unable to run
  • Blog a little more

Goal Boards:

My 2012 goal board looked like this:

Piper's Run Goal Board for 2012

Piper’s Run Goal Board for 2012

Things I managed to do from my 2012 Goal Board:

  • Blogged more than 52 times
  • Potty trained Lilly 🙂
  • Family Vacation to PEI
  • Ate plenty of local blueberries – one of my favourite treats with Greek Yogurt
  • Got pregnant and had baby Hilary
  • Ran from January to July (into my second trimester)
  • Treated myself to a Kamelon Ring
  • Tried to slow down a bit
  • Purchased new runners

For 2013 I was going to make something smaller and a little more simple. I’ve decided to start one on Pinterest, you can find my 2013 Goal Board here.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you make them a habit or drop them by February?

Have you made a goal board?

Bucket List for Kids

Today, while on Facebook, I came across my friend Colin’s post on Take Me Outside. Last year, Colin ran ACROSS Canada!  Yes, you read the right, he RAN ACROSS CANADA to raise awareness about getting children (students) outside to play in nature. Check out his awesome story at the Take Me Outside website.

What I came across today was an article from The Globe and Mail – called Bucket List for Kids! (I can’t take any credit for the title of this post). As I read through the list, I realized that:

  1. I don’t have a bucket list for myself!
  2. Should I start one for my daughter, who is 2 in June ?
  3. That I have done 90% of these 50 listed activities as a child and some as an adult!!!

What’s the harm in having a bucket list?

[A bucket list is “a list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.]

As I looked through this bucket list for children – I realized I had accomplished most of these things as a child. The bigger moment was when I realized that children are NOT experiencing these activities for themselves – TODAY.


I chose to share 12 out of the 50 examples on  this bucket list:


The list

1. Climb a tree                                                       

2. Roll down a really big hill

3. Camp out in the wild

4. Run around in the rain

5. Eat an apple straight from a tree

6. Go sledging

7. Take a look inside a tree

8. Hunt for bugs

9. Discover what’s in a pond

10.Go on a nature walk at night

11. Cook on a campfire

12. Canoe down a river

How many of these activities did you do as a child? Or, as an adult?

Do you have a bucket list? Share some with us in the comments below.

Would you create a bucket list for your child? Or, WITH your child?


Where did our playgrounds go?

When I was a child my playground was my backyard, my neighbour’s back yard, the little patch of forest down the road, and soccer fields.

What has happened to our playgrounds?

Well, they’ve gone inside.

Screen Time is the new “playground” for kids today.

My husband and I have decided that we will more than likely never own gaming systems. That’s not to say we can’t rent them or borrow them for a special day. But we will not own them.

Screen Time is taking over our children’s outside play time and I just don’t like the idea of that (yes, this is my opinion).

I’ve mentioned in a previous post here that our daughter is going to grow up with such a different lifestyle then us because of all the new screen time devices and social media sites. But I will make sure that her playground remains outside in nature. She will know what lichen is, how to play hopscotch, skin her knees if she falls, get fresh air and get her nails dirty.

Our playground will be our back yard, the park down the road, the trails across the highway, the ocean and lakes that surround us, our Provincial and National Parks.

What was your “playground” as a child?

What IS your “playground” like for your children today?

Picture – found on Facebook a while back and recently posted on a friends page and that made me want to blog about it.