I Wish I Was….

On this beach with my husband and girls……….

Brackley Beach in Prince Edward Island.

pei beach 1

or this one……

Basin View Provincial Park, Souris {PEI}

pei beach 2

OR hanging/running on the boardwalk in Charlotteown {PEI}.

pei boardwalk

Or eating Cow’s Ice Cream and hanging with this guy…


OR listening to this song on repeat while driving in the car together.

Basically, I wish I was still on vacation with them 🙂

Have you taken a summer vacation yet?

What did you do? 

What’s your favourite thing to do on vacation?

Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon Training Week #7

Alright, we are getting closer to race weekend…only 5 more weeks to go….actually 32 days! Last week’s training had me running in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) and it couldn’t have been any better.

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 3rd (Holiday) Rest DayRest Day at the Cleveland beach with our girls {traveled to Halfax}.

Tuesday 5k5k. I got up early to get this run in my old neighbourhood. The girls were still sleeping as I ran but were up before I got back to my parents house. Later that day, we spent 5 hours in our car driving to PEI. One hour was spent having a picnic, looking at motorcycles and trucks and a little bubble blowing.


Wednesday8kNothing. Spent the day with my family; we played in a playground in the morning and then hit up Brackley Beach {PEI} in the afternoon. We all swam in the ocean, built sand castles and just hung out….it was a perfect!


Brackley Beach, PEI.

Thursday5k14k long run. I decided to do my long run on Thursday vs trying to do it Saturday before heading back to Halifax with the girls (4-5 hour drive on my own again).

I wanted to run some of the PEI Half Marathon route since I’ll be doing that on October 16-18th weekend, so I ran first half of the loop and then got a little lost. I knew the area I was in and how to get out but I couldn’t find one street (Brittany Ave) the bottom half of the route. I did a loop and ran up towards North River Road to Capitol Drive then found myself at the end of a road. I did however, find the Confederation trail at the end of the road and proceeded along that for a while.

I saw a few runners and walkers – that was fun. Still, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get back to the house. I zigged and zagged a bit but eventually found where I was going. Little did I know if I stayed on the trail, I would have ended up finishing right beside the house! Go figure!!!!

It was the best long run I’ve had in a while. My legs felt great, my lungs felt good, it wasn’t muggy and the sun was shining. I had a nice blister forming on my baby toe but didn’t let that stop me…the only thing that did was the stop lights.


Charlottetown Boardwalk @ 7am.

Friday – Rest Day8k.  I was hoping to run between 5- 8 km but wasn’t sure how my blister would hold up. I hit a lot of stop lights again 😦 Ahhh well, I ran on the boardwalk again and after completing 5 km, I took a little break to stretch. I was still far away from the house so I decided to keep running. I ran by the house just over 7 km so I kept running on the Confederation Trail until I hit 8k.

Enter blister #2 😦


Assessing my pace and blisters 😦

Saturday14k Unplanned Rest Day. We drove back from PEI (about a 4.5 hour trip) and I was planning on going to the gym that evening once the girls went to bed. I also wanted to do some shopping for new running shorts (which I did but wasn’t successful unless I wanted to buy runder-wear shorts). When I looked online to see what time the gym closed, it said 8pm. It was already 7pm and shopping had to be done before cause nobody wants to shop after a sweaty gym workout.

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get my workout in, so I went shopping anyway. After feeling frustrated that I could only purchase tight & SUPER short runder-wear shorts *like running in your underwear SHORT*, I purchased a pair of cycling shorts! Not running shorts but a nice win!

Sunday – Cross Train5k + PT exercises.  I needed this run, not just to get all my mileage in this week but I had a rough day with the girls. I put on my “badass mother runner” tank but felt like more of a bad mother then anything. Rough day = rough run but I got it done {survived the day and survived 5k}.


Overall: This was a great week with my family and I managed all my runs while on vacation – no complaints here.


  • Swimming at Brackley Beach with my family. I could have spent all day here with them.
  • Long run in Charlottetown – temperature was perfect and my body (minus my toes) was loving every step I took.

Low point: Not getting to the gym Saturday and blisters 😦

Week 7 # of km:  32

Total KM of training to date: 188

Looking forward to this week: Figuring out how to get back to work and balance running, being a mom and life things! Also, I’m really needing to do a better job of getting in ALL my PT exercises done in one day.I’m also nervous to see my Physiotherapist tomorrow! Eeek!

Week 6 if you missed it.

How was your weekend?

Anyone run or beach it up?

What’s your favourite pair of running shorts (looking for recommendations)?

Run, Vacation, Repeat (I wish)

I’ve been totally MIA here but for good reason 🙂 I’ve been on vacation! We hit the road last Friday so I could run 10k at the EPIC Canadian 5k/10k in Halifax on Saturday. THEN a few hours later, we drove to PEI (Prince Edward Island) to spend a few days with Daddy/Hubby and some family.

In short….


Krystol (left) and I pre race.

Krystol (left) and I pre race.

Recap to come 🙂



We swam, ran and celebrated Canada Day (Happy belated Canada) with friends and family. Lilly learned how to “pet” a jellyfish … certainly not by me. We got orange beach feet (red/orange sand is everywhere in PEI )and had +30 degree celsius weather. I’m literally sweating as I write this, it’s that warm outside at 9:30 PM in Nova Scotia.


Splash pad fun/picnic lunch and Hilary learned how to use a pen……..during her nap 🙂 Check out her right leg.

Our artist!

Our artist!

I managed to get in two runs post 10k race (a 6k and 4k run) and didn’t suffer in pain after my race (Yeah me!) and worked on my Chaco tan a little 🙂 My running totals for June are 109 kilometers – woah Piper!

Chaco Tan or Island Beach Feet ?

Chaco Tan or Island Beach Feet ?

Repeat – oh how I would love to repeat my last week of running, vacationing and being outside playing with our girls. Maybe when I win the lottery 😉

How was your Canada Day? 

Any plans for the 4th of July? Us Canadian’s partied to hard on July first to do it again on the 4th so we’ll leave it up to our neighbours to the south. 

How’s the weather where you live? Hot/cold ?

PS – I’ll pick an ENERGYbits winner Friday.


Post long weekend

I’ve been a little MIA for the last week, with good reason.

All last week I spent the majority of the days cleaning the house, packing and preparing to go on a mini-vacation to PEI…oh and yes hanging out with baby H and Miss Lilly when she wasn’t at day care. We left Thursday and came home Monday evening!

I took two pictures all weekend long! Yup, two…here you go:

Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

It’s 8-9 miles long and Lilly desperately wanted to “see” the bridge we were to cross. We ate lunch here!

My two cuties

My two cuties

Not the best photo but Lilly was trying to pretend or “tend” as she says… to crawl like Hilary. She’s not crawling yet but oh, SO close. Hilary turned 9 months today and is very close to being done nursing. Her monkey update next week once I get her weighed.

We went to a 3 year old’s birthday party; Lilly’s friend Lola (don’t you just love that name). All five girls played dress up with multiple princess dresses, jumped in the bouncy castle, chased bubbles outside and ate lots of yummy food. We also played at the park and met some new friends, spend time with family (my Aunt and Uncle) and more importantly, we were a family of four for the long weekend.

And some how I only took two photo’s. Obviously I left my blogging hat behind. 

I may or may not have bought a Garmin on the weekend. If I did, can you guess what colour I may have chosen?

The best part of the weekend was when we randomly saw “Daddy” working on the ambulance….I was more in shock they the girls. It made our day to see him driving the ambulance. #proudwife

We had a great long weekend, did you? 

What did you do this Labour Day weekend?

Anyone run any races?

Did you travel this weekend?