Bluenose Half Marathon Recap 2018

Woohoo…half marathon #6 completed!

We started off my traveling into the city Friday afternoon where I took in the expo sans kiddies and took zero photos, whoops! It was a in a new location which I hadn’t noticed in any of the emails so that threw me off a bit. It was a packed expo with so many great booths to visit. I ran into some runner friends which is always a bonus.

Saturday, I took the girls to the 2k youth run. Our youngest didn’t love it and really just wanted to walk and our oldest just wanted to run. We compromised with a run/walk combo since it was just me with them. They had a blast and their favourite part was getting the food after and acquiring multiple tattoo’s at the expo (again).


Weekly workouts:

I was really nervous about this half. Last week I did the following runs: Monday – rest day, Tuesday 6k, Wednesday 5k, Thursday and Friday rest days and Saturday 2k – well 1.74km with the girls. I was feeling under trained – which shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve been following along for the last 10-12 weeks. It was what it was and I was running it whether I felt trained or under trained.

Saturday was beautifully hot and sunshine for hours for the youth run and 5k that afternoon. Come Sunday morning, it was pouring rain and temps were expected to be 12c. It ended up being a little warmer at 15c but still lots of rain. I didn’t know what to wear so put on my shorts, tank/long sleeve shirt and Tiux socks. I brought my running jacket and long pants just in case. I ended up changing from my shorts to long pants in the car and wore my tank, long sleeved shirt AND my running jacket – a little warm for all that but it was good for the first 8k of my run.


My friend Sarah was running her first half marathon (and did awesome), so we drove in together and hung out in the dry car before making our way over to the Scotiabank Centre in our poncho’s that kept us dry. After a few bathroom breaks and running into friends (my friend Tracey was running and did awesome as well). We went up to the start area around 8:08 am for a 8:20 start as we didn’t want to stand in the rain for a long time.

As the gun went off we moved forward only to be halted by the crowd in front. I always laugh at this because it happens at every race. Have you experienced that before? We cross the start mat and beeped our Garmins to start. It was crowded but that’s expected. Sarah and I ran together for the first 10 minutes and then she moved onto a 10/1’s while I did continuous. We would catch up to each other over the first 3-4k and then she eventually move forward but I could pick her out in the distance up ahead because of her hat and socks.

Around the 5k mark my Garmin beeped so I went to look at it and rolled my right ankle. No joke! Frig! I just kept moving forward and tried not to think about it and managed to run off the pain for the time being. We ran through Point Pleasant Park which was beautiful and relaxing by the water. The first BIG hill of 300 meters (0.3km) was approaching and my thought was to just push it as far as I could. I managed to run the whole thing which gave me a little confidence boost for a later HILL I would be climbing.

We ran the streets of Halifax and I was feeling really good. I was a little worried about my pace which was 6:38/km roughly from 1-11km. It just felt good and then it didn’t. It started to go downhill around 12k and I went through every thought of:

  • just keep one foot in front of the other
  • run and be happy
  • you can do this
  • I hate this
  • I never want to run a half again
  • just walk for a few seconds
  • I hate this
  • suck it up and just run

From km 12 – 18 roughly, I hated it. It was hill after hill, and I’m not just talking about little hills. These were BIG hills you had to climb forever!!! For the most part I feel I did a good job on the hills except the biggest hill and that killed me. Each time I though we were making our way to the finish area, the route would take us in an opposite direction.

When I ran this half in 2006, the route was completely different. This year they used the same route as previous years (not 2006 route) but reversed the direction. This is the main reason why I wanted to run it. I’ve learned that for the Bluenose Half Marathon it really doesn’t matter what direction you are running in because you are just going to hit hill after hill. You need to be ready for lots of hills.

I gave up a lot…like a lot. I had no drive, no energy, no interest in running – which you kinda need while running a half marathon. I really wasn’t loving it but I kept moving forward be it running or lots of walking.

Elevation Chart!!!


Around 18k it started to pour and the wind picked up. My face was tucked under my Nuun visor but the wind was strong and blew the rain up in my face. Nothing on me was dry….I just kept running – one foot in front of the other. “You are done soon. You are almost there”. I chatting with other runners as they approach me or I approach them. I thanking volunteers and police officers who were blocking traffic in the rain! I tried to enjoy the moment even though I was struggling. I had many, many thoughts on this run.

The funny thing is, I was expecting to finish around 2 hours 30 minutes and finished under it but was so hung up on how much I had to walk and that I had no desire to run. With the rain pouring down and feeling like a kid playing outside, I managed to turn my sour-puss attitude around and enjoy the last 3k in the rain.

I thanked one of the last police officers and he said “your welcome and enjoy the remainder of the race”…I smiled and said “I will” because it was a fast downhill and then uphill to the finish. As I cruised down Cogswell Street and onto Brunswick Street to finish – close to the finish line I saw my friend Kerri who called out my name (she’s involved in the youth event) and it made me smile and just enjoy the finish shoot. I turned off my Garmin and volunteers were there giving high-fives. It took everything in me to raise my arms for three high fives – ha! I was done!

I met up with Sarah as she finished just ahead of me. We hit up the food station and then got a massage!!! I’ve never gotten a massage at a race. I was soaked from the rain and sweat, salty as heck and I stunk – I just ran a half marathon – you can’t not stink after running that long. the massage was worth it.

I finished in 2:25:44 (chip time).

That’s it! Half marathon #6 done with no races scheduled for the rest of the year! I was thinking about running a race in June but have decided I need to regroup, slow down and not race for a while….I think 😉 I want to pace a few fall races as I really enjoyed that. Oh, and my ankle is okay. Slightly swollen and sore but nothing a few days of ice and rest can’t fix.

Congrats to all those who ran the Bluenose Marathon (5k, 10k, 15k, half, full and youth run) – what a great weekend for runners in Nova Scotia!

How was your (long) weekend?

Anyone race this weekend? How’d it go?

When was the last time you rain a race in the rain?

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A Shore Thing 10k Race Recap

This past Monday I ran a 10k race with two good friends, it was a holiday here! One, my running buddy Krystol and the other is an old friend of mine, Lynn. We went to high school and university together and have remained great friends since then. Both friends are rock stars; mama’s to two children and are what I would call amazing role models.

Lynn has been running for a while now and I have always said “let’s do a run together”. The only problem is she lives in Ontario and I, in Nova Scotia. We’ve joked over emails and the phone that one day we’d run together but then reality snuck in and we managed to do it 🙂

With her family still in Nova Scotia and vacation time at its prime, she asked if I wanted to run a 10k while she was home, I said yes of course! Even though my original plan was to take the summer off from any races and just run/train for the half, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Monday morning I woke up at early o’clock to get ready for the run. I left the house at 6:01 to meet Lynn and make our way to the run in Porter’s Lake, about 45-50 minutes away. It was a small run with just over 200 people registered and took us along a gravel trail. We arrived around 7 and hung out in the car before hitting up the porta-potty – hello…runner’s best friend! We spotted Krystol and her family and went back to my new car 🙂 and dropped off our bags. Yup, I said new car…the last one bit the dust.

After a few announcements we did a warm up and this time I did not forget to start my Garmin. They had a clock but it wasn’t official chip time…so I went with my Garmin time 🙂 Oh, and don’t be jealous of our warm up picture below 😉

Awesome warm up photo!!!

Awesome warm up photo!!!

In no time we were off and running. Krystol was on the left, me in the middle and Lynn on the right. The weather was grey and raining but it was perfect for an August run. We dodged puddles and had soakers within minutes but were running at a comfortable pace. It was all good!

Laughing and We're off running!

Laughing and We’re off running!

The kilometer breakdown:

1 – 5km: The first 5 km’s were great. We all had a good steady pace, were chatting away, enjoying a little rain and having a great time. Just before the 5k marker I thought I was on track for a new PB and picked up the pace. I quickly realised it wasn’t going to happen and backed off…heck I still had another 5k go to.

Then came the turn around point at the 5km marker.

5 – 7km: As we ran around the pylon on the gravel trail and it felt like everything changed instantly. I felt like I hit a wall! My legs were heavy and I wanted to walk between kilometers 5 and 7. I kept thinking in my head that Krystol and Lynn were good to go so I should be too.

There were many times when I wanted to ask if they wanted a walking break but I didn’t…nor did they ask. The conversations moved towards one word answers and maybe even a few “uh-ha” … mumbles. It was hard going for all of us.

7 – 9km: We seemed to settle back into a more manageable pace with our breathing under control. I kinda felt like it was getting warmer out however it could have just been the humidity. I said when we crossed the main road, I’d pick up my pace to finish strong.

9km: All three of us picked up our pace a little more around the last kilometer marker. As we came upon the main road we had maybe 100m to go and I could see the clock ticking away at the time. We picked up the pace and sprinted to the finish….this was the longest sprint of my life {even with soccer}.

1 km: 5:40

2 km: 5:44

3 km: 5:35

4 km 5:38

5 km 5:46

6 km 5:48

7 km 5:59

8 km 5:57

9 km 5:54

10 km 5:24

PR A Shore Thing 10k

I was SO close to a 10k Personal Best and missed it by 7 seconds! Lynn and I finished in 57:24 {Garmin time} and Krystol about 10 seconds behind us. Lynn could have easily left us in her dust a few kilometers back but she didn’t and Krystol got a new Personal Best by almost a minute! Way to go ladies 🙂

Post Run Silly

Post Run Silly

What an awesome run!!!!

Do you run with friends?

Have you hit a wall in a 10k race?

Road running or trial running during a race?