No Races Coming Up

I have no races coming and I am totally fine with it (for once)! This time last year I had already run one race and had a handful more planned/registered for.

So far I have only actually registered for one double race: Maritime Race Weekend Sept 11th (5k) and 12th (1/2 Marathon). Don’t worry that will change…in time.

registration for run

The first race I ran last in 2014 was the MEC Race One and it happened last Sunday in Halifax (and all across Canada). I thought about running it a while back but with a pulled hamstring and limited fitness I decided not to. Also, I didn’t feel like packing up the girls and heading into the city for the weekend.

I thought I might be upset that I didn’t run it but after seeing some of the photos and having a great weekend with my girls, I’m happy I didn’t. One run over that I didn’t run last year and I’m okay with that.

There are two other winter races I wanted to do: Frostbite 8 miler (Feb 21) and the Hypothermic Half Marathon (March 1st). Back in November I was trying to decide if I would run the Hypo Half as it was on a beautiful trail in Halifax that at the half way point, would have me running near my parent’s subdivision. Prime kiddie cheering section! My only concern was the snow and ice and running for 21.1 km on those conditions wasn’t something I was ready to commit to. Good thing I didn’t register as I’m on the injured list 😦

The Frostbite 8 miler runs the almost identical course to the Sackville Sneaker Shredder 10k I ran last November. This event was well-organized but I hated it! After having a conversation with my running buddy who reminded me how much I disliked the course, I decided not to register. So…it’s out.

My running buddy and I keep emailing each other potential races but I have still yet to sign up for anything. I’m just not in a rush because I want to get my hamstring 100% better before I jump into training. I have good and bad news on my hamstring/full marathon training but am going to leave you hanging another day to find out how it’s going.

Do you run all the same races each year?

Ever miss a race a regret it / not regret it?

When’s your next race (or event)?

Pre Race Rituals

Recently I was reading a thread on the TTP Running Facebook page and someone asked a question about Pre Race Rituals. There are a lot of TTP runner’s  that are getting ready to run the Bluenose Marathon this coming weekend so it’s a great place to get some advice right now.

It made me think….what are MY pre race rituals? I really had to think about it. At first all I could think of were my pre game rituals for soccer:

  • Thin socks under my shin pads, than soccer socks on top.
  • A warm up/stretch.
  • A few touches on the ball with someone else or on my own – a must.

Pretty basic. But, if I don’t have thin socks under my shin pads….it throw’s off my game!

sleeping in my running gear

After thinking about my running rituals, this is what I came up with:

  • Pasta dinner the night before a race
  • (More recently) Getting “Flat Anna/Piper” all ready to go
  • Charge Garmin
  • Bagel with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, maybe a little OJ.
  • Pee as much as I can before the race
  • Talk the butterfly’s out of my stomach as I line up for the run
  • Sandals for my post race drive home 🙂

Some rituals that were shared:

  • Left sock on then right sock on. Left shoe on then right shoe.
  • Don’t wear race t-shirt before/during race
  • Double knotted laces
  • Music pumping while you get dressed/drive to race
  • Bib numbers with a specific number in it (ie: favourite number)

Bluenose I'm going to Giv'er

So what are your Pre Race Rituals ?

Are there any rituals that you don’t think anyone else does?

What is the weirdest ritual you’ve heard of?

Running Race Dilemma – Which One To Do?

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook saying that registration was opening for one of the races I want to do this year. My heart rate went through the roof! HA! The thought of hitting register/paid made my heart rate increase and I could feel it happen – seriously! I had a good laugh at that!

registration for run

I haven’t posted my running schedule yet as I am still decided on a few runs. I have however decided that I will run my (2nd) 1/2 Marathon in the Fall. I’m toying between two runs: Valley Harvest Marathon (10 minutes from my house) and the Prince Edward Island Marathon (5 hour car ride with both girls one way). What do to? Let me break it down:

Valley Harvest Marathon – 1/2 Marathon – October 12th 

  • $60 (early bird is before Aug 31st)
  • Kids Run (Yes – Lilly ran last year)
  • 10 minutes from my house
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Sunday morning @ 8:30 am
  • Have run the 5k and 10k before in the past – great events
  • Could just run the 10k this year (and do PEI 1/2 the following weekend)
  • Potential of have family and friends throughout the course – if they want to get up that early 😉

Prince Edward Island Marathon – 1/2 Marathon – October 20th 

  • $67.50 (early bird April 30th)
  • Kids Run – YES!
  • Travel costs ($250- $350 – gas, bridge fees, food)
  • Sunday morning 9 am
  • Having my little family there to cheer me on and maybe a few others too
  • 5 hour car ride with both girls (one way)
  • Staying with family for 4-5 nights (Drive over Friday and come back Monday)
  • Did I mention it would be a 5 hour car ride with both girls more than likely on my own
  • Weekend with my husband and girls…plus Aunts/Uncles BONUS!!!!
  • Driving 5 hours BACK HOME a day after the 1/2 Marathon more than likely by myself (unpacking car, laundry, meals etc)….maybe I’ll just take some vacation time.

My heart really wants to run the PEI 1/2 (like, REALLY WANTS TO) but the logistics of doing that could be pretty stressful leading up to and then still having to travel back home. I just have a feeling that it would be a great run to do. I want to do the Valley Harvest because its 10 minutes from my house, I’ve run the 5k and 10k before, it’s familiar to me and I feel like there will be less stress (potentially). 

race kit pick up

Registration opens tomorrow for The Tartan Twosome Run!!! (Sept 12th  & 13th) A coastal 5k Friday night at sunset overlooking the ocean and the Classic 10k the next 8am sunrise. This would be perfect for training for my 1/2. Plus, I can dress up like a Pirate…RRRRRRRRRR! I’m in! 

What to do, what to do. My heart is torn. Valley Harvest (Oct 12th) OR Prince Edward Island October 17-19th?

Also, I never realised how much I value those kids runs! Lilly is already excited to do another run this year!

Have you ever been stuck on which races to run?

Do you register the day registration opens or wait?

Do kid’s runs matter to you?



It’s official, I signed up for…..

Two 5k races this spring 🙂

I’ve mentioned before in this post that I am focusing on running 5k’s this spring and will bump it up to 10k’s in the fall. I’ve been running off and on, working out (DVD’s) and committed to my plank challenge (why, oh, why did I do that, I’ll never know).

I was on the fence about the first race – Bluenose Marathon 5k. Why? Well, just because I wasn’t quite motivated to sign up until a friend wrote me a few weeks ago. AND, I didn’t want to run up Citadel Hill!

We went to high school together and she’s been following my blog. She wrote one day to say that she started running 4 days a week (and she has two little ones). She asked if I would run with her if I was signing up. As soon as I read the email, I knew I had already committed to signing up and running with her. BUT, it still took me a few days to actually sign up.

At last….I’m registered and pumped to run with her, in what I believe will be her first race. VERY EXCITING!

The second race, I had mentally committed to a month or so ago. Another friend and I talked about running Sole Sisters Race 5k for women. We took a look at the route, the schedule of events and decided to make a weekend out of it as we both live far away from one another (roughly 5 hours). PLUS, they have a CHOCOLATE station along the route – SERIOUSLY, they do!

So, Sunday May 21st – Bluenose Marathon 5km with Jenn. And, Saturday June 9th – Sole Sisters 5k Women’s Race with Kelly.

Looks like Lilly will get to spend some time with her Aunts/Uncle and Grandparents, as my husband will be on rotation during both race days  😦

What runs/walks/races have you signed up for this spring?

What runs/walks/races are you just waiting to sign up for – as in – put it off as long as you can?