It Only Took Three Days…

…until I wanted to run again 🙂

It’s been a busy few days and I’m sure looking forward to the weekend with my whole family. Even though our weekend will be filled with swimming lessons and indoor soccer season starting, I’m looking forward to getting out for a little run too 🙂 It only took me three days to WANT to run again post half marathon – not bad, eh!

Wednesday afternoon came around and I had this great sensation of wanting to go for a run. Only, I couldn’t because I still had to pick up the girls and get through our night. I figured I would get on the treadmill to walk and maybe a light run but I ended up doing stuff around the house and getting into Netflix. I meant well but ran out of steam to move my legs again.

It’s all good as my hamstring still isn’t 100%. I’m not in massive pain and it’s getting better each day so I know this rest is important for healing.

it will hurt

I’m not too concerned that I’m not running as I know my body needs this rest. I have thought about my next run, my next yoga class, walks with my family and all the workouts at home I’ll do over the upcoming months as it get’s colder outside. I’m also looking forward to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing this winter. Oh, but don’t worry running – you are still on my list of things to do and I’ll cross you off my list this weekend – pinky swear.

How long after finishing a race did you WANT to run?

How long after a race did you actually go for a run?

Any weekend plans?

Moving Forward with my Hamstring Injury

I wanted to title this “A Quicky for Ya” but I’m pretty sure that would 1 – turn heads and 2 – brings some people to my blog looking for something else 😉

It’s been a pretty good week here – only 2 small storms I believe. Oh, sorry, this is not a weather blog…I forgot. They were minor storms – nothing to write about….other then the snow was finally “snow-man worthy”.

Do you want to build a Snow Man?

Do you want to build a Snow Man?

As for my hamstring recovery, its moving in the right direction 🙂 I’ve had some really good runs and some days that just my leg just needs to rest.

Wed 18th: Massage day 🙂 This is becoming key to my recovery!

Thurs 19th: Planned on skiing with Lilly and Sai after our Dentist appointment but my body had other plans. As I put Hilary in the car that morning, I pulled my back on the left side. All I did was pick her up and put her in her car seat and WHAM-O instant pain. SO disappointed we did get on the hill.

Fri 20th – I don’t know what I did but I’m pretty sure it was nothing because my back was still pretty painful. Not even sure I did my PT exercises this day – whoops!

Sat 21st: Ran 5k on the treadmill – it was GREAT!

Sun 22nd: Rest day / PT exercises

Mon 23rd: Ran 5k – Had a really GREAT run with my RUNDER thighs!


Tues 24th: Rest day/PT exercises

Wed 25th: Had another fantastic 5k run on the treadmill and was finally able to increase my speed during the last kilometer.


I like to wear lots of colours 🙂


Where am I? Well, I’m definitely making progress which is great. I’ve learned a lot during this injury and the biggest thing is that patience is not my strength…oh wait, I knew that a long time ago.

Seriously though, the biggest thing is that recovery is not a race and it takes time to heal. All my goals I have for this year are 100% on the back burner but they are never not in sight.

I am getting there.

Happy Hump Day!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from an injury?

Does patience come easy to you?

Hamstring Recovery Week #2 and #Snowmaggedon2015

What What! Week #2 of my Hammy recovery. First off, I may have been introduced to “The Mindy Project” – perfect running material for The BEAST (a.k.a. treadmill)…I seriously crack up watching this show.

Second, we just had a wicked snowstorm:



Before is Monday around 5pm, After is Tuesday around 4pm and we got more snow yesterday too! Winter has finally arrived in Nova Scotia!

What my 2nd week of recovery looked like:

Tuesday 20th – Ran 2k 🙂 & PT exercises

Wednesday 21st – PT exercises yoga at home.

Thursday 22nd – Ran 2k, weights – needed a little motivation.

Friday 23rd – PT exercises (getting kind of bored of these)

Saturday 24th – Ran 2k on the treadmill before dinner with the hubs. Almost didn’t run but glad I did in the end.

Sunday 25th – NOTHING – Skipped my PT exercises – whoops! Was feeling under the weather

Monday 26th – Ran 2k, did some upper body weights, planks, push-ups, jumping jacks and I may have jumped/walked around the house so I could get my 10,000 daily steps on my Fitbit.

Tuesday 27th – STORM DAY! Was supposed to have Physiotherapy but I postponed it due to weather. Also, I’m pretty sure I did some of the Sweatpink #noexcuses but can’t remember when or what – slight fail.

Storm Day!

Storm Day!

Week 2 – I managed to not have any pain in my hamstring when putting on socks and shoes! I know, such a simple task would cause me great pain before. I’m getting discouraged by the pain/pull in my hamstring and hoping after tomorrow’s physio appointment things will improve.

This week, I can run 3k every other day 🙂 I’m really hoping she will let me do some more exercises…I’m ready to move on.

In case you missed week #1 update.

Ever get board of the same PT exercises?

What do you do when you want to move on to something else to help your injury?

Do it anyway without your PT’s advice or wait?

Anyone addicted to getting in their daily steps with their Fitbit or other tracking device?


Moving slowly

I may be moving slowly the last few days but at least I am moving. I took Sunday as a total body recovery day complete with a nap and early to bed. Those three games of soccer took a toll on my body as I am STILL sore all over yesterday. Knowing that I can’t rest forever I decided to do a walk/run combo last night after the girls went to bed. I thought it would be good to move a little, shake out my legs and see if my toe can handle running.

fear run slow


So, I put on my running gear before the girls went to sleep – no excuses right! I even had the dinner dishes cleaned – yeah I was that serious about running.

Around 7:30 I gathered all my tools {cell phone, land line phone, new tablet, head phones, baby monitor and my water} and headed down to the treadmill. I turned it on and tried to figure out how to use my new tablet to watch a show – should have done this before I wanted to walk/run. It took a little while but I managed to figure it out.

I started walking at a super slow pace…just enough to move. Then I slowly increased the speed after a 10 minute warm up walk {about .82 of a km}. I would start running and then slow it down to a walk, over and over again until I hit the 3 kilometer mark at which I felt like I could remain running. My left hamstring wasn’t too happy and my poor left toe (which was feeling really good until supper time) started to throb, but I kept going. My goal was 4k at this point.

PR Run slowly

Note – I should be starting my 1/2 Marathon training this week but haven’t committed to a training plan. Yikes!

I was running at a good pace and the show I was watching {Night Shift} wasn’t finished yet so I decided to run 5k. Just before 5k I decided to walk a little for a little cool down. I was pretty happy to have finished 5 kilometers. I drank some water, stretched a bit. Then ate 1/2 a Vega Chocolate Coconut Sports bar #yum and some soy chocolate milk #doubleyum!

Somehow I managed to run, eat, shower, get the girls bags ready for today all by 10pm! Superstar! I iced my toe again, took some Vitamin I {ibuprofen} as recommended by my husband and rested in bed. All of a sudden I couldn’t handle the ice on my toes, it was almost like I was starting to panic … so off it came. I went to bed at 10:47 and woke up diagonal in our bed at 6:25 am when my alarm went off. I SLEPT FOR 7.5 HOURS STRAIGHT! Thank you girls for sleeping all night and letting Mommy get the rest she needed.

I wasn’t too excited to get out of bed, dreading the aches and pains that I’ve had the last few mornings. I slowly got up and put my feet on the floor, stood up and walked to the bath room – no pain, no sore muscles! Moving slowly can pay off 🙂

How long does it take you to recover from a sporting event?

Do you push through minor pain or rest until 100% better?

What’s your favourite 1/2 Marathon training plan?


Life Cycle of a Soccer Tournament

Last week, I got invited to play in a soccer tournament – one of the largest women’s soccer tournament around the Maritimes. Since I’m not playing with my Valley team this summer it was a great opportunity for me to get on the field again for a short period of time. It went a little something like this…..


  • Lineup babysitter for Friday night, family for Saturday – check.
  • Recover from birthday eats, hydrate and eat well – check.
  • Find my soccer gear: sports bras, shorts, socks, cleats and shin pads – check.
  • Get nervous – check.

Day 1 of tournament:

  • Recover from birthday fun, work all day, pick girls up {dinner, bath, play and bed}.
  • Get babysitter set up and head off to game only knowing only two people on team 🙂
Sports bras, jersey and injury.

Sports bras, jersey and injury.

Game #1: 9:00pm Raymond Field 

  • Very excited and nervous at the same time. What if they don’t like me? What if I suck on the field?
  • Game held at Raymond Field at Acadia University (beautiful turf field)
  • Game time – learning as many names as I can and it’s go time. Manage to play really well and had fun.
Raymond Field @ Acadia University (Wolfville, NS)

Raymond Field @ Acadia University (Wolfville, NS)

Injuries occurred during this game: Right ankle {must have been kicked by someone’s cleat} swollen on inside of foot; Right boob/armpit area bruised {maybe an elbow from someone else}; and Left side of torso {kidney area was hit by the ball within a few feet of another player – that really hurt and left a nice red mark on my skin. I couldn’t even sleep on my side that night. Also, hurt my toe somehow!

Recovery: Stretch, Smoothie from McD’s, ice and elevated ankle then went to bed midnight with PRO Compression sleeves on 🙂

Day 2 of tournament:

  • Up with both girls around 7am; breakfast, playing and getting ready for the day.
  • 10:30 am – Get Lilly’s hair cut, drove her home and leave for soccer.
  • Arrive late to the game (10 minutes before the start) but I had a shade shelter for the team 🙂 On drive to the game I realised I had not brushed my teeth this morning – awesome! 

Game #2: 12 noon – Dyke 3 (grass field)

  • Game on grass field. Really, Senior Women’s teams should not be playing on such a short field.
  • I recognize  a lot of the players on the other team…from when I coached them in Under 12’s over 10 years ago !!!
  • Set up our only goal with my left foot (I’m a righty)
  • Drank my Vega Sport drink – is my favourite of everything I’ve tried of their products.
  • Lost the game – everyone is happy it’s over, home I go to sit in our kiddie pool with Lilly. So refreshing!

PR Soccer Gunn Pool Hair Cut

Injuries occurred during THIS game: No new injuries but my left toe is starting to bother me and right ankle is still sore. I am feeling old after this game.

Recovery: Stretch, Vega bar (chocolate/coconut), grilled chicken sandwich, salad, water, Kool-aid juice pack from team-mate.


Game #3: 6 pm Raymond Field {again}

  • Drive to game at 5:15 and remember that I STILL had not brushed my teeth all day – gross.
  • Start game and Lilly/My Dad arrive to watch. Best thing to hear while on the field “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”!!!!
  • Ran into the posts of our net to save a goal – little cut on my arm.
  • We played really really well but somehow lost the game – oh well. Everyone is happy we don’t have to play the next day.
  • I got MVP of the game 🙂

Injuries occurred during THIS game: Head hurts from heading the ball too much all weekend; cut/bruised my arm,  multiple bruises to my legs and my toe isn’t too happy. Blew a hole in my cleats – dang…now I need a new pair.

Recovery: Watermelon, another smoothie from McD’s (pomegranate/blueberry is amazing}, dinner: chicken and asparagus, ice cream cake/pie, cheese ball and crackers and lots of water. I iced my toe and ankle at bed time…my toe is 100% bruised and swollen at this point and my ankle is bruised and slightly swollen but not really injured at this point.

PR Soccer Gunn Food

Day 3: No games

We didn’t advance so there are no soccer on Sunday – THANK GOD! I couldn’t imagine playing another 2 games today. I hurt so much….my neck, shoulders, obliques, abs, hamstrings, shins, thighs, calf’s and feet hurt. I feel like I’ve worn stiletto heals for 8 hours and someone drove over my big toe. It hurts to walk down stairs and squat to sit on the toilet or chair!

Ice, Elevation, Rest and Vitamin "I" to recover!

Ice, Elevation, Rest and Vitamin “I” to recover!

Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing. It felt great to be on the field again {Raymond field at that!}, fun to be playing again with a team after running so much on my own and feeling that my level of soccer has improved over the last year not to mention my fitness.

One of the best parts of the tournament was having Lilly watch me play. I want her to see me playing a sport a love. I want her to be exposed to a healthy lifestyle with a little chocolate on the side. I want her to experience opportunities that take you places and change your life.

Number one Fan

Number one Fan

My toe might not have survived the tournament but I sure did. Now to rest a little and get back into running and some cross training. Oh and don’t worry….I managed to brush my teeth before going to bed last night, man that felt great!

How was your weekend?

Ever sprain/break your toe {other body part} ?

What’s your secret to recovery after a sporting event?