Adventures of a Mother Runner

Sometimes as Mom’s we put ourselves second…okay third. Well, actually we do this more then sometimes. However sometimes we see the value in something we are passionate about and do everything we can to make it happen. And sometimes the stars just don’t align.

For me, being active is a priority and I’ve talked about that on here before. Whether it’s running, playing soccer, skiing or being active with our girls, that is more important than other things in life. Being a mom who happens to run has become more of my identity and that is more prevalent now when my daughters ask to go for a run with me.

After each run, my girls want to stretch with me and Lilly will even ask how many kilometers I ran! I’m confident she doesn’t understand how far an actual kilometer is but she knows that’s the distance I use when running and she too can run a kilometer.

A good chunk of my winter running {now until March} will be on my treadmill, a.k.a. THE BEAST. Not that I don’t want to run outside but it’s easier to run on the treadmill then to find a babysitter when my husband is away. It’s also easier to wake up early on a hot summer day and run outside then it is in the cold of winter.

Last night after spending the day on the road and in a workshop, I desperately wanted to run even though I did a little roller skating at lunch time. During dinner with the girls, I told them that I’d be running when they went to bed. I even reminded them during bath time so they knew I’d be in the basement – they were both excited for me which is fun.


The girls had other plans for me. It wasn’t intentional but they needed me more then I needed to run. I had my running gear on and was ready to go, all that I needed was to make sure the girls had fallen asleep.

They have been struggling with a cough for a few days and it’s nasty. Both girls couldn’t stop coughing and I felt like I was in a tennis match bouncing back and forth between each girls room and the kitchen. The kitchen was my “happy zone” where I would wait to see if either girl would start coughing again. Just as I thought I could walk down the stairs to my treadmill, one of them would start coughing. It sounded like they were in so much pain and I felt terrible.

With a little medicine, water, pajama change for Hilary and some cuddles and rubbing their backs, I thought I was good to go. After looking at my watch and reading 9:32 PM, I decided to call it a night and just go to bed.

Sometimes we have the best intentions of doing something for our selves only to realized your skills are needed elsewhere. So though this mother runner didn’t run, her girls slept all night and didn’t cough again.

At least with my husband home tonight, I’m confident I’ll get a few kilometers in 😉


Little Thoughts on having a Mother Runner

I always wonder what our daughters think of my running. They’ve always cheered me on at my races that they can come to, they constantly say “go mama go” when I leave for my runs and they always stretch with me after my long runs. Recently, I came across this running questionnaire from Happy Fit Mama and thought it would be fun to do!

Lilly is 5 and Hilary is 2.5 years old. This is what they said…


Our two hams at soccer the other night

1. What does Mom eat before she runs?

Lilly – Umm, nothing.

Hilary – Spinach. {Not even close}.

2. How far does Mom run every day?

Lilly – A long run, 22 kilometers. {ha ha – no way!}

Hilary – Shrugs her shoulders at me!

3. What was mom’s favourite Race?

Lilly – Valley Harvest; because I ran it too! {This was an awesome race for me}

Hilary – Shrugs her shoulders again.

PR VHM Finish photo

4. Why do you think your Mom runs?

Lilly – Because she likes to run.

Hilary – To eat her dinner! {Not a bad answer!}

5. What injuries does your Mom have from running?

Lilly – Her leg. (Yes dear, you are correct…mama’s had a hamstring injury for 6 months)

Hilary – On her knee (Hilary recently had a boo boo on her knee – apparently, I do too!)

6. Do you like going to Mom’s Races?

Lilly – Yes. Because I can watch Mommy and I have lots of fun.

Hilary – Yeah, because you have to.

7. Have you learned anything from having a Mom who runs?

Lilly – To run super fast! {ha ha}

Hilary – Shakes head no.

8. Does having a Mom who runs make you want to run?

Lilly – Yes. I love running too!

Hilary – Yeah.

{YES!!!!!!!!, Happy Mama!}

9. Whats your least favourite thing about having a Mom who runs?

Lilly – How sweaty she is after her runs.

Hilary –  Mommy is just sweaty.

july 9th run

Sweat fest “runch” a few weeks ago!

I can’t argue with them on this one!

10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mother’s age? (How old do you think your mom is? (I’m 35)

Lilly – (35) No!!!! I won’t run when I am 35 because I am only 5. (I asked again) She said “No, I’m going to be all kinds of other things too when I am 35” {Love this answer!}

Hilary – (5) Yeah, I’ll run.

Well that was fun! How would your kids answer these questions (or little one(s) in your life). 

Lilly thought this was a cool questionnaire and I’m pretty sure Hilary didn’t really care about it 😉

Motivation Monday #40 (last one!)

Motivation Monday #40

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what my last “Motivation Monday” will be.

What quote would I pick for my last one? What picture did I want to represent “motivation”?

It has to be big, I thought….

It has to be meaningful…..

It has to be …. motivational and get people moving.

What to pick? Where to start?

I took a step back and thought….WHY do I even do these Motivation Monday posts?

To try and motivate others so they can be active, that it’s important for their health, that it’s important for their well-being.

Then I thought about what motivates me….sure these quotes and pictures motivate me and REMIND me that I can reach another goal and push myself.

BUT, The real reason I am motivated to be active is because of these following people:

My daughter Lillian (Lilly) and Baby (bump) #2

And my husband, Sai. We’ll be married 5 years in November!!!

I’m motivated by them.

I want to be healthy for them.

I want to be a role model for my children.

I want to live an active lifestyle with my family.

That’s what motivates me every day, every week.

What motivates you to be active, healthy and happy?

Thanks for reading my Motivational Monday posts.