Happy Global Running Day!

Happy Global Running Day!


If you are new to this blog, you will come to know I love to run. I’m jumping on board the Global Running Day event and sharing why I love to run.

Why do you run? To be honest, there are many reasons. Everything from dealing with stress, me time, to living healthy, role modelling for my daughters, and to challenge myself.

How do you plan to celebrate Global Running Day? I’ll be running probably in the evening. Ideally, I’d love to run outside if my husband is home but I’m completely fine using the treadmill too, even after last night’s failed 8k attempt. I only managed 6 for some reason I just couldn’t do it.


How many miles have you run so far this year? Do you have a mileage goal for the year?

I’ve run 409 kilometers this year (254 miles). I honestly don’t have a number that I want to reach this year. It’s all about running strong, avoiding injury again.

What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year? 

That’s it! My focus is on Johnny Miles Half but not for a PB. More to get my hamstring stronger, complete the distance without any hamstring issues during or post run. I have 2-3 other runs that I want to do but waiting to get through my current training cycle to see how it goes with my hamstring.

Before I leave for a run I must have: I’m pretty attached to my Garmin and Road ID not because I need to know my pace at all times but I like to know my distances. My Road ID, well…you can never been too safe if something happens on your run.

Do you track your runs? If so what do you use? Sure do! I have a Garmin Forerunner 10, it’s about 3 years old now. I bought it in the summer of 2013 when I was wanting to change the way I was running.


I also use a log book. Nothing fancy, not branded or marked out with a calendar. Strictly a book with lines in it that I make into a chart. I log all my runs, bike rides and workouts each month.

Who is your favorite running partner? My buddy, Krystol. She’s great and fast too but willing to run at my pace. You know, it’s hard to find a good running partner. The stress of not being able to keep up or when/where to run. She’s so laid back, our kids are friends, we have similar interests besides running and a great motivator and inspiration!

2015 Maritime Race Weekend


I also love to run with my husband when our schedules permits and our kids. They are so fun to run with and are keen to just go, go, go!

What races have you run so far this year? I’ve completed the Bluenose Marathon 10k a few weeks ago (May 22) in 1:04:22.

Bluenose 2016 with Paul

If you have to give someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be?  This is a good question! Surround yourself with other runners (fast ones, slow ones, 5ker’s, long distance runners). You will be amazed at the community around you, the support around you, the sharing, the motivation, the inspiration and the excitement for the sport!

It doesn’t matter what pace you run, how far you go but what matters is taking the steps to keep moving forward. You will be rewarded in ways you never imagined!

Describe your relationship with running in one word: Rewarding.

Your turn:

Are you running on Global Running Day? 

What’s your best piece of advice about running?

Before you leave for a run, you must do….?

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First Day of 2015, First Run of 2015

Happy New Year!

I was able to end 2014 with running….well, I volunteered at a local Resolution Run. It was bitterly cold outside and they had an option for runners to run 5k outside or inside on the track at Acadia University. I had no idea where I would be so I brought stuff to be inside and out.

Krystol (my running buddy) was running the 5k outside and asked one of the organizers if there would be someone at the turn around point. Initially they said no and then once they saw how many people were keen to run outside they said they would put someone out there.

That someone was me 🙂

Dec 31st resolution run

It was fun to be at the run and help out. I directed the runners, gave a few high fives and then after 40 minutes of standing outside I drove the route back to make sure I had seen the last group of walkers. I quickly jumped in my car to warm up and head back to the arena.

I liked ending the year volunteering for this run…hey, if you can’t join them running you might as well cheer them on!

A few days prior to January 1st, Lilly (our 4-year-old) asked if she could go for a run with me. I said yes, of course! She recently got some running/yoga clothing for Christmas and was keen to try them out. More importantly, she REALLY wanted to run WITH me.

PR Jan 1st run with Lilly 2015 #2

She is so proud of her running outfit we had to take a few photo’s to send to Daddy 🙂 We bundled up with extra clothing for her since it was -6c outside! I wasn’t sure what she was going to be up for but I had 1 km in my head, a loop that we walk all the time.

We ran, we walked, she said she was tired and I’d reply with okay let’s run some more! We’d run to a driveway and then walk a few steps. All of a sudden she said “Mom, this is really nice!” and my heart melted just a little more for her. It WAS really nice.

In the end we ran/walked 1 km in about 9 minutes. I shared it online with the #RunWithMeKids hashtag, if you haven’t heard of Run With Me Kids – check it out! We got back to the house with rosy cheeks and she wanted to stretch right away. This girl knows my routine after a run!

PR Jan 1st run with Lilly 2015

Looks like we have a little runner in the family…and her sister is not that far behind her. On another note – my hamstring didn’t bother me one bit! Obviously, I took it slow but I had no pain, no problems and am hoping I am on the right track to getting back to running.

My running plan is to slowly get back into it, do some yoga/stretching and not rush it. My New Year’s Goals/Resolutions will be coming up soon…..I’m not in a rush to finalize them yet but there will be some running goals in there 🙂

It’s kinda fun to say that I ran my first kilometer of 2015 with my daughter – maybe I will have to run my last kilometer for the year with her on Dec 31st, 2015 🙂

How was your New Year’s Eve/Day?

Anyone run January 1st ? Resolution Run?

Do you run with your kids?


ProCompression Sock *Giveaway*

Giddy Up, it’s a surprise Giveaway!!! I’m excited to say that I’m doing a *Giveaway* for a pair of PROCompression socks! {Open to everyone}.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote this post: I Wear My Compression Socks at Night ….bet your singing that song again 😉 Well, I have been wearing my compression socks A LOT! They are my go to recovery now that I’m running 20-30km a week!

Last year I did a review of PROCompression socks, you can read that here –> My review.


Kidding. On a serious note, compression socks can help your muscles and body recover and help reduce injury. Compression socks help increase blood flow which equals a faster recovery time. Yes, please!

I found when putting compression socks on your feet/legs it can be challenging the first times you do it 😉 I relate it to a wrestling match with a baby when you are trying to change their diaper. Okay, I’m kinda kidding….but I’m kinda not. Over time I have perfected putting mine on but at first it was quite entertaining.

My happy feet post run last night:

Piper's Post Run Recovery :)

Piper’s Post Run Recovery 🙂

Last week I ran 29 kilometers, {#ATWRBR2014}. That’s the most I’ve run per week this year and am at 199 km in total for the year….I totally should have run 6km yesterday instead of 5km but wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, I’ll get it in today! I also got a new PB 5k during my run Friday at lunch! Needless to say, I’ve had some tired muscles this past week and have been relying heavily on my compression socks to help recover, along with some stretching and Yoga.

One lucky reader (open to anyone) can win. The contest will run all this week and close 12/4/14.

Please fill out the Rafflecopter below as this is where I will select a winner from:

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Good luck!

Piper 😉

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Please note: I was not paid to write this post. The opinions are my own. PR.