Slugging Along After a Busy Weekend

I feel like I’m just slugging along these last few days. Last week our family was hit by a stomach bug and we all got it in different ways. Little H got it the worst, poor girl and Lilly had a horrible cough. It’s lingered on into a head cold for all of us now and I’ve can’t seem to catch up on sleep.

However, life goes on and somehow as parents you find a way to keep moving forward. Some days I don’t know how we all do it! I did managed to run once on the treadmill last week. It helped that I got some fun running tights from Costco…pretty sure I’ll be wearing them a lot this winter!


Our weekend was busy and this could be why I’m feeling so sluggish. Saturday morning started with a soccer game for me and swimming lessons for the girls.


We hit up a Christmas craft fair with my Mom and then a Santa Clause parade later that evening.


Sunday brought gymnastics class for the girls and both Saï and I agreed while shuffling the girls out the door we won’t be signing them up for ANY morning classes/lessons in the winter. It all worked out in the end and of course we were reminded WHY we sign our girls up for classes like this. Mainly, because they love it but also because we love seeing them happy and active. Sometimes you don’t always see the worth when struggling to get out the door.

We also saw the movie Trolls…oh my, it was really funny! Lilly went to it with a birthday party, so Saï and I took Hilary. I was hoping to run last night on the treadmill but the warmth of our wood stove drew me in and I didn’t. Now if I could only get to be before 10 pm and not 11, I think I wouldn’t feel so sluggish and have some energy to run.

How was your weekend? 

Do you recover quickly from stomach bugs?

Weekend are for relaxing or keeping busy….or both?

Ready To Go Gym Bag

As someone who likes to work out regularly, I always try to have my running gear (clothing, sneakers, Garmin) or winter gear (skis, snowshoes, jacket, pants, toques etc) ready to go. It makes getting to the actual activity just a little easier. I would even go as far as saying that I use that as a motivator.

I’ve been known to take out my running clothing after I get dressed in the morning so that I can work out at night. I’ve also been known to put on my running clothing while the girls are getting on the pj’s because then I have no excuses but the dishes once they go to bed 😉

More recently, I’ve had my gym bag packed and ready to go. Not that I get to the gym very often but I just leave it packed. When I visit my family, I try to hit up GoodLife Fitness while I’m in Halifax. I like the atmosphere there and enjoy the occasional gym workout – especially this winter.


Some key pieces for my gym bag are:

  • Running Sneakers
  • Workout Clothing (shorts or capris, tank top or t-shirt, sports bra, socks)
  • Lock
  • Head Phones (IPod, Tablet or to use the gym’s TV service while doing cardio)
  • After Workout Clothing (underwear, socks, shirt, pants)
  • Shower stuff (don’t forget a towel)
  • Empty water bottle

I’ve been known to forget a few key essentials: underwear…yes, I’ve gone commando at work once. I forgot a towel before. I’ve even forgot my sports bra and decided not to run on my lunch break because of it.

Starting in the spring and through to the fall (the snow will melt, the snow will melt), I will start leaving my running gear in my car. Don’t worry, it will be clean gear as no one wants to sit in a car with stinky running clothing 😉 It will be great to have my running gear in case I want to go for a last minute run at lunch or for a work meeting. Yes, I’ve gone for a “running meeting” before – they are the best!

My little gym bag sits in my bedroom just waiting for me to grab it and go. Since I do a lot of treadmill running at home these days due to injury and crazy snow/icy road conditions, I don’t get to use my gym bag all that often.

Don’t worry gym bag ….your coming out to play this weekend 🙂

Do you have a gym bag packed and ready to go?

What are some of your MUST haves in your gym bag?

Do you keep all your “active” gear together?

Runalicious T-Shirt Contest and Giveaway (CAN)

Runalicious. Doesn’t that just sound great!?!?! Makes me want to put on my running gear and lace up my sneakers and hit the road! Wouldn’t it be awesome to run in something “runalicious?” Ummm, yes!

Well, for those lucky Canadians this is an opportunity to not only WIN a t-shirt from Runacilious but to create the next slogan.

some girls run

What you need to do: complete all three steps

  1. Like Runalicious on Facebook here.
  2. Come up with an original slogan and leave it in the comments below (with your shirt size)
  3. Like Piper’s Run on Facebook here.

your pace or mine

Contest Rules:

  • ALL slogans/sayings need to be original. If we can find it on Google, it doesn’t count.
  • Open to Canadians Only (Sorry everyone else….you can check out their website here though)
  • Contest will run from Monday October 20th until Monday October 27th at midnight – get those ideas in!
  • Contest winners will be chosen by Runalicious on Tuesday October 28th and announced on Piper’s Run Blog.

runalicious logo


  • Will receive the first printed shirt with their slogan/saying in their shirt size. HOT.OFF.THE.PRESS!!!

What I love about this company:

  • They are based in Nova Scotia (Gotta love local and Canadian).
  • They actually make the shirts – not someone else.
  • Their saying’s are pretty awesome! *your pace or mine*
  • The shirts look super comfortable for running and every day wear.
  • They attend Marathons all over the Province!

So, get your thinking caps on and share your BEST runner’s saying ever! You can also find Runalicious on Twitter.

Please note: I was contacted by Runalicious to host this contest. I was not paid, thoughts and comments are my own.

Canadians – follow the three steps to enter the contest above.


Lolë Product Review

I’m pretty excited to be writing about this. Recently, I was asked to be apart of an ambassador program with Lolë. I’ve seen their clothing line in stores but have never attempted to try them on as I felt like they were out of my league.

Lolë is based out of Montreal, Quebec (Canada) – woop woop! The company started in 2002 – wow 11 years of pretty awesome clothing…well done! You can learn more about their story here and see who’s been wearing their stuff here!

I was able to choose something and try it out. After going over their entire website (yes, I looked at everything) I decided on a sports bra and shorts – perfect for summer running. However, they were sold out of the colours and my size …. bummer 😦 So, I chose these Run Capri pants; an item I did not currently have in my running collection. I thought I would give them a try to see if I could like running in them. I am either a shorts girl in the summer time or long running pants in the winter. This middle of the leg thing was a new world for me.

Run Capri from Lole

Run Capri from Lolë

Info on Run Capri’s from Lolë: You’ll surge to the head of the pack in these high-styled, high-performance capris. They’re a workout winner in our four-way stretch 2nd Skin Mid fabric with mesh inserts for enhanced breathability. The “L” inset at the waist is a subtle reminder to Live Out Loud Everyday. 
• Shape fit 
• Mid rise 
• Zip pocket on waistband back 
• Lined gusset at crotch 
• Flat seams for comfort 
• Reflective logo 
• Inseam: 18 in./45.5 cm

I was really struggling with what size to order online because…you see…I’m not an online shopper for clothing. I’ve ALWAYS had bad luck with sizes. I’m not your typical size 4 or 8, heck I’m not even a size 10, though I used to be before kids. Anyway. I was really nervous that they wouldn’t fit.

When they arrived I tried them on…. Oh my…my legs were in love and I had not even taken to the pavement to run in them yet. I now understand why people wear yoga pants all the time. I swear I could live in these things; they can be used for running or yoga etc. Now, after an hour of wearing them around the house…WITH the tag still on as my husband pointed out numerous times, I finally decided that this was the right fit, the right size, the right style for me. 

Me in my Run Capri's

Me in my Run Capri’s

Yeah, I was pretending to run … with the tag on.

What did I like about them?

Well, first off – they are Canadian! Yeah, I’m proud 🙂

Second, they are easy to move in, fit really well and kept me cool on my run.  The material is super light and didn’t restrict my running. I also love the little side pocket that I could put my key in, ID card, money or a small snack if I really wanted to.

Third, I was beyond surprised when they arrived in less than 3 days after checking off “ground shipping” and not express post. Bonus!

Four, they provided pre-paid return shipping slips in case I had to return them. That’s kinda nice.

Would I recommend them? Yes.

Am I secretly wearing them as I write this…….. ha ha, YUP!

Please note: Lolë provided me the opportunity to try their product and these are my own opinions, thoughts and experience with Lole.