Running Mileage for 2017 {in photos}

It’s amazing how many kilometres, laps, games or classes one can accumulate over the span of a year. I started doing a running mileage of the year post last year and thought I’d continue on.

I’ve shared these all on IG, as that’s where I post daily but you can also see the totals at the bottom of this post from running, cycling, soccer, yoga, skiing and more.

























Yearly Total Mileage / Games / Classes etc.

Running: 643 km

Races:  3 (Half, 5 miler and 10k)

Cycling: 237 km

Soccer Games: 31

Yoga Classes: 24

Skiing: 5

Skating: 3

Snowshoeing: 2

Aqua Running: 2

SUP Yoga: 1

Barre: 1

Bowling: 1

My favourite new activity was SUP yoga and I hope to do more of that this summer. I’m also planning to get back into aqua running when my work schedule permits.

That’s a wrap on my mileage, classes, games and other adventures in 2017. I’m not sure what 2018 will bring but I’m sure I’ll be running, cycling, playing soccer, going to yoga and more!

How was your mileage in 2017?

Did you try any new sports/activities in 2017?

Anything you are planning to try in 2018?


January Mileage and February Goals

So, where did January go? It’s been such a busy month, I honestly can’t believe it’s February!

Last year, each month I shared my running mileage but also included other activities as well. Though I love running, I like to do like: play soccer, go skiing, cycling, yoga, barre, snowshoeing (when we have snow). I figured I’d do it again this year.

January Mileage


Mini Goals

I set some little goals for the month of January but didn’t get around to sharing them on here. They were to run 75km, strength train 2 x week, yoga 1-2 x a week. Though I was far from running 75km, I’m okay with it as I was on the right track and then had to step back a bit to sort out my ankle.

Strength training – well, I’ve been doing all my PT exercises but didn’t really getting into strength training until the end of the month. This week alone, I’ve gone to barre and yoga. I’ve tried three times to go to my weekly yoga class but my work schedule was too busy on those days so I couldn’t attend. Yes, I can do yoga at home and I’m planning to but I love my weekly Tuesday yoga classes.

Yearly Goals

Mid January I shared a few goals that I want to achieve this year. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t even looked at that list since I hit publish, ha! So, yeah…I just looked at it. Hey -I’m just being honest! We’ve done some deep cleaning around our house and started to declutter (feels so good). I’m running, challenged myself at yoga with a headstand yesterday, was journaling daily – though I’ve slacked on that for the last week or more. Okay maybe two weeks. I’ve been working hard at getting my ankle stronger = avoiding injuries. Alright, I’ve got 11 more months to work on these “goals”.

So what now? What’s up for February? Well, here are a few things I’m working towards:

  • Run 50 km (total)
  • Weekly Yoga or Barre class
  • Take advantage of the snow (when it comes): cross country ski, downhill skiing, snowshoe, skate and just play outside with my kids.

That’s it. I’m keeping it simple. Maybe “simple” is going to be my word for the year. Who knows but for now, I’m keeping things simple.

How was your January? 

Any goals for February that you are working on?

What’s one thing you wish you did in January that you didn’t get to do?



Running Mileage for 2016 {In Photos}

Since December is wrapped up and we’ve moved on to 2017, I sat down to look at my running numbers for 2016 (and yoga, cycling etc).

During the month of December I was aiming for a certain number so I could try to run more then I did in 2015, which was 844 km. In 2015 I was dealing with a hamstring injury and in 2016 it was my ankle injury in August that slowed me down a little. Though I ran a little less towards the end of 2016, I still ran a few more kilometres more then the previous year (not by much).

If you want to see the stats and miss all the photos – skip to the bottom…but really, the photos are kinda fun!

jan 31st 2016 mileage

February Mileage 2016

March Mileage

April Mileage


June Mileage

Julys Mileage

August Mileage




2016 Totals

Running: 846 km

Cycling: 65 km

Yoga Classes: 28

Soccer Games:  18

IronStrength: 12

Skiing: 7

Swimming: 5

Barre: 4

Snowshoe: 3

Skating: 1

Despite having a significant injury, I sure enjoyed all the activities I did with my family, with friends, at races and games and by myself. Yes, it was only 2 more kilometres than 2015 but hey….I worked for all of them.

I’m still working on my goals for 2017 but should have that for next week. My main goal will be to get my ankle stronger and AVOID injuries 🙂

How was your 2016 year by the numbers?

Did you go over any predicted goals/numbers?

What’s one new thing you are going to do in 2017?

October Catch-Up

October was  filled with running, soccer, yoga and barre for me. Then swimming lessons and gymnastics class for the girls, which they love!. Time with family, working a lot, traveling for work more and of course Halloween!

Running Mileage

For just coming off an injury/getting it diagnosed, I’m happy that I was just able to be running again. I played 2 soccer games, went to 2 yoga classes and 2 barre classes. It wasn’t a very motivating month trying to get back into running/working out but I’m feeling like I’m doing better.


Plans for November:

I want to run more consistently which means getting back on the treadmill when my husband’s working and potentially getting back into running at lunches. I do miss my “runches”. Treadmill running isn’t all that bad as I can catch up on some shows I’ve missed throughout the week. Who am I kidding, I love the fact that I have a treadmill at home and can run when I can’t get outside.

Soccer has been a lot of fun too. When I get on the field my mind is completely lost in the moment which I was missing with running and yoga lately. Honestly, I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that it’s November! NOVEMBER folks!!!!!!!


Birthday cake, birthday present and a party-goer (not in the photo). The girls loved Halloween and I’m now officially sick of chocolates, candies and chips. Okay, I’m not sick of starburst but everything else I am.


Pumpkin People

Each year we check out the pumpkin people in the valley but happened to leave it to the last weekend this year. Obviously, we had to stop at this one so the girls could be just like their father.

And then even more like their father – British 🙂 Funny enough, he was working that day so they pretended to be at work with him.


Do you have anything planned this month?

Are you starting to think about the holidays yet? (I’m trying not to for at least another week or so).

Runners – are you in off season mode now?