Running Moment of The Week


I’ve been a little MIA on the blogging front lately because we’ve been busy. I’m also feeling a little lack of motivation on what to write these days. We’ve moved into fall mode which consists of swimming lessons AND gymnastics for both girls. For the fun of it this past weekend, I threw in an afternoon of hiking with friends and mowed the lawn/cleaned the yard. Phew!

Running Moment of The Week

I haven’t run in the last few days but I wanted to talk about a run I did last week. Since I’m not training for anything specific at the moment, I have no commitment to running other then trying to do it every other day. My ankle feels better when I’m active and I’ve been given the go ahead to run, play soccer etc., along with my PT every other day.

Thursday night I wanted to run and my husband was home so I decided to run outside. It’s getting darker earlier here (yuck) so I knew it would be in the dark. I love the community I live in but there are some places that are just so dark that if you don’t carry a flashlight of some sort, you can’t see the footpath you are on. Luckily I still have my Night Runner Lights that I use.


The plan was to run more then 5-6k, take it easy and just see how I felt. Ideally, I want to get back to half marathon training which might start next week. The beginning of my run felt amazing, which hasn’t happened since my ankle injury mid August! My ankle felt great and physically I felt good though I was starting to get another head cold (meh, that’s life with kids). I didn’t feel like I was dying until a few of the hills.

I just kept running to enjoy it. I ran out 4.5k and back to finish 9k around 9pm. My ankle was a little stiff/sore after 5k but nothing new or painful. It was great to feel so good during a run again and I kinda missed that feeling. So, I continue my PT exercises for my ankle and back…yup still doing those to keep my SI joint happy.

What’s your favourite running moment of the week (last or this week)?

When was the last time you felt really good on a run?

Do you drop your PT exercises once you are feeling good or keep going with them?