Runners Confession #2: No Training Plan = No Motivation

What’s going on here? Seriously? I’m feel like a whiny baby when it comes to running these days. I want to run, I love to run, I enjoy running but I am seriously lacking some motivation since my half marathon in October. OCTOBER was forever ago!

No training plan no motivation

Instead, I put on a cozy fire, relax and forget about my trusty treadmill 😦


I have no training plan to follow. No major race to focus on. Oh, and I just want to sleep since I’m up 1-3 times a night with Hilary still. Seriously, when is she going to sleep better? Talk about mother running problems! And yes, I know I’m not the only one out there…please tell me I’m not.

I’m hoping the fact that I packed my running bag this morning may give me a little boost. After all, If I put my mind to it I reach my 1000th kilometer by the end of this week!


Lunch Time: And cue in the motivation! I FORGOT MY GARMIN!!!!!!!! It was going to be a naked run, until I hit up MapMyRun online and confirmed the route I was going to take.

6k in 35:59 :)

6k in 35:59 🙂

It was SO beautiful outside I could have run in short and a tank top! 6k in 35:59 according to my Timex watch – Not.Too.Shabby! I’m hoping the December running challenge I’ve signed up for will keep me motivated in December with Run Steff Run.


Are you lacking motivation right now? 

Anyone doing a December challenge? If so, which one?

Could you run in shorts and a t-shirt today, Nov 25th ?

I Wear My Compression Socks at Night

Now, you must read the title of this post with the same enthusiasm as Cory Heart in “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”.

Try it again….

“I WEAR MY COMPRESSION SOCKS AT NIGHT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much better, eh!

Okay, seriously! I wore my compression socks every night last week {even after soccer}, as I put my legs through some kilometers….22 km to be exact 🙂

You see, I’m participating in the Around The World Running Blogger Relay Challenge” so I’m trying to rack up the kilometers for that…plus, to keep me busy……I mean to keep me sane. Works crazy busy, as is my home life but running lets me escape for 35-50 minutes each time I run.

To help with my recovery after running, I have been wearing my compression socks. And, I run at night most days because that’s what fits my schedule… a.k.a – how I balance everything. So, I wear my compression socks at night {bet you sang it this time like Cory Heart}….both Pro Compression and SL3S Compression socks. You can see both of my reviews here: Pro Compression Review and SL3S Compression Review.

PRO Compression Socks on not so skinny legs - they fit!

Lately, I’ve been really loving the ProCompression socks only because the SL3S are super long and they bunch up around my knees and it’s uncomfortable after a while. I’m debating on getting some compression sleeves since I just don’t feel like I need the “foot” part of the sock. 

Do you wear compression socks DURING or AFTER running/working out?

What’s your favourite brand of compression socks ? Yes, I’d really like to know. 

Socks or Sleeves?