Jan 22nd – 28th Weekly Wrap Up

Last week was what I would say a low and lazy week. I was feeling under the weather for most of it and by the end of the week came down with a nasty head cold. You know, weekends are make for fun…not head colds and sick!

Jan 22nd – 28th

I did a few work outs last week but nothing big. It went a little like this:

Monday Jan 22nd: Nothing. But I sure got a lot of sleep that night.

Tuesday: Nothing again. However, my husband and I went to the Banff Film Festival in Wolfville which was awesome! It was a series of films from 4 – 30 minutes in length, everything from climbing to badass women slack liners and mountain bikers, to a 90 female skater and major expeditions on glaciers.


Wednesday: Nothing, other then PT exercises and walking our dog.

Thursday: 5km Treadmill Run + PT exercises. Treadmill run was nice and easy though it felt like I haven’t run in ages …. which I haven’t. It was a wear your Tiux compression socks kind of night! {Check out my discount page here}


Friday: Physiotherapy appointment  which went well and more sleep that night. Felt horribly sick that night.

Saturday: Walked the dog. Took the girls to their basketball jamboree and yes, more sleep.

Sunday: Skating and walked the dog. Light skating with Hilary while Lilly was at a birthday party. Again, more sleep.


Though this week was pretty low and lazy, I needed it. I’m not training for anything and my body just needed to rest a lot this week. I’ve been just trying to feel better so rest, sleep, hydration and good food…okay, maybe some bad food in there too (let’s be honest)

It’s another week and we’re expecting a snow storm tonight and tomorrow! Woohoo! Yup, I love snow and hoping to get out our snow shoes!!!

How was your week?

Ever lay low for a whole week THEN get super sick?

What’s one thing you are looking forward to this week?

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I’ve Been Down & Out

It’s been a full week of nothing. Well, nothing but feeling absolutely miserable. I think I had every symptom in the book: nausea, head ache, sort throat, stomach problems, light headed, dizzy….did I mention nausea? I seriously wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get better. It started Nov 12th and I only started to feel better yesterday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a break from running/working out for this long but my body had some other plans for me. I would start to feel better and then BAM…all the symptoms would hit me hard for hours on end. It sure isn’t fun being sick and trying to take care of two little girls on your own since my husband was away for 5 days.

Monday night I had planned to do some baking but all that happened was cooking up some home made chicken soup and laying on the couch next to the fire watching a show. I was getting annoyed with feeling ill so before bet I did a 1:25 minute plank since I stopped doing them last week.


Yesterday, I decided to go to yoga class at lunch. As I ventured off to studio in town, I wasn’t sure how I would feel but I was determined to go and enjoy it. Luckily, most of my symptoms were gone yesterday but my stomach is still yucky today. Yoga class was GREAT! I even managed to hold the “birds of paradise” pose for the first time on both legs – this is progress!


I was hoping to get back to the 21 day fix with my co-workers today but I’m not sure if my body is up for that…I did bring my running clothing to work as well. We’ll see what happens.

How’s your week going?

Anyone else sick right now? Sure hope you don’t get what I have.



Life can pass by or slow down completely

The weeks seem to to be flying by…..Hilary is already 2months old!  week after week I plan blog posts and sometimes draft them but can’t seem to find the time time to finish them. Make them just oh so right!

Well, on Tuesday after going for a walk on at an indoor track I came home and started to spiral down hill. My legs hurt, my head was pounding…. I thought it was maybe because I hadn’t been working out and not drinking enough water.

Nope, not the case. Mama was sick!

It took everything in me to get through my afternoon with Hilary, pick up Lilly, make dinner, do our night time routine before my husband got home! I was getting worse by the minute. Nothing was staying in my body, my bones AND muscles hurt, my head was pounding…..time was passing by SO slowly I just wanted to cry.

And, I did.

I managed to get Lilly to bed, nurse Hilary and Sai got home and took over. Off to bed I went except to nurse Hilary when needed. I don’t remember being that sick before and being lactose intolerant….well let’s just say you can get used to getting sick. I did managed to loose between 2-5 pounds….I can’t really see the exact number on my scale but it’s gone down. I wouldn’t ever recommend being sick to loose weight….it just sucks the life out of you.

By the next day I was getting back to normal and today I managed to eat normal again.

So, I haven’t blogged but have many ready to go, and will hopefully get back to it soon.

For now I am cuddling with Hilary, trying to type this on an iPad and not enjoying the experience of doing so. I’ve made so many typing mistakes, but hopefully you won’t notice if I proof read right.

Some exciting news…….Nova Scotia is getting hit by a BIG storm this weekend!!!! Just google it and you’ll see. 40+ cm of snow to hit us! Saaaweat!

Don’t worry, I’ll take before and after pictures of all the snow and blog about it ….when I can.

Running While Sick ?

Let me start off by saying my little one has been sick for just under a week – terrible congestion, heart-wrenching  cough, irritable at times and not sleeping well because of the listed symptoms. But the good thing is, she’s happy, running around and wanting to play.

Also, my husband is home!!!! Woohoo, we have finished 7 months apart….7…long…months…apart.  He is home until June and then only away for a week or so, and then we’ll all be done with that adventure. Both he and I started to feel ill last night; we had no idea what this “cold” would amount to.


 I plan each weeks workout goals every Sunday; which you can read more about here. So, today was my day to run which I was really looking forward to doing. Can you see where this is going? 🙂

Today, we woke up full of this cold my daughter had – she’s just learning about sharing but seriously…this is one thing she did not need to share with us. We were both miserable; head pounding, stuffed up nose and feeling run down.

I decided I would go to work and my husband (who is waiting on his “On the Job” schedule was able to sleep the morning away. By lunch time I was feeling terrible and was trying to decide if I was to go on my run. I went home for lunch, had some chicken soup  that he made for me and decided to go lie down – I would run later. (Again, you can see where this is going – right?).

We laid down just before 1 and around 2:30pm, I said to my husband “I don’t think I’ve slept for more than 5 minutes”. He then assured me that I had in fact slept as he informed me I was “snoring rather contentedly” !!!

I stayed in bed until 4:30 sleeping while my husband went to pick up Lilly. During this time I was trying to figure out if I was going to run in the evening and had my eyes closed during the whole thought process. I was really looking forward to this run. My bed was like a sauna and getting out was like stepping out into the cold of winter (seriously).

I assessed my symptoms:

  • head pounding
  • aching muscles over my entire body
  • my ass hurt (not from being sick but rather from the numerous squats I did the night before) damn squats!
  • bones were aching
  • eyes hurt and wanted to stay closed
  • slight nausea at times
  • running nose and head congestion
  • cold / warm flashes
My decision after assessing my symptoms: maybe not a full run, but a fast paced walk with our dog – with a few increases in speed.
Now this is not a pity blog post, it’s more of a “Do you run when sick” and “When do you draw the line?”
During dinner I decided not to run, not to walk the dog at an increased pace, but to sit and relax with my husband. I put extra garlic in our pasta, have been drinking lots of water and trying to increase my vitamin C intake.
There is no way I could manage anything physical active tonight. Pushing myself to run tonight could have made things worse and they could have made things better. Tonight, I chose REST over anything else – even though I am dying to go for a good run.
Maybe tomorrow night.
Do you run when sick?
When do you draw the line?
Do you listen to your body when sick or push through it?