Yoga Before Bed Routine

Over the last few years I’ve really come to love yoga, specifically going to yoga class once a week. However, sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t always get there.

Now, I have a few yoga DVD’s at home and have used them but there is something about going to a class. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t just give up, pack it in and call it a day if I get bored or lose focus like I can at home.

I’m also a fan of finding workouts on Pinterest however, I haven’t been so great at actually using the pins that I save. I *always* have great intentions when I pin something but you have to find the time to go back and actually download the workout or recipe if you want to accomplish it.

Recently, I’ve started doing yoga before bed to help me fall asleep. Sometimes I want to spend 20 minutes doing yoga before bed and other times it’s just a quick and easy / feel good going to bed kind of yoga that I want.

5- Minute Yoga Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

(who doesn’t want a good nights sleep?)



Again, it’s Pinterest for the win! Check out my “Yoga & Stretching” page. PS – I’ve tried very few of them but have great intentions when I pin them 🙂

Have you ever tried a bed time yoga routine?

Yoga in the morning or before bed or BOTH?

What’s your favourite yoga pose? Mine is pigeon pose.

I Hit The Snooze Button 5 Times This Morning!

Last night I was supposed to run 9 x 400 @ 5k pace and after a long day in and out of work, I sat down after eating dinner and thought about the run I had ahead of me.

I was exhausted. My eyes were tired and my body wasn’t into any form of movement. I had a conversation with my husband and he said to do what you want to do. Run if you want to or take a day off. I honestly had to really think about this one.

So I ate three double stuff vanilla Oreo’s. The were delicious but so, SO bad for you.


Then I walked into our bedroom and saw the two piles of laundry that needed to be folded as I had another load in the washer.

Guess which option won?

I decided to fold the laundry, relax a bit with Sai and go to bed early. Lights out and under the covers at 9:31 pm is a record time for me lately but my body needed it. I am starting to feel like a cold is coming on 😦

I slept for 8 hours straight…didn’t wake up once until 5:33 am when I heard Hilary crying. A little cuddle and rock in the chair got her back to sleep and me back to bed until 6:25 am.

I then hit the snooze button 5 times. Umm…really, 5 times? Yup, 5 times! Good decision or bad decision, but that decision alone had me running behind for the rest of the morning. Meh….. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and arrive 5 minutes late to work.

I did however, pack my running bag so I can run at lunch 🙂 I guess I set my priorities last night for today.



I gotta find my motivation again but sure happy I got the dang laundry folded and a full night’s sleep.

How often do you hit the snooze button?

Don’t forget to enter my AMRAP GIVEAWAY. ?

Do you love/hate Oreo’s?

Yawn…why am I tired?

Yawn, yawn goes my face today. I slept like a log last night and couldn’t figure out why I was so tired this morning. Then I had the following two conversations that made me laugh, both times… out loud.

Conversation #1 with my husband: 

Me: How was your night?

Sai: Pretty good, had one patient and then it was a quiet night. And yours?

Me: Well, after I got the girls to bed, I took out the compost, shoveled the driveway, did the dishes, washed/dried some laundry then ran 5k, showered and stretched. I got up at some point but can’t really remember if it was with one of the girls or just for me to use the bathroom. I slept like a log.

Sai: Ahh, well that’s a long list of things you did. Could be why you are so tired this morning.

Me: Humm…yes!

Conversation #2 today – with my Mother:

Me: Dialing phone number as I yawn into the phone and say hello mid-yawn.

Mom: You’re tired dear. What were you doing?

Me: Well, last night …after I got the girls to bed, I took out the compost, shoveled the driveway, did the dishes, washed/dried some laundry then ran 5k, showered and stretched.

Mom: While laughing, she replies with “you lost me a ran 5k”. You should really rest tonight, dear.

Me: Yawn…good idea Mom!

Apparently if you sleep like a log it doesn’t always mean you are well rested.


Tonight’s plan after the girls are in bed:

  • Shovel driveway – should only take 10-15 minute … we had light snow fall last night after I shoveled the first time. Might even skip this.
  • Yoga / Stretch and focus on my back exercises
  • Rest with my feet up by the fire *might even take a picture if you’re lucky*

I am hoping this will reduce the yawning tomorrow and make me feel a little more rejuvenated and ready for the weekend!

Do you sleep like a long after a busy day?

How often to you yawn?

When do you need a break from doing everything?

Pregnancy: 36 weeks!!!!

This is a big week for us – as we had Lilly at 36 weeks 2 days – here’s hoping I make it another week.

Weeks: 36 and a few days (a little late posting this)

Baby’s Movements: Rolling it’s hands and feet in any spot it can find. Head down down down.

Baby items we bought:Baby toothbrush / teether set.

Belly Button: Flat / turning into an outtie !

Challenges: Just getting hard to do everything!

Cravings: Cold red grapes (especially after our hospital visit #2 at 34 weeks)

Exercise: Have been told to limit my exercise to minimal activity! Seriously – this is a hard one for me but if it means baby stay’s put until term, I’m all over it.

Gender: Not sure – you can guess here.

Mood: Pretty good – looking forward to baby arriving.

Preparation for baby #2: 

  • Hospital bag packed, baby’s bag packed and Lilly’s bag packed.
  • Random trip to the hospital at 34 weeks with contractions – apparently baby was testing us 🙂
  • registered at hospital – one less thing to do upon arrival
  • Lilly and Sai put baby’s car seat in my car.
  • Finishing the baby’s room, getting all the baby “gear” out of storage.
  • Writing Birth Plan….well I have it in front of me and I am thinking about filling it out
  • Cleaning the house one room at a time.

Sleep: Pretty terrible these days but what can a 36 week preggo expect.

Still to do: Finish baby’s room 100%

Surprises: Three of my girl friends and I went out on a Sunday afternoon to a pub – not to drink but just to hang out without our toddlers and catch up. Little did I know they spoiled me with a baby shower gift: gift card to a local maternity/baby store, Jr. Mints – yum, more chocolate, hand cream, shower gel that smells divine, lip balm etc. It was extremely nice of them to put this gift together for me but the best part was just being with them for a few hours without our kiddies. We laughed, caught up on our toddler’s events, may have eaten some bad pub food. It was just what I needed after a few stressful days. Thanks ladies – your awesome.

Wedding Rings: Just my wedding band – my hands swell up within minutes of being too active! ha that’s kinda funny (to me at least).

What I am looking forward to at this point:

  • Making it to 37 weeks pregnant
  • Meeting baby
  • Being able to move without baby in my belly

What I am worried about: Having baby this week as we did with Lilly.

Work: Finish work at 35 weeks pregnant – you can read more about that here.

I am happy to be done and able to rest throughout the day and not rush around from meeting to meeting. Though I don’t miss work, I do miss the people I work with. When you spend Monday – Friday all day with the same people you tend to build good relationships with them and that I miss. The good thing is that I can still go into the office to visit when I want to – I’m just holding out for the baby to arrive first.


36 weeks 1 day with Lilly (2010)

35 weeks with baby #2 (2012)

Sorry – no good photo’s this week 😦

Next update – 37 weeks.

Second Trimester Recap

Wow, second trimester is all done! Where did the time go?

It’s taken me a while to put this together – as I’m now almost 30 weeks.

Here you go!

Weeks 14 – 27 Recap: (June – Sept)

Photo Updates: – end of the post.

Age of baby #1: 2 years old.

Lilly seems to think she has a baby in her belly.

She talks to the baby in my belly, kisses it and rubs cream on it 🙂

Maternity clothing: Oh yes and loving it. I seem to be doing really well at finding clothing at second-hand shops (normally a skill I am not good at).

Belly button: Still an inny.

Weight gain: gained a lot of weight this trimester. In one month alone, I gained 11 pounds…the exact month I gained 11 pounds with Lilly – weird, eh! Even though I gained most of my weight during this trimester, I ‘m still at a healthy weight for this pregnancy. It sure is challenging when you gain all your weight in one spot verses over your whole body.

People seem to comment on “how big you are” and I’ve come to realise that these negative comments aren’t meant to hurt you – but really, they do. I don’t enjoy when someone say’s “you’re getting big, are you sure your not having twins”. No shit I’m getting big – I have baby #2 in my belly, my belly is supposed to grow.  (Sorry for the negativity but it’s my reality this past trimester).

Sleep: what’s that?

July – August was terrible for sleep. I had numerous nights that I was awake for hours (4-5) just unable to sleep. The heat/humidity really bothered me this summer which made for most of my sleepless nights. Which then made for a challenging day at work the following day.

Early September – with the temperature dropping, I seem to be sleeping better but still up a few times a night. I’ve mastered the skill of walking to our little on-suite bathroom in the dark – only stepped on our dog Maclean a few times.  Poor girl.

Energy level:

June & July – still completely exhausted at the end of the day.

August – starting getting better. Late August was great as the temperature dropped and I could get outside for a good 30 minute power walk.

Work: Full time 8:30 – 4:30 (random extra hours traveling or weekend event). At 27 weeks, I was put down to working 4 days a week (work 2 days, day off, work 2 days, weekend).

Best moment during second trimester: My husband and I seeing our baby during our ultrasound. The baby had the hiccups….awwww.

Funny moment: Around 25/26 weeks I was at my doctor’s office waiting for my appointment and the baby decided to start a boxing match against itself. So, I watched and watched as my belly rolled, poked and rumbled from the inside. After a solid 5-6 minutes of watching this I looked up to see an older gentleman sitting across and over a few chairs watching too. He was laughing pretty hard at the site of my belly moving and said that I have quite the active baby.

Food cravings:

Ice cold water

Cold watermelon, red grapes, oranges

Home made reuben sandwich

Cold chocolate (Jr. Mints, Snickers, Oreo’s)

Food aversions: I learned I don’t like Hellman’s mayonnaise anymore – might just be a pregnancy thing but the thought of using it makes me ill.

Movement: This baby is just as active if not more active than Lilly. It’s crazy! Mid morning, afternoon and right before bed are its prime times. My husband felt the baby around 19 weeks pregnant and our daughter felt it around 24 weeks pregnant. She laughed and thought it was really “funny”.

Gender: Not finding out. No ideas of what it could be.

Any guesses?


~At 16 weeks pregnant, I started to get pelvic ligament pain after running. Boo 😦

~Nausea all morning, afternoon and evening up until 20-23 weeks pregnant – on Diclectin.

~Around 23/24 weeks, I started to get pelvic ligament pain all the time (rolling over in bed is the worst, lifting my leg up stairs or moving an object on the floor hurt too)

~A little heart burn/indigestion at times (love Tums)

~Eczema around my eyes (not something I normally have) and it makes me look like I am sick.


~Running until 18 weeks

~July and August I worked out in our basement when I could manage in between the bouts of nausea

~Mid to late August I was able to get outside more and power walk for 30 minutes 3-4 days a week at night.

Fit MOM DVD workout once a week (lots of squats and arms)

June 2012 – start of second trimester – post workout (not pretty).

July 2012 – second trimester.

August 2012 – towards end of second trimester.

What has your second trimester been like?

Anything like the first?

First Trimester Recap

Third Trimester will be done every 2 weeks. With Lilly I only made it to 36 weeks, 2 days – so we’ll wait and see how many updates you’ll get!

Looks like I need to do a 30 week update sometime this week!

Cheers, Anna.

Oh Sleep…what’s that again?

Sleep: A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli. Reference The Free

Really ? People still do this ?

Oh right, I’m pregnant and we have a toddler. Now I understand.

Let’s breakdown Sleep:

Single Person Sleep: Whenever you want, however long you want.

Married Couple Sleep : Whenever you want, however long you want, with your significant other.

Pregnant with First Child: Whenever you want, however long you want, nap time increases and early bed time starts. When someone tells you to sleep now (while pregnant), listen to them – they are not kidding.

Sleep as a Parent: When you get it, nap when they nap, tag team extra sleep.

Sleep with 1 toddler and pregnant: When you get it, nap when they nap, tag team extra sleep and pass out when physical exhaustion takes over your pregnant body (THIS IS ME).

Let me break down my sleep for you:

Pre-Pregnancy #2: Lilly started sleeping through the night at 18 months (Christmas 2011). I started sleeping through the night consistently 🙂

First Trimester (Spring 2012): I would pass out between 5:30pm – 7pm when my husband was home and would sleep until 6:30am. Now, that wasn’t a full night’s sleep as when you are pregnant and in your first trimester you get up to pee … a lot!

Second Trimester (Summer): A little less sleep needed but still early to be by 9pm, up at 6:30am.

Last night, clearly I was exhausted. Saï bathed Lilly at 7pm and I passed out in our bed at 7:20pm. Around 8pm, my husband came in and said “you should get in your pajama’s and go to bed for the night – your body needs it”. So I did. I slept from 7:20pm until 6:15am. Hit my snooze button on my phone 3 times and then got up completely refreshed.

Apparently, at 25 weeks pregnant I needed a little extra sleep. And I feel great this morning … we’ll see how the day progresses.

Third Trimester (Fall): Since I’m a few weeks away from this, my game plan will move back to “Pregnant with first Child” Stage. Sleep when I can, nap when our toddler naps and early to bed when needed. Wish me luck.

When baby #2 arrives in December (or November): sleep when I can.

What “stage” is your sleep at ?

When did your child start sleeping through the night?

If pregnant, are you sleeping at all? Or tossing and turning all night (like me)

What is your sleep advice for parents to be?


photo’s from google images.

Mommies Half A** Workout

Well now……that workout wasn’t great.

Today started off on the wrong foot but at least I worked out. This is how my day went:

First off, Lilly is getting a cold – not cool.

WE were up all night – I MEAN ALL NIGHT. I believe I banked between 3-4 hours of sleep. 

WE slept in until 8. I start work at 8:30 – not today!

I had two meetings  that took up my whole day (productive too) and managed to pick up few groceries we were out of. Of course bear berries (blueberries) were on the list; Lilly’s favourite.

It’s Thursday so my mom was down; home-made banana muffins, warm winter meal and laundry washed and folded – I owe you big time mom. My dad was here too, Lilly was excited to read books with him and look at pictures of herself on his iPod. They ended up leaving tonight as we are expecting snow, and freezing rain early in the morning, which means they wouldn’t get back home in time for mom to go to work.

My parents took Maclean with them – a week with out her….sad but I also feel a bit of relief. I feel really guilty when we don’t get a walk in – which is happening more and more. Again, I don’t know how single parents manage everything and not lose their cool.

I got Lilly to bed and worked out. I didn’t want to work out. I was tired….my body is tired, my eyes hurt, I was cold. BUT, since I made a weekly workout plan, I felt the need to stick to it. Hummmmmmmm. Dam plan.

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred once again. I just wasn’t into it.  It was a half ass workout tonight. 80% max effort on my part which means only 80% results. Maybe it’s time to move onto level 3 and stay there. Side note – I did level 3 last week for fun – and well, it was JUST the workout I needed that day.

This is how I felt after my workout (but I was laying on my back on the floor):


At least I got my heart rate up…right??? Well, at least I DID something tonight and not sit on my butt – which to be honest, I still am wishing I did that tonight. Curling up on the couch sounds good right now, but I have to dry my hair before I go bed. Urgh.

So, what when wrong? Well, I am going to blame it on sleep. Lack of sleep. I just feel tired and I might have Lilly’s cold brewing in my body – not cool. We are trying to teach her to share and that not everything her hers (mine, mine, mine stage). But seriously Lilly, I am okay with you not sharing your cold with me. I would like to have more energy to play with you AND workout at the end of the night.

After my workouts I like to feel exhausted – like I’ve just had the best work out (not tired and lethargic). I wanted to feel more like this tonight:








Meh, there is always tomorrow 🙂

How do you feel after a workout? 

More importantly, how do you feel after a half ass workout?