261 Fearless Ambassador!

One of the things I love about blogging are the people I meet. When I say meet, it can be on their blog, an individual who comments or someone who I meet at a race who follow’s my blog. It’s fun when people say “oh, I read your blog”...though I get a little shy talking about it, it’s fun to meet some of you in person.

Recently, I became a 261 Fearless Ambassador. To me, this is really exciting. Originally, I started this blog to keep myself accountable to workouts while my husband was away at school. It’s morphed into weekly training updates, multiple injury updates, some adventures with our girls and honest posts of how I manage and not manage to balance my life.


What does 261 stand for?

Well, it was Kathrine Switzer’s bib number when she ran the Boston Marathon in 1967 as the first women to do so! With her attempts to run Boston, she almost had her bib ripped off her by the race director at the time! Could you imagine???

She was a pioneer in getting women into the Boston Marathon officially and also getting women into the Olympics for running. She’s changed the way women participated in running. Did you know there are places in the world that women can’t run!

I’ve been an active person my whole life. Soccer was and still is my first love. I played badminton and did fairly well with it. I loved the three years I played school volleyball and even the 1 year I was manager of the basketball team. I was terrible at basketball but was able to be apart of the team as the manager.

I’ve never sat on any Provincial Sport Boards, or any boards for that matter – though it’s on my bucket list of things I want to do. However, with my blog and this opportunity to be an ambassador, I’m hoping to be a voice of encouragement, of support and a role model for other women. Don’t get me wrong men, you are just as important BUT … you’ve always had the right to participate in sport. Women didn’t!!! To be honest, I feel lucky to be living now because sport has taken me in a direction I never imagined and for that I am grateful.

To learn more about 261Fearless you can go to this website: 261 Fearless

Do you feel fearless?

Men – do you support the women in your life to run/walk or be active?

Do you have a community that supports your active lifestyle?

Summer Fit Gear Exchange ~ Canadian Sweat Pink Ambassadors

Oh Monday morning, we meet again! So bitter sweet after 5 days off work as I had a mini vacation since Canada Day. I’ve run outside a lot, had a yard $ale, spent the weekend with my little family, date night with my husband and swam in a lake with our girls. Best 5 days off in a while! I even took a mini vacation from social media!!!!

I’m excited to share the Summer Fit Gear Exchange with you. A few Canadian Sweat Pink Ambassadors decided to do a Summer Fit Gear Exchange last month!

summer fit gear pic

Janelle from Wholly Healthy Blog sent me a package! First off, my reaction was “Who’s sending me stuff from the Running Room” and then “Did I win something I don’t know about”. I also wondered if Sai had bought me something for my birthday from the Running Room and had it delivered to the house…but nope! Janelle was super on top of her gear exchange and got me ALL of this:

summer fit gear exchange pipers run

Buff headband; Asics headbands (3), GU brew; honey Stinger and Ultima Replenisher and a lovely letter.  When I finally opened the package and took everything out, my reaction was “Holy shit”!!!! Seriously, she got me all this! I really was blown away! I absolutely loved everything and will use everything! Thank you Janelle so much!


I got to buy for Laura from Healthy Foodies, Losing Booties! I really wanted to find something related to Zumba since that’s one of her loves (besides her husband and two cute kids). I didn’t have any success with the Zumba theme but managed to put together some other items I thought she would like!

Vega bars and vega hydrator (my favs), a purple towel for after working out, salt water taffy after I saw she liked it, a gift card to Starbucks, colourful hair ties and a book. The book says “girls just wanna have fun!” on the front and I wrote a bunch of quotes and a few recipes in it with the plan for her to add to it.

pipers run exhange laura

Link to those involved:

Brittany @ www.runningmamajourney.com

Tina @ http://fabulosi-t.blogspot.ca 

Laura @ www.healthyfoodieslosingbooties.blogspot.com 

Janelle @ www.whollyhealthyblog.com  

Charlotte @ https://charflew23.wordpress.com/

Kyla @ www.earlybirdfitness.com whom I met in-person last week 🙂

And Krista @ https://behindthewhitefence.wordpress.com/

Have you ever done a gear exchange?

What’s your favourite piece of summer gear you love?

What’s one piece you’d love to have?

Day in the Life of Piper’s Run

A few of the Canadian Sweat Pink Ambassador’s have come together for a “Day in the Life of…”, thanks to our little (but mighty) Canadian SPA’s Facebook page. I chose Sunday as my day and I’m pretty sure that was a bad idea. It ended up being a bit of a crazy day for us. This is how my day went….oh and my husband was away so it was just me and our girls. He is home at the moment 🙂

7:15  am After getting up 7 times, yes 7, throughout the night with Hilary, we finally got up at 7:15 to her crying/screaming. Poor girl has had a terrible rash and we’ve been to the hospital twice this past week. All I could think about was … oh man, I’m going to need to run today to just get through the day. My mother was visiting as I had to work the day before at a youth run.

Then I made breakfast, put load of laundry on, put a ham in the slow cooker, peeled a bunch of banana’s from the youth run that were left over to freeze, took the compost out and packed up my Mother’s car as she was leaving.

8:30 am Said goodbye to my mom, Lilly had a time out for spitting on her sister and then Hilary had tantrum #1 of the day.

I quickly got on Facebook to see if my neighbour could babysit that afternoon as I knew it was going to be a long, rough day. She was free and excited to hang out with the girls for a bit. This is what got me through my morning.

The girls did some dancing then colouring while I did the laundry. We were tired and exhausted from the night before. At 10 am we skyped with their Nan (Sai’s mom) from England; Hilary was pretty cranky at this point. awesome

day life of Piper's Run

10:30 am We delivered Lilly’s birthday invitations to her friends. Enter trantrum #2, #3 and #4 for Hilary. We also had to pick up a few groceries – surprisingly that was the easiest part of the day!

After tantrum #4, Hilary fell asleep in the car and it was on empty for gas! awesome I drove as long as I could since she was so exhausted and got gas while she managed to stay asleep. Lilly was so good during all of this. Eventually we got home and cranky Hilary was still cranky and we had lunch around 12:30. 

day life of Piper's Run 2

1:30 pm I called my neighbour/babysitter and headed over with the girls. She had big plans to hit up the park near by and I the trail for a run.

I have been recently given the go-ahead to run outside; low km, low-speed. This trail run was just what I needed and I knew that when I woke up this morning. After I finished I did a few PT exercises and got the girls. Then we all did more PT exercises together which was hilarious and probably the best part of our day together – no tantrums or time outs!

Beautiful day on the trail

Beautiful day on the trail

We played, did more laundry and coloured a bit.

4:00 pm Our friends arrived for dinner…you know, that ham I put in the slow cooker first thing in the morning. She has a little 8 month old and almost 5-year-old. We spent the first year of Lilly’s and Kayden’s lives together – almost every day! We had a great visit with them and as they were leaving tantrum #5 hit us.

Hilary did NOT want a bath! However, once in the tub she was loving it, as was her sister!

7:30 pm A little later than normal, I got the girls to bed. Then quickly did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for a #RunATCan twitter chat.

8:00 pm #RunATCan twitter chat happened which is always a good time. In between the questions, I got caught up on emails, blog stuff and put more laundry away. Man, the laundry kills me sometimes!

9:30 pm I managed to catch my husband on the phone as he wasn’t busy (he’s a paramedic in PEI) and we got caught up on the day. At some point I got a shower and checked on the girls and was in bed just after 10:30 pm.

My day didn’t stop there!

After being asleep for 1.5 hours, I woke up to Hilary crying and screaming again. Wow, I can’t wait for her last set of molar’s to be out and this rash to be cleared up so I don’t have to get up 5-7 times a night with her. She was just beside herself last night.

It was such a long day and night for me that when I woke up Monday morning, I hit snooze 5 times!

So, that’s how my day went! The one thing I noticed was when I woke up the first thing I thought about is….“how and when am I going to run today” and “can I get a babysitter for 45 -60 minutes last-minute” so I can have some time to myself and clear my head.

Selfish, sure. BUT – I needed that so I could deal with everything that was going to come my way later in the day. Sometimes you have to be a little selfish to keep everyone happy and on track. This wasn’t the best day for us and I almost didn’t want to blog about it but I signed up to share and here I am. Sharing my day, my decision and my outcomes.

Check out the other Canadian Sweat Pink Ambassador’s bloggers “day in the life of” here:

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What’s your typical day like?

Do you plan your days our or just go with the flow?

Parents of toddlers – how many tantrums do your kids have any give day?

Half Marathon Training Week #11 and Week #12

I’m currently on my last week of training for the upcoming Valley Harvest Half Marathon. Week # 11 is all done and in the books and it was A LOT better than week #10. It looked a little like this…..

What was planned VS What REALLY happened:

Monday: Stretch & StrengthenYoga, Foam Rolled and 1 minute Plank

Tuesday: 8k8k. After facilitating a workshop all day and standing on my feet for 6 hours, I ran 8k and couldn’t figure out WHY my legs just didn’t feel the run. I was fried! Bad decision to run 8k after being on my feet for 6 hours. {mental note – don’t do that again}

I saw this recently and just LOVED it!


Wednesday: 10 x 400 @ 500 pace. Let’s be honest…I have done track work since week 5.  Unplanned rest day, was in bed at 8pm and watched 2 episodes of Pretty Little Liars…I’m hooked!

Thursday: 5k + Strengthen5k Super late afternoon 5k run in the sun! It was gorgeous outside and I took advantage of that.

Friday: Rest Day – Rest Day 

Saturday: 5k – Rest Day 

Sunday: 19k – 19k I wasn’t sure about doing this long run but after my conversation with my buddy Hal Higdon on Facebook, I decided to go for it. Yes, I am convinced he personally responded to my message. The run started off terrible but I ended strong, fast and had A LOT on my mind.

Yoga/Stretching post long run :)

Yoga/Stretching post long run 🙂

Total mileage: 32km

Total training mileage: 359 km since July 21st <– seems SO long ago.

Week #12 (this week)

As I mentioned, it’s my last week of training ….. I can’t believe I am saying that. Up until this point, I really haven’t thought about what’s next until the other day. Yes, I have a 5k run on October 25th but what’s next. I think I might miss my long runs!

The thought of running the Hypothermic Half  (Feb 10th) has crossed my mind. Then that thought went out to door as I’m not sure if I want to train in December and January a.k.a winter/ice/cold season for a half marathon. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind.

Week #12 looks like this – I’m planning on doing everything but won’t recap it.

Monday: Stretch & StrengthYoga and hip flexors/abductors exercises – Done.

Tuesday: 7kTreadmill tonight.

Wednesday: 30 minute tempo run

Thursday: 5k

Friday & Saturday: Rest Days. I’d like to run/walk 2-3 km Saturday afternoon just to shake out my legs.

Sunday – VALLEY HARVEST HALF MARATHON!!!!!  Whoop whoop! 21.1km

Needless to say I’m pretty pumped, not only for my 2nd half marathon but to spend time with my family this weekend during Thanksgiving Weekend 🙂

Canadians – what are your Thanksgiving plans?

Anyone running/racing soon?

Are you thinking about 2015 races yet?