Terry Fox Run & Apple Picking

This weekend has been such a busy one. It started off with a Terry Fox Run at my daughters school, traveling to the city for Maritime Race Weekend and running two races (recaps to come). After we ran the Terry Fox run this morning and went apple picking. Phew!

I received a message Friday evening from a friend of mine … “Terry Fox Run Sunday 10am, are you guys going?” I knew the event was happening but didn’t think about since we were at Maritime Race Weekend but replied with yes, will do it. You don’t pass up an opportunity to go somewhere with friends. So, Sunday morning after sleeping for 10-11 hours (no joke, we went to bed at 7:30 last night), I got the girls ready to run 2k as my husband was working.

If you don’t know who Terry Fox was… well… he was a true Canadian hero and icon. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to have one leg amputated. He decided to run across Canada with his prosthetic leg to raise $1 per Canadian in 1980. Unfortunately, his cancer spread and he passed away but his legacy has carried on. We gave our donation today as well as during Lilly’s school run on Friday to help raise money.


It was a warm morning with the sun peaking in and out behind the clouds, there were young and old people, runners, walkers and strollers. The route was hilly at first but fun. We mainly kept to the sidewalks, crossed a few crosswalks and we were back quickly to enjoy some banana’s and local apples. I loved running with my girls and friends and wish there were more parent/kid events like that. The 2k distance was just enough for them.

As we returned back, one of my girls asked if we get to meet Terry Fox? I’ve explained to our oldest but she forgot so I talked about who he was and what he did. Death is a little hard for them to comprehend and they’ve only experienced our dog passing away this past June. It’s a hard concept to explain to a 3.5 and 6 year old but they understand the basics. I love that we can be involved in a great event as a family and hope that this local event will continue to grow in numbers but also in fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Apple Picking

This was our original plan for Sunday. We ended up going right after the run to a local farm called Gates Farm. We picked Macintosh and Cortland apples and some pears too. I’m pretty sure the girls ate at least three apples each and 1-2 pears! You can’t go apple picking without tasting the apples you are picking?


I’m slowly getting to writing my race recaps for Maritime Races but both my husband and I had really awesome runs and are very happy runners waiting for our next event 😉

How was your weekend?

Did you participate in a Terry Fox Run? Ever hear of him before?

Have you gone apple, pear or pumpkin picking yet?

Terry Fox & My Five Year Old

Since Lilly started school earlier this month, she has been coming home with newsletters, books and more recently, information on Terry Fox! This was one of those parenting moments that no one can really prepare you for or help you explain it to your child. You just have to do it your way and go with it.

As I explained to Lilly who Terry Fox was and what he did, I got a little choked up. The reason, well my father had tongue cancer about 8 years ago and had major surgery. Luckily, he is going awesome….minus his heart attack last March…he is still doing great!  She had lots of question about Terry’s amputation, how he got better and then got sick again. I explained to her about Grandad’s cancer and the operation he had etc.

So I explained that her school is doing a run/walk and raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation. I again, explained what cancer was (in brief) and that Terry ran across Canada to raise money for Cancer research. We are to collect our nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and twoonies this week and bring them into the school. I’m hoping to take the time off work to go run/walk with her class as it’s an event that is dear to my heart. The love for my Dad (and family/friends) who have had cancer and the love for being active is kind of a no-brain-er for me to participate and teach my daughter the importance of both.

We got on the phone to my parents the other day and Lilly explained to them that she was doing the Terry Fox run/walk next week. She told them “she was going to run for Terry on Friday and Grandad too”. I’m sure you can figure out our reaction to what she said!

There was a run today from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island – across the Confederation Bridge (13k) which I would have loved to participate but it just didn’t work with our schedule and other events going on this month. Though I missed out on a great event and fundraising cause, I now get to do this with my daughter 🙂

vega spilled

Spilled my vega hydrator everywhere but in my bottle last night 😦

Running/Work Outs:

  • Sunday 13th  – Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Level 2 (killed my abs) + PT Exercises
  • Monday – 16k Bike Ride + PT exercises
  • Tuesday – Rest Day
  • Wednesday – 13k Bike Ride
  • Thursday – Physiotherapy; 7k Treadmill Run (felt great) + PT Exercises
  • Friday – Rest Day a.k.a. got addicted to “Scandal”
  • Saturday – 10k Treadmill Run (felt great)
  • Sunday 20th – Might do Ripped in 30 again tonight.

That’s about it! I’m still aiming to pace the 1:10 – 10k runners at the Valley Harvest Thanksgiving Weekend (Oct 11th) and so far aiming for the half marathon in PEI Oct 18th. I say I am aiming for it but if I have to drop down to 10k, I will. I’ve learned that this year is just not my year and I have to listen to my body first before I ruin it anymore.

How was your weekend?

Do you participate in any Terry Fox Runs?

Do you participate in your children’s school events?