Giving Thanks & Valley Harvest Kids Run Recap

Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada)! We’ve had such a great weekend and I have so much to be thankful for.

  • Time with my little family. Sai, Lilly and Hilary – I love you all to the moon and back.
  • My big family – I couldn’t do a lot of the things I do without them – thank you ūüôā
  • My friends – those near and far.
  • My health and my family’s health.
  • Beautiful weather Nova Scotia is having this Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Strangers. Yes…I know. I got a flat tire last week and these young kids made me pull over on the highway and helped me. Thank you to both of them.
  • Completing my half marathon training.
  • Completing my 2nd half marathon (new PB) with my family watching (recap to come).
  • Naps, especially post race AND post thanksgiving dinner.
  • Chocolate. Yes, I am thankful for chocolate.

Valley Harvest Marathon – Kids Run

Lilly ran her 3rd run on Saturday night under the lights at Acadia University. It started to rain about 4 PM and I wondered if the rain would keep people from attending. We ate a quick dinner and left the house about 5:45. I asked my husband if we were crazy for taking Lilly to her run in the rain? He responded with “we’ll, we are teaching her that even if the weather is bad you can still be active/run”. Smart fella, eh!

Once we arrived and got inside I took one photo and thought we should head out on the track to wait for the 6:30 start time as it was 6:15. When we got outside I heard “all the girls under 5 are lined up and ready to go”. Thank goodness the stairs took us right onto the track and the start area; I stripped of Lilly’s rain coat and told her to make her way up to the front as she could and to have fun! She said okay Mom and didn’t even turn back once.

L Oct 2014 VHRun

Within seconds they were off and running. We dashed across the turf field and I snapped a few photo’s there. She was running happy and just loving life! After she finished she was SO excited to cheer on the boys next, it was like the whole experience she was on cloud 9.

PR Lilly's Run Oct 2014

We left shortly after the boys finished and were home by 7:15. My husband and I loved watching her run and see how happy she was. Hilary just took it all in and ran around the soccer turf with some other kids too. It was a great event but I’m disappointed they decided to start the run 15 minutes early without any notice; we¬†just¬†made it to the start line and we were early as the start was supposed to be at 6:30.¬†What can ya do?

PR Family 2014 October VHRun

The rest of the night was spent prepping for thanksgiving dinner, prepping for my half marathon and a last-minute blog post. I was rather excited when I went to bed so it took a while to fall asleep.

Half Marathon Race Recap up next!

What are you thankful for?

Do your kids (niece/nephews) participate in kids runs?

Thoughts on taking kids to events in the rain? Yeah or Nay? 

Thankful for….

This year’s Thanksgiving was no different than¬†any other year in our family. We gathered at my parents house, drooled¬†at the smell coming from the kitchen, previewed the desert table, caught up on what’s been happening and invited new people into our home.

Over the last few year’s it’s become a tradition in my house to invite people to Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, we have my parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, close family friends and then we always have 2-5 other people that we’ve recently just met. My parents are both retired teachers, however my mother works full-time¬†selling beds at a mattress store. She see’s people from all over Nova Scotia, Canada and the World to be honest. A few year’s back a family came in to purchase a bed (A Mom and Son – Husband was still to arrive in NS). They made their purchase and came back a few hours to ask my mom “what’s Thanksgiving?” So, she explained …. and invited them to our family dinner.¬† They were from South Africa!!!!

Another year, my brother invited a few of his fellow military colleagues who were from all over Canada.

This year we expected the same … but who would it be?

Again, my mother and her friend/co-worker, Crystal had met these two young girls after they purchased bed’s from their store. These girls¬†had recently drove across Canada (British Columbia to Nova Scotia) over 8 days to go to school. They were invited this year to our Thanksgiving dinner. These super-nice University aged girls joined us and it was just like having extended family around. Lilly had befriended them right away – she even gave them a kiss goodnight. It was a great dinner and time spent with family and friends.

This year I am Thankful for so much….a few to share with you:

  • My husband and daughter
  • Baby #2 on the way
  • My family
  • Friends
  • Skyping with Sai’s family in England
  • Skyping with friends in Ontario who I miss dearly
  • Fall weather / leaves changing

Picture taken from my sisters blog (tee hee hee) Рshe blogs about her dog, Sofia. Check out Adventures of Sofia the Scottie.

  • Going on adventures with my little family – more recently apple picking
  • Road trips to PEI to visit Sai while he was at school last year
  • Local fresh apples just picked from the trees
  • Healthy Food
  • Being able to still be active at 31 weeks pregnant
  • Learning new things
  • Discovering old skills
  • Great medical support during my pregnancy
  • Morning cuddle’s
  • Puddle jumping with Lilly
  • Being asked to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!


What are you thankful for?

How do you spend your Thanksgiving weekend?

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!