Bluenose Marathon (10k) Race Recap

And RACE I did!

Yesterday I shared my A,B,C goals with you:

A – Best Case or Ultimate Goal: 57:00 Everything is going my way, from eating (my stomach problems I’ve been having lately, vanish), fluids in/out, temperature is perfect and the hills don’t kill me. This would be my ultimate goal.

B – Race Day Goal: Sub 60 – Anything under 60 minutes.

C- The Almost Guaranteed Goal: 1:05 and finish with a smile – heck I just ran 10k!

Flat Piper ready to go!

Flat Piper ready to go!

Can you guess which one I achieved?

I’ll leave you in suspense for a few more minutes (unless your on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – you already know).

I got up early, 6am and got ready. The girls were up at 6:30 – early for them but stayed with Grandad and my sister Laura. My Mom came down to the course with me – thanks Mom!


We got downtown Halifax around 7:30 and my stomach was STILL bothering me from last week 😦 I only ate a 1/2 a bagel and some OJ before leaving the house and I really wanted a banana. We parked fairly close to the start line and walked to a local grocery store and waited for them to open at 8am.

As the Full Marathon started I went to the facilities one last time (5th time since waking up). I then drank my Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer drink, ate 1/2 a banana and then watched the 1/2 Marathon runners start too!

We hung out around the start line for a while –

Ball of NERVES near the 51-60 minute sign!

Ball of NERVES near the 51-60 minute sign!

I was getting beyond nervous, had a few tears of fear in my eyes (okay, rolling down my cheeks), decided if I should go pee AGAIN but stayed put. I lined up behind the 51-60 minute marker and waited. The music started and off we went…. Happy by Pharrell Williams was playing as I ran through the start 🙂 I was HAPPY! What a great way to start any race!

There was a sea of pink shirts in front of me but I managed to wiggle my way through people and find a few open spots to run…keeping my pace steady and enjoying the moment.

Run For The Hill of It (wore it post race)

Run For The Hill of It (wore it post race)

KM 1 – 3: Pretty flat, easy pace, felt great…then started to climb the bridge.

KM 3-5: Hard, bridge up hill at a steady pace, bridge down fast and then up Nantucket (long and hard) but I made it 90% up before taking 10 seconds to walk…then back at it. There was a little down hill, and uphill I wasn’t expecting and was starting to regret the run! I even thought “I should stop” but I didn’t. I was finding it really hard – my head and heart just weren’t in it 😦 I was frustrated with that but kept going.

KM 5 – 8: I was running around the corner on Slayter Street and saw my friend Gabby – supermom and boston marathon runner 🙂 That made me feel better.

I headed down Nantucket at a pretty fast pace and HIGH FIVED my friend, Meredith – that made me feel better too. Thanks Gabby and Meredith 🙂

I wore my favourite necklace during my run; it has both of our girls names on it and their birth stones. Every so often when I was struggling the stones would chime together and I couldn’t only help but think it was my girls saying “you can do it mommy”….guess it’s my lucky necklace now.

Thoughts in my up to this point:

  • You’re doing great, better than those sitting on a couch 
  • Slow and steady pace wins the race x10
  • You trained for it, you earned it x10
  • You’ve got this, keep your pace and you’ll get it.

Km 8 – 10: Had a few doubts on the way up the bridge again, had to walk and that’s okay. Started running again before it flatten out, down the bridge and UP ANOTHER FRIGGIN’ HILL. I managed to run 95% of it and then just gave up. Five seconds later I was running again and only had 1.5km to go.

“Slow and Steady Anna, you can do this”.  Do it for your girls, your husband, my family but do it for you….I thought. “Keep your pace and you”ll get your sub 60.” At this point I saw that I had 9 minutes until the end and I knew I was going to do it.

I still had one great downhill to go and one LONG uphill for the finish line. Who does that?

Let’s just say, I pushed it when all I WANTED to do was walk. There were so many people at the finish line it was AWESOME. I guess I did what Lilly did with her run and sprinted towards the finish line.

Sub 60 – 10k: 57:17 – Best Case/Ultimate Goal 🙂

My results: 

  • 58:14 Time
  • 57:17 Chip Time
  • 57:22 Garmin Time (thought it was 57:23 when I finished)
  • 5:44 Pace
  • 144/667 Category Place (F 30-39)
  • 468/2281 Gender Place
  • 1067/3411 Place

What’s really exciting is that I got a PB/PR by 2 minutes!!! My last 10k training run I ran was 59:22 (a PB/PR then) and now a new one today 57:17 … so HAPPY!

Happy Piper 57:17

Happy Piper 57:17

About 5 steps after the finish I stopped put my hands on my knees and spit on the ground…sorry Halifax but I just had to. I stood up and a volunteer was right in front of me. Laura – an old soccer buddy, that was cool.

As I was walking with lots of other runners through the chute someone came up to me that I didn’t know. She said that I paced her through her race!!!!! I was shocked! She said that she kept me (my Piper’s run shirt) in sight but lost me a few times! Her name was Carol (Hi Carol if you happen to look up Piper’s Run online) and we finished very close together. I always thought I was just another runner out there like everyone else but little did I know, I was helping her run her race. That was really cool!

I proceeded to get my medal and saw Katie (a runner with the TTP group). I coached her in soccer when she was 12 years old … let’s just say…that was about 10-12 years ago! I was so happy to see her and receive my medal from her.

I quickly found my Mom, got some food and we walked to my car. I had tears in my eyes over and over. I’ve worked hard for this run over the last few months and was overwhelmed with everything. I came home to this sign:

Love My Girls :)

Love My Girls 🙂

{I thought my Garmin time was 57:23}

We got to see one of the Kenyan’s running by – YES, three Kenyan’s were invited to run the Full and Half Marathon – what a sight to see. SO FAST, SO AWESOME!

Though I struggled mentally in the beginning, pushed it when I could and slowed down when I had to. It was a great race and I’m beyond happy with my results. Now if I can only pull off something similar June 28th at my 10k EPIC Canada run 🙂

The volunteers were amazing, the water stations I passed were full of awesome people, the multiple bands playing music throughout the route was motivating and the time and effort put into this Marathon by the committee is greatly appreciated. Bluenose Marathon – you’ve pulled off another successful event – 11 years strong. Thank you.

And, thanks for everyone’s message on the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was nothing but a ball of nerves leading up to this race and especially this morning – so thank you for keeping me focused.

Happy Running!


Race Day and Lilly’s Run!

As you are reading this, I am running (or already finished). I’ve been training for this 10k for a few months and having a lot of fun, challenges, tears and laughs along the way.

But first, Lilly’s run:

Pre Race Fun!

Pre Race Fun!

As we walked by the medical area Lilly stopped to watch them paint a few lines. He looked and her and said “wanna help me”… “sure she said”. This was the medical area at the finish line!

Lilly helper Lilly

Lilly helper Lilly

And we had some fun during the run at the 41km marker and after giving out HIGH FIVES!!



Last but not least…after walking A LOT, running a little she slowly lets go of my hand and takes off, then sprints towards the finish line! Atta girl!

All done!

All done!

We had a lot of fun!

 Okay, my 10k today:

In learning from others in this lovely blogging world, Amy from Fitness Meets Frosting wrote a post last fall called ABC goals for her 1/2 Marathon and I liked the process…so I’m giving it a try. I’ll let you read her descriptions as I don’t want to copy them…and they’re funny.

A – Best Case or Ultimate Goal

B – Race Day Goal 

C- The Almost Guaranteed Goal 

So – what are MY goals???

A – 57:00 Everything is going my way, from eating (my stomach problems I’ve been having lately, vanish), fluids in/out, temperature is perfect and the hills don’t kill me. This would be my ultimate goal.

B – Sub 60 – Anything under 60 minutes.

C – 1:05 and finish with a smile – heck I just ran 10k!

I’m actually going to pace myself just behind the 55:00 pace bunny and see what happens. Lofty goal and I don’t expect to finish in 55 minutes but if I could get 57 minutes, holy moly…I’ll cry at the finish line.

Wish me luck. 

Positive thoughts….I’ll need them. 

I’m going to Kick it up and Go for it.

Just Giv’r … true Bluenose style.

I’m off to get Flat Piper ready 🙂

What are you doing today?

Bluenose Race Route (10k)

Today I am hitting the pavement with my oldest daughter, Lillian…a.k.a Lilly. She’ll be four next month, ran her first race last year (400 m) and has been asking to do a race again! I signed her up for the Bluenose Marathon Kids Run – 2k and am planning to run it with her. I’m pretty excited 🙂 You can keep an eye out on Instagram for us while we hit up the Expo and her run. I’m looking forward to spending some one on one time with my big girl.

Tomorrow’s the big day for me – 10k. I’ve run this race before, the 5k, 10k and 1/2 Marathon but it’s been years since I did the 10k and I am aiming for a sub 60 – fingers crossed.

The 10k Route

{or as Piratebobcat calls it: The Double Dolichos or Stockholm}


This is what the 10k route looks like, fairly flat at the beginning and then the fun starts with the bridge. Up and over and then Nantucket Ave is a long – long hill. Once that is done there is a little flat lap and then back down Nantucket up and over the bridge again towards the finish line with a few hills!

Wish me luck…I think I’ll need it 🙂

Good luck to all those running and walking in the Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA and also those running elsewhere.

Kick it up and enjoy!

Do you check out the route before a race?

Have you ever gone into a race not knowing the route?

Do you like a combination of hills and flat parts or just flat ?

When Did Long Runs Become Easier?

Yesterday, I had a 12k  run on my training plan and was kinda of dreading it! Don’t we all dread long runs (sometimes) ?

Bluenose I'm going to Giv'er

I spent all morning (8am – 12:30) standing on my feet in my new wellies (yes, rain boots). Why? Well, it was 1 out of 2 Youth Runs I was involved with through work….you know, TWO hard days at the office 😉

Both were a great success with lots of kids running 3k, 4.2k or 5k as part of their Kids Run Clubs at school.

dv runs 2014


I was dreading my long run and was going to run it after I finished worked Saturday afternoon. However, it was calling for rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. When I got home I ended up taking an afternoon nap while Hilary napped. It was just what I needed. I still wasn’t sure I was going to run 12k that night.

After I got the girls to bed, I looked for my running gear and couldn’t find any – it was all dirty still! I guess that’s what happens when you choose running over chores in the evenings, whoops! I finally found some soccer shorts and an old running shirt that was a few sizes to big and decided I’d at least get on the treadmill and try to pull off 8-10k.

In between getting the girls to bed and finding some running gear, I drank my Vega “Pre-Workout Energizer” drink (review to come) and decided I would eat 1/2 a Vega bar during my run to keep me going.

I started my run with .76 of a km walking and talking on the phone. Once I got off the phone I started running and got into it. I watched two shoes: Grey’s Anatomy (meh, it was alright…a time passer) and once that was finished I watched Blue Bloods.

I managed to run the full 12km without stopping at various paces (8/8.5 – 9.5/10). For some reason my 12 km run was easier than my 8k the night before. On Friday night I struggled through 8k….like REALLY struggled. I walked about 4 times, slowed my speed down more than I wanted to and just wanted the run to be over and done with. It was like I didn’t have any spark in my step or interest to keep running. It wasn’t pretty.

Why was my 12k run easier than my 8k run the day before? I have no idea but I’ll take it. I managed 40km of running last week and now ready for an easy week of running before the Bluenose Marathon.

And now I am off to fold three loads of laundry – happy mother’s day to me 😉

Ever struggle with a run days before a long run?

When did long runs become easier for you? (Yes, I realized they will not always be easy)

Anyone race this weekend?