Parenting Mistake #458

Parenting mistake #458:  Never give the watch you wear EVERY day to your 14 month old. Even if it means she will be calm, happy and quiet for a few minutes.

Last night before dinner I gave Hilary my watch as she was LOOOOOOOOSING it! She kept pointing to my watch so I gave it to her thinking it would make her happy, calm her down and it would buy us  a few minutes of quiet time.


I forgot about my watch and a few hours later I realized it was missing. Dang! I looked everywhere…even got on my hands and needs to look as the view of a toddler.

I went to bed with it missing and planning to wear my Garmin as I apparently need a watch on my arm at all times! Weird, eh!

I woke up this morning and found it hidden among the diaper supplies in her room.


Lesson learned – never give her MY watch.

Lessons learned from Lilly’s early years – never give her my keys or sunglasses. You’d think I’d learn!

Any parenting mistakes you’ve made?

What’s the one thing you cannot go without each day?

Monkey Update: 12, 13 & 14 Months Old!

Happy 14 Months Hilary! Yes, she’s 14 months today! It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on our not-so-little monkey. Her last update was for 11 months old and I haven’t managed to pull together her 12 month update so I’m combining the last few months since they all mesh in my head 😉

Hilary: hours old to 6 months

Hilary: hours old to 6 months


  • Christmas
  • Dancing to any music
  • Putting barrettes in her hair
  • Playing outside in the snow
  • Middle of the night snuggles with Mummy
  • All food, especially asparagus, blueberries, humus and bananas (not together).
  • When Daddy comes home – the excitement just explodes from her body!
  • Love, love, loves her BIG sister – plays with her, laughs with her and sheds a few tears because of her 😉


  • When certain people leave the room
  • Grapefruit – we tried this the other day and her head just shook back and forth..oy!
  • Witching hour – between when we get home at the end of the day and when dinner is ready
Hilary 7 - 12 + months

Hilary 7 – 12 + months

What she’s been up to:

  • Crab crawling, standing and then started walking on December 31st ! ! !
  • Eating normal meals – I make ONE meal (90% of the time) and we ALL eat it! LIFE – CHANGING – MOMENT!
  • Talking, talking and more talking. Some favourite words: hot, dada, muma, up, apple, ball.
  • Sleeping pretty good unless she’s getting MASSIVE molars 😦
  • Exploring everything and absorbing everything her sister does and then trying it.
Hilary and Lillian

Hilary and Lillian

If your new to the blog (there are a lot of you – yeah!), you can catch up here:

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7 Months ; 8 Months9 months ;10 months ; 11 months  ; First Birthday.

This is my last Monkey Update 😦 But you’ll see the girls, my parenting fails (joking), attempts at running/working out and maybe even some new recipes.

Thanks for reading!

Silent Snowy Saturday

Snowy Saturday 

Toboganning 1

Tobogganing 2

tobogganning 3

Hope you are having a great weekend!

What are you up to?

Piper’s Run in 2013

All I can say is, What a Year! Lots of fun things happened at Piper’s Run in 2013; little feet, outdoor fun, running, time with family and friends, hard days, hard nights, gatherings, play dates and a whole lot more.

A few of your favourite posts (and mine too):

January: A New Year a new way of living life as a family of four. This was the month of figuring out life with two little girls and managing them on my own as my husband worked days and nights. I struggled for a little while with How to Love Two Children Equally but in the end managed to figure it out. I started to get active postpartum and start the long haul of losing the baby weight.

February: Blogging took a backseat to everything and I was okay with that. I had a baby and toddler to focus on. I tried to get out as much as possible but sometime would take Baby H walking indoors.

March: This was the month I had the BEST PARENTING DAY EVER, along with feeling like Super-Mom for a day! This was a good month 🙂

Mommy and Lilly skiing on the Bunny Hill at Ski Martock.

April: Lilly had her first hair cut, I went stroller running for the first time and had my first Mama’s night out!!

May: This month was the month I started (and never) finished monthly challenges. At least I tried. I also started my Operation Get Fit  for the bridesmaid dress. I was rather focused on working out so I could fit into the dress – hard work pays off.

June: All of a sudden I had a 3 Year Old and6 Month old…just…like…that!

July: I struggled with trying to balance it all and the fact that I take on too much and turned 33.

Testing the water

August: It felt like a quiet month yet busy with the girls. I gave up milk and Coca-Cola (no, I didn’t drink these together) and posts on the TOTS family page about How it’s important for Girls to play in the dirt too!

September: We traveled with the girls to Halifax, hit up Target for the first time and went to a wedding and we ate some good food from a local Food Truck.

October: I managed to do two runs this month: Valley Harvest 5k, the Miles for Miracles 5k but more importantly, Lilly ran her first race and we survived Halloween. We also had a great Thanksgiving with my family.

November: My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I signed up for the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge and blogged almost every day – sometimes twice a day. A few of my favourite posts from the challenge were:

  1. Rest Day on Day 2 of the Challenge {Crazy, I know!}
  2. The Value of a DVD workout
  3. Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover
  4. What’s a Workout ?

December: This was a BIG month for us! I returned to work after a year of being on maternity leave, my husband became a Canadian Citizen, we celebrated Hilary’s 1st birthday and celebrated Christmas!

Citizenship 1

After writing this post I have to admit, it’s been a pretty amazing year. I’m thankful for my little (and big) family, my friends and all the opportunities I’ve had in 2013. I’m all ready for 2014! Let the fun begin!

What’s one of your memorable moments in 2013?

Anything you can look back and wish you did differently?