Hop Hop Hop Easter Treats & Tricks

Happy Easter!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend with family and friends. We’ve managed to spend most of our time outside at the Zoo, in our yard, playgrounds and found a bunch of chocolate in our house this morning?

I may have got a sunburn Friday watching them play (this playground was actually massive! This is just one section.


Then we climbed a dead tree at the Zoo – a must-do each visit.


Yesterday, we started making these Easter nest/eggs together but somehow the girls were drawn to the outdoors and started raking our neighbour’s leaves with her. So, I continued to finish them by myself and brought some over to taste test.


We’re off to spend today with my family in the city while my husband has to work. Sure thankful for Paramedics (fire fighters, doctors etc.) who have to work holidays but kinda wish it wasn’t my husband’s weekend to work. Oh well…we still got to see him before his shifts.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family and doing our little Easter egg hunt that ends up becoming a bit of a competition to re-hide the eggs. You see, we each get 1 egg with our name on it that the Easter bunny leaves behind while we all eat….but we never notice (this is actually pretty cool for the girls). Anyway, my brother and sister tend to re-hide each other’s eggs to they can’t find it and then the Easter Bunny can’t remember were it was hidden.

Never a dull moment with the family on Easter weekend 🙂

How’s your weekend going?

Do you have any Easter traditions? Egg hunts, family dinner, church?

Anyone excited about Boston?

First Run of 2017!


Happy 2017 folks! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s 2017!!! We celebrated New Year’s Eve with nine families at our house Saturday afternoon. It was great to spend the last few hours of 2016 with our friends and family. My parents stuck around over night and we introduced them to sushi (home made) and enjoyed some bacon wrapped scallops and yes vegan treats too.



For the last three years, I’ve been running my first kilometre with my daughters. The first year it was with Lilly when she was 3 years old and then Hilary joined us this year. Since my husband worked Christmas this year he had New Year’s weekend off, so he joined us as well. Yup, all four of us went out for a 1 km run 🙂

We got all the appropriate clothing for a January 1st run…in the rain! Honestly, the girls didn’t even notice it was raining out and it was slightly cold but we went anyway. We just ran around our little block which was 1.05 km in 8:38.Both girls did an awesome job with a few short walking breaks before they’d burst away with energy. We tried to tell them to place themselves but that’s hard to comprehend at 4 and 6 years old.


Once we finished 1 km, the girls went inside by the fire and hung out with their Grandad while Saï and I logged another 5k together…in the rain. The rain didn’t let up but it wasn’t really bothering us either.

New Years Day Run Family.jpg

This has become one of my favourite traditions to do with our daughters and I enjoyed it even more with Saï joining us this year. I’m pretty sure if any of our neighbours saw the four of us running in the rain just shook their heads as us 🙂

We decided that we will continue to go out on family runs throughout the whole year not just on New Year’s day. This will be a great way for us to share our passion of running with our girls, whom already love to do kids races. Here’s to an active year with my family!

Do you have any New Year’s day traditions?

Anyone run with their kids?

How did you celebrate New Year’s ?


Back to School Traditions

It’s that time of year again “Back to School”…….the most wonderful time of the year. This week students are heading back to school which means early mornings, bus stops, packing lunches, new clothing and maybe a few traditions.

Lilly is starting Grade 1 with a new teacher and can’t wait to get back to see her friends. We don’t have a lot of traditions yet but are slowly building them as each year passes. I’m sure once Hilary starts school these will just become routine things we do each September.

Back to School Shopping

I loved doing this as a child. I even remember driving to the Valley (where I live now) for soccer tournaments and doing our school supply shopping in between games! I seriously loved doing this and felt so special when it happened.

Since Lilly’s teacher buys all of their supplies (we provide money), we don’t have to buy anything. There are pro’s and con’s to this but I know in a few years it will be up to us to purchase everything, so we’ll take it while we can. We did go shopping for a few new clothing and shoes during our vacation. It sure is amazing how fast your kids grow over the summer.

First Day of School Pictures

I love taking pictures and first day of school pictures are up there. I love capturing how little they are and how excited they are for a new school year. The picture below is last year and they looks so little compared to now. Hilary goes to day care but I wanted to include her in the photos.

Last year:


How was your day?

At the end of each day while driving home with the girls, I ask them “how was there day?” A pretty simple questions which is sometimes met with “ah, we played” from Hilary. Lilly will tell you one or two things but forgets everything else. We talk over dinner again and learn more about their day as a family.

When we put them to bed is when we get the better conversations. I always ask “What was your favourite thing about today?” It’s short and simple. Usually, the answer from Lilly is something to do with recess or lunch, so I ask the question again but get her to share something she did in the school.We even ask was she didn’t like about to which gives her an opportunity to express how she feels about that. I like these conversations because it gets her thinking about what she really did enjoy or not enjoy.

Happy first day of school to those students and teachers starting back this week! I’ll be sure to share a new photo of the girls soon!

What’s your  go-to “back to school” tradition?

Did you have any back to school traditions growing up?

Do you ask your kids about their day or something else?

First Run of 2016!

I finally manged to get in my first run in for 2016! I started to come down with a nasty head cold on Dec 30th and it took the good out of me until yesterday!

My girls and I have started a new tradition, though I’m not sure they really know it yet. My first kilometer each year (January 1st), I will run it with them! It doesn’t matter the pace or where we run but that we run 1 km together. Lilly and I did the same thing last year but Hilary was only 2 at the time.

1st run of 2015 with girls

We went out just before lunch and took a few photos along the way. Lilly, the oldest is fast however, her sister Hilary is pretty speedy for a three year old! We ran and walked off and on: 1 km in 10 minutes!

Both of them love running so I’m excited to see where that might take them throughout their lives!

Runners – have you run yet this year? What was your first run?

Parents – do you have any January 1st traditions as a family? Active or not.

Anyone else back to work today 😦