Rest & Run Weekly Wrap Up

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there! Hope you all were spoiled yesterday!

Last weeks workout’s were all over the place but I feel good about getting in what I could. It was a bit of running and a bit more resting last week. The beginning of the week took me to Halifax for three days for a course that was non stop. I brought all my workout clothing with the expectation of going for a morning run, hitting up the gym or maybe even a yoga class. However, I did none of that.

Also, I’ll be honest….I’m kinda behind in my training plan and not really following it so well. I really need to get refocused on where I am and what week I should be at. I know, sounds kinda silly to be so aloof about a training plan but that’s kinda how I’ve been feeling about running these last few months.

What was Planned VS What Really Happened.

Monday: Rest Day | Rest Day. I don’t even want to say I nailed this as I sat WAY to much during the first day of my course. Blah!

Tuesday: Yoga | Hotel workout. I went out for dinner, enjoyed some wine and then decided that I just wanted to relax on my King size bed (with no kids) and watch the hockey game. During the game I felt guilty for not getting in a workout (other then walking a lot in the day), so I did a short hotel workout. Everything from squats, triceps dips, plank and a series of all my PT exercises for my back, hamstrings and ankles.

Wednesday: 7k Run | 5k Run.  On the last day of my course, I was tempted to hit up the gym on my way home. I took a quick trip to Costco and then picked up dinner at Mezza for my husband and just kept driving home. I just wanted to see my girls before bed time. However, I also really wanted to run. Once they went to bed, I went for a quick 5k (30:46) and enjoyed a late night dinner with my husband.

This run was great. I finally felt like I was gliding up some hills with little effort and not feeling “out of shape”. Bit of a confidence booster run!


Thursday: 5k | Rest Day. Too exhausted to do anything.

Friday: Rest Day | 13k Cycling. I got on my indoor trainer and peddled out 13k in just under 40 minutes. My legs just wanted to move but I wasn’t wanting to run on the treadmill (husband working), so I cycled.

Saturday: 10k Race | 10k Treadmill Run. Since I got a new Forerunner 230 Garmin for Mother’s Day, I decided to test it out! I’ve been eyeing it for months now but my husband beat me to the purchase line and the girls surprised me mid week with it.



With my husband working all weekend, the girls and I had a busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday was a mix of a play date in the morning for Lilly and me running errands with Hilary. The afternoon was another play date for all of us which is always fun to hang out with my friend and her daughter, who is friends with both my girls.

Saturday night (whoop whoop), I jumped on the treadmill at 8pm and pounded out 10k. It was an interesting run watching my Garmin do it’s thing and the treadmill do it’s thing – they never matched up but I ran 10k in the end. It felt like the quickest 10k treadmill run ever!!! I almost couldn’t believe I was done!

I did make a rookie mistake and forgot to stop my Garmin at the end!

Sunday: Cross Train | Rest Day. Exhaustion hit me hard.

The girls had swimming lessons first thing and then I took them out to Brigadoon Village (a Camp for kids with chronicle illnesses) for their Mother’s Day brunch. My parents, brother, SIL, her parents and brother and my Aunt and Uncle joined us. We ate some amazing food and got to try archery, hiked around and climbed on a bunch of massive rocks.


By the time we got home, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on a chair while the girls played near by. Lilly covered me over in a blanket so I would be warm – she’s such a sweet girl. I wanted to get on my indoor trainer Sunday night but decided I needed a super early to bed night. My body is craving sleep.


I wish I had half their energy!

Total mileage this week: 15k running, 13k cycling.

How I’m feeling about my training? Well, I feel pretty good. I’m feeling more confident with my running and able to push myself a little more with my pace. I’m also feeling good about pushing forward up long hills which sometimes kills me. I feel like I need to get my training plan focused a little more and plan out my training to balance with my work life and home life. Fun times being a mother runner!

I haven’t been writing very often here but you can always find me over on Instagram.

How was your week or weekend?

Did you do anything for mother’s day?

Do you always feel focused on a training plan or aloof like me lately?

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MRW Half Marathon Training Week #6

Welcome to August!

To be honest, I can’t believe we already here! July just seemed to go by way to fast. I’m also still surprised that I managed 122km of running last month – happy mother runner right here 🙂

Week #6 of Half Marathon TrainingWhat was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 27th – Rest Day – Rest Day – rocking my Mondays!

Tuesday – 5k – 5k of hills around 9 am. This was a HOT run and I was regretting that I planned to run the hills as I was doing it but thankful after I finished. I ran this around 33 minutes.

Wednesday 7k – 7k at 11:11 am This was another HOT one! I decided to wear a hat and sunglasses and I’m pretty sure that’s what saved me on this run. I figured it was just going to get hotter as the day went on so why not get my run done before noon.

july 29th

Thursday 5k – 6k on the trails and did a little speed work aka Fartlek’s. Again, this was a last-minute decision to run and I left the house around 10 am. I figured running on the trail would give me a little shade from the HOT sun.

Friday – Rest Day – Rest Day/Cross train. I mowed the lawn around 9am and was drenched in sweat afterwards. I’m totally taking it as a cross training day 😉

Saturday – 5k Race – 6k Treadmill Run. This run was terrible! I dislike every moment during the run. It was supposed to be a 5k race but that wasn’t able to happen so figured I’d run between 7-10k just to get a nice long run in! Nope – that didn’t happen. What can you do?

Also – we spent the morning at the Zoo and then afternoon running through our sprinkler – this could have added to my lack of enthusiasm for running on the treadmill.


Sunday – Cross Train – Nothing!

I was feeling 100% down in the dumps on Sunday and I still don’t know why. I had great plans of taking the girls to a local beach but I couldn’t bring myself to do even that. I am hoping it’s because I’m just beyond exhausted and I will feel better Monday. Blah!

Overall: I started off the week pretty strong but feel like I slipped once the weekend hit. I’m impressed that I did some hill work AND speed work and am going to continue to do those on my Tues/Thursday runs.


  • Randomly choosing to run mid morning – no stress of early morning runs or fitting it in at the end of the day.
  • The thumbs up from a stranger as I ran up a hill on a HOT HOT run.
  • Playing in the sprinkler with our girls – it’s not just for kids 😉

Low point – Saturday & Sunday.

Week 6 # of km: 24

Total KM of training to date: 156

Looking forward to this week:

  • More vacation and running in PEI
  • The Beach
  • Being with my family.

In case you missed it; Week #5 Update here. Bring on week #7 – this one is going to be all over the map in terms of following my schedule but it’s all good! 

How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Anyone participate in the Not Since Moses Race in Nova Scotia? Check it out here!

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #5

And it goes a little something like this……

SorryNotSorry for that 😉

What Was Planned VS What Really Happened!

Monday July 20th: Rest Day – Rest Day – Really nailing Monday’s rest day!!!

Tuesday: 5k5k humid morning run. 

Wednesday: 7k7k run outside. I was pretty convinced this run was NOT going to happen but I’m sure glad it did. You can read more about it here but to sum it up: rough day = fast pace Piper.

Thursday: 5k5k Treadmill run at 8:15 pm. Nothing special about this run other than it was another long day, soccer night for Lilly but I managed to get it done. 

Friday: Rest DayRest Day . Nailed this rest day too 😉 We hit the road late afternoon to hang out with our family in Halifax. 

Saturday: 13k – 13k outside. I met up with three other mother runners around 7am. Renee has three children, Natalie currently has two and Tracey has two as well.The plan was to run out 6.5k on a gravel trail (BLT Rails to Trails) and return. 

We stayed together as a group of four until the half-way mark and then I had to slow down A LOT! The first 6k of our run was a little fast for me to maintain so Renee and Natalie kept their 6 minute/km pace and Tracey and I slowed down to 6:20 minute/km.

1 – 6km was fast for me but it was great as I was still able to have a conversation. (6:27; 6:12; 6:04; 6:07; 5:59; 5:52)

7 – 9km was terrible. I walked way more than I wanted to. I answered questions with “Yes/No” and didn’t elaborate because I couldn’t talk, and I questioned it being a hard run vs me being lazy. (6:52; 6:46; 6:26)

10 – 13km Some how I managed to maintain a good solid pace (or what seemed like a good pace) and the short walk breaks were behind me. We even plowed up the last hill to finish off our run.(6:35: 6:58; 6:14; 6:08)


Tracey, me and Natalie (Renee kept running).

Then I left on a 4 hour drive to visit a good friend of mine – sans kiddies!!!! I forgot what it’s like to drive long distance with no one in my back seat!


A girls gotta drive in comfort, right? Don’t worry, I didn’t step out of the car like this.

Sunday: Cross Train – NothingThe plan was to hit up the gym on my drive back but that didn’t happen. I was in a hurry to get back to meet my new niece that was born earlier that morning. She’s beyond beautiful and she held my hand for a 1/2 hour – I’m in love again!

Overall: It was a good week but I had a few struggles along the way. Really, no complaints here. I noticed I wear a lot of purple some days (not planned):



  • Having an awesome run when I wasn’t even expecting to finish 3/4 of the distance.
  • Long run with some awesome mother runners.
  • Meeting my niece.

Week 5 # of km: 30km

Total km of training to date: 132 km

Looking forward to next week: This is going to be an interesting week of my planned runs and workouts happening on random days. I think my long run will happen mid-week instead of the weekend since my husband will be away. The plan is to just get what I can done when it’s possible.

Week #4 update here, in case you missed it. I can’t believe I’m starting week 6 – halfway there!!!

Do you rearrange your running schedule often?

What’s the most important run(s) during your training cycles?

Did you love hearing a little Run DMC ?

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #4

Happy Monday!!!!!!! July seems to be flying by fast, don’t you think? Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post. I was doubting my efforts towards my 3rd half but am feeling better after my long run on Saturday. I also took a little time this weekend to create a “review” page on the blog, so check it out!

Week #4 went a little like this:

What was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 12th: Rest DayRest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: 5k5k Ran outside before 7am. It was great and not that much of a “shocker” to Lilly that I ran before she woke up 😉

Wednesday: 7k Pace7k Current Pace. Seriously! My current pace will be my race pace at the Half Marathon in September. I’m mentally a little bummed out about my pace but honestly there is nothing I can do about it. I’m trying to focus on getting the training done and building my base again PLUS avoiding injury.

Thursday: 5kPT Exercise in the AM & 5k Treadmill Run at nightAfter the longest day ever (Lilly was in soccer camp until noon, I worked in the morning and afternoon, then off to Lilly’s evening soccer with both girls, got the girls cleaned up and off to bed). THEN, I jumped on the treadmill around 8:15 – nothing like a late night treadmill run!


Friday: Rest Day Rest Day. Nailed It!

Saturday: 11k Long Run – 12k long run. I managed to have my neighbour babysit the girls so I could run! She in University and the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She came over at 7:30 and I had waffles ready for them, Hilary was still asleep!

The sun was just starting to peek out from the clouds as I started my Green Garmin but it quickly went away. There was a perfect breeze and there was no heat or humidity!

I wanted to run out 5.5k and then turn around but on my way out I was having such a great run that I decided to run some side streets and bump it up to 6k out, 6k back. The way back was much harder as some L-O-N-G inclines nearly killed me. Towards the end of the run I was trying to decided between which hill to enter my subdivision as I had three options. In the end I went for the hardest but shortest one. During my last km, I managed to speed up and cut off about 20 seconds from my pace! I was super happy with this run.

  • 1k – 6:24
  • 2k – 6:22
  • 3k – 6:28
  • 4k – 6:25
  • 5k – 6:17 *took a chocolate GU*
  • 6k – 6:22
  • 7k – 6:45 (threw in an extra hill for the fun of it!)
  • 8k – 6:24
  • 9k – 6:21
  • 10 – 6:20
  • 11k – 6:41 (hard hill, had to stop and take a few seconds after I reached the top)
  • 12k – 6:00
  • 1:17:03 (12.03 km)

Though I’m struggling with my overall time per distance mentally, I’m really happy to see that I’m fairly consistent with my pace.


Sunday: Cross Train – Cross Train – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #1. I forgot how much I missed this workout. It was just enough to have me sweating but I wasn’t struggling at all. I also threw in my PT exercises since I needed to get them done!

JMworkout july 19

Overall: I feel it was an awesome week of training! The heat and humidity is a killer and getting my runs done first thing in the morning is key.

Highlights of the week:

  • My 12k long run felt amazing!
  • Running before work is simply fantastic.
  • Enjoying Ripped in 30 workouts again!

Week 4 # of KM: 29

Total KM training to date: 102

What I am looking forward to week #5: Morning runs (hot week ahead) and a long run before a road trip!

To catch up on last week’s training, you can read it here Week #3

How was your weekend?

Anyone have a long run or race ?

What’s one highlight from your weekend or last week?