Merry Mill Time of Year

Oh December, I can’t believe you are here already! Snow storms (4 days and counting), birthday’s to celebrate (6 year old and 40+ year old), basketball games, soccer games, Christmas concerts and then Christmas! Oh, and we are getting a new roof – happy Christmas to us! 

I broke down and got on my treadmill last week but before I ran on it I decided it was time to decorate it. We don’t decorate for Christmas until after our two family members birthdays  – mainly to keep them separate and hopefully make their birthdays FEEL like a birthday. I needed a little boost for my treadmill run that day and figured the lights would be great.

This is my third year decorating my treadmill…also known as the “merry mill” until I take them down. I didn’t start this trend but another mother runner I follow on Instagram did @mittenrunner.

I’m thinking I might need a few more lights or some garland but we’ll see. My daughter’s think it’s hilarious that I’ve decorated it and want the lights on all the time. It sure makes running inside in December that much better. 

I missed the two local Santa runs on the weekend as my girls had basketball and we had a twelve 6 year olds celebrating our daughters birthday. I’m hoping to get out with a few friends and do our own Santa run!

Any motivational tricks you do for treadmill running in December? 

What’s your favourite way to run and celebrate the holidays?

What’s your least favourite thing about December?

Running: What I Love About My Treadmill

Treadmills have a bad rep, it’s true. The “dreadmill”, “the mill”, “millie” or the happymill not to be confused with the “happy meal”. I’ve named mine “The BEAST” only because when I got it, it looks so big. I love my treadmill.


Are you still reading? Don’t love the treadmill? Well, check out why I do! This is the fourth article in the “Running What I Love About…” If you’ve missed the others, you can catch up here:

Running What I loved About

What I Love About My Treadmill

I got my treadmill in January of 2014, on sale for $400! OH YEAH! There’s is a story behind how it got to our house all the way from PEI (we living in NS) but I’m going to leave that one out. I will however acknowledge my husband, father and cousin had a hand it getting it to our house 😉 Thanks guys!


treadmill nov 30th.jpg

Life Changer

Honestly, having a treadmill was a life changer. At the time we got our treadmill, my husband was away for a few weeks at a time. If I wanted to run, I  would have to do so at lunch time which didn’t always work with my schedule or find a babysitter in the evenings. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve paid for a babysitter so I could run but I can do that multiple times in a week.

As each month would pass, I write my runs down in my little old log book and track the distances. I’d train for races from 5k’s to my 2nd half marathon. I had consistent PB’s in 5k’s, 10k’s and my half marathon and I feel confident it was because I was able to run on my treadmill consistently. I was able to run at home after our girls went to bed. I could run every day if I wanted to, especially in the winter on those stormy days/nights. I ran over 1100 km’s that year – mainly because I had access to a treadmill.

As a mother runner and part time single parent – the treadmill was my me time and my sanity saver.

treadmill run IG

Slower Running

For me, I run slower on the treadmill and I’m okay with that. Why? Well, it’s just the pace I’m comfortable to run at while on the treadmill. Did it bother me – nope. When I run on the treadmill I rarely pay attention to my time/pace unless I’m in the gym and the treadmill is in miles not kilometres. Each time I’d run in a race or training run, I would do so faster then on the treadmill and felt like I could push it more outside.

Don’t get me wrong, I speed up the treadmill often and slow it down as well to change things up. I always try to end my treadmill runs by running faster during the last 1/2 km.

treadmill run 1

Me and “The Beast”


There are so many treadmill workouts available, especially on Pinterest however, they are all in miles. I rarely do these because I don’t want to sit down and do the conversion. Ninety-nine percent of the time I run on manual and always have my treadmill at a 1% incline.


I run in kilometres but a lot of training plans or workouts have it in miles. I found this treadmill conversion a while back which changed everything! For me, I usually run at 9 – 10 km/hour which is 5.6 to 6.2 miles/hour; and in pace it’s 6:39  to 6:01 minute/kilometre. It also shows what my pace would be for 5k’s, 10k’s, half and full if I stayed at that pace.

Right now, I’m running that pace outside as well and a big reason is that my hamstring isn’t ready for me to do any speed work so I’m just keeping my pace to keep my base 😉


I feel lucky to have access to a treadmill and that’s one of the main reasons why I never call it a “dreadmill”. I don’t hate running, I don’t hate running on a treadmill, I feel lucky to have access to one. I feel lucky to be able to run more days in the week than if I didn’t have one.

When the treadmill is your only way of getting the run in, you are lucky to get it in!

treadmill love

Temporarily Break Ups

In the summer there is no doubt about it, I’d much rather run outside then on my treadmill. Fresh air, sun on my face and things to look at, but if it’s beyond hot outside I can easily jump on my treadmill and get in the km’s.

There are times when I get in fights with it; mainly it breaks down because I haven’t readjusted it properly after lubing it up. After a few days of separation and time outs for me, I can get it fixed.

Watching Shows!

This is by far my favourite part of running. I get to watch shows on my tablet since we don’t have TV. Sometimes I watch a whole movie while running. For me, watching something is critical or else I get too focused on my time, pace, etc. I’d rather get lost in a show or movie then see my time and pace. Often I’ll wait until a certain point (half way through show) before I look at my distance. Sometimes I surprise myself in thinking I’ve only run a short distance when in reality I’m close to being done!

Again, I feel lucky to have access to a treadmill and that I can run when ever I want and my schedule permits. Sometimes, the girls have other plans for me in the evenings but as a mother runner, you just have to roll with it sometimes.

In the end, you don’t have to love the treadmill but at least use it for walking or running not a clothing rack.

Happy last day of November – can you believe tomorrow is Dec 1st ???

Do you love – hate the treadmill?

Has the treadmill provided you the opportunity to run when you normally couldn’t?

What’s weirdest thing you’ve seen someone do on the treadmill?


Kid in a Candy Shop

That’s how I felt yesterday! I got a call around lunch time that the Physiotherapist I’m scheduled to see on May 11th had two openings next week! When she gave me the date (May 4th), I jumped at it and was so excited……I was like a kid in a candy shop 🙂

Honestly, I’m excited because that’s one more week I don’t have to wait to start this new path of treatment on my hamstring.

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!

I was hoping to run last night and managed 5k. I took it nice and slow and watched “The Mindy Project”. I stretched, foam rolled and then iced my hamstring just in case. After 20 minutes, I realised I had the ice pack on backwards (is that even possible – yes!). My bed was colder than my leg…whoops! So far my leg is good today, no pain but not feeling 100%. My calf muscle has been giving me some problems too…not to mention my glutes. My whole right side is pretty wonky right now!

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

My current workout plan is to run one day/ a few PT exercises and then the next day do more PT and strength training exercises. I’d love to try to fit in a trip to GoodLife Fitness in the city when my schedule permits, one of these days. I’d really love to tackle a body pump class but am going to wait for the a-o-kay from my new Physiotherapist before I can attempt that…..might be a few weeks or months away but that’s okay.

PS – It snowed yesterday….I’m not kidding! I was sitting in a meeting and the snow was just coming down. Luckily, it melted as soon as it hit the ground, thank goodness. It’s expected to snow again today, WTF!!!!

Ever get excited about an appointments that get’s bumped up?

What’s your favourite go-to work out right now? 

Anyone else getting random snow ?

Treadmill Fixed….Happy Girl.

After almost of week of looking broken {really, my treadmill just needed to be adjusted so the belt wouldn’t keep buckling} I finally managed to fix THE BEAST. I put off using the treadmill because I was in a fair amount of pain on the weekend and running was out of the question. Then after my Osteopath appointment on Tuesday, I had to take a few days to rest as your body resets itself (at least that’s how I understand it).

"LUBE BELT" incident {again}

~Treadmill out of order since last Thursday~

Good lord, they should really teach small mechanics to everyone (plus plumping, car repair and hair design) – Yes, I truly believe we should all learn that…OH, and how to change a tire. Anyway……..

I ended up taking the tail end of the treadmill apart to see why I couldn’t get the belt to tighten up and not buckle. There were a few loose screws so I took it even more apart then I normally would. Trial by error, right? The buckling that was happening on the right side of the belt would lead to it breaking and that’s just not something I wanted to do since I am only allowed to run indoors. I could run outside but it’s not advise since it causes me so much pain currently.

To say my treadmill is my life line is pretty correct. With my husband away (previously 2-4 weeks at a time) for 5 days at a time currently, I can only run during the evenings once the chores are done, once the girls go to bed….screw the chores 😉 I can’t run outside with my injury at the moment so “runches” are off the table for the time being. Running is a way to relieve stress and to take care of myself.

Ummm, what's this piece for again?

Ummm, what’s this piece for again?

After learning about all the small parts to our treadmill, I finally managed to tightened everything back up after adjusting the belt. Since I couldn’t run on it last night(1 more day), I walked on it for a short period of time to make sure it was good to go.

THE BEAST is all fixed so I can run tomorrow night! Kinda excited about it but don’t worry, I’ll take it easy. Keep an eye on my Instagram for my run 🙂

Have you ever taken a treadmill apart?

What’s one thing you’ve learned to fix on your own? 

Anyone running this weekend? I’m a DNS for the ATF 5k 😦