We Survived {spring} Snowmageddon

It’s over and done with…thank you snow gods! I love snow and usually, USUALLY don’t mind shoveling the nice fluffy white stuff but I am done with winter.

The storm went down like this:

Breakdown of the storm

Breakdown of the storm

Records are saying we had 40+cm of snow fall and up to 102km winds. Here are some other stats from around Nova Scotia:

Greenwood: 102km/h & 42cm *close to were I live*
Yarmouth: 96km/h & 41cm
Sydney: 85km/h & 22cm
Halifax: 100km/h & 21cm

Peak Wind Gusts:
Cheticamp: 172km/h <– Oh my!!
Brier Island: 141km/h
Baccaro Point: 137km/h
Beaver Island: 102km/h

Source: Nova Scotia Weather Service

Last night I attempted to go out and shovel the snow but the wind was so bad I didn’t want to risk it. Plus the wind didn’t stop last night so I would have shoveled for no reason. It was nice to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

This morning I had the pleasure of leading Team “Dig Out of the Driveway”….with my two side kicks: La La Lilly and Hipster Hilary. Luckily we have an AMAZING neighbour who came over and used her snow blower on 90% of our driveway!

Team Dig Out of the Driveway

Team Dig Out of the Driveway

Okay Spring…we’re all ready for you. This rain, snow and ice pellets that you have forecasted for this weekend – don’t even think about it.

Do your little kids wear sunglasses on sunny days?

Since it’s Spring…what’s your favourite thing do to ?


Monday IS the beginning of the week, right?

Well, here I sit on another Monday morning, been awake since 5am.

Off work officially for 2.5 weeks, waiting for baby that could arrive “anytime” now and feeling like I have almost everything done before baby arrives. Yeah, right!

I still haven’t written my birth plan. It’s not like I don’t know what I want  during labour, I think it’s just the last major straw that i need to pull and finish.

It sit’s in front of me along with the pen….guess I’ll get at that after this post.

Learnings from this weekend:

1. Tractors aren’t just for boys. (Real life John Deere Tractors – Lilly loves them).

2. When your child is sick you get to snuggle with them a little longer than normal. Is it bad that I like that?

3. I am ready for winter, especially after our little snow fall this weekend 🙂

4. Baby, it’s time to come out.

5. Colds that don’t go anywhere just suck your energy out as they linger on to your every move or attempt to move.

6. Two naps in a day is normal for an almost 38 week pregnant lady, right?

7. I’ve lost misplaced my favourite Smartwool hat a mitts that belong to Lilly. Frig.

8. It’s Monday morning and I’ve got my to-do-list started but already managed to go in another direction.

That’s it.

You may see another post from me today, pending how the day goes.

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