Apples & Onions ~ Weekly Wrap Up


Happy Monday!

Honestly, I’ve tried to start this blog post a number of times I can’t come up with a good first line other then Happy Monday….though it just doesn’t seem so “happy” out there, ya know! Quebec, US, Russia…oh man, so many things going on. I’m gonna try to stay positive folks…hang on.

Last weeks workouts were all over the place. I often wonder people following my Instagram, if they think I just can’t settle on one activity since I’ve been doing so many different things lately. I guess that’s the bonus of winter time and all the adventures we try to take advantage of. However, WE NEED MORE SNOW! Seriously winter, snow please.


January 22nd – January 29th’s Workouts.

  • Sunday: 8 am Soccer Game (way too early!)
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Treadmill Run: 5k
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Physiotherapy Appointment & Soccer Game
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Nothing.
  • Sunday: Skating with the family 30-40 minutes.

This past weekend we had very little planned and it was great. We hit up our local farmers market, relaxed, missed gymnastics due to the instructor being ill and went skating instead. Skating was short as it was way too warm and the ice was melting. A quick 30 – 40 minute skate session with the girls and lots of wet snow pants 🙂


That’s a puddle under my feet above….yup, they fell in it! But we all left smiling 🙂


I’ve barely run all week! Just one treadmill run in the middle of the week which was great. I’ve been given the go-ahead to increase my mileage and test out 7k! You’d think that knowing this last Thursday would push me out the door on the weekend but it didn’t. Sometimes you just have to rest and relax more then you need to run, workout or write a blog post.

Apples and Onions

Back in the day when I worked with youth at an over night camp, we would always ask our campers “what’s your apple / onion of the day”. It was a way to share something that went well or they liked (apple) and something that they didn’t like or didn’t enjoy (onion). We started doing that with our daughters a while back and it’s really funny sometimes what they come up with.

So, at bed time we ask them what their “rainbow” or “rain cloud” of the day was. It’s now become just something that we do and often Lilly, our oldest would say well before bedtime…”I know my rainbow already”.  It’s eye opening to see through their eyes things such as excitement or disappointment!

My apple: Getting to Barre class at lunch time today!

My onion: my washer eating my Tiux compression sock. Just one of them. It’s gone! Like gone-gone. Washer repair guy comes on Wednesday. How’s that for an onion?

How was your weekend?

Anyone enjoying outdoor activities?

Got an “apple” or “onion” to share?

Joining in (late) for the I’m joining for the first time the Weekly Wrap hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

Weekend Shenanigans

July just seems to have snuck up on me after a busy June (busy at work, busy for Lilly at school, both girls starting soccer, half marathon training and the race and the loss of our dog etc. etc.). I love July as it brings super warm temperatures, we get outside a helluva lot more, I get a little order and usually lots of soccer.

As I mentioned before I wasn’t planning on playing soccer this summer as I didn’t think my hamstring was ready for it, turns out my hamstring is good to go but my SI joint is still giving me a problem. I’ve been back in physiotherapy for a few weeks and my SI joint still hates when I sit!

This weekend we had a lot of rain – some MUCH needed rain. It’s been so hot here (yeah) but we desperately needed the rain for our farmers etc. It got cold over the last 4-5 days, enough to need pants and a sweater but I’m totally fine with that as we’re about to get back to super hot summer days this coming week.


This weekend (Saturday) I played in a soccer tournament, we won our first game and lost our second (lost on Sunday too) but it was great to be on the field again. I finally feel like I’m getting my feet out there again and playing at a level that I want to be playing at. It was also fun because the girls and Sai came to watch both games.

IMG_20160709_133550 (1)

Sunday was my birthday and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do a long run after two games of soccer but the night before, I got my gear ready just in case. For some reason I woke up at 5:30 and figured that if I went back to sleep my 6am alarm clock would have been turned off and on permanent snooze. So, I got up at 5:45 and was out the door around 6:30.

I have a loose training plan that I’m working from and will share soon but figured 10k would be a decent amount for a birthday run and post two games of soccer run.


Good lord that run was hard. I felt like a slug. I looked like a bad 80’s party in neon sludging down the highway! However, it was also great! 10k done before breakfast. After my run we went out to Cora’s for breakfast. The only photo I took was this one of Sai and the girls….though you can’t seem them well, I love it. They were doing a craft Lilly got for her birthday.



My brother, sister-in-law and niece Ava came for lunch which was a great last minute surprize! I didn’t take any other photos, so I have nothing to share but let me tell you I’m still as sharp as a whistle as Ava almost did a face plant from the chair to the ground after a little miss-communication with my daughter who was holding her. Have you ever had that feeling of “holy shit, I almost dropped my niece face first on the floor” or the look of death on your face when you look at your bother and SIL – I felt ill. I don’t know who was more freaked out but I’m super glad I caught her.

Since it was raining buckets outside we just stayed in and hung out for a bit before we skyped with Sai’s Mom (she’s in England). We had a great weekend as a family. No photo’s of the cakes (yes, I had two). I did however, get a new helmet for biking so I don’t have to wear my old granny helmet 🙂

Old helmet


How was your weekend?

Sunny weekend or rainy weekend for you?

Anyone race/run???

Where is my running Oomph!

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!


I’m really happy it’s the weekend and not just because it’s Mother’s Day weekend. I’m just looking forward to spending time with my family…and not working 😉 Though I love my job, I love being with my family more.

Where is my Running Oomph?

This week I am struggling with my running oomph! You know, that passion or excitement to run. Last week was a really good week so maybe I’m just coming down from that high a little.

Don’t get me wrong, I ran this week and enjoyed it. Last night instead of doing the 5k + strength training workout that was on my schedule, I did nothing. Once we got the girls to bed, I literally sat and read articles online for an hour. After that I crawled in bed at 8:30 to which my husband said “Are you really going to bed now?”. Yup, I responded.

I didn’t go to sleep but watched Chicago PD on my tablet and turned the light off just shortly after 9:30! I just didn’t have any oomph in running. I slept all night until 4am when Hilary decided to yell out (she was still asleep), then went back to sleep. I’m feeling like I had a good night’s sleep so maybe that’s all I needed.

Tonight after a little pizza party with some friends & kids, I’m going to do last nights workout. I’m okay with switching days around (runs vs rest days) so it’s all good but I’m hoping to get my oomph and excitement back about running. 14k isn’t going to run itself this weekend.

I even put my running clothing on my bed so when I get home and get the girls to bed I can quickly change and start running. My desire to run is there but my oomph is missing.

Good luck to all those running at the Fredericton Marathon this weekend.

Ever lose your oomph?

Anyone racing this weekend?

What are your weekend plans?

Apple Blossom Weekend {in photos}

I’m going to keep it simple today…hey, it’s Monday, right!?!?! It was Apple Blossom Weekend here which means fireworks, concerts, parades and Princesses….yes Princesses. It’s an 83-year-old tradition for each community to put forward a Princess and they go through this week-long interview process. I’ll spare you all the details but a “Queen” is selected and they then have multiple events for the rest of the weekend/upcoming week to attend etc.

We hit up swimming Saturday morning for Lilly’s lesson and then had a picnic lunch at the park and watched some skateboarders do their thing…..

So focused on skateboarders

So focused on skateboarders

After that we met up with some friends for the parade….

Hanging out...

Hanging out…

Some highlights for the girls…….


Seeing the “am-bu-lance” and waving at the “bear-amedic”.


Gotta represent the military


And the Bagpipers!


Not sure what they are talking about but I know they are excited!


Marching with the RCMP (police) Band.


Bye bye Thomas! I thought she was going to run after it!

Sunday, we had a birthday party to go to, so we got our party dresses on….

Cuties (yes, my kitchen is a mess!)

Cuties (yes, my kitchen is a mess!)

I did no running, no PT exercises Friday or Saturday 😦 but for some reason I’m completely exhausted!!!! My LEFT hamstring was giving me trouble Friday and that is my good hamstring!!! I figured a few days off wouldn’t hurt. Sunday night I desperately wanted to run but I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me because I was super sick for a number of hours. No run but I managed to get my PT exercises in.

Anyone in for the Plank Challenge for June?

Don’t forget, I still have a Cordskinz Giveaway going on!

How was your weekend?

Anyone attend Apple Blossom or another festival/event this weekend?

Anyone run ?……please share your running with me…I’m feeling down on running this weekend.

Weekend rambles and a Snow Storm is Coming!

We started the weekend off with my husband coming home late Thursday night 🙂 For those of you that are newbies to my blog (welcome), my husband works in another Province. So, it means I’m a part-time single parent for anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. It’s life…for now.

The girls were so excited to wake up Friday morning and see Daddy! The love I see just oooses out of them….it’s pretty darn cute. I spent Friday traveling to a meeting and back so Friday night I went to bed early, at 9:45. Seriously, I was asleep by 9:45 as I was coming down with another head cold. 😦

I woke up Saturday morning to multiple message on email, Facebook and twitter. Why, you ask? Well, I won an EPSON PULSENSE from Maritime Race Weekend! Holy Sh*t, seriously! Maritime Race Weekend isn’t until September but they are promoting their event/registration all the time with prizes and swag items. Nice way to start the weekend, eh!

Yummy Apple Mommy!

Yummy Honey Crisp Apple the size of my face, Mommy!

Saturday we had a relaxing day, hit up the Farmer’s Market and attended a birthday party for one of Hilary’s friends in the afternoon. Sai and I decided to have Thai take out for dinner, so we ate after the girls went to bed. As Sai went off to pick up our food I jumped on the treadmill and got my run on. Well, I walked for my warm up and ran my 2k. It was nice to run but getting hard not to increase my speed or distance.

Thai Food - double yum!

Thai Food – double yum!

Sunday I woke up feeling really sick. The head cold had consumed my body so Sai took care of the girls while I slept in. Oh, glorious sleeping in….I forgot how good you are to me! We had brunch with our neighbour where the girls made pancake people!

Pancake People Brunch!

Pancake People Brunch!

Then we skyped with my husband’s family and went over to our friends house for dinner! Spoiled, we were! Curry and great friends, can’t get much better then that! A pretty fantastic weekend minus the head cold.

And…..we are about to get a BIG storm in Nova Scotia (Eastern Canada and US). Get your shovels and snow blowers ready folks!

 How was your weekend? 

Get up to any adventures or take it easy?

Ever make pancake people?



Walk, Run, Walk, Yoga.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I feel like a lazy bum most of the time but I’m getting lots of other things done: laundry, cleaning, reading – which is kinda nice.

I sure do miss running lots of kilometers. I even updated my log book and I’m only at 19 km this month and am sure I won’t increase that number by too much. Good news, back to Physio tomorrow!!!

Saturday, I managed to hit up the gym and it was great. Walked for 10 minutes, ran for 10 minutes and then a cool down. I know, I know, that wasn’t necessarily a kilometer ran but my head just wouldn’t function to calculate kilometers to miles. I knew one kilometer is around .60 of a mile but I just couldn’t figure it out. So I just gave up and ran for 10 minutes straight…pain free and at a snails pace 😉  FYI – 1 km = .62 of a mile  <– That’s what I couldn’t figure out on a Saturday afternoon *shakes head*.

Snack & gym stuff

Snack & gym stuff

I also did some yoga, stretching and planks in their studio, followed by some upper body weights. Overall, it was just nice to be moving again and I loved how it wasn’t busy at this location. It probably helped that it was 3:30 in the afternoon – apparently not many women go to women-only gyms Saturday afternoons!


My 2nd hand shopping find!


One other thing I did on Saturday was quickly hit up Target and some second-hand shopping. Don’t mind my face, I was just a little excited to find this MEC (similar to REI) fleece jacket in perfect condition. It’s kinda old school but I love it! When you find a gem like this you just can’t leave it behind!  Sunday was spent with my brother and SIL and then we drove home.

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat...that's how I roll!

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat…that’s how I roll!

Monday was supposed to be my “run” day but I decided to go to Hatha Flow Yoga class during my lunch break. Oh man, I felt like a beginner in this class. (PS – Not saying a beginners is a bad thing…I just felt out of place). At one point my left arm was shaking some much from holding a pose that I though the instructor was going to come over and say “Umm, you might want to pack in it”. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing until the end. I was a pile of sweat and it wasn’t from the heater in the room. I did feel amazing once I got back to my office though!

Can you calculate km to miles or miles to km faster in your head?

Ever feel like a beginner in a class? 

What’s your favourite type of yoga class?

Silent Saturday

First Pony Tail…….


Pj Day/ St. Patrick’s Day Fun (@Day Care)


Happy Weekend!!!