Rungry: What I’ve Been Eating Lately {WIAW}

Rungry has been in full effect lately…well, more soccer-hungry than RUNgry but it’s all the same thing, ya know! Last night I managed a little 4k run on the treadmill when all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and relax. Seeing that I should be starting my 1/2 Marathon training now, I thought I should attempt another easy run. And that I did. I’ve started it but nothing concrete or set in stone.

What I’ve been eating lately? Well, LOTS!

 Post Soccer Eats: Blueberry / Pomegranate Smoothie, DQ Skor Ice Cream Cake/Pie, Salad and Watermelon. I seriously can’t get enough watermelon in my body. I eat it almost every day and sometimes twice a day, it’s a good thing my girls love it too!

PR Soccer Gunn Food

I’ve been on the road with work a little bit and we stopped at the coolest little cafe in Bear River, Nova Scotia. I would 100% make the drive down there (1.5 hours) just to go back to “Mrytle’s & Rosie’s Cafe”. We all order a burger; from left to right: Bacon, cheese and onion ring burger (mine); Philly Cheese burger and crap, I can’t remember the name of this burger. I know it had “a thousand salad dressing” on it, Melissa had it.

PR Mrytles & Rosie's Cafe WIAW

I’ve also been drinking lots and loving salads lately too:

PR Salads and drinks WIAW

Well, this wouldn’t be a good post without sharing what the girls eat sometimes. This is on soccer night, when I rush home from work, pick up the girls, make PB & J sandwiches and usually veggies or fruit and then we rush out the door to soccer.

PR Lilly Food WIAW

AND… I’m rungry all over again!

 Thanks Jen @ PeasandCrayons for continually hosting WIAW 🙂

What have you been eating lately? 

What’s your favourite summer treat?

Watermelon or Ice Cream?

Lately: What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been a long…LONG time since I wrote a WIAW post!!! I haven’t been posted the foods I’ve been eating because I really haven’t been taken any photos! It was getting to the point if I took a picture of my meal, Lilly would say “take a picture of mine too”…and I would, of course. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I took a little break.

Jenn over at Peas and Crayons is the master mind behind it all – she also has a little cutie on her hands 🙂

We’ve had some good eats lately:

Sai and I had a date night over Easter Weekend 🙂 So we hit up our favourite Halifax restaurant: The Wooden Monkey.

Apparently, I only took pictures of my food – silly me. I had a “root beer”, lamb burger with mint goats cheese and carrot/cumin soup. Yum!

I also ate out for lunch last week at The Port Pub: Mushroom and goats cheese Panini and salad.

Eatin' Out!

Eatin’ Out!

A few other eats we had:

Top left: Coconut yogurt with granola, banana and strawberries.

Top Right: Fresh summer salad I made for a Pot Luck (recipe to come)

Bottom Left: Asparagus, summer salad, sweet potatoes and salmon – cooked on the BBQ.

Bottom Right: Heaven! Kidding…the girls loot from their day care Easter Egg hunt!!!

Yum Yum

Yum Yum


That’s what I’ve been fueling my body with these days. And now the honest truth…I am hungry ALL THE TIME! Seriously, it’s worse then when I was pregnant with both girls. I’m running 20-30km a week and can’t get enough food in me. What’s a girl to do?

What have you been eating lately?

Do you take pictures of your food when at a restaurant ? Do you feel weird, like I do?

Runners: are you hungry ALL THE TIME?

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Cheers, Piper 😉

WIAW: A Little of This, A Little of That

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a What I Ate Wednesday post…so volia! Some eats over the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to meal plan for the last three weeks as part of the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge and it’s been pretty good. I’ve managed to mostly stay on track.

Thanks Jen from Peas and Crayons for WIAW!

Main meals:

Top left – salad, baked salmon with dill.

Top right – Chicken with lemon seasoning, broccoli and Maple Nut Sweet Potatoes (Yum).

WIAW Oct 23

Bottom left – Turkey breast sandwich with hummus and spinach. Balderson Cheddar cheese (aged 2 years) and some flax crackers.

Bottom right – Spring rolls from the market …it’s been weeks since I’ve had these.

I ate out once for lunch:

French Onion Soup & a Club House sandwich (double yum).

food union street

Snacks & Breakfast:

Snacks: Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Crackers & Cheese.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs, Peanut butter on Whole Wheat Grain bread and a little OJ.

WIAW Oct 23 2

And a little of this: 


What have been your favourite eats lately?

Do you eat 3 main meals or smaller meals throughout the day?

What’s your favourite go-to snack?

WIAW: A Vegan, Omnivore and a Toddler Eat Together.

What? Really, you say? Yes, we do! I thought this week’s WIAW would take on how we eat together (most days).

My husband is a vegan and I am not. I will never be a vegan because I love cheese, fish and some meats….and that’s okay. We are not raising our daughters to be vegans but will expose them to all foods as they grow up. When they are old enough and can decided what they want to eat or not eat and it will be their choice.The great thing about having a vegan, omnivore, toddler AND baby in the house is that we can make a variety of meals to suit everyone’s needs and eat healthy. I’ve written about my food philosophy before and am happy with the way we eat.

By now, you must be thinking “okay, so how do you make a meal for everyone to eat” ? Good question.

Some days I go all out making a vegan only meal. Some days I make a vegan meal and add meat. And other days I make a meat meal for Lilly and I, then let my husband figure out his own meal.  That’s life! I’ve shared one way I make everyone happy over at Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family.

Introducing a baby to new foods is always fun. Hilary is now starting to eat more of the same meals we are which is awesome! She’s open to trying new foods and usually has a funny face that goes along with the new food.

Introducing a toddler to new foods is way more challenging than I ever thought. We try hard to provide healthy food but sometimes you just have to go with what is quick and what they will eat. Lilly has really surprised us with some foods:  she loves spicy pakora’s from the farmers market, hummus, pesto, and good cheese. She’ll never be vegan because she loves cheese way too much. She is slowly eating more veggie’s (spinach, red/green/yellow and orange peppers) beans and nuts.

This is what a meal can look like in our house:

1 meal three people

This was an obvious non-vegan / Sai make your own dinner night 🙂

Salmon, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, peas and toasted rosemary bread.

And, this is another way a meal can look like in our house:


Home made pizza; chicken on the left and vegan tofurky sausage on the right.

Lilly’s bite size pizza not shown: small slider burger bun with sauce and cheese.


 So, how to you meet the needs of your family’s food requirements?

What’s your favourite meal to make?

WIAW: Canadian Thanksgiving

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend I thought I would share photo’s from our dinner. Being the busy family that we were that day, I took no pictures as I forgot my camera behind but I’ve stolen borrowed photo’s that my sister took; so photo credit goes out to my sister 🙂 Thanks Laura.

Drinks & Decorations

thanksgiving 1


There were so many people  (17) that we had to set up two tables in separate rooms and the food stayed in the kitchen. It was my mom’s side of the family, friends of mine and friends of my brother’s who came to dinner.

It’s always a big crowd for Thanksgiving in our house. In the past (separate years) we’ve had a family from South Africa and two University girls from British Columbia (other side of Canada) come celebrate with us). Always a great time!

Turkey, mashed potatoes AND cream cheese potatoes *amazing*, carrots, corn, peas, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy.

thanksgiving 2

But more important … the deserts. Three pies including my Vegan Apple Pie.

Not shown – chocolate cheese cake and Queen-ann squares (heaven).

thanksgiving 3

Those were most of our eats for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was also a tofurky, vegan cream cheese potatoes, and vegan stuffing for Sai.

And then we had left overs Monday 🙂

What do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?

How many people usually attend your Thanksgiving meal?

Happy Wednesday! 

WIAW: Simple and Basic

It’s been pretty boring over here when it comes to eating. Lots of basics and a few of our favourites:

Grilled Cheese & Apples:


Olive Garden Soup – recipe from Favorite Family Recipes

Olive Garden soup

Image from Our Favorite Family Recipes

This is what happens when you make two batches – one vegan and one not…..


Curried Cauliflower with Chic peas – recipe here

Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas {vegan}

That’s about it….besides Take Out Pizza, Pancakes, Chicken, Pork chops – no photo’s taken of any of those meals.

I really need to get out my camera at meal time… lol

What are you eating these days?

Any Fall favourites? 

I’m loving warm soup these days.

Don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY – ending Sunday!

WIAW: Mobile Food Trucks!

Have you ever seen Eat St ?

Oh man, it’s one of my favourite shows. Not only does it make me hungry for food but it makes me want to travel to these cities and eat their food!

A few weeks ago when Sai was home we went to our local Farmer’s Market with Hilary…don’t tell Lilly…she will LOSE it! Anyway, I’ve been eyeing the Orange Ukulele for months…okay, maybe even since last summer when I was pregnant with H. I never went because I thought who wants to eat a grilled cheese on a hot summer day? Well, I sure was missing out, that is, until a few weeks ago.

Orange Ukulele

Hilary’s just loving hanging with Daddy! What I ate (since they didn’t have anything vegan): Carrot ginger curry soup was amazing! Pulled-pork with Havarti Cheese (all local foods) on whole wheat bread (second photo from the right). And a pickle (Hilary didn’t like the pickle).orange ukulele food truck

I went twice; second time I got the Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Cheese )second photo from the left). It was delish and penny vegetable soup!

Other food’s I’ve been eating lately.

Random breakfast and lunches:

THE best cinnamon bun ever!

Egg & Avocado on multi grain bread.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

random food

Dinner One Night for Lilly, Hilary and I.

Salmon with dill, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, peas and toasted rosemary bread!

1 meal three people

Amazing one meal for all three of us, this doesn’t happen often – yet!

Home made Pizza:

Left: BBQ chicken, spinach, red/yellow/orange peppers, mushrooms, cheese.

Right: {vegan} all the same but tofurky sausage instead of chicken and no cheese.

Well…the vegan one had a little cheese if you look closely. I accidentally put some one but managed to take most of it off in time!


Post T25 Workout Snack: 

Coconut Greek Yogurt, Raisin & almond granola with Blueberries.



Do you go to mobile food trucks for lunch?

What’s your favourite food truck?

What’s your favourite meal of the day?