WIAW: Canadian Thanksgiving

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend I thought I would share photo’s from our dinner. Being the busy family that we were that day, I took no pictures as I forgot my camera behind but I’ve stolen borrowed photo’s that my sister took; so photo credit goes out to my sister 🙂 Thanks Laura.

Drinks & Decorations

thanksgiving 1


There were so many people  (17) that we had to set up two tables in separate rooms and the food stayed in the kitchen. It was my mom’s side of the family, friends of mine and friends of my brother’s who came to dinner.

It’s always a big crowd for Thanksgiving in our house. In the past (separate years) we’ve had a family from South Africa and two University girls from British Columbia (other side of Canada) come celebrate with us). Always a great time!

Turkey, mashed potatoes AND cream cheese potatoes *amazing*, carrots, corn, peas, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy.

thanksgiving 2

But more important … the deserts. Three pies including my Vegan Apple Pie.

Not shown – chocolate cheese cake and Queen-ann squares (heaven).

thanksgiving 3

Those were most of our eats for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was also a tofurky, vegan cream cheese potatoes, and vegan stuffing for Sai.

And then we had left overs Monday 🙂

What do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?

How many people usually attend your Thanksgiving meal?

Happy Wednesday! 

WIAW: Simple and Basic

It’s been pretty boring over here when it comes to eating. Lots of basics and a few of our favourites:

Grilled Cheese & Apples:


Olive Garden Soup – recipe from Favorite Family Recipes

Olive Garden soup

Image from Our Favorite Family Recipes

This is what happens when you make two batches – one vegan and one not…..


Curried Cauliflower with Chic peas – recipe here

Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas {vegan}

That’s about it….besides Take Out Pizza, Pancakes, Chicken, Pork chops – no photo’s taken of any of those meals.

I really need to get out my camera at meal time… lol

What are you eating these days?

Any Fall favourites? 

I’m loving warm soup these days.

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WIAW: Mobile Food Trucks!

Have you ever seen Eat St ?

Oh man, it’s one of my favourite shows. Not only does it make me hungry for food but it makes me want to travel to these cities and eat their food!

A few weeks ago when Sai was home we went to our local Farmer’s Market with Hilary…don’t tell Lilly…she will LOSE it! Anyway, I’ve been eyeing the Orange Ukulele for months…okay, maybe even since last summer when I was pregnant with H. I never went because I thought who wants to eat a grilled cheese on a hot summer day? Well, I sure was missing out, that is, until a few weeks ago.

Orange Ukulele

Hilary’s just loving hanging with Daddy! What I ate (since they didn’t have anything vegan): Carrot ginger curry soup was amazing! Pulled-pork with Havarti Cheese (all local foods) on whole wheat bread (second photo from the right). And a pickle (Hilary didn’t like the pickle).orange ukulele food truck

I went twice; second time I got the Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Cheese )second photo from the left). It was delish and penny vegetable soup!

Other food’s I’ve been eating lately.

Random breakfast and lunches:

THE best cinnamon bun ever!

Egg & Avocado on multi grain bread.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

random food

Dinner One Night for Lilly, Hilary and I.

Salmon with dill, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, peas and toasted rosemary bread!

1 meal three people

Amazing one meal for all three of us, this doesn’t happen often – yet!

Home made Pizza:

Left: BBQ chicken, spinach, red/yellow/orange peppers, mushrooms, cheese.

Right: {vegan} all the same but tofurky sausage instead of chicken and no cheese.

Well…the vegan one had a little cheese if you look closely. I accidentally put some one but managed to take most of it off in time!


Post T25 Workout Snack: 

Coconut Greek Yogurt, Raisin & almond granola with Blueberries.



Do you go to mobile food trucks for lunch?

What’s your favourite food truck?

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

WIAW: My Eats and What I am NOT eating anymore.

Lately I’ve been making a lot more meat meals; fish, chicken and even some pork since my husband is away so much. Not many vegan meals going on these days….it’s kinda nice for a change!

Breakfast for me: Simply Orange Juice, Banana and Egg/Cheese on English muffin.

(bad cheese I know but oh so good every once in a while).


A little trip to good old Costco got us $50 worth of cheese!!! The 5 year cheddar is mine, the middle parmesan is for my neighbour and the 2 year cheddar on the right is for my Aunt/Uncle we are visiting soon.

Did you really think me, my 3-year-old and my vegan husband was going to eat all of this! 😉

Who eats (needs) this much CHEESE???????


Lunch: The most random lunch I have every made!

Cherries, strawberries and blueberries from our local farmer’s markets.

Left over (cold) BBQ’d porkchops.

Pizza bread.

Avocado….missing in this photo is a hard boiled egg I ate with the avocado.

WHAT was I thinking?

Well, I shared the avocado with baby H, I couldn’t get enough berries into me and I wanted to empty the fridge of leftovers.


Supper: Russian Chicken over rice……..YUM!


That was a lot of random foods in the last week!

The decision to stop eating certain foods: Pop & Milk

About a month ago I decided to stop drinking pop (mainly Coca-cola)  after reading an article online. I’ve read all that information before about Coke and how terrible it is for you but I would just limit myself to “only when I eat out with work” and “don’t bring it in the house”. And then it turned into “I’ll just buy these mini-cans because I can’t drink a full can anymore”. I even stored them in a place that I don’t look that often and only had 1-2 in the fridge if I remembered. Who drinks warm pop? Yuck! It would force me to plan ahead if I wanted one, and I was okay with that.

mini coke

It had been a few weeks since I had a Coke and I thought it would be good to just have one more before saying Goodbye! I went grocery shopping and decided I would buy that one “last” bottle of Coke to drink at dinner that night. As I walked by numerous stands filled with pop I kept saying I’ll get it at the end. I got home and realised I forgot to by the Coke. I was really looking forward to one last hurrah but it didn’t happen. It’s been over a month since I’ve had a pop. Even though I’ve had two occasions that I really, REALLY wanted a pop…I didn’t cave in and go buy it. Yeah, me!

I’ve also decided to stop drinking milk!  When I was 17, I was getting really really sick from foods I was eating but couldn’t figure it out. I ended up in the hospital twice because I was so sick – yuck. I had allergy tests done and then a lactose intolerant test done too! Sure enough, dairy was the problem. I gave up all dairy except yogurt for about 7 years and then starting drinking lactose free milk and taking lactose pills if I had ice cream or cream cheese. Recently I’ve been having some stomach problems and decided that cutting milk out of my diet couldn’t hurt me. I rarely have ice cream so I’m cool with taking a pill for that. It’s the 5 year block of cheddar cheese that I’m going to have a HARD time giving up. We’ll see if that happens. So, for now I’m drinking coconut milk that my husband drinks.

What have you been eating lately?

Have you EVER spent $50 on cheese? JUST cheese?

Do you drink milk or something else?