261 Fearless: Inspirational Women

With March being Women’s History Month, I was asked to write a post about an inspiring female in my life (as part of the 261 Fearless Ambassadorship). I sometimes find this one hard as I feel like I have many inspiring females in my life not just one. Can I narrow it down?

So I thought about it a little more. Who really inspires me and why? Who motivates me? Who do I look to when struggling or facing a challenge? Who is that person? Or Who are those women?

Who is an inspirational female in my life?

Growing Up.

As a child, I grew up playing soccer. Soccer in the back yard, summer team, indoor soccer, competitive soccer and recreational soccer when competitive soccer wasn’t available. Mia Hamm was inspiring to me as I saw her as a strong, talented and successful female when I was this little kid. I LOVED soccer growing up. If I wasn’t at the soccer field, there was a good chance I was playing soccer at home or training (fartleks, speed work and long runs).

She was a role model for me. To be completely honest back then I didn’t even know any Canadian female soccer players, so she stood out for me.

mia hamm

Canadian Athletes.

As years have gone on, I’ve come to seek out Canadian athletes mainly through the Olympics as I want to know who they are. I want to know who our future leaders are going to be. I want to be able to list off female athletes as easily as I can male athletes. Over the years Clara Hughes (Cycling & Speed Skating), Heather Moyse (Bobsledder) and of course Christine Sinclair (Soccer) have been inspiring. All Olympic athletes, all with a story to tell and all with determination and dedication to their respective sports.

They are inspiring because of their success in sport but also in their success off the field/ice etc. They have become motivational speakers, mental health promoters and visible in the communities/country making an impact on the younger generations of females in sport.

Work Related

Over the last few years, I’ve had the luxury of working with success women in the sport, recreation and physical activity fields. I’ve learned from their leadership roles, their confidence and their passion. It’s made me think about how I want to be seen in a leadership role, how I want to be more confident and live my passion through my work. PS – I love what I do.

I’ve also been really lucky to work alongside many of my University classmates and friends who are doing amazing things within their work/positions. As they succeed, they inspire me. For those locally who read my blog, I’m talking about Dawn S, Kerry C, Gabby G, Rachel B., you gals inspire me.


Who inspires me currently: Friends & Other Moms. My mom, my friends who are mom’s, bloggers I’ve gotten to “know” online. Seeing them balance work, single parenting, children, passions, training for races, challenges and obstacles is pretty inspiring. It’s also inspiring to know I’m not alone in this parenting world and other Mom’s have suggestions to share.

Running bloggers who share amazing tips, things to try, food recipes to eat and support when you are down and injured. A few inspiring female running bloggers: Suz, Kyla, Heather, Helly, and Michelle.

Local female runners also inspire me. When they share their run social media or in a twitter chat, it’s inspiring, it’s motivating and exciting to see how they are succeeding. It’s also inspiring when someone asks to run with you because they know you like to run.

My runny buddy (mother runner), Krystol.


So, no I can’t say that I have one female that is inspiring to me. I simply cannot narrow my list down. I’m lucky to have so many inspiring females cross my path and motivate me along the way.

Who inspires you? (Male or Female)

Why do they inspire you?

Do you have a female blogger that inspires you? Share their blog below 🙂




Graphic Facilitation: It’s Not The Girls, It’s The Culture!

First off, yesterday was a run day for me but I did run. I spent 7 hours on my feet minus the few minutes I took to sit and eat my lunch. I’m not complaining at all…it was a GREAT day! Normally, I would run even after an exhausting day at work but with my hamstring injury, I’m taking things easy when I can. It’s party of my recovery plan so I can get back to half marathon training and THEN…train for my first FULL. (It’s still on my list).

I was asked by my counterpart, Nora to graphically capture what was presented at her Girls Soar – It’s Not The Girls, It’s The Culture Conference yesterday. I agreed only if my office co-worker, Melissa could join me. She’s my partner in crime not to be mistaken with Krystol who’s my running partner in crime 😉

We prepped a lot for this conference with it being our first “live” graphic facilitation session since we took Level 1 & 2 course last year. We had 70% of the presentations in advance which helped tremendously. I was really nervous about doing this live because I’m really not an artist or drawer by any means. Apparently, I’m okay at it 😉

I started off the day with a 1.5 hour drive that should have been 35-40 minutes tops because we had a little dump of snow and that made everything come to a halt in Halifax. Little did I know, getting to and from the workshop would be my most stressful part of the day – not the graphic facilitation.

I received a text from my husband wishing me good luck and to have fun drawing etc. You know, sometimes it’s those little things that make you feel really good. That was one of them and it help start my day off just right.

Melissa and I started cutting the paper and prepping our work area right away as we had very little time due to arrive later than expected.

We captures the key-note from Christine with Hard Girls Health Women:

Examining the Soil  - Where are we Planting the Girls ?

Examining the Soil – Where are we Planting the Girls ?

Then a Youth Panel:

PR Youth Panel

Youth Panel

Over lunch we tried to start the resource graphic but failed to finished it until the end of the day when everyone had left. We couldn’t leave it unfinished.


So happy to be done at the end of the day.

So happy to be done at the end of the day. She has a cute baby bump 🙂

In the afternoon, we were solo! We both did two session and it was basically free hand for me as I didn’t have the presenters’ presentations prior to the workshop. This is what I did:

Positive Psychology Skills – where I spelled “Psychology” wrong THREE times! Can you say nervous?!? In the end, I got it right.

PR Positive Psychology Skills Session

Then, I went upstairs to a smaller room and did “Our Contradictions and the Cost of Change”. There were three presenters.

Becky – she talked about body image etc (left side)

Sherry – she talked about Ride like a Girl (middle)

Tamar – she talked about drumming program (left)



Overall, it was an amazing day! We had so many complements and some people though we were actual artists! We corrected them right away to say that we are not artists but took a course. We even had a few people ask if we could come do the same thing for their work! Lots of complements and a big confidence booster.

We met, Stacy Chestnut, race director for Sole Sisters that support a program called Girls Gone Gazelle. She was lots of fun and gave us her business card….don’t worry, I’ll follow-up Stacy.

We met many recreation programmers that work with girls only groups. I really I wish I had more time to speak with them as they were all so interesting and I wanted to connect with them on the work they were doing and see what I could bring back to my region.

As I wrote this (last night), my hands are dirty and still covered in marker and pastels (chalk) but it’s a good kind of dirty. Yesterday’s conference/graphic facilitation gave me so much that I wasn’t expecting:

  • Confidence to draw live in front of others (and miss spell words)
  • Empowerment to challenge myself
  • Connections with community members / program opportunities
  • Reaffirmed that I want to be a positive role model for my daughters through running/being active and yes drawing too 😉
  • Taking a complement and really feeling good about it (it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way)
  • Thankful for friends who support you and encourage you along the way
  • Was really proud of the women I work with and that are all over Nova Scotia doing great things for girls and women to be active.

I think I could go on and on about yesterday’s experience. I wish I could have taped all the presentations so I could run their words through my head again.

So….I leave you with this…

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? How did you feel?

What do you do in your community to empower young girls and women to be active?

I dare you to step outside your comfort zone this month and tell me about it.

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Runalicious T-Shirt Reveal !!!

I’m excited to share this post. Not too long ago, Runalicious and I partnered up to create the next slogan. Runalicious selected Tera’s slogan “Because I Can” and this is how it turned out.

runalicious logo

Screen Printing

Runalicious Screen Print

Back of Shirt

Runalicious Back

And….drum roll……….Front of Shirt

Runalicious Front

First Shirt in Medium for Tera – hot off the press!

Runalicious Shirt

Cute, eh!!!

Have you ever received the FIRST shirt, hot off the press? Well, Tera is going to receive the first “Because I Can” shirt!  A big Thanks to Ian at Runalicious! To check out more of their items – you can visit their website here

Happy Running!