Injury Running Recovery: Low & Slow

I’m trying to find a way to share with you my current status with running and I think “Injury Running Recovery” is going to be it. I wrote a few weeks ago about my current status of “So Far So Good” and I’m still in that same frame of mine.

I had one week off from Physiotherapy because he was away at a conference, however I followed everything from my PT exercises to being allowed to run outside again (low km and slow pace). “Low and Slow” is my new motto, which isn’t a bad thing. It just means that I’m allow to run outside (yeah) but need to keep it safe in terms of the brunt force that my hamstring can take.

I did a few runs outside and had very little pain. Even with some of the pain I was discouraged as I thought I would have no pain since I’m on a new PT plan but that’s not always the case. My glutes and hamstrings are getting stronger but aren’t at 100% yet. The pain level is a 1-2 out of 10, which is great but we want to get me to a 0 eventually. I learned some pain during recovery can be okay – it all depends on the level of pain. My pain level is getting lower as I get stronger.

Since I am getting stronger, I can now run outside 5-6k every other day! Honestly, when Chris, my physiotherapist said that I feel like it was Christmas for me! It also helped that on Wednesday morning #nationalrunningday, I went for a quick (for me) 3k run outside before the girls got up AND before my physio appointment. I was feeling pretty good and happy going into my PT appointment and having learned I was getting stronger and could increase my distance (not my speed) that just made it better. Oh – and my husband was home so all was great!

Early morning run for National Running Day

Early morning run for National Running Day

I’ve also started a monthly plank challenge and am doing good so far. I struggled on Day 4 (1 minute 15 seconds) when Hilary decided to help Mommy by pushing on my pack in encouragement but today was a lot better (1:15 again). At least she didn’t sit on me 🙂

plank week 1

One more day of planks (1:20) and then I get a rest day. I’m starting to get a little worried about planking next week! Today, I’m hitting the trails for a “runch” so check out my Instagram for an update on how that goes!

Did you run on National Running Day?

What’s the longest plank you’ve held before? (Me: 2 minutes)

Anyone “runching” today? Or running in general?

Upper Body Workout: Arms

Lately the only upper body workout I am doing is picking up my 30 lbs 2.5 year-old and carrying multiple grocery bags/backpacks at the same time! So really, I am lacking in my upper body workouts big time, whomp, whomp 😦

I’m not very good at monthly challenges even though I start out pretty solid so I’m hoping in June I’ll sick to it a little more. My plans are to do these along with my running plan and PT exercises for my hamstring and glutes.

Plank Challenge:

plank 30 Day challenge

I would love to be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes plus! So…bring it on June!

Arm workouts:

Tone arms in 7 days

Pretty basic – works for me!

And I’m sharing this last one because it made me laugh 🙂

arm workout

Do you do much upper body work outs?

What’s your favourite arm workout?

Do you plank? How often?

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Images/workouts found on Pinterest. I’m not a fitness training, personal trainer or Doctor. Please consult the professionals before starting any new workouts.

Hamstring Update & Good Running

I’m getting there 🙂 Another week of recovery done, another week getting stronger. It went like this:

Wednesday Feb 11th: Yoga @ Lunch. It was nice but my mind was wandering and I felt bored at times 😦 Then my hamstring started to feel sore, double 😦 😦 but I went to Physio that afternoon and the treatment they did made it feel a lot better. Physio for the win!

Thursday Feb 12th: Nothing; drove to Halifax as we were planning a trip to PEI.

Friday Feb 13th: Decided not to go to PEI and was super bummed out, so I did nothing.

Saturday Feb 14th: Drove back home sans kiddies. Ran 4k outside – SUPER slow for me 27:31 (4k). Usually, I can run 5k in that time but with snow-covered sidewalks and icy roads I was happy to take it slow.

Recovery isn’t a race!


Sunday Feb 15th: PT exercises. BIGGEST WINTER BLIZZARD !!!!

Monday Feb 16th: Ran 5k 🙂 It was FANTASTIC! 



Tuesday Feb 17th: PT exercises.

I finally feel like I am starting to see some good improvements. Five weeks of recovery and I am just starting to feel better…about 80-85% better 🙂

Here’s to another week!!!

Oh – and if you want to see some AH-MAY-ZING photo’s from the storm we had – check out this link –> If You’re Complaining About Winter…..

Anyone sick of winter? I am 🙂

Anyone racing soon? Do share….

If you’ve been in Physiotherapy before, what’s the longest you’ve been in it for? Me, three months for back injured over 10 years ago!

Finally Had a Fantastic Run

It seems like it’s been months since I’ve had really great run! To be honest, probably sometime back in November, maybe even October 😦

With this nasty hamstring injury, I’ve been taking it one day at a time. Frustrating with running 2k for a whole week, then 3k, 4k etc. They have been slow runs; the kind of slow run you do when you are warming up for a soccer game – at least that’s what I was told I could only do.

Each week, I’ve increased my distance by 1 kilometer and shoveled a lot of snow – too much for my liking. Some of my “running days” I would take the day off as my whole leg, not just my hamstring was feeling terrible. The thought of running was just a thought….

HOWEVER……. I finally had an amazing run! It was my first 5k in over a month!

No pain.

Running at my normal slow speed, not my warm up soccer speed.




In some of my favourite running gear…..

Some of my favourites

Some of my favourites

It felt so great, I may have been on cloud 9 for a while after 🙂

I did A LOT of stretching and foam rolling which I am learning are KEY for my recovery not to mention my physio and massage treatments.

running skirt fav

Look Ma, no taped hammy!


Slowly…I am getting there 🙂

Marathon training was put on the back burner until the fall but I’m ready to start looking at Half Marathon Training again. Don’t worry, I won’t rush into it. My plan for my next half marathon is to JUST get through training easy, with no pain and finish the distance. No focus on a PB but just successfully train and be healthy the whole time.

When was the last time you had a FANTASTIC run (or workout) ?

Ever have a FANTASTIC treadmill run?

What are some of your favourite running gear these days?

Winter storm update – we are getting another 10-15 cm on Thursday – I’ve already started crying.