Finally Had a Fantastic Run

It seems like it’s been months since I’ve had really great run! To be honest, probably sometime back in November, maybe even October 😦

With this nasty hamstring injury, I’ve been taking it one day at a time. Frustrating with running 2k for a whole week, then 3k, 4k etc. They have been slow runs; the kind of slow run you do when you are warming up for a soccer game – at least that’s what I was told I could only do.

Each week, I’ve increased my distance by 1 kilometer and shoveled a lot of snow – too much for my liking. Some of my “running days” I would take the day off as my whole leg, not just my hamstring was feeling terrible. The thought of running was just a thought….

HOWEVER……. I finally had an amazing run! It was my first 5k in over a month!

No pain.

Running at my normal slow speed, not my warm up soccer speed.




In some of my favourite running gear…..

Some of my favourites

Some of my favourites

It felt so great, I may have been on cloud 9 for a while after 🙂

I did A LOT of stretching and foam rolling which I am learning are KEY for my recovery not to mention my physio and massage treatments.

running skirt fav

Look Ma, no taped hammy!


Slowly…I am getting there 🙂

Marathon training was put on the back burner until the fall but I’m ready to start looking at Half Marathon Training again. Don’t worry, I won’t rush into it. My plan for my next half marathon is to JUST get through training easy, with no pain and finish the distance. No focus on a PB but just successfully train and be healthy the whole time.

When was the last time you had a FANTASTIC run (or workout) ?

Ever have a FANTASTIC treadmill run?

What are some of your favourite running gear these days?

Winter storm update – we are getting another 10-15 cm on Thursday – I’ve already started crying.

Treadmill Love and Hamstring Update

The BEAST (a.k.a. treadmill) decided to make friends with me again. Monday night I planned on going back to fix the belt but procrastinated like I was about to take my last final exam! It was after 8:15 when I attempted to get the belt back on track.

For some reason it was super easy this time; no foul language was exchanged and no tears shed. Now before I even attempted to fix it, I had put on my running gear…just…in…case! I figured if I fixed it that I’d want to run right away and not have to bother getting dressed for it.

treadmill love

So, I managed my first 4k (of the week) and it was great. Super slow as I’m still not able to increase the speed yet but I’ll take it.

Hamstring Update: Week #4 done (but feels like forever!)

Wednesday Feb 4th: Physio appointment & PT Exercises.

PT exercises: Bridges, Calf Raises, Lunges, Semi-squats, Semi – wall sit (forgot to do these)

Thursday Feb 5th: Was exhausted took the night off and figured I could run Friday night. Little did I know…..

Friday Feb 6th: 20,914 steps from clearing the snow from my driveway and then my TREADMILL decided to call it quits…temporarily.


Saturday Feb 7th: PT Exercises, Plank (60 seconds), Push-ups.

Sunday Feb 8th: PT Exercises and 30 minute snow shoe trek!

Monday Feb 9th: RAN 4k 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stretched and foam rolled like a boss!

Tuesday Feb 10th: Got a massage on my glutes (tight little buggers causing my hamstring pain) and hamstring/calves. My massage therapist (don’t worry, I’m not cheating on my physiotherapist, she suggested I get a massage), is fantastic. She get’s my injury and gives me extra tips on what I can do (different stretches and encourages foam rolling).

Wednesday Feb 11th (today): It’s physio day – we’ll see how it goes!

Good news: I can touch my toes without any pain or pulling. I can also put Hilary in her crib/bed without any pain or pulling.

Bad news: I only got one 4k run in this past week. Better than zero!

Are you tired of hearing about my hamstring recovery? 

Pretty sure I’ve lost some readers 😉

Anyone out snow shoeing, skiing, running on SNOW?

Do you bother with massage to help heal an injury?



Planned Motivation

Sometimes we all need a little planned motivation. You know, that little “thing” that’s going to get you out the door, help you lace up your shoes and get moving just a little more.

I do 95% of my workouts at night once the girls go to bed, which is usually around 7:15. It can take them a while to fall asleep some nights and during that time I do the dishes, start the laundry, stoke the wood stove and email or blog. It can be hard some nights finding the motivation to get out my workout clothing and put it on but if I don’t do it, I only have myself to blame, right?

I get asked a lot “How do you workout at night after working all day?” My response is usually, “I don’t know, I just do it”.

I’m a PM Runner

I'm a PM Runner

When my husband is away things are busy for me as it would be any single parent. I get the girls up in the morning, get them fed, drop them off at day care and then I go to work. I pick them up around 5ish, make dinner, play, do dishes etc and they I get them ready for bed. Really, it’s not all that different to most people with children….I’m sure some of you can relate.

Once the girls are in bed I wait until I know they are asleep to work out which gives me ample time to get my workout gear on. Some nights I’ll put on my workout gear while the girls get their pajamas on and some nights I wait until the last-minute a.k.a. I procrastinate.

I usually don’t start working out until 8 pm….7:45 pm if I’m really lucky. On those days when I’d have a longer run, I would sometimes be running past 9 pm and still had to shower, dry my hair etc. Those days await me 🙂

The hardest part is when I am putting the girls to bed in their separate rooms. With Hilary, all the lights are off and I usually sing with her in the rocking chair and for some reason ALWAYS close my eyes. There have been many nights I open my eyes and think, SHIT, you still have to run….don’t relax, don’t fall asleep. I then pop in Lilly’s room and tuck her in bed, get my gear on and make my way to our treadmill.

Today, I woke up knowing I could run 2 k in the evening. Yup, I decided to go for increasing my distance verses increasing my speed. I also did my hamstring exercises last night – did some squats with no pain! Whoop whoop!

After getting dressed this morning I thought if I laid out my running gear I would be that more motivated to run. I’m kinda excited if you can’t tell to run my 2 k.

My planned motivation……


And thanks for everyone’s comments on my last few posts. It can be hard not running the distance I want to but know I am going to be better in the long run (ha ha, see what I did there).  Anyway, your comments and ideas are appreciated.

Do you have your workout clothing ready to go for your planned workout?

What little thing to you do to motivate yourself to workout after work?

AM or PM runner/swimmer/zumba class go-er ???

Hamstring Recovery Week #1

Well, let’s just start off by saying….”I wish I was writing my Full Marathon training weekly recap” but you all know that training is not happening right now. So, I figured why not write about my recovery, however long it takes and then hopefully move into Half Marathon training updates 😉 (Yes, I have a plan)

Still a runner PR

Okay, so here I go……

Tuesday Jan 13th: First Physiotherapy (PT) appointment and Dr’s appointment confirming I pulled my hamstring. Blah.

Wed 14th  – It was my running day! Walked for 1 km, ran 1 km SLOW and then walked another km – 38 minutes later (yikes!). Then I stretched well, did some yoga, planks and my PT exercises.

Thurs 15th – PT exercises.

Friday 15th – Rest Day – traveled to Halifax after work with our girls for the weekend.

Saturday 16th – Went to GoodLife Fitness and worked out: Walked for 10 minutes, ran for 10 minutes and walked for 1 minute to cool down. I know…not 1 km because the treadmill was in miles and I just could find the energy to convert miles to km. I went to their studio/classroom and did some yoga, planks and my PT exercises. Then I lifted some weights; upper body only.

Sunday 17th – PT exercises & Rest – traveled back home with the girls.

Monday 18th – Hatha Flow Yoga at lunch and PT exercises. 30 slow mountain climbers #noexcuses

Tuesday 20th a.k.a. Physio Day!

  • Physiotherapy: treatment on my leg and I was given semi-squats to do. I can’t do a full squat yet but am working my way there.
  • Ran 🙂
  • 10 push-ups #noexcuses and 45 second plank before bed!
Back to compression socks #twopairdontcare

Back to compression socks #twopairdontcare

Week #1 of Recovery is over and I’m feeling pretty good. A little bummed that I can’t run the way I want to but I have to be thankful I can run what I can. I also have to remind myself of this daily; to be thankful I CAN run. I also did some of the Fit Approach #noexcuses workouts last week but couldn’t do the burpees or squats – not on my approved list but I’m working on that 🙂

In the next week, I can do one of the following options:

  • Option A: Increase my distance from 1 km run to 2 km running SLOWLY or
  • Option B: Increase my speed and run 1 km only.

I’m kinda thinking I want to increase my mileage rather than my speed.

What would you do?

Do you stick to your Physiotherapy exercises or forget them over time?

Do you have to remind yourself every day, it could be worse? (when injured)

Walk, Run, Walk, Yoga.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I feel like a lazy bum most of the time but I’m getting lots of other things done: laundry, cleaning, reading – which is kinda nice.

I sure do miss running lots of kilometers. I even updated my log book and I’m only at 19 km this month and am sure I won’t increase that number by too much. Good news, back to Physio tomorrow!!!

Saturday, I managed to hit up the gym and it was great. Walked for 10 minutes, ran for 10 minutes and then a cool down. I know, I know, that wasn’t necessarily a kilometer ran but my head just wouldn’t function to calculate kilometers to miles. I knew one kilometer is around .60 of a mile but I just couldn’t figure it out. So I just gave up and ran for 10 minutes straight…pain free and at a snails pace 😉  FYI – 1 km = .62 of a mile  <– That’s what I couldn’t figure out on a Saturday afternoon *shakes head*.

Snack & gym stuff

Snack & gym stuff

I also did some yoga, stretching and planks in their studio, followed by some upper body weights. Overall, it was just nice to be moving again and I loved how it wasn’t busy at this location. It probably helped that it was 3:30 in the afternoon – apparently not many women go to women-only gyms Saturday afternoons!


My 2nd hand shopping find!


One other thing I did on Saturday was quickly hit up Target and some second-hand shopping. Don’t mind my face, I was just a little excited to find this MEC (similar to REI) fleece jacket in perfect condition. It’s kinda old school but I love it! When you find a gem like this you just can’t leave it behind!  Sunday was spent with my brother and SIL and then we drove home.

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat...that's how I roll!

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat…that’s how I roll!

Monday was supposed to be my “run” day but I decided to go to Hatha Flow Yoga class during my lunch break. Oh man, I felt like a beginner in this class. (PS – Not saying a beginners is a bad thing…I just felt out of place). At one point my left arm was shaking some much from holding a pose that I though the instructor was going to come over and say “Umm, you might want to pack in it”. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing until the end. I was a pile of sweat and it wasn’t from the heater in the room. I did feel amazing once I got back to my office though!

Can you calculate km to miles or miles to km faster in your head?

Ever feel like a beginner in a class? 

What’s your favourite type of yoga class?

Taking the Curve Ball and Pointing It in the Right Direction

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and the path you wanted to take doesn’t always happen. Though I’m bummed about no soccer, I am thankful I can still run (a little) and focus on getting stronger and healthier. Really, it could be worse.

bright side of it

I’m bummed out that I can’t ski, snowshoe or skate with the girls, all of which I was looking forward to doing this winter….in time. We’re hoping to head to the city to spend some time with my parents and siblings before they head off to New York for a family wedding. I wish we were able to attend my cousin’s wedding but it’s not in the cards for us right now. I’ve never been to NY and would love to visit.

Instead, I’m planning on running my 1 kilometer and working on some upper body stuff at GoodLife Fitness while I’m in the city, maybe a little shopping too. Retail therapy can’t hurt unless you are trying to shop at Target in Canada. They just announced they are closing 😦

Anyway, I might even venture to the pool with the girls if I can get my act together and find our swim suits! If not, we will play outside with Maclean. I know they will have no objections to that….unless it’s -10 or below out. They love being outside. Maybe we will repeat painting the snow!

Snow painting selfie

(Last weekend)

My leg is feeling good today and it’s my day to “walk – run 1k – walk” so I’m looking forward to getting that in later tonight. If I don’t put in the time now I won’t be able to head in the direction I want to be, which is training for my next race and then a full marathon. It’s super hard running so s-l-o-w… like slow as molasses running off a spoon onto buttered bread.

Do you go swimming in the winter (indoor pools)?

Do you like to hit up the gym when travelling? 

What are your weekend plans?

Hamstring Update

Well, the news is that I still have a pulled hamstring 😦 I thought I was getting better.

Back on December 10th – yeah that long ago, I pulled my hamstring playing soccer. We had a 10pm soccer game and when I got home it was sore but I didn’t really notice it until the next day when it was hurting.

I took a few days off, ran twice (6 k and 7 k outside) on the weekend and then could barely walk the following day. I then took a week off, played another soccer game and WHAM-O, pulled it within the first 15 minutes of the game. I was done and pretty bummed/upset.

I took a few weeks off over Christmas and slowly got back into running, starting with my first kilometer of the year with my oldest daughter Lilly (4 yrs). Then I worked up to 3k, 4k and a few 5k’s on the treadmill. The last 5k I ran was outside in the snow, it was a perfect yet cold winter day. I did too much that day with the girls in the snow, running errands and running 5k. Lo and behold my leg started bothering me again.

Monday morning I called the Physio office and my Doctor’s office and had a plan. Worst case scenario was no running, no soccer for a while. Best case…physio, rest and keep running/playing soccer (ha!).

After meeting with both my Doctor and Physiotherapist the verdict is in;

  • I officially pulled my hamstring and nothing else.
  • I cannot play soccer for 6 – 8 weeks (@W#%@#$^@$^%)
  • I am in physio until it’s better
  • I can run but only 1 km every other day for a week. Then I can either increase the speed or distance by 1 more kilometer over the next month.
  • Full Marathon training is out…for now.

just run

I felt really good physically after I left the physiotherapy’s office because of the treatment and tape job she did on my hamstring. Later that night, Lilly laughed at the tape on my hamstring/butt area and thought it looked like a hand (it’s spread out in pieces of three).

I’m super bummed about not playing soccer and honestly okay with the running part. I’m thankful they didn’t say no running because that would be really hard to not move at all. The good news is that I can still practice yoga and run a little. No skiing, snowshoeing, skating or soccer for 4-8 weeks 😦

Lessons learned:

  • Go see a Doctor/Physiotherapist ASAP – don’t wait a month like I did
  • Setbacks happen and that’s life.
  • It could be worse!

Though I’m not thrilled about only running 1k every other day, I can do a good warm up, run 1k at a slow pace, stretch and practice yoga all in one night! I’ve also been given exercises to do: bridge, lunges and calf raises to go with my bridges and clam exercises for my SI joint – wow, I sound healthy!

Walk Run Walk

Walk Run Walk

Last night I managed to do my first “walk-run-walk” after the girls went to bed. My Dad was visiting (hence the back-end shot of me on the treadmill), he took Lilly skiing all day! She played her first day of hookie from day care 😉 I walked for 1 km, then ran slowly for 1 km and walked another kilometer – better than nothing at all! I stretched and foam rolled and feel really good today.

set back come back

The spring Marathon I wanted to run isn’t going to happy and I’m okay with that. I now have a good plan for my 3rd Half Marathon this spring and plans for my first Full Marathon in the fall. Right now it’s time to focus on getting better and all my other running goals for the year are put on hold until then.

 Anyone else injured? (I sure hope not)

What’s your favourite form of treatment when injured?

Anyone racing/running this weekend? (Good luck if you are!)