Hop Hop Hop Easter Treats & Tricks

Happy Easter!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend with family and friends. We’ve managed to spend most of our time outside at the Zoo, in our yard, playgrounds and found a bunch of chocolate in our house this morning?

I may have got a sunburn Friday watching them play (this playground was actually massive! This is just one section.


Then we climbed a dead tree at the Zoo – a must-do each visit.


Yesterday, we started making these Easter nest/eggs together but somehow the girls were drawn to the outdoors and started raking our neighbour’s leaves with her. So, I continued to finish them by myself and brought some over to taste test.


We’re off to spend today with my family in the city while my husband has to work. Sure thankful for Paramedics (fire fighters, doctors etc.) who have to work holidays but kinda wish it wasn’t my husband’s weekend to work. Oh well…we still got to see him before his shifts.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family and doing our little Easter egg hunt that ends up becoming a bit of a competition to re-hide the eggs. You see, we each get 1 egg with our name on it that the Easter bunny leaves behind while we all eat….but we never notice (this is actually pretty cool for the girls). Anyway, my brother and sister tend to re-hide each other’s eggs to they can’t find it and then the Easter Bunny can’t remember were it was hidden.

Never a dull moment with the family on Easter weekend πŸ™‚

How’s your weekend going?

Do you have any Easter traditions? Egg hunts, family dinner, church?

Anyone excited about Boston?

Weekend Fun, Running and a 5 Year Old!

It’s been a great few days for Piper’s Run – no, I haven’t signed any deals or received anything (other then a great complement last night from Marathon By The Sea that they love my blog – fun, eh!). We just a great weekend celebrating our daughter’s 5th birthday! I’ll get to that in a minute but first….

I had booked Friday off work to get some stuff done for the birthday girl and spent the entire day with my husband. We managed to get to Halifax, shop, eat lunch at the Wooden Monkey and got back in time to pick up the girls.

The Monkey Pita

The Monkey Pita

Saturday, Lilly went to swimming lessons with Grammy, while Sai and I frantically ran around our house getting ready for her party. It was supposed to be outside but we ended up inside due to LOTS of rain 😦 Meh, they loved it and I took zero pictures – whoops!

After the party, Sai had to take off for work which always sucks but the girls were distracted by presents and Grandparents. I managed to sneak out of the house with my running buddy. Remember her? It’s been a while since I’ve chatted about Krystol since we haven’t been able to run together.

We ran in the HOT HOT sun Saturday afternoon, roughly 27C! It was great. We warmed up with 1k walking, ran 6k (my first 6k in months) and then walked another 1k to cool down. It was so frigging hot we had to walk a few times along the trail we ran on.

Sat Run

It was so GREAT to run with her again {and her dog Fletcher}. We chatted the whole time. It was really nice to be running outside with someone who shares a lot of the same things. Really missed that this winter. Slowly but surely we will be running races together again!

Lilly turned 5 on Sunday! She was so excited Saturday night that she couldn’t go to sleep and woke up saying “I’m five, I’m five”. We called Sai before we got out of bed and then moved onto her presents of course (bike and clothing).

Birthday fun & Zoo!

Birthday fun & Zoo! Lots of pictures for Daddy today πŸ™‚

Sunday morning, I took the girls to the Zoo where we had a picnic lunch before we came home to skype with Sai’s Mom. It was a bit of a challenging day for me, one that I was hoping would be a breeze like the day before but you can’t win them all. Hilary is really starting to challenge us on everything and trying to be MISS Independent! Needless to say, I may have grown a few more grey hairs yesterday.

We ended the day with cup cakes again and all was good. I can’t believe we have a 5 YEAR OLD now!

1 Day Old & 5 Year's Old.

1 Day Old & 5 Year’s Old.

How was your weekend?

How’s running in the heat for you?

Cake or Cup Cakes for Birthdays?

Zoo, Mother’s Day & Running

We are finally having some beautiful spring like weather in Nova Scotia! Actually, on the weekend we had summer like temperatures…shorts and t-shirt weather – it was fantastic! (we still had snow on our lawn until May 6th!)

We had a busy weekend with swimming lessons, the zoo, mother’s day shenanigans and I finished it off with a little treadmill run.

With hit up the Zoo with some friends.


Running wild…


Four trouble makers πŸ˜‰

Mother’s Day started off with a little sleep in {actually, I listened to Lilly and Sai make breakfast and hang out – it was cute}. Once Hilary and I got up, we had the most amazing veganΒ Tiramisu Protein pancakes – all at my husband’s doing. I don’t want to brag but these really were awesome! We gobbled them up!

IMG_20150510_084215 IMG_20150510_084144 IMG_20150510_084212

After our bellies recovered from such a big breakfast (okay, later that afternoon) we did a little biking on our street.

IMG_20150510_141820 IMG_20150510_141555 IMG_20150510_141617

Then this mother runner got her run on…

Mother's Day Run on the treadmill

Mother’s Day Run on the treadmill

Oh, and I gave up my Fitbit Flex for the week!!!!! More to come on that!

How was your weekend?

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there.Β 

Did you get up to any adventures?

Triathlon of life with two littles

No, I haven’t participated in a Triathlon but life sure makes it feel like we have πŸ™‚ We’ve been busy this last week and I feel like we’ve done a mini triathlon with our girls. A little biking {Lilly} one evening, a trip to the Zoo (walking/running) one morning and the end of Lilly’s little soccer. Don’t worry, we’ve been running too πŸ™‚

Biking Riding….Β 

PR biking fun

The Zoo…..

PR Zoo

And our last soccer session 😦 

PR Soccer

Β What have you been up to lately?Β 

What’s your life / family triathlon version?