What’s a Workout?

Really, I am asking you this question. What’s a workout to you? Is it a sport, running, hitting the gym, working out at home, yoga, playing hide and go seek with your kids, swimming, raking leaves, gardening, Tai Chi or kayaking?

A workout to me is an activity that get’s me moving, increases my heart rate, may or may not break a sweat, push my lungs to their limits, my body to exhaustion or leave me feeling relaxed.  It’s endorphins spinning around, blood pumping, inhaling oxygen and massive joy ! (ha ha).

I just ran

I’ve always been a fast paced active person. As a child/youth I played soccer, volleyball, badminton, downhill skied, road my bike and ran (mainly training for soccer). As I got older I’ve managed to keep playing soccer, run a lot more and get into new activities like Zumba, Yoga and oh, having children 😉

I still love the faced pace of soccer, when I’m on the soccer field I can lose myself in the game. It’s the only thing on my mind that is until I get subbed off and rest on the bench for a few minutes. Then I’m brought back to reality of “I wondering if the girls are sleeping/behaving”, “crap, I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer” and “oh man, I love this game”.

I love running because I can do it by myself or bring my little side kick with me, that is, until she get’s too big and heavy for me to push in the jogger. When I run, I solve problems, I plan meals, I watch my neighbours, I kill two birds with one stone (walk the dog/run/fresh air for us) and write a blog post in my head (ha ha).

What I do all day 5

Zumba and yoga are similar experiences for me. When I Zumba, I am in the moment…mainly because I am a few steps behind since I don’t go often. During yoga I’m focused on what am doing, how my body feels and my breathing. All of that is a workout in its self.

Then there is yard work; mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, gardening (which I’m terrible at) and chopping wood (I kinda suck at this too). Yard work is HARD work. I raked the leaves the other day for 40 minutes, even managed to work up a sweat….oh and a blister 😦 The next day my shoulders, arms, back and abs sure felt it.

Last night I managed to go to Zumba class last-minute thanks to my Mom (xo), I found myself lost in the workout and looked at my watch to realise it was more than half over! Nothing like getting lost in a workout, a run, gardening or raking leaves 🙂

What’s a workout to you?

Does it change through the year/seasons?

Do you like moderate or vigorous activities as a workout?

Getting lost in Challenges

I thought doing two challenges at once wouldn’t be a bad idea. Adn really, it’s not but when they both started on different days I’m finding it hard to remember what day is what with each challenge. 

Last night I managed to go to Zumba! I don’t get there very often … maybe once a month which kinda sucks but I’ll take it. I play soccer once a week (if Sai is home or family can come babysit) and then I workout at home (T25, Jillian Micheal’s or Yoga Flex DVD’s) or go for a run. I like the variety of workouts I have, I’m not stuck doing just one activity.

Day 5 of Fall into Fitness Challenge looked like this:

  • Zumba – 1 hour 
  • 30 Day Thigh Challenge: 25 lateral lunges (both legs), 50 scissors, 18 fire hydrants (both legs) and 20 pile squat pulses. 

I thought I finished my thigh challenge and then remember reading on Ashley’s blog Chocolate Covered Race Medal’s that the next day would be a rest day. Whoops! I thought I was only on day 6 not day 7 … so back I went to finish off the number of sets I was supposed to do. 


This SH$T’s about to get REAL. I’m started to get scared of this challenge as my thigh’s are not liking the “fire hydrant” move. It’s going to kill me.  Since today is a rest day for the “thigh challenge” I’m taking it easy. No crazy workouts, no running, no dvd workouts. It’s a rest day and I’m going to take it. 

Quote of the day

One of my goals is to work out four times a week for the Fall into Fitness Challenge. So far so good, plus I have a soccer game Saturday so looks like I’ll get FIVE days in this week! Bonus! 

Have you ever missed or skipped a day on a challenge ?

Anyone doing the Thigh Challenge feeling the burn yet?

Weekend plans? 

~Time with my girls, soccer for me and soccer for Lilly 😉

Happy Friday!

Zumba & a Non-Family Babysitter

I finally did!

I found an awesome non-family babysitter and she lives across the street. We have come to spend lots of time with our neighbours every few days, mainly hanging outside in their garden . Lilly has come to really love seeing them all but especially Konner.  She has gone over to their house three time to bake with Konner who is in University and has the most energetic personality.

When she recently offered to babysit I said yes, especially with Sai gone for days at a time.  I booked her for Thursday night knowing Sai would be gone and a Zumba class was on that night. Not just any Zumba class but Suzi from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor. I attended her classes when Lilly was a baby and loved it but slowly stopped going because Sai went back to school in PEI and I worked out at home while Lilly slept.

I planned my day around this Zumba class at 7:30 pm; about an 8 minutes drive from my house. Hilary had a short nap in the afternoon as “resting” Lilly wasn’t resting but slamming her door multiple times…oh well, that’s life. We played outside, had a snack, played inside and prepped dinner. After dinner I bathed both girls early and nursed Hilary and put her to bed about 20 minutes before her normal time. The goal was to have her asleep before Konner came over.

Mission accomplished.



Lilly was standing at our front door in her pj’s at 6:40 waiting for Konner to arrive at 7. I decided we needed to play or she would have been upset that she wasn’t coming over fast enough. We put together 4 different puzzles waiting for Konner to arrive. When she arrived and I told her what she might expect and Lilly basically kicked me out saying “bye Mom, BYE”!!!!!

I got the clue, Thanks Lilly.

I arrived at Zumba and there were only a few other people in the room…thank goodness because I was second guessing myself for being there. It’s been two years since I did Zumba and I wasn’t sure I would know all the moves. Then a few more showed up.  Frig, I thought. But it topped off at 10…perfectly fine with me. I had three women behind me and I should have warned them that it had been awhile. Suzi had informed me earlier that she had some OLD songs that I might recognize and thankfully I did.

After about 25 minutes in I was determined to become a Zumba instructor. Seriously! I’d love to do that…it’s the instructor/coach in me. Suzi made it seem like the easiest thing to do and most enjoyable job ever. I had a great time, didn’t feel out of shape or mess up the moves too badly. I am hoping to get back again next week, fingers crossed.

When I arrived home all was quiet. Then I walked up the stairs and could hear a little cry. Hilary had woken up about ten minutes before I got home. Konner had calmed Hilary down but then she started crying again once put back in her crib. Konner and I chatted for a few minutes and then I was off to tend to Hilary. She screamed for 45 minutes on and off as I would try to comfort her. I gave up and brought her to bed with me.

Cost of babysitter (2 hours): $20

Cost of Zumba class: $7

Cost of Water Melon I bought after: $3.06

Cost of cuddling/calming screaming Hilary: PRICELESS.

It was a successful night knowing that I left the girls with someone I trust and we all enjoy being around. The only bummer is that she’s off to France in a few weeks for 10 months of school. I can’t wait to go to Zumba again and attempt another non-family babysitter when I need to.

Do you remember the first time you babysat? 

I do, it was across from my house at age 12 and I called my mom every 1/2 hour! Sorry Mom.

When did you leave your children with a non-family babysitter for the first time?

What do you pay your babysitter?

A little random post…Happy Easter.

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week or so. We took a family trip to PEI, got to visit with some family and see friends. We took the girls swimming, Hilary for the first time and she loved it. No photo’s – I didn’t bring my camera – figured we had enough to lug with us. Next time.

Okay, so a few random thoughts….

1. When ever I hear “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston I want to Zumba! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve attended one of Suzi’s Zumba classes. But every time this song comes on the radio I may want to Zumba a little in my house. Funny eh!

2. I just did my first Live Lean Meltdown “Main Event” workout by Brad Gouthro Fitness. Let’s just say I swore way too much, I am completely out of shape and it was a kick ass workout.

3. We aren’t spending Easter with my family this year. Big Bummer. Since we were on the road for 5 days and again next weekend we decided to lay low this weekend and stay at home. So, we are having our own Easter here and I will cook my first ham … that I guess I will eat and maybe Lilly. Trying to figure out what vegan main dish to make for Sai. Humm….

Love this!

Love this!

4. I love look at babies faces when they sleep – oh so sweet.

5. I miss running. It’s been a little too long since I’ve been out. BUT, that’s all about to change starting on Monday. My husband and I are making a plan as we both want to get more active and in shape. He wants to ride (cycle) and I want to run so we need to come up with a plan since we have two little ones that need our time and energy too.

6. Carrying around a 13 lbs 5 oz plus baby is a great workout in its self! (And she’s almost 4 months – yikes!)

7. Last but not least. Hilary has been a sleep in her Ergo on me for a little while and just decided to FILL her diaper. Frig! This is going to be a good one I’m sure.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone.

What do you do for Easter?

Did you work out today? What did you do?

Does a random song on the radio make you want to move?